Dadonequus Discord Part 205

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  1. >There wasn't much to do now. If you went on another escapade, you might not get enough sleep. And although Applebloom's reaction was still irking you. At least everything else could considered to have gone back to normal.
  2. >The only other thing to worry about is seeing just how much you actually could care less about what happened at the fight. Could you really shrug it off? Or was it going to come back and bite you in the ass? You would never know until you stepped out in public.
  3. >"Hey Anon. You're awake, cool"
  4. >You hear Spike's voice coming from behind. Hmm, it wasn't late enough for him to be going to bed yet it seemed.
  5. "Spike?"
  6. >You turn around.
  7. "What's up?"
  8. >"What's up?" Spike seemed confused by your question "I should be asking you that, you looked pretty terrible after your marefriend showed up."
  9. >You sigh..goddammit.
  10. "I really don't wanna talk about that Spike. C'mon, it probably happens to everypony"
  11. >"I'm not too sure about that." Spike smirked just a little, it seemed he still found the whole thing humorous. "But eh, as long as you're ok. I wish you didn't nap for so long though. Too late to go bowling now."
  12. >That's right...the free food for the perfect bowl. Well, shit.
  13. "Sorry, I just wasn't in the mood anymore. Didn't help that you were laughing at me too you know"
  14. >Spike winced, he didn't think he hurt your feelings.
  15. >"Oh come on Anon, you had to admit it was at least a little funny. I'm sorry about laughing, but come on, are you saying if the roles were switched between me and you, and Rarity showed up to save the day. You wouldn't laugh..even a little?"
  16. >You actually stopped to think about that. That would be sorta funny. But....
  17. "A little, but what would make it more funny is right after that it turned out she was just chewing you out as a friend and that her date was right around the corner."
  18. >Spike grumbled and crossed his arms ".....that doesn't sound funny at all"
  19. >That actually gets a chuckle out of you
  21. "Doesn't feel good, does it Spike?"
  22. >"Ok ok, you made your point. better get some early sleep actually. Considering where you're going tomorrow"
  23. "The Everfree Forest? It's not too late, I think I could stay up a little longer."
  24. >"No, I'm telling you. Just go and get some sleep. You're going to be hanging with Zecora tomorrow and if you're tired, you're going to miss on everything she's saying. She rhymes all the time, and not only that, but she has this weird way of putting things that if you're not paying attention,zoop!, right over your head."
  25. >Was Zecora really that hard to understand in a full conversation? It seemed easy enough watching the show. But...given this is an educational thing. Things might get a touch boring at times. Spike might be right, if you're not paying attention, then Twilight might scold you.
  26. "Alright alirght, But I'm just saying. Twilight said this is happening in the afternoon"
  27. >Spike looked at you with a hard stare "And that's when you usually wake up"
  28. >....
  29. "Alright, sheesh. I'll go sleep then."
  30. >You didn't feel like arguing with him really. You didn't want to put yourself in an actual bad mood considering the incident was still fresh in everyone's mind. Spike was most likely right anyway.
  31. >You say goodnight to Spike, who let's you know that he'll make breakfast for you when you wake up so you'd be prepared. That was actually kind of nice of him. You ask him why he'd go through the trouble. His reply? "We're friends Anon, and you're really gonna need it. Trust me"
  32. >You go to head up to Twilight's room, until one more piece of business smacked you right in the head.
  33. "Waaaaaait! Spike!...the letter!"
  34. >Spike chuckles and waves his hand at you "Already sent it.." Spike holds up a list and points to it "I'm Twilight's number one assistant remember? Wouldn't really be good at my job if I didn't keep track of things I had to do."
  35. >You had to hand it to Spike, he was as much as a faggot as he was based.
  36. "Thanks Spike..."
  38. >It was time to get rest now. With another good night to the baby dragon. You head up into Twilight's room. You could hear the sweet soft coos of her cute voice whispering outward from her bed.
  39. >The problem was, you weren't too sleepy, especially after that nap. But then, Twilight had figured that in. So you grab the Daring Do book and decide to read off at Chapter 2.
