MagiReco Main Story 2.1.2

Jan 12th, 2021
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  1. [2.1.2 The Girls who Wished for Others]
  3. []
  5. [Kagome in her room]
  7. Kagome: "Can you see it Aru-chan?"
  8. Aru-chan: <Yes, I can>
  9. Kagome: "Yeah, you are me after all"
  10. "You should be seeing and hearing all the same things I do"
  11. "Even the voice of this girl right next to me"
  13. [Kagome's notebook]
  14. The girls who shine with sparkle of their silver rings.
  15. Their words, you see, they once again reached my ears.
  16. They are soft and kind words, like a gentle breeze.
  17. Words whispered by the girl next to me.
  18. But their content is so horrible, it feels like hearing them chips away at me.
  19. Predetermined rules.
  20. A firmly shut jail.
  21. The magical girls trapped within.
  22. The foreign magical girls and the bracelets have become the inescapable waves that have descended on everyone.
  23. It's like they're filling the isolated world of the magical girls from the bottom up...
  24. And with this comes unease...
  25. All without anyone knowing...
  27. [Kagome in her room]
  28. Kagome: "The foreign magical girls..."
  29. "I wonder where they all even came from..."
  31. [cut to Tokime girls]
  32. Chiharu: "Did you remember how to load your IC card?"
  33. Shizuka: "Of course!"
  34. "The money goes inside the chip, right?"
  35. "And trains are not big snakes"
  36. "This much I've remembered from seeing it on TV"
  37. Sunao: "Other than that, are you ok on the basics of traffic rules?"
  38. Shizuka: "Green means cross now, red means absolutely don't cross"
  39. "That's right, isn't it?"
  40. Sunao: "That said, you need to be careful of running out in front of cars or motorcycles"
  41. Chiharu: "That's right"
  42. "Just because they'll stop for you, suddenly running out is still dangerous"
  43. Shizuka: "Yes, I won't repeat the same mistake"
  44. Sunao: "Do you think the basic things will be alright now?"
  45. Shizuka: "I can go shopping by myself, and the train gates I can get through the first try with a beep of the chip!"
  46. Sunao: "Well then, to review things, let's go shopping"
  47. Shizuka: "You're right, I should repeat it and get my body to remember it while it's still fresh in my mind"
  48. Chiharu: "I'll go too!"
  49. Sunao: "Didn't you want to watch a drama?"
  50. Chiharu: "I'll just record Homeless Detective Todoroki Kouichi!"
  51. Shizuka: "Now if I could just get over how many people there are, everything would be perfect"
  52. Chiharu: "Ahh... yeah, me too..."
  53. "We need to figure something out before everyone comes..."
  54. Sunao: "Indeed..."
  55. Shizuka: "Since we managed to gather people and leave the village, as the main family of the Tokime Clan, I can't give in here..."
  57. [cut to Mifuyu's house]
  58. Mifuyu: *sob*
  59. "Is it ok for me to be this happy...?"
  60. Yachiyo: "The timing just happened to overlap, that's all..."
  61. Tsukasa: "Yeah, you said you were studying every day, we just thought you might be struggling"
  62. Tsukuyo: "Nee~"
  63. "We're just preparing dinner for you as a token of appreciation"
  64. Yachiyo: "And, as expected, there were tons of take-out boxes and convenience store bags lying around"
  65. "Good thing I decided to come"
  66. Mifuyu: "E-enough about the garbage...!"
  67. "I really am happy though"
  68. Yachiyo: "In return, you better get into the pharmaceutical department"
  69. "You are getting money from Satomi-san's hospital"
  70. Mifuyu: "........"
  72. [flashback in the Magius' lab]
  73. Touka: "Even if the Wings of Magius disband, our promise will remain, so do you best!"
  74. Mifuyu: "It is... necessary after all, right...?"
  75. Touka: "I mean, I prepared a scholarship and a house for you so that you could work in the Wings of Magius you know?"
  76. "Entrance to the pharmaceutical department is an essential condition, and I'm tutoring you after all"
  77. "Failure won't be tolerated"
  79. [back to Mifuyu's house]
  80. Mifuyu: "Yes..."
  81. Yachiyo: "Fufu"
  82. Tsukasa: "Alright, we're going to use your kitchen then"
  83. Tsukuyo: "We will put all our skill into it"
  84. Tsukasa: "Nee"
  85. Yachiyo: "Ah, what about me?"
  86. Tsukasa: "Please just talk with Mifuyu"
  87. Tsukuyo: "We would like you to leave it to us today"
  88. Yachiyo: "Now I don't know what I came here for anymore"
  89. Mifuyu: "This might be perfect, actually"
  90. "There was something I wanted to talk about"
  91. Yachiyo: "The bracelet and the enemies from outside Kamihama?"
  92. Mifuyu: "Good guess, as I'd expect from you"
  93. Yachiyo: "That's more or less the only topic that would be urgent, after all"
  94. Mifuyu: "Indeed"
  95. Yachiyo: "So, is there anything you found out?"
  96. Mifuyu: "...yes"
  97. "The magical girls from outside Kamihama, I do think their numbers are increasing"
  98. "When I looked around at noon, the magical response seemed to indicate that"
  99. Yachiyo: "I've also heard that people sensed them at school"
  100. "It seems certain that the number of magical girls coming in has increased"
  101. "But it bothers me that sightings have decreased and that there has been no contact..."
  102. "I wonder if the previous attempt was a probing attack..."
  103. Mifuyu: "I'm of the same opinion"
  104. "It seems to be the case that on top of assaulting Kamihama magical girls, they are gauging our strength..."
  105. Yachiyo: "What troublesome opponents"
  107. [flashback to the fight with Promised Blood]
  108. Yuna: "So you don't know anything...."
  109. "Then, at the very least remember this"
  110. "We're magical girls who have exchanged an oath of blood"
  111. "Having experienced hardships because of Kamihama, we will make you suffer for our brethren who have died"
  112. "We will obtain what has been created by spilling our blood..."
  114. [back to Mifuyu's house]
  115. Yachiyo: "Their objective isn't even clear, I hate it..."
  116. "I can't tell everyone to be one guard either, since it would just tire them out..."
  117. Mifuyu: "It would be nice if we could see a little more of the bigger picture of the problem with the mysterious magical girls"
  118. Yachiyo: "We gotta get lead on them"
  119. Mifuyu: "Indeed"
  120. "Also, regarding Iroha-san's bracelet—"
  121. "Would you mind having Touka and Nemu look at it?"
  122. "They said that just the description isn't enough, they'd like to inspect it themselves"
  123. Yachiyo: "Will they not do anything suspicious..."
  124. Mifuyu: "If it's Iroha, I think it will be fine"
  125. Yachiyo: "Alright, I'll believe you"
  127. [Promised Blood base (an abandoned warehouse)]
  129. Yuna: "Has the captured girl still not said anything?"
  130. Hikaru: "We've tried various things to convince her, but no luck so far..."
  131. Yuna: "We did kill one of her comrades in front her"
  132. "That was my mistake..."
  133. Ao: "You did get pretty heated after all, onee-sama"
  134. Juri: "Still, finding out that even a chump like this has a backbone is worth something"
  135. "I'd thought that this not-turning-into-witches power would have made 'em soft"
  136. "But it looks like they'll be worth fighting"
  137. Yuna: "What about you, second sister?"
  138. "Magical girls from neither Kamihama nor Futatsugi..."
  139. Juri: "I ain't gonna get results this quickly"
  140. "I can't even tell apart the Kamihama magical girls, ya know"
  141. Ao: "According to that Adjuster person who's here on business, there should still be plenty around"
  142. Juri: "Besides, sneaky stuff doesn't fit Juri-sama anyways"
  143. "So Hikaru, switch players!"
  144. Hikaru: "Switch?"
  145. Juri: "Juri-sama will deal with the girl"
  146. Hikaru: "Okay, then I will go survey the town"
  147. "Is that alright, Yuna-san?"
