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  1. Quan Trick Question AnswerAny trouble you have is your own fault    SAIt is easy for you to feel what others are feeling    SAIt is fun to go to events with big crowds SAIt is maddening when the court lets guilty criminals go free  SAWhen someone treats you badly, you ignore it  SAWhen you are done with your work, you look for more to do SAWhen you go someplace, you are never late SAWhen your friends need help, they call you first  SAYou agree with people more often than you argue   SAYou always try not to hurt people's feelings  SAYou are a friendly person SAYou are always cheerful   SAYou are careful not to offend people  SAYou are proud of the work you do at school or on a job.   SAYou are somewhat a of a thrill-seeker SAYou avoid arguments as much as possible   SAYou can wait patiently for a long time    SAYou chat with people you don't know   SAYou could describe yourself as 'tidy' SAYou do not fake being polite  SAYou do things carefully so you don't make mistakes    SAYou finish your work no matter what   SAYou give direct criticism when you need to    SAYou got mostly good grades in high school SAYou hate to give up if you can't solve a hard problem SAYou have always had good behavior in school or work   SAYou have confidence in yourself   SAYou have no big regrets about your past   SAYou have no big worries   SAYou ignore people's small mistakes    SAYou keep calm when under stress   SAYou know when someone is in a bad mood, even if they don't show it    SAYou like to be in the middle of a big crowd   SAYou like to plan things before you do them.   SAYou like to talk a lot    SAYou love to be with People.   SAYou love to listen to people talk about themselves    SAYou make more sensible choices than careless ones SAYou rarely act without thinking   SAYou think of yourself as being very sensible  SAYou try to sense what others are thinking and feeling SAYou were absent very few days from high school    SAYou work best at a slow but steady speed  SAYou would rather work on a team than by yourself  SAYour friends and family approve of the things you do  SAYour moods are steady from day to day SAIt bothers you a long time when someone is unfair to you  SDIt bothers you when you have to obey a lot of rules   SDIt is hard to really care about work when the job is boring   SDMany people cannot be trusted SDOther people's feelings are their own business    SDPeople are often mean to you  SDPeople do a lot of annoying things    SDPeople do a lot of things that make you angry SDPeople who talk all the time are annoying SDPeople's feelings are sometimes hurt by what you say  SDRight now, you care more about having fun than being serious at school or work    SDSlow people make you impatient    SDThere are some people you really can't stand  SDThere's no use having close friends; they always let you down SDWhen people make mistakes, you correct them   SDWhen you are annoyed with something, you say so   SDWhen you need to, you take it easy at work    SDYou are a fairly private person   SDYou are more relaxed than strict about finishing things on time   SDYou are not afraid to tell someone off    SDYou are not interested in your friends' problems  SDYou are unsure of what to say when you meet someone   SDYou are unsure of yourself with new people    SDYou change from felling happy to sad without any reason   SDYou could not deal with difficult people all day  SDYou criticize people when they deserve it SDYou do not like small talk    SDYou do not like to meet new people    SDYou do not like to take orders    SDYou do some things that upset people  SDYou do what you want, no matter what others think SDYou don't act polite when you don't want to   SDYou don't believe a lot of what people say    SDYou don't care if you offend people   SDYou don't care what people think of you   SDyou don't work hard because it doesn't pay off anyway SDYou don't worry about making a good impression    SDYou get angry more often that nervous SDYou get mad at yourself when you make mistakes    SDYou have friends, but don't like them to be too close SDYou have to give up on some things that you start SDYou ignore people you don't like  SDYou like to be alone  SDYou like to take frequent breaks when working on something difficult  SDYou look back and feel bad about things you've done   SDYou say whatever is on your mind  SDYou show it when you are in a bad mood    SDYou sometimes thought seriously about quitting highschool SDYou swear when you argue  SDYou would rather not get involved in other people's problems  SDYou'd rather not compete very much    SDYou've done your share of troublemaking   SDYour stuff is often kind of messy SD3:25 AM
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