  40. >You hop on the bed Twilight set out for you, and begin reading.
  41. >You actually get two chapters in, right when her adventure is starting. But ahh, the two chapters to get there, while much better than chapter one. Left someone like you a little more bored than the average pony. Perfect for getting some Zs.
  42. >And so you fall asleep, Hopefully ready for the day to come.
  43. >Day 4
  44. >"Anon, how could you still be asleep? It's almost noon. Spike said you went to bed early...."
  45. >Twilight was in disbelief as she looked upon your sleeping form.
  46. >Twilight sighed, gently moved the Daring Do book away from your chest and then began to gently shake you. "Anon....Anon...time to get up"
  47. >You gently slap her leg away with your own.
  48. "...mnnnghhh...just a few more minutes"
  49. >Twilight groaned and slowly lifted you with her magic to eye level. "Anon, you need to wake up so we can get you fed and ready to go. If we don't do everything right then the whole thing will be ruined. Some of the amazing things we'll be seeing today only appear at a certain time. Doesn't that make you curious enough to wake up?"
  50. >You sleepily boop her nose with your hoof "....mnnngghaaa..."
  51. >Twilight sighed, and began to walk down to the cutie map room. "I can't believe how much you sleep. If anything, I'm going to have to talk to Discord about your sleeping habits. I have no idea how he manages to get you out of bed in the morning for school...well, the few amounts you've gone, but my point still stands."
  53. >Twilight gently puts you down on her seat. But all you do is fall forward onto the cutie map and smash your face right into a bowl of Cereal and milk.
  55. >Twilight put her hoof to her forehead and shook her head. "She didn't expect you to sleep hard enough to fall face first into your breakfast,
  56. >She immediately uses her magic to slide the bowl away from your face as she gives you a snarky smirk. If you were going to be a big sleepy head. Then she might as well try to instill reasons as to not to be. "Anon, Breakfast time"
  57. >oggh, geez. your snout was cold and leaky with milk. You had to rub it off with your hooves.
  58. "W-what happened?! where am I?"
  59. >"You're in the castle still, and you fell face first into your own breakfast. Wouldn't happen if you had better sleeping habits"
  60. >Ahh geez, overslept AGAIN?! But you went to bed this time. Dammit, you really were just really lazy when it came to sleep. No use getting angry about it. It was your fault after all...still, how could you sleep so hard as to fall in your own breakfast? You didn't even remember getting up for it.
  61. "S-sorry, I didn't know I slept for so long. I did go to bed early this time. I even read Daring Do until I fell asleep"
  62. >Twilight's snark slowly washed away. She believed you, since you did have the Daring Do book on your chest. But still, she knew this wouldn't happen if you just slept better. She decides to ease up.
  63. >"Anon, it's alright. But you really need to manage your sleeping habits better, it isn't healthy. It's actually worrying how much you sleep"
  64. >It's mostly because you were awake longer than most foals. But...mnn. You want to change it, but that want will probably dissipate back to your old habits after awhile.
  65. "I'll try...sorry Twilight. I know we had something to do, but we're not late right?"
  67. >Twilight shook her head, and smiled a warm smile now. As long as everything was ok, she had nothing to worry about. "No, we still have plenty of time. Like I said, we have to go in the afternoon. But if you're not ready for it then the whole thing won't work." Then Twilight gives you a big smile as she lifts her right fore leg and makes a "let's mosey" styled action "So eat your breakfast and get your saddle bag, because we're going on a super learning adventure!" She then giggles, both at the slight absurdity of her words and to lift the spirits.
  68. >It worked, you felt better now. Seeing Twilight being adorkable was always a mood lifter.
  69. "Gotcha...let's see"
  70. >You look down at your bowl, lift it up, and just start having the cereal and milk flow down into your mouth.
  71. >"Anon..y-you don't have to eat that-"
  72. >Before she can even finish, you put the bowl down and wipe your face with your leg. and burp.
  73. "Done!"
  74. >"Ooook then." Twilight nervously grinned, that was a little crude. "Well, grab your saddle bag and I'll guide you into the forest....Trust me Anon, I promise you'll have fun"
  75. >You believed her. You go back into the room to grab your saddle bag. You even end up checking for your horn. No dice. Damn...