  148. Yuna: "It's a request from my cute little sister, I'll allow this much"
  149. "I'll be counting on you, Hikaru"
  150. "That said second sister, do NOT take things too far"
  151. Juri: "Obviously"
  152. "I do have things I regret regarding the treatment of prisoners after all"
  153. "I'll treat her tenderly"
  155. []
  157. [Mikadzuki household]
  158. Tsuruno: "Well then, everyone who has gathered here"
  159. Felicia: "It's just me and Sana"
  160. Tsuruno: "I've gathered you here today for the dragon fair in the Mikadzuki household"
  161. (shouting) "And to use up the chili peppers with this dinner!!"
  162. Sana: "AH!"
  163. "Um, won't that be really spice food..."
  164. Tsuruno: "Yachiyo isn't here for today's dinner, so Iroha-chan is out shopping"
  165. "This is the time show Banbanzai's power!"
  166. "Funfun!"
  167. Sana: "Um.. won't that still... be just a little spicy...?"
  168. Tsuruno: "No... Sana... this is the dragon fair..."
  169. Sana: "Then we'll really..."
  170. Felicia: "We'll!"
  171. Tsuruno: "We will!"
  172. "Go enjoy the deliciousness that lies beyond spiciness!"
  173. Tsuruno & Felicia: "Nyahaha!" "Wahaha!"
  174. Sana: "Th-that's... I won't be able to eat that..."
  175. Felicia: "Well, me neither"
  176. Sana: "Eh, eh... I don't understand what you're saying..."
  177. Tsuruno: "If you overcome spiciness, it becomes deliciousness"
  178. "Overcoming something is proof that you've become stronger"
  179. "This will be one step towards becoming stronger for both of you"
  180. Felicia: "This is what Tsuruno's saying, so I've decided I'll also eat it!"
  181. Sana: "Eh..!!"
  182. Tsuruno: "With that said, let the cooking begin!"
  183. (shouting) "Felicia! Put in the oil and the chili peppers!"
  184. Felicia: "On it!!"
  185. Sana: "Iroha-sa~n..."
  187. [cut to grocery store]
  188. Ui: "The heavy stuff like milk and potatoes goes in the bottom of the bag..."
  189. "It's fine like this, right?"
  190. Iroha: *sigh*
  191. Ui: "Ah, onee-chan, what did Sana-san say?"
  192. "Something extra to buy?"
  193. Iroha: "No, Tsuruno-chan started making super spicy dinner..."
  194. Ui: "Super spicy...!?"
  195. Iroha: "She said she convinced them to wait until we're back from shopping"
  196. "But what I'm I gonna do about the prep work..."
  197. Ui: "Yeah..."
  198. Shizuka: "Eh... eh..."
  199. "Why can't I pay...?"
  200. Iroha: "Hm?"
  201. Shizuka: "Like this..."
  202. *beep*
  203. *ding*
  204. "Your IC card is not supported"
  205. Shizuka: "It's not... supported...?"
  206. "What does that mean?"
  207. "Are there a lot of types...?"
  208. "Why are there different types...?"
  209. "One type is enough...!"
  210. "No, if try one more time..."
  211. *beep*
  212. *ding*
  213. "An attendant will come, please wait a moment"
  214. Shizuka: "W-wait, no!"
  215. "I'm not trying to steal or anything"
  216. Iroha: "Um..."
  217. Shizuka: "Ah---! I'm sorry ma'am!!"
  218. "But you've got wrong!"
  219. "This machine is refusing me!"
  220. Iroha: "I'm not an employee..."
  221. Shizuka: "Eh, then... who...?"
  222. Iroha: "Um, even if you don't have any other IC card, you can pay with cash you know?"
  224. [cut]
  226. Sunao: "Sorry Shizuka... there was a cute mascot character..."
  227. "And I got distracted by it..."
  228. Chiharu: "Sorry Shizuka-chan..."
  229. "There was a magazine doing a feature on Todoroki Kouichi that grabbed my attention..."
  230. Shizuka: "It's fine... I was able to buy groceries successfully after all..."
  231. "That aside, thank you very much"
  232. "I'm not sure how to thank you..."
  233. Iroha: "You don't have to bow so much!"
  234. "I'm also bad with these kinds of things, they can be hard to understand, can't they?"
  235. Shizuka: "They really can"
  236. "The city is convenient, but also inconvenient..."
  237. Chiharu: "Sunao-chan and I understand them a little"
  238. "But it's a bit hard for Shizuka-chan..."
  239. Shizuka: "Sunao, can't you make it be one type?"
  240. Sunao: "No, I can't..."
  241. Ui: "Onee-chan..."
  242. Iroha: "Hm?"
  243. Ui: "Is she a rich person...?"
  244. Shizuka: "Ahaha, no, not at all"
  245. Ui: "Ah, she heard me"
  246. "I'm sorry"
  247. Shizuka: "It's fine"
  248. "I'm just from deep in the mountains and ignorant of the ways of the world​"
  249. Sunao: "We actually just came to Kamihama recently"
  250. "So we really don't know our way around and were doing some special training"
  251. Chiharu: "Today we were doing a review on shopping"
  252. Shizuka: "It was failure though"
  253. Iroha: "From deep in the mountains... reviewing shopping... that sounds tough..."
  254. Shizuka: "There's so much to remember, and we don't know anything about the town either..."
  255. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  256. Ui: "Hey, onee-chan"
  257. Iroha: "Hm?"
  258. Ui: "Isn't there anything we can do to help?"
  259. Iroha: "Fufu, I was actually thinking the same thing"
  260. Sunao: "Eh, we couldn't cause you so much trouble!"
  261. Chiharu: "But, Sunao-chan"
  262. "We do have various limits you know...?"
  263. Sunao: "Yes, you're right"
  264. "We are completely unfamiliar with the area after all..."
  265. Iroha: "It must be fate we met here"
  266. "Don't worry about it"
  267. Shizuka: "........"
  268. "If you're willing to got that far, um, do you mind if we take you up on that?"
  269. Iroha: "Yes, if you'll have us"
  270. Shizuka: "We would gladly"
  271. "My name is Tokime Shizuka"
  272. Chiharu: "Ah, I'm Hiroe Chiharu"
  273. Sunao: "I am Toki Sunao"
  274. "I'm sorry to cause trouble for you, it's nice to meet you"
  275. Iroha: "Yeah, nice to meet you"
  276. Ui: "Onee-chan, let's ask for their contact information"
  277. Iroha: "You're right"
  278. "Do you mind?"
  279. Shizuka: "Of course not"
  280. "But, uh, this, intelligent phone?"
  281. "What do I do again?"
  282. Chiharu: "Ah, Shizuka-chan, I'll do it!"
  283. Ui: "We should also decide on a meeting place"
  284. Sunao: "That would be great"
  285. "Does meeting in the Mizuna Ward work?"
  286. Iroha: "You're enthusiastic, Ui"
  287. Ui: "Ehehe"
  288. "It's fun making more friends"
  290. []
  292. [Mikadzuki household]
  294. Felicia: "No, I can't eat anymore..."
  295. "I'm really sweating and it sting and I can't..."
  296. Tsuruno: "You've only just arrived at the start line, Felicia!"
  297. "Just one more bite... and another..."
  298. "That way you'll overcome the wall!"
  299. Felicia: "I'm saying I can't eat it!!"
  300. "Why do I have to have a bad time when eating!"
  301. Tsuruno: "Ehhhh!?"
  302. Iroha: "So, spi... spicy...!"
  303. "My tongue hurts..."
  304. Ui: "Onee-chan... I can't eat something this..."
  305. Iroha: "I don't... think I can either..."
  306. Sana: "That's... why I told you so...!"
  307. Tsuruno: "Uh oh, Sana's angry..."
  308. Sana: "I'll make you some egg porridge, alright Ui-chan...?"
  309. Ui: "Yeah..."
  310. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan, is it ok if I adapt this a little?"
