Mods of the Round Change Log

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  1. Mods of the Round Change log
  2. 2/16/2019
  3. -Removed a mod at the request of a mod artist.
  4. -Added [MotR] to the version section of each mod to make it easier to differentiate between catalogs.
  5.  ~6 hours later
  6. -Removed [MotR] from the version section of each mod. Version doesn't allow for anything but numbers. Good to know.
  8. 2/17/2019
  9. -Added Ninostyles Models
  10. -Forgot to add Model: to the beginning of the name...added that.
  12. 2/21/2019
  13. -Added Avalanche Arisen 1k Battle Fields to help with those having lag with 2k.
  15. 3/8/2019
  16. -Updated the download size to display the correct size. Was only off by one megabyte at most, but it should display the correct size.
  17.  Had to use convert in binary instead of in decimal. Ex. 2.4 gb in decimal = 2400000 KB and 2516582.4 KB in binary, but don't add
  18.  decimals into the subscription or it will error out.
  20. 3/27/2019
  21. -Added ProtomanZxAdvent's Mod Compilation
  23. 4/9/2019
  24. -Fixed ProtomanZxAdvcent's Mod Compilation MEGA link as I had sloppily added it in.
  26. 4/15/2019
  27. -Added Ark's Fields.
  29. 5/29/2019
  30. -Forgot to say so here, but updated New Threat to the latest version multiple times the past month.
  32. 6/5/2019
  33. -Updated Tsunamods Arranged Soundtrack
  34. -Added Tsunamods Echo-S Beta
  36. 7/15/2019
  37. -Replaced Ninostyles Avatars with a larger Ninstyles Models pack that has field models, battle models, and some enemy models.
  38. -Fixed a downloading error with Echo-S and OGFields
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