  76. >You go back to Twilight, already waiting by the door. "Ready already? Do you have everything you usually carry around with you? More importantly, did you bring a pencil and some paper?"
  77. >You nod, you knew you had your school supplies in there.
  78. >"Good, now let's get going." Twilight opens the chamber doors to the entrance hall.
  79. >You both proceed down the hall to the front doors of the castle. But as you both go near, there is a sudden knocking on the door.
  81. >both you and Twilight stop from the sudden knocking. Twilight seemed very confused. "Fluttershy?..she was supposed to be waiting for us at Zecora's hut. Hmmnn...well..atleast she knocked." She then called out towards the door "Hold on, we're about to open the door now."
  82. >Twilight smiles, and opens the door to greet her friend.
  83. >But, the pony that was behind that door....was no friend of hers.
  84. >Before Twilight could say a damn thing, The familiar blue Unicorn, donned in a wizard's hat and cape, made a gran and boisterous introduction. "GREETINGS PRINCESS TWILIGHT! IT IS I! THE HUMBLE AND APOLOGETIC TRIXIE!"
  85. >Trixie?!" Twilight said in surprise.
  86. >....holy hadn't seen her since season 3. Were you in another episode? What the hell was she doing here? And why...oh right, the whole...alicorn amulet thing.
  87. >"Yes...that's what I just said. Except with a "Apologetic" and "Humble" before it. Is it too hard to understand that I've come to grace you once more with my presence...and perhaps ask a favor?"
  88. >No seriously, fucking Trixie? What the random buttfuckery did she want?
  89. >Twilight looked at her with contempt, a look of contempt that was unnerving to be honest. "So let me get this straight, you've come all the way back to Ponyville. To ask me for a favor...Really?"
  90. >"It is only a small favor, yet one of great importance to Trixie. All I ask is the location of the spirit of chaos, Discord"
  91. >...woah what..WUT?!
  92. "H-hold on, what do you want with father?"
  93. >Your voice catches Trixie's attention. She looks down to you, noticing you for the first time. And..her attitude changing after hearing your words. "Wait....are you..Discord's son?"
  96. >In fact, you wren't the only one getting red flags. You didn't trust Trixie, and thankfully. Neither did Twilight. "Wait...please tell me you didn't come for Anon"
  97. >Trixie gives an uncaring glare to Twilight "As a matter of fact, I have. I have a very important question to ask him."
  98. >Both you and Twilight look at eachother, then back to Trixie. You both could already guess what she was here for.
  99. >"The horn" you both say.
  100. >That catches Trixie offguard, weakening the confidence in her speech. "T-that's...actually right. But please, hear me out. Just hear me out. It is actually very important for me to ask for use of the horn."
  101. >"Really?" Twilight was sounding rather sarcastic "And why's that?"
  102. >"Why are you speaking to me like that Twilight? You're acting as if I was a monster" Trixie says
  103. >"Not a monster, just somepony who's obviously trying to take advantage of a colt for once again....something beyond your control. There's no reason for you to have something so powerful." Twilight wasn't about to let Trixie anywhere near you.
  104. >And that was fine with you. It was pretty obvious she was here for just the horn.
  105. >"There is, I need it to start my Equestrian super apology's a working title. But the fact of the matter is I ned a strong opening show, in the town I subjugated, to make any headway. I truly am sorry for what I've done. I thought you were all about giving second chances."
  106. >"That usually depends Trixie. I would never give somepony like King Sombra or Queen Chrysalis a second chance."
  107. >That made you wince. You really hoped that was a spur of the moment set of words she said. Considering what you need to have done.
  108. >"But you gave Discord, somepony who commited high treason, a second chance. All I want to do is ask Anon, and if he says no...well....."
  109. >Trixie didn't finish her words. She didn't want to think about if you said no.
  111. >Twilight never broke her stern stare. But...she knew Trixie had a point. Compared to what Discord had done. Perhaps she was being a little too harsh. But even still. Going straight for the horn? Twilight knew she couldn't NOT keep her eye off Trixie.