  311. "I can probably make it a little more mild with some vinegar or egg"
  312. Tsuruno: "Ah, yeah... sorry..."
  313. Yachiyo: "Wha...!"
  314. "Hey, what is this smell?"
  315. "I feel like I'm being steamed..."
  316. Tsuruno: "Uh oh, what timing...!"
  317. Yachiyo: "Please open the window... the room is going to turn into chili peppers..."
  318. Tsuruno: "Ri-right away!"
  319. Yachiyo: "Tsuruno"
  320. Tsuruno: "Yes!"
  321. Yachiyo: "You know the state of our finances, right...?"
  322. Tsuruno: "Eeek...!"
  324. [cut to kitchen]
  326. Iroha: "Welcome home, Yachiyo-san"
  327. "Did we not have some vinegar stocked?"
  328. Yachiyo: "It should be below the sink"
  329. "If you're changing the flavoring, I'll help"
  330. Iroha: "Thank you"
  331. Yachiyo: "Are you ok, Futaba-san?"
  332. Sana: "Yes..."
  333. "We had some cold rice and eggs, so I'm making something for Ui-chan with that"
  334. Yachiyo: "You've gotten a lot better at cooking since you've come here, haven't you?"
  335. Sana: "Yes.."
  336. Yachiyo: "Iroha"
  337. Iroha: "Yes?"
  338. Yachiyo: "Could you go to Satomi-san's place tomorrow?"
  339. "They said they want a proper look a the bracelet"
  340. Iroha: "Having them look at it in person is better after all, isn't it?"
  341. Yachiyo: "Yeah, it seems they're interested in doing so too"
  342. Iroha: "Ah..."
  343. Yachiyo: "Hm? Did you have plans already?"
  344. Iroha: "Yes... I have plans to meet with some people"
  345. Yachiyo: "With Kanagi or so?"
  346. Iroha: "No, with some girls we met at the supermarket today"
  347. "They came to Kamihama from the countryside and don't know their way around"
  348. "So I and Ui promised to help them out tomorrow..."
  349. Yachiyo: "Well, that's quite sudden"
  350. Ui: "It's fine onee-chan, I'll just go by myself!"
  351. Yachiyo: "Ab—so—lutely not"
  352. "I'm not just going to allow you to do that by alone"
  353. Ui: "Why not...!?"
  354. Yachiyo: "A grade schooler meeting up with some strangers..."
  355. Sana: "Um, then, I'll go with her...!"
  356. "Though I don't think they'll be able to see me..."
  357. "I do think I can support her a little..."
  358. Ui: "See! Please, Yachiyo-san!"
  359. Yachiyo: "........"
  360. "Fine"
  361. "I think it'll be alright, but don't cause them trouble, ok?"
  362. Ui: "Yeah!"
  364. [cut to meeting with the Tokime girls]
  366. Chiharu: "Whoa!"
  367. Ui: "Um, sorry for suddenly bringing more people"
  368. Tsuruno: "My name is Yui Tsuruno! Nice to meet you three!"
  369. Felicia: "I'm Mitsuki Felicia!"
  370. Tsuruno: "Sorry for suddenly joining in"
  371. Shizuka: "No, it's fine, we were told beforehand too"
  372. Sunao: "Yes, we'll be in your hands today"
  373. Tsuruno: "So, I've heard the circumstances, Shizuka-chan!"
  374. Shizuka: "She suddenly came at me...!"
  375. Tsuruno: "I was born and raised in Kamihama, so leave it to your guide and expert, Yui Tsuruno!"
  376. Felicia: "You're not good with crowds, right?"
  377. Shizuka: "This girl's also coming at me...!"
  378. Ui: "Um, I'm sorry..."
  379. Shizuka: "No, no, it's fine"
  380. "If they're this causal, it's easier for me as well"
  381. Felicia: "So, are you bad with crowds, or what?"
  382. Shizuka: "Well...."
  383. "It's less that I'm bad with them, and more that I can't quite get used to them"
  384. Sunao: "Yeah, I've been fine, but Charu and Shizuka have been getting dizzy"
  385. Chiharu: "I was fine with crowds before too..."
  386. Sana: "And now you're not, even though you were before...?"
  387. Tsuruno: "Did have a traumatic experience or something!?"
  388. Chiharu: "Eh!? No, nothing!"
  389. "I think I just lost my immunity from living in the countryside for a while"
  390. Tsuruno: "Oh, I see, that's good"
  391. Shizuka: "So, Tamaki-san talked about helping out"
  392. "But what are our plans for today?"
  393. Tsuruno: "I didn't hear what Iroha was planning"
  394. "But I thought of a good idea myself!"
  395. Shizuka: "What's that idea?"
  396. Tsuruno: "Before that, I want to check, is there a need for you to hurry getting used to things?"
  397. Shizuka: "Yeah... we don't have that much time left, if possible I'd like to get used to things quickly"
  398. Sunao: "Shizuka, you don't have to push yourself though"
  399. Shizuka: "It can't be helped, this too is my duty as the Tokime clan's main family"
  400. Tsuruno: "Fu~n?"
  401. Felicia: "Then, I guess we just gotta do as Tsuruno said"
  402. Ui: "Is that going to be ok...?"
  403. Chiharu: "Is it that harsh!?"
  404. Tsuruno: "Drastic measures are required after all"
  405. Chiharu: "Drastic measures!"
  406. Tsuruno: "In short, we're going to have you play, have fun, and get used to crowds!"
  407. Chiharu: "Eh?"
  408. Tsuruno: "But! We're going to do it in the most crowded location in Kamihama!"
  409. Chiharu: "Woah..."
  410. "This feeling of skipping the proper steps... Todoroki Kouichi also said it..."
  411. "We need to deliberately choose the path of hardships!"
  412. Sunao: "Well then, let's give it a go, shall we?"
  413. Shizuka: "I've memorized how to ride a train"
  414. "And I've resolved myself"
  415. "Yui-san, take us! To the place with the most people in Kamihama!"
  417. []
  419. [Tokime village background]
  420. Tsuruno: "The Tokime village, up a mountain path from even remote towns, remains a place of seclusion even in modern times..."
  421. "The village had been out of sync with the outside world for some time, but due to internal turmoil, the gates were opened and we came here to Kamihama..."
  422. "That is the situation of the Tokime clan!"
  423. [transition to downtown Kamihama]
  424. Tsuruno: "All that sounded unreal while they were telling us"
  425. "But by the looks of it, it seems it was true..."
  426. Ui: "Was it really a good idea to bring them here...?"
  427. [transition to CG of the Tokime girls]
  428. Shizuka: "In front of us... behind us... to both sides of us... there are people flowing..."
  429. "This is a river of humans... a current of people..."
  430. "I feel like I’m being sucked into a whirlpool...!"
  431. Sunao: "Shizuka, what are you saying!?"
  432. "Come back to us!"
  433. "Keep a grip on yourself, this is just a flow of people"
  434. "You’ll get used to it eventually...!"
  435. Chiharu: "Ah, damm"
  436. "I think I’m starting to feel a little sick after all..."
  437. Sunao: "Charu!"
  438. Sana: "Chiharu-san, are you alright...?
  439. "I’m not good with crowds either, so..."
  440. Ui: "Yeah... are you ok Chiharu-san...?"
  441. Chiharu: "Uh, yeah..."
  442. "Taking some deep breaths helped me calm down a bit"
  443. Shizuka: "These are people... a flow of people..."
  444. "I’m Tokime Shizuka..."
  445. "It’s ok... it’s ok..."
  446. "Being overwhelmed by a flow of people like this..."
  447. "I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my role as a member of the main family!!"
  448. Sunao: "Shizuka!"
  449. Shizuka: "It’s ok, Sunao..."
  450. "I will overcome this...!"
  451. Sunao: "Very good!"
  452. Felicia: "What is this..."
  453. Ui: "You both overcame it!"
  454. Shizuka: "Yes, I couldn’t afford to lose here after all"
  455. "So, with that out of the way, what’s something fun we can do here in the city?"
  456. Chiharu: "It seems like there’d be plenty to do"
  457. Ui: "Did you have anything in mind Tsuruno-san?"
  458. Tsuruno: "For what it's worth, I did ask Yachiyo for recommendations"
  459. Ui: "So Yachiyo-san goes to these kinds of places, huh"
  460. Tsuruno: "Nope, she apparently just hears about them from people at work"
  461. Ui: "Huh"
  462. Felicia: "Yo, they have some tasty looking popcorn over there!"
  463. Sunao: "Eh?"
  464. "Oh, you're right!"
  465. "The burst corn kernel mascot is cute too!"
  466. Tsuruno: "Whoa, that was fast"
  467. Sana: "It looks like they'll be able to have fun without help..."
  468. Tsuruno: "Yeah, that's good!"
  469. Shizuka: "I... dizzy..."
  470. Chiharu: "Urgh..."
  472. [cut]
  474. Sunao: "Fufu"
  475. "Look at this, Shizuka, Charu"
  476. "Look how colorful and cute this popcorn is"
  477. Shizuka: "This... is edible?"
  478. *nom*
  479. "It's sweet and delicious, I haven't had anything like it before"
  480. Chiharu: "Makes sense, we only had traditional sweets in the village"
  481. Tsuruno: "Hey Felicia, can I have a bite"
  482. Felicia: "Sure, here you go"
  483. Tsuruno: "Thanks"
  484. "Wait, these are just scraps!!"
  485. "I can barely tell what they taste like!"
  486. Felicia: "You said one bite, didn't you!?"
  487. Tsuruno: "Ugh, indeed...!"
  488. Felicia: "Just kidding!"
  489. "Here, have a proper handful"
  490. Tsuruno: *smile*
  491. *hyaa*
  492. Felicia: "Tsuruno!! That's too much!!"
  494. Sunao: "This is so sweet and tasty too~"
  495. "I don't know how long it's been since I last had milk tea"
  496. "It's got such an addictive texture too"
  497. "Charu, Shizuka, do you want some?"
  498. Chiharu: "Nah, I'm good"
  499. Shizuka: "I'll pass too..."
  500. "I don't really feel like having that big frog eggs"
  501. Sunao: "Wha, frogs!?"
  502. Chiharu: "No Shizuka-chan, it's called tapioca"
  503. Shizuka: "Tapioca...?"
  504. Sunao: "It's made from cassava"
  505. Shizuka: "Ka... salad...?"
  506. "...huh"
  507. Chiharu: "You don't get it, do you...?"
  508. Shizuka: "Nope"
  510. Sana: "Ui-chan... want to try a bite...?"
  511. Ui: "Yeah!"
  512. *munch*
  513. "Woah, the cream melted in my mouth"
  514. "The strawberry is good too"
  515. Tsuruno: "Yachiyo had recommended this crepe place"
  516. Sunao: "Sigh, this is happiness..."
  517. "Do you want some, Shizuka and Charu?"
  518. Chiharu: "Nah, I'm alright..."
  519. Shizuka: "Hey, Sunao..."
  520. Sunao: "Yes?"
  521. Shizuka: "This is a bit hard to say, but..."
  522. Sunao: "Wh-what is it...?"
  523. Shizuka: "You're gonna get fat, you know?"
  524. Sunao: "Ugh..."
  525. Sunao: "Does anyone... want this?"
  526. Ui: "Oh, I'd like to"
  527. Sana: "If you have too much, you're going to get scolded by Iroha-san..."
  528. Sunao: "........"
  529. Chiharu: "........"
  530. Shizuka: "H-huh...?"
  531. Tsuruno: "Oohhh, I know! Let’s go look at some clothes!"
  532. "There’s a spot with a bunch of stores together!"
  533. Felicia: "I can still eat a bunch more!"
  534. Tsuruno: "Look, nevermind that right now!"
  536. [cut to mall]
  537. Shizuka: "Woah…"
  538. "This is amazing, there are so many different types of clothes"
  539. Tsuruno: "You interested, Shizuka-chan?"
  540. Shizuka: "Yeah, I’m feeling a little excited"
  541. "But with this many shops in all directions"
  542. "I feel like I’ll lose track of time, nor get to see everything"
  543. Tsuruno: "Then let’s come here together again"
  544. "I’ll hang out with you whenever"
  545. Shizuka: "Again…"
  546. "Haha, you’re right"
  547. Sunao: "Shizuka, haven’t you gotten used to the city a little?"
  548. Shizuka: "Ah, now that you mention it"
  549. Felicia: "The plastic measurements were a success!"
  550. Sana: "It's 'drastic measures', Felicia-san..."
  551. Chiharu: "........"
  552. "Sorry... I'm still not getting used to it..."
  553. "Excuse me for a moment..."
  554. Sana: "Ah..."
  555. Sunao: "Charu..."
  556. Shizuka: "This is a problem..."
  557. Sunao: "Yes..."
  558. "We have a request, but... could we change location first?"
  559. "It would be great if we could find a spot with as few people as possible..."
  560. Shizuka: "Apologies... for causing you trouble..."
  561. Ui: "It's fine, I don't mind at all"
  562. Felicia: "Yeah, don't worry about it! We gotta help each other out in times like these!"
  563. Tsuruno: "Hey, Sana..."
  564. Sana: "Yes...?"
  565. Tsuruno: "Do you know a place without a lot of people?"
  566. Sana: "Yes... I do..."
  567. "If you head west from Sakae, there's a large park..."
  568. Tsuruno: "Is that the place near the newly vacant lots?"
  569. Sana: "Yes.. because of the relocation of the museum..."
  570. "I think there won't be many people around there..."
  572. []
  573. [flashback in school]
  575. Teacher: "Satomi-san! Wait!"
  576. Touka: "What is it already?"
  577. "Chasing after me isn't very time-efficient, you know?"
  578. Teacher: "You're the only one who hasn't submitted their homework!"
  579. "If you haven't done it, you need to stay and do it!"
  580. Touka: "I already finished and submitted that infantile homework"
  581. Teacher: "I haven't received it though!"
  582. Touka: "I attached it in an email"
  583. Teacher: "!?"
  584. "That does not count as submitted! Submit it in a notebook like normal!"
  585. "Nevermind that, why do you know my email address!?"
  586. Touka: "The security was weak, so I found it easily"
  587. Teacher: "Satomi-san..."
  588. Touka: "Just leave me alone and do your job!"
  589. Teacher: "I am, right now!"
  590. Touka: "Goodbye!"
  591. [cut to observatory]
  592. Touka: "And so that's why I'm late"
  593. "Sorry about that, onee-sama"
  594. Iroha: "You should do what your teacher tells you to do..."
  595. "Studying with everyone else is important too, you know?"
  596. Touka: "I think a weak point of the Japanese education system"
  597. "Is that it tries to enforce uniformity like the military"
  598. Iroha: "Jeez..."
  599. Yachiyo: "As always, you're good at making excuses..."
  600. Touka: "So, did you bring the bracelet?"
  601. "It's not like you can take it off, right?"
  602. Iroha: "Yeah, please don't try to force it off"
  603. Touka: "Today we're just investigating the magic pattern"
  604. "So we don't need to take it off"
  605. Yachiyo: "We already figured out that it's different from both witches and Rumors"
  606. "So I don't think we'll learn anything new from the magic pattern..."