  113. >"Well...what?" Twilight raises an eyebrow
  114. >"Then Trrrrixie will leave, I won't even try to put on a show for the town, as unfortunate as that would be. All I ask is to just talk to him. It won't take that long, or are you just going to condemn me right here, right now?"
  115. >Twilight was silent. Those words rang through her head. She was remembering how she almost condemned you just on a rather stupid whim. She never broke her stare, she just asked you. "Anon, we still have some time...what do you want to do?"
  116. >Man, fuck Trixie. You knew she was probably up to no good.
  117. >She might even try to steal....wait...
  118. >Again it skips over your mind. You didn't have the horn.
  119. >Therefore, she couldn't steal it no matter how hard she tried.
  120. >.....maybe you could see what's up with her. She couldn't do anything to you. If she tried. Twilight would save your ass. But even then, Trixie's magic is pretty shit.
  121. "That's really the mare who tried to take over Ponyville? The one who boasted about taking down an ursa major?"
  122. >You just ask the question as to not seem too knowledgeable on her. You expected Trixie to buckle under those words. Maybe even leave. But she just gave a hateful and judging look to Twilight as she raised her own eyebrow "Already teaching young foals to hate me already, are we Princess?"
  123. >Twilight winces, she didn't know you knew THAT much.
  124. >Yeah ouch, that was probably a dumb thing to say.
  125. >It also made the situation a little more apparent. It might not be a good idea to just deny her. It was making Twilight look bad.
  126. "I-I didn't mean anything by it. Uhm...Hello umm...Miss Trixie?"
  127. >"Miss Trixie?" Trixie contemplated on that name, then nodded "That will..." Then Trixie realized something of her own. She was going to speak to a foal. She couldn't be TOO boisterous. It might turn you away. And in a near instant. Trixie's voice became more meek, soft, and even...not "Great and Powerful"
  129. >"What I mean is, you can just call me "Trixie" if you want. I'm sure you wouldn't want me calling you "Hero Colt Anon" with every sentence, am I right?"
  130. >da fuuuuuq? When was she even capable of sounding like this? was..kinda cute.
  131. "I..guess..So, erm. You want to ask me about the horn, right?"
  132. >Caution Anon, caution. Just match her "niceness" with your own. and don't let her take advantage. Even if she can't take the horn. She still has the ability to something....maybe?
  133. >"I would. But now that I think about it. That horn probably means a lot to you. Your father gave it to you, right?"
  134. >You nod
  135. >"Then I guess...letting me just borrow it is out of the question. But.." Trixie lowers herself to her belly, and gives you a cheery smile "I'd like to get to know you better if you'd let me. I feel this connection, a connection between you and me. I think we're both destined for something great...and powerful."
  136. >gyagh...she was being cute.
  137. >Twilight immediately interjects. " you know how obvious you are being right now?"
  138. >Trixie tried not to break her current demeanor, she just looked at Twilight dismissively "You can't even give me a chance? I could still be friends and not have the horn. Considering who his father is, I might just learn a few new tricks instead. It doesn't have to be about the horn....of course, you'd be the one to jump to conclusions,Princess."
  139. >Twilight winces again...goddamn, poor Twilight. You didn't think Trixie could hold her own against her. But there she was, using the very act of "Friendship" as a counterweapon.
  140. >....oh boy..ok, just. See what she wants.
  141. "I..guess that's ok. I mean, everypony deserves another chance, I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for my dad. But, can I ask what you even want the horn for?"
  143. >"Well, since you seem to know who I am. I don't have to go into too much detail. Let's just say I need it for the grandest..."
  144. >Trixie rose up, and started getting a little excited all the way to near boistrous "Most spectacular trick that anypony has ever seen!"
  145. >considering what Discord has managed, you doubt it'd impress you. But, just to keep up appearances.
  146. "What's that?"
  147. >Trixie calms down, and lays on her belly again, but the way she was looking at you, there was now a sense of pride in her voice. "A trick called the Moonshot Manticore Mouth Dive"
  148. >The wut?