  607. Touka: "Vague intuition like that isn't reliable at all"
  608. "We need to carefully analyze and gather data"
  609. Iroha: "Analyze?"
  610. Touka: "Yep, Sakurako will take a look, and I'll figure out the answers!"
  611. Sakura Rumor: "|Yeah, I'll look|"
  612. Iroha: "What do you mean?"
  613. Sakura Rumor: "|I'm the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura|"
  614. "|I was created as a place where the 4 of Touka, Nemu, Ui, and Iroha will meet again|"
  615. "|But Nemu changed the contents of my rumor|"
  616. "|As before, I am bound to the contents of the rumor|"
  617. "|But my knowledge and memories are stored on a server now, and can be updated at will|"
  618. Yachiyo: "So that means she can compare magic to the patterns she knows"
  619. "I wouldn't have thought that such a thing was possible"
  620. Touka: "Kufufu"
  621. "Since I knew she was magically connected to Nemu's book"
  622. "I connected Sakurako's magic to a server"
  623. "And researched how to build a database for it"
  624. "Once that was clear"
  625. "Just executing a program I wrote allows us to make the comparison"
  626. Iroha: "Huh"
  627. Touka: "It'll take some time though, so leave your arm here without moving it, ok?"
  628. Iroha: "Ok, no problem"
  629. Nemu: "Oh, Touka?"
  630. "You're back earlier than I estimated"
  631. Iroha: "Ah, Nemu-chan"
  632. Nemu: "Welcome, onee-san"
  633. Sakura Rumor: "|Ne-mu|"
  634. Nemu: "Glad to see you're in a good mood today"
  635. Sakura Rumor: "|Now 3 have gathered|"
  636. "|Now if Ui comes, I'll look at the bracelet|"
  637. Iroha: "Eh...!?"
  638. Yachiyo: "Ui-chan's doing something else today..."
  639. Sakura Rumor: "|What...|"
  640. Nemu: "Sakurako..."
  641. Sakura Rumor: "|I see...|"
  642. Iroha: "Hey, wait, Sakurako-chan!"
  643. Touka: "Ah, now she's sulking..."
  644. Nemu: "The 4 of us gathering is all she wants, that part of the rumor that won't change"
  645. "Not even I can do anything about it"
  646. Touka: "I guess we can only wait for her mood to improve..."
  647. Iroha: "I'll ask Ui if she can come by later"
  648. Nemu: "Thanks, onee-san"
  649. Touka: "So, did you end up finding the rumors?"
  650. Yachiyo: "Rumors?"
  651. Iroha: "Isn't Sakurako-chan the only one left?"
  652. Nemu: "No..."
  653. "When I faced off against Alina, I used all of my power, and, prepared to die, created one last rumor"
  654. "But I can't find the rumor I created"
  655. "Though it's unmistakably recorded in my book, I can't detect it"
  657. [cut to shrine]
  658. Mifuyu: "It was the same for me..."
  659. "Late at night, after the day where everyone cooked for me"
  660. "I was recruited by her outside..."
  661. "When did it happen for the two of you...?"
  662. Tsukasa: "For us it was after we split up with Yachiyo-san's group"
  663. Mifuyu: "All of us, late at night..."
  664. "I thought they were shutting themselves in after the Wings of Magius dissolved"
  665. "But it seems those two were operating behind the scenes..."
  666. "To think that they're making a new Wings of Magius..."
  667. Tsukuyo: "We should be able to persuade them though, just the other Feathers"
  668. "After all, we're aiming for the liberation of magical girls as well..."
  669. Mifuyu: "I do hope that's the case..."
  670. Tsukasa: "Don't be so pessimistic, Mifuyu-san"
  671. Mifuyu: "They already know that"
  672. "They know that we still have the same goal of liberating magical girls"
  673. Tsukasa: "That's..."
  674. Mifuyu: "If they're still turning against us, there must be another reason..."
  675. "........"
  676. "If they're conspiring in the east, we should talk to Kanagi-san about it..."
  677. Tsukasa: "She might be at work right now"
  678. Mifuyu: "Then let us have them wait a little"
  679. ''While I'm at it, I'll also contact Ryou-san and Ikumi-san"
  680. "Then we'll meet up at the Adjuster's and work out our differences"
  681. [cut]
  682. Black Wing: "Ugh..."
  683. Juri: "I can see it in their eyes when people are lying"
  684. Black Wing: "I told you the truth"
  685. "I wasn't lying, I..."
  686. Juri: "You're not struggling as hard as you can, and there's still the light of hope in the back of your eyes"
  687. "People who've given up, you know, their eyes become like a night-time desert"
  688. Black Wing: "What kind of metaphor is that..."
  689. Juri: "Fine, then I won't ask you anything more"
  690. "You'll just quietly turn into a pile of bones here"
  691. "I won't do anything, I'll just let time do the job, slowly"
  692. Black Wing: "..."
  693. Juri: "Those are eyes I'm talking about"
  694. "Now, answer me truthfully"
  695. "If you can convince me, I'll let you go"
  696. [cut to Promised Blood base]
  697. Juri: "Ah, doing the asking is pretty exhausting too..."
  698. Yuna: "Second sister, did you find out anything?"
  699. Juri: *grin*
  700. "Of course"
  701. "I managed to find out what their current objective is"
  702. Ao: "You're sure she didn't lie?"
  703. Juri: "She did tell a number of lies, but I'm very confident about this"
  704. Yuna: "So, what are they planning?"
  705. Juri: "Apparently there's a massive radio telescope in the mountains"
  706. "It seems they're gathering their allies there"
  707. Yuna: "Those robed girls were from Kamihama, right?"
  708. Juri: "Yup"
  709. "If they're in need of help, one can imagine their opponent"
  710. Yuna: "Skilled opponents... or the brains of the operation..."
  711. "Well, going from the location, it's probably the latter"
  712. "Fufu, you got us some good info, second sister..."
  713. Hikaru: "Yuna-san, if you crush the head, the body will stop moving"
  714. Yuna: "You're right, it seems our next target is decided..."
  716. []
  717. [in Kanagi's Maid Cafe]
  719. Customer: "Hm..."
  720. "The cake you bring, Nagi-tan"
  721. "It is always particularly exquisite"
  722. Kanagi: "As I've said numerous times, it's the same as the other customers are receiving"
  723. Customer: "Nono, you can taste the love put into it"
  724. Kanagi: "I don't have any love for customers, are you sure it's not your wallet speaking?"
  725. Customer: "Now, now, no need to be shy"
  726. Kanagi: "Hum..."
  727. "How about this?"
  728. Customer: "You put a bunch of tabasco... on the cake..."
  729. "But no, with the power of love..."
  730. Kanagi: "........"
  731. Customer: "........"
  732. *nom*
  733. *damage effect*
  734. "I-It's exquisite!!"
  735. Kanagi: "That was Yakumo's recipe, but I guess it's better than expected"
  736. Mifuyu: "........"
  737. "Kanagi-san, do you always interact with customers like this...?"
  738. Kanagi: "Oh, what a rare guest"
  739. "I'll do my best to serve you as my master"
  740. Mifuyu: "This... is treating people as your master..."
  741. Kanagi: "Indeed, it seems cake and tabasco go well together"
  742. "Do you want some as well, Azusa?"
  743. Mifuyu: "No thank you, I'll pass..."
  744. "Besides, I didn't come here as a customer today"
  745. Kanagi: "I see, so you're here for an interview"
  746. "I'm sure you'll look great in the outfit"
  747. Mifuyu: "No, I'm here to inform you of some urgent news..."
  748. Kanagi: "!?"
  749. "...that's disquieting, what is it?"
  750. Mifuyu: "A section of the feathers have begun moving"
  751. "And not just one or two, they're gathering quite a number of girls..."
  752. Kanagi: "I see"
  753. "Have you contacted Yakumo?"
  754. Mifuyu: "Yes, I let her know that I would come with you"
  755. Kanagi: "It makes sense now"
  756. "I got a call from Yakumo, but couldn't answer"
  757. "I'm sorry, but wait an hour. Then I'll be done for the day"
  758. Mifuyu: "Then I'll go ahead and call Tsukuyo-san and Tsukasa-san as well"
  759. "We'll have some tea and wait here"
  760. Kanagi: "Alright, I welcome you master"
  762. [cut to a park]
  763. Tsuruno: "A message from Iroha-chan?"
  764. Ui: "Yeah"
  765. "Sakurako-chan wants to see me, so I should come over when we're done"
  766. Tsuruno: "I wonder if she's sulking"
  767. Ui: "Probably"
  768. Chiharu: "Urg..."
  769. "Sorry, I feel much better"
  770. Tsuruno: "Oh, that's good"
  771. "You sure you don't need to go to a hospital?"
  772. "I did lookup which are nearby"
  773. Chiharu: "Yeah, I'm fine"
  774. "Sorry for being such a pain..."
  775. Ui: "It's gotta be rough, feeling sick from crowds..."
  776. Felicia: "Right? You can't go where you want to, that's super inconvenient"
  777. Chiharu: "........"
  778. "Um, would there happen to be a lot of bad people where we just were?"
  779. Felicia: "Wha? Bad people?"
  780. Chiharu: "Like, people with bad intentions, or people who might commit crimes..."
  781. Tsuruno: "Who knows?"
  782. "If you go to more distant parts of town there are some shady people around"
  783. "And it would be dangerous for girls to go there..."
  784. Shizuka: "Then that might be the cause"
  785. Sunao: "Indeed..."
  786. Tsuruno: "Is it not just about crowds?"
  787. Chiharu: "Um, you might not believe me"
  788. "But I can feel people's malice..."
  789. "I was able to control it even with many people around before..."
  790. Felicia: "That's amazing, it's a superpower"
  791. "That's just like the superpowered investigator from a mystery show!"
  792. Tsuruno: "Oh?"
  793. "Oh, I see! You 3 were magical girls!"
  794. Ui: "Eh!?"
  795. "You're right, they have rings!!"
  796. Sana: "Oh, then you were able to see me...!?"
  797. Shizuka: "You're not a ghost, yeah we can see you!"
  798. "But anyways, you know about magical girls!?"
  799. Tsuruno: "We don't just know about them, we're magical girls ourselves!"
  800. Sunao: "To think we were being guided by Kamihama magical girls"
  801. "It feels like fate"
  802. Felicia: "........"
  803. [flashback to first fight with Promised Blood]
  804. Yuna: "I can't believe our lives..."
  805. Felicia: "Hmf, she dodged!"
  806. [back to present]
  807. Felicia: "Are you with them...!?"
  808. Shizuka: "Eh!?"
  809. Felicia: "They targeted Iroha and beat me up"
  810. "If you're with them, I won't forgive you...!"
  811. Sana: "Wait, Felicia-san, please calm down...!"
  812. Ui: "Yeah, these are different people!"
  813. Felicia: "But they're magical girls from some other town!"
  814. Sunao: "Um, what happened!?"
  815. Chiharu: "We haven't done anything that would earn that kind of resentment...!"
  816. Tsuruno: "Um, well..."
  817. "Do you know of Futatsugi City...?"
  818. "Or Kureha Yuna...?"
  819. Shizuka: "I don't know of them, never heard those names in fact"
  820. Tsuruno: "The girls from that city attacked us"
  821. Sunao: "We have nothing to do with that"
  822. Shizuka: "Yeah, we came from Kirimine's Tokime village after all...!"
  823. Chiharu: "Yeah, yeah!"
  824. Tsuruno: "See, Felicia?"
  825. Felicia: "........makes sense"
  826. "If they were like the others, there's no way we could have fun together..."
  827. "Sorry, I misunderstood, my bad"
  828. Tsuruno: "Though, since you're magical girls, do be careful"
  829. "The girls from Futatsugi City come attack you for real"
  830. Chiharu: "Even though we're all magical girls?"
  831. Tsuruno: "Yeah..."
  832. "They're targeting Kamihama magical girls though, so it shouldn't have anything to do with you"
  833. Chiharu: "Still, that's some important info"
  834. "Todoroki Kouichi said it too — there's no such thing as useless information!"
  835. Shizuka: "For now I'm glad we solved the misunderstanding"
  836. "I'm honestly relieved you're all Kamihama magical girls"
  837. Tsuruno: "Relieved?"
  838. Shizuka: "I just came here from my village, you know?"
  839. "Among all these people here, I'm the only out of sync with the world here"
  840. "I was worried if I would be able to make new friends..."
  841. Tsuruno: "Then you can be relieved!"
  842. "Since we're already friends!"
  843. "Funfun!"
  844. Ui: "Yeah, we're all friends!"
  845. Shizuka: "........yeah!"
  846. Sunao: "We can be a little more at ease in Kamihama now"
  847. Sana: "Oh yeah, why did you come to Kamihama...?"
  848. Sunao: "Oh, that's because..."
  849. "This is the magic of a witch...!?"
  851. []
  853. Sunao: "This is the magic of a witch...!?"
  854. Shizuka: "Charu, Sunao, this magic, it's quite strong"
  855. Sunao: "How did we not notice until now...?"
  856. Charu: "Is this a witch though...? Not that it feels like a magical girl..."
  857. Shizuka: "If it is a witch, it'll be quite dangerous..."
  858. Ui: "This magic again..."
  859. Shizuka: "But we can't let a witch paint the land of the rising sun with curses..."
  860. Charu: "Yeah"
  861. Sunao: "If we're not sure what it is, we need to keep all possibilities in mind"
  862. Ui: "Ah, wait a moment...!"
  863. Chiharu: "Uee!? Why are you stopping us!?"
  864. "We need to defeat the evil spirit!"
  865. Ui: "Evil spirit?"
  866. Chiharu: "Ah, um, a witch, a witch!"
  867. "We called them evil spirits in the village!"
  868. Shizuka: "If we don't hurry, it might move, you know?"
  869. Ui: "That's not it"
  870. "Um, this magic is from neither a witch nor a Rumor"
  871. Shizuka: "Neither a witch nor a rumor...?"
  872. Tsuruno: "In short, we don't really know what it is"
  873. "What's more, we even struggled when fighting it with our team"
  874. "I think it's too dangerous to fight with just the people here"
  875. Sana: "Yeah..."
  876. "It would be better to call other Kamihama magical girls..."
  877. Sunao: "How many did you fight it with previously?"
  878. Sana: "Last time we barely beat it with 6 people..."
  879. Sunao: "How can that be..."
  880. Felicia: "Instead of talking about this, let's go bust 'em up!"
  881. "We're 7 people this time, it'll be fine!"
  882. Chiharu: "Yeah, if it runs free in a city with a lot of malice, who knows what'll happen"
  883. "But if we beat the witch, the people under its influence might go back to normal"
  884. "It's just that strong a witch, right?"
  885. Ui: "W-well, yeah but..."
  886. Shizuka: "Let's go remove it"
  887. "If it'll make this city easier for Charu, all the more reason"
  888. Sana: "It doesn't look like they'll wait, will they..."
  889. Tsuruno: "They'll probably just go ahead if we call for help..."
  890. "Alright!!"
  891. "If it's come to this, let's cut through with everyone somehow!"
  892. Sana: "Yes...!"
  893. Shizuka: "Can you tell where it is...?"
  894. Sunao: "Please give me a moment"
  895. "...it's no good, even though I can sense strong magic..."
  896. Chiharu: "Same here..."
  897. Ui: "It's probably this way...!"
  898. Sana: "Ui-chan...?"
  899. Ui: "Is it just me...? I can kinda tell where it is"
  900. Felicia: "Aight, then let's get in its face and beat it up!"
  901. "And get another bracelet on the way!"
  902. Sunao: "...bracelet?"
  903. [cut to battle]
  904. Familiar: "|Kakkato0=|>-*|"
  905. Sunao: "This isn't the magic of a witch"
  906. "What on earth are these..."