  149. "....uhm, what is that even?"
  150. >Trixie just smiles and pats your head as she speaks as if you were naive. "Ahh, to be a foal again. Well, it's a trick..believe it or not...that I didn't come up with. In fact, it comes from a great, and yes, even powerful unicorn known as Hoofdini. Basically, you launch yourself straight into the mouth of a manticore. And right before he chews you up. You "somehow" end up coming out of a box right next to it. completely unharmed. To this day, no unicorn has been able to replicate it"
  151. >"Probably because that's insane. The amount of skill and focus a Unicorn would need to pull that off is astronomical. Hoofdini was able to pull it off because of of his mastery of magic. It's a shame he never shared his secrets with anypony" Twilight adds, it seems she knew who hoofdini was as well.
  152. >"hmmm, So you know of him as well? Well, Princess" Trixie goes back to acting like her usual self when speaking to Twilight "Then you can tell Anon here that what I'm saying is indeed true? That the trick itself is legendary?"
  153. >"..It is. But Trixie, that trick is extremely dangerous. You know that right?" Twiligh, upon learning Trixie wanted to do the trick herself. felt a sense of worry.
  154. >"Of course I know. That's why I need the horn."
  155. "...Erm..Trixie. The horn kind of requires skill to use. And, if you mess up. It sounds like you'd just be a meal for a manticore."
  157. >"Well, of course I'd practice with the horn before I attempt the trick. Anon, please. I really need this to happen. I'd be more than willing to name you as the one who made it all happen. I.."
  158. >Trixie sighed, she was suddenly..breaking up. She tried to stay composed.
  159. >"Everywhere I go, somepony will recognize me and call me out for what I've done in Ponyville. It's harder and harder to pull off successful shows. I just want to start this apology tour with a bang, I just want to be "Trixie, the Great and Powerful" again. Not "Trixie, the Terrible and Tyrannical". This show isn't just for me, but to entertain those who've I hurt as well. You're the only one I know with something that can make it happen. The alicorn amulet, it corrupted me. But this horn, if a foal can use it. Then, maybe I can too.."
  160. >Oh shit...OH SHIT....she has a fucking tear in her eyes. Nope, NOPE. She was telling the truth. You couldn't think of a single pony who could fake a tear. Nothing came to mind anyway.
  161. >But would she really? were you and Twilight being too hasty? There had to be something more to this...but...
  162. >You look over to Twilight. " you think we can take Trixie with us?"
  163. >"What?! Why?!" Twilight, while at the point of giving Trixie another chance, wasn't expecting or even willing to let her tag along or have the horn.
  164. "Well...she looks sincere, she sounds sincere. Why not have her come with us? See how things go. Heck, maybe there's something about manticores that would help make the trick even easier."
  165. >"Come along? Come along where exactly?" Trixie, not knowing about your day, was confused.
  166. >"It's a educational trip through the Everfree Forest. It's for Anon's benefit......" Twilight was gathering up her patience. She still didn't trust her. But, it was her duty to maybe give her a second chance. But she knew she'd have to keep a close eye on you. She had to make sure you didn't veer off into the wrong direction. In fact..
  168. >"Well, I don't think it'd hurt to let her come along actually. But Anon..."
  169. >Twilight looks at you, as if she wanted something.
  170. >"If you don't mind, would you mind letting me keep the horn for awhile? Just for the day"
  171. >.....oh shit. OH SHIT....
  172. > could easily explain this away. Nooo problem.
  173. "Oh...errr, actually Twilight. I put the horn in my drawer at home."
  174. >Twilight seemed to have trusted you completely. She didn't even question it. All she had in her mind that it was someplace safe. However, that did put something else in her mind.  If you went home, did that mean you spoke to Discord? "Well, I guess that's ok. didn't talk to your father right? I know you probably miss him. I really do. I miss my parents alot sometimes too. But, well....." Twilight sighed, realizing what she was thinking might be cruel for a colt like you "Actually, never mind what I said. If you both spoke, that's great. I'm sure he missed you as much as you missed him"
  175. >She was probably both right and wrong at the same time. Fucking Flashbangs man...
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