  907. Sana: "They're a type of enemy called Rumors, which existed in Kamihama up until recently..."
  908. "There weren't supposed to be any left, but suddenly these appeared..."
  909. Tsuruno: "This one's magic feels different than the last, so we don't know what it is either"
  910. "Just that they're underlings of the dangerous boss at the end!"
  911. Shizuka: "That means that just like witches, they're enemies to be fought and defeated"
  912. "Charu, Sunao!"
  913. "As Diviners, or rather as magical girls of the Tokime Clan"
  914. "Let us purge evil from the land of the rising sun!"
  915. Sunao: "Yes!"
  916. Chiharu: "Yeah!"
  918. []
  920. Familiar: "|Gi-\\-gigogo-|zu!?|"
  921. Shizuka: *pant*
  922. "...I beat it..."
  923. Sunao: "Are the two of you alright...?"
  924. Shizuka: "Yes, I'm feeling fine"
  925. Chiharu: "I'm still totally fine too!"
  926. Tsuruno: "........"
  927. Felicia: "Oi, Tsuruno! What're you just standing around for!?"
  928. Tsuruno: "Eh, ah.... Sorry!"
  929. (If they can fight these rumors just fine)
  930. (Does that mean they're getting adjusted somewhere, just like the girls from Futatsugi City...?)
  931. Ui: "It's coming..."
  932. "Everyone! It's coming!!"
  933. ???: "∵he~¯hai_ee"
  934. Chiharu: "Yikes..."
  935. "Wh-what is this..."
  936. Sunao: "I'm... getting goosebumps..."
  937. Shizuka: "I suddenly froze up... and started breaking out in cold sweat..."
  938. Ui: "Th-that's why we warned you!"
  939. "We might still be able to run away if we try now!"
  940. Shizuka: "Running from a witch...? We can't do that"
  941. "We can save people by hunting this evil spirit after all"
  942. Chiharu: "Yeah, we can't give in to our fear"
  943. Sunao: "Our hearts must not falter"
  944. "We will combine our powers to beat it"
  946. []
  948. Sunao: "Charu, Shizuka! Now!"
  949. Chiharu: "With this, you're under arrest!!"
  950. Shizuka: "Scatter gracefully!!"
  951. Chiharu: "Fuu..."
  952. Shizuka: "The witch...!"
  953. ???: "∵Wa-EE_ee"
  954. Chiharu: "Aaaa!!"
  955. "Ugh!!"
  956. Shizuka: "Ugh... *cough*..."
  957. Chiharu: "Oof..."
  958. Sunao: "Charu! Shizuka!!"
  959. "..."
  960. "........"
  961. "We underestimated it..."
  962. "We didn't know enough about the outside world..."
  963. "It was just like Ui-chan said..."
  964. ???: "∵He~_un"
  965. Sunao: "Ah..."
  966. ???: "∵HAIi-_¯!?"
  967. Ui: "Tsuruno-san! It faltered a bit!"
  968. Tsuruno: "Aight!"
  969. "Let's go, Felicia, Sana!"
  970. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  971. Sana: "Yes...!"
  972. Felicia: "I'll make you forget what you wanted to do!"
  973. ???: "∵n~~_HAi¯!!"
  974. Felicia: "Wha-, it's moving already!?"
  975. "Unf!"
  976. Tsuruno: "It's recovering fast...! Sana, fall back!"
  977. Sana: "Eh"
  978. ???: "∵Ee_un-!!"
  979. Sana: "Hya!"
  980. Tsuruno: "Oh no... the witch..."
  981. "You three need to run! We need to regroup!!"
  982. Shizuka: "Hah... hah... hah..."
  983. Chiharu: "Nuun..."
  984. Sunao: "Charu, Shizuka! I'll carry you!"
  985. Shizuka: "No..."
  986. Sunao: "Shizuka...!"
  987. "The witch is approaching, what are you saying!?"
  988. Shizuka: "We're the Tokime Clan..."
  989. "Unchanged, for hundreds of years..."
  990. "For the land of the rising sun, and the people who live there,"
  991. "We've continued burning our souls"
  992. "So we can't turn our back...!"
  993. "We can't just throw away this pride!"
  994. Sunao: "Shizuka..."
  995. Chiharu: "Nuaaaaa!!"
  996. ???: "∵Oo_HAIhai!?"
  997. Sunao: "Charu!?"
  998. Chiharu: "I stopped its movements!"
  999. "I won't let myself be beaten by a single small bit of malice like this!"
  1000. "We'll win and stand tall!!"
  1001. Sunao: "...!!"
  1002. "Understood..."
  1003. "I'll heal you as much as I can Shizuka"
  1004. "So with your sword and purifying light!"
  1005. Shizuka: "I'll purge this evil...!"
  1006. "I can't give in yet"
  1007. "Our revolution has only just begun!"
  1009. [cut]
  1011. Shizuka: "Ha, aaah!!"
  1012. ???: "∵Ha_iiII!?"
  1013. Shizuka: *panting*
  1014. ???: "........"
  1015. Shizuka: "We did it... we beat it..."
  1016. Ui: "Wow, we really did"
  1017. Felicia: "That's the power of rushing energy!"
  1018. Sana: "...?"
  1019. Tsuruno: "You mean an adrenaline rush"
  1020. Felicia: "Yeah, that!"
  1021. Ui: "Tsuruno-san..."
  1022. "If Shizuka-san beat it, then maybe..."
  1023. Tsuruno: "Yeah, maybe..."
  1024. Chiharu: "Huh? Shizuka-chan?"
  1025. Shizuka: "Mmh?"
  1026. Chiharu: "Were you wearing a bracelet like that?"
  1027. Shizuka: "What's a 'bracelet'?"
  1028. Sunao: "It means wristband"
  1029. Shizuka: "I've never worn a wristband"
  1030. "See, I... have one!?"
  1031. "Eh, wh-what is this..."
  1032. "!?"
  1033. "This... is the magic I felt earlier...?"
  1034. Ui: "I knew it, it's just like with my big sister"
  1035. Shizuka: "Ui-chan"
  1036. Ui: "You see, after beating this enemy"
  1037. "There was a bracelet attached to my big sisters arm too"
  1038. Felicia: "Didn't drop a grief seed either"
  1039. Shizuka: "What is this?"
  1040. Tsuruno: "We're in the middle of investigating that ourselves..."
  1041. Sana: "Iroha-san said it was the life of the witch we beat..."
  1042. Sunao: "Could it be a strangely shaped grief seed...?"
  1043. Sana: "Good question..."
  1044. Sunao: "It does seem that it bears strong magic..."
  1045. Chiharu: "Strong magic... that..."
  1046. "Ah!! Shizuka-chan, Sunao-chan!"
  1047. "Maybe this is what we're supposed to collect!?"
  1048. Sunao: "I thought so too!"
  1049. Tsuruno: "Wa-wait a moment!"
  1050. "Could we hear about this in detail!?"
  1051. Chiharu: "Eh?"
  1052. Tsuruno: "The girls who attacked us before were also after these"
  1053. "But we have no idea why..."
  1054. Ui: "Yeah..."
  1055. Ui: "Why does everyone want these bracelets...?"
  1057. []
  1059. [Promised Blood hideout]
  1061. Yuna: "A strong magic appeared in East Kamihama..."
  1062. "Good job finding that"
  1063. Hikaru: "We did it!"
  1064. Ao: "Was pretty easy mode, wasn't it~"
  1065. Yuna: "I wonder how they found it"
  1066. "Though the magic is pretty strong, it shouldn't be easy to detect"
  1067. Ao: "Yeah, I don't get that either"
  1068. "We ran into some Feather looking girls again"
  1069. "Then I suddenlt sensed it, so it must've been close by"
  1070. Juri: "What, you came back without finding where it actually is?"
  1071. "Not following through like this, typical for the youngest sister"
  1072. Yuna: "Second sister, just having found it puts us in a good spot"
  1073. "It'll allow us to obtain the necessary power to achieve our objective"
  1074. Juri: "What's our next move though, onee-san?"
  1075. Yuna: "We have two objectives, so we'll split into two"
  1076. "Hikaru"
  1077. Hikaru: "Aye!"
  1078. Yuna: "We're going to go and crush the heads of Kamihama"
  1079. "Second and third sister, use that time to secure the strong magic"
  1080. Ao: "Ee... fighting together with onee-chan?"
  1081. Juri: "What're not happy with?"
  1082. Ao: "The way you do things is so reckless"
  1083. Juri: "The right opponent for that this time, isn't it?"
  1084. Hikaru: "She's right"
  1085. "We're used to it when facing magical girls"
  1086. "But you're fighting some mysterious entity, so don't let your guard down"
  1087. Juri: "You're preaching to the choir"
  1088. "You be careful yourself"
  1089. "We have no idea what kind of magical girls might be lurking in the mountains"
  1090. Hikaru: "Aye!"
  1091. Yuna: "The only thing still bothering me are those robed girls"
  1092. Hikaru: "Yeah"
  1093. "We did hear that the Wings of Magius disbanded after all"
  1095. [cut to the Adjuster's place]
  1097. Ryou: "Nono, I was suprised too"
  1098. "To think they'd brazenly come recruiting at this point"
  1099. Ikumi: "Yeah"
  1100. "They casually came to my place and tried recruiting me as well..."
  1101. Mifuyu: "Sounds like they were plotting in secret and finally finished their preperations..."
  1102. Tsukuyu: "The two that came to recruit were previously Black Feathers"
  1103. "And I don't think they could achieve anything just by gathering previous comrades"
  1104. Tsukasa: "Right?"
  1105. "I don't think they'd have that much fighting power, even if they gather the other Black Feathers"
  1106. Kanagi: "Before we pointlessly fight and get hurt, we should focus on persuading them"
  1107. "What do you think, Yakumo?"
  1108. "By Azusa's estimation it seems that would be difficult"
  1109. Mifuyu: "........"
  1110. Mitama: "Yeah..."
  1111. "As Mifuyu-san said, I think persuading them would be pretty difficult"
  1112. Mifuyu: "Had you noticed anything, Mitama-san?"
  1113. Mitama: "I'd seen the two of them while adjusting a couple of times"
  1114. "But I didn't think they were going about it this seriously"
  1115. Kanagi: "So why do you think it would be hard to persuade them?"
  1116. Mitama: "........"
  1117. "Because their objective isn't only liberation"
  1118. "There's something that's just as... no, even more important..."
  1119. Kanagi: "!?"
  1120. Ikumi: "What do you mean...?"
  1121. Ryou: "The Wing of Magius' ideology was about liberation"
  1122. Mitama: "What the two of them have is the value system they got from Touka-chan"
  1123. Mifuyu: "What's that..."
  1124. Mitama: "Mages First / Magical Girl Supremacism"
  1125. Mifuyu: "...so that's what this is about"
  1126. Tsukuyu: "Mifuyu-san!?"
  1127. Mifuyu: "Touka and Nemu might get kidnapped!"
  1128. "We need to go save them before they're targeted!"
  1129. Kanagi: "I will go too, Azusa!"
  1131. [cut to Magius' lab]
  1133. Sakura Rumor: "|........|"
  1134. Touka: "O-kay! I've finished collating all the data"
  1135. Iroha: "Thanks, Sakurako-chan"
  1136. Sakura Rumor: "|Will Ui come now too?|"
  1137. Iroha: "Yeah, she'll come by later, so just wait a bit"
  1138. Sakura Rumor: "|Alright|"
  1139. Yachiyo: "So, did you manage to find out anything by anylizing the magic pattern...?"
  1140. Touka: "You're so impatient, Miss Veteran"
  1141. "Just wait a moment"
  1142. Nemu: "Is it possible it has to do with the Rumors I created?"
  1143. Touka: "Hmmm, I don't think it's a Rumor"
  1144. "Rumors are based on your magic, so there would be magic patterns resembling yours"
  1145. "Ah, here are the results"
  1146. Iroha: "And?"
  1147. *thud*
  1148. Iroha: "!?"
  1149. Sakura Rumor; "|Maybe Ui is here?|"
  1150. Iroha: "No... it's not Ui..."
  1151. Black Feather: "I've come to pick you up, Touka-sama, Nemu-sama"
  1152. Iroha: "The Wings of Magius...!?"
  1153. Yachiyo: "What is that outfit..."
  1154. Touka: "Geez, how many does this make?"
  1155. "Though I am surprised you went as far as making an outfit"
  1156. "If you mean to install us as Magius, please leave"
  1157. Nemu: "Yeah"
  1158. "It's nice you're in high spirits"
  1159. "But I have as much intention to rebuild the Wings of Magius as I have to stop reading books"
  1160. Touka: "Yeah, yeah"
  1161. "If you want to help us achieve liberation, you should take that off"
  1162. "Then we'll invite you instead"
  1163. Black Feather: "We don't mean to just aim for liberation"
  1164. Black Feather: "I'll... fulfill.. Touka-sama's ideals"
  1165. Nemu: "You're...?"
  1166. Iroha: (Ui...)
  1168. [cut to Ui, Shizuka, and co.]
  1169. Ui: "Why does everyone want these bracelets...?"
  1170. Chiharu: "Umm..."
  1171. "What we want isn't really the bracelet"
  1172. "But the strong magic inside it"
  1173. Ui: "Magic...?"
  1174. Tsuruno: "It doesn't seem like the kind of power we'd be able to wield though"
  1175. Sana: "Yeah..."
  1176. "Mitama-san said she couldn't use it for adjusting too..."
  1177. Shizuka: "It's not like we're going to use it on our bodies?"
  1178. Sana: "Then what are you going to use it for...?"
  1179. Shizuka: "'The power not to turn into a witch' exists here in Kamihama, right?"
  1180. Tsuruno: "You mean the auto-cleansing system?"
  1181. Shizuka: "Yeah, that"
  1182. "The reason we want that strong magical power is so that we can get that system"
  1183. Tsuruno: "Ge-get it!?"
  1184. Felicia: "Doesn't that mean you gonna steal it...?"
  1185. Sunao: "No, no, we just want to get a small share of it for our village"
  1186. Chiharu: "Yeah, yeah, we have absolutely no intention of fighting!"
  1187. Ui: "Can you do that though? Just by obtaining some magic...?"
  1188. Sunao: "Well, honestly, there's still a lot we don't understand yet..."
  1189. Tsuruno: "I hadn't even thought of it..."
  1190. "Though, if you look at it's origin, auto-cleansing system was originally a witch"
  1191. "So just maybe, it might be possible...?"
  1192. Sana: "Um, from who did you hear"
  1193. "that you could get the auto-cleansing system if you obtained strong magic..."
  1194. Chiharu: "From Lord Kyubey, right?"
  1195. Ui: "!?"
  1196. Sunao: "Yes, we heard it from Lord Kyubey"
  1197. Ui: "...Kyubey"
  1198. *ring*
  1199. Iroha: "Ui, when you come, bring everyone with you"
  1200. "Touka-chan and Nemu-chan might be in danger..."
  1202. [cut]
  1204. Ikumi: "Karin-chan, wait a moment!"
  1205. "Investigating this by yourself is dangerous!"
  1206. Karin: "But it's the Wings of Magius!"
  1207. "Alina-senpai might be there!"
  1208. Ikumi: "But you said you didn't believe that...!"
  1210. [cut]
  1212. Kagome: "Is it really here? This is the right place?"
  1213. "........"
  1214. "No, I believe you"
  1215. "You can hear them from the mountains, right...?"
  1216. "The voices of magical girls..."
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