[RGRE] SpessAnon Chapter 2: First Contact

Oct 13th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. >You are Anon and you are a rock of stoicism. At least on the outside. On the inside you feel like your heart is about to tear its way out of your torso and spacesuit in its best chestburster impression.
  2. >You should feel excited, elated, or a host of other positive emotions related to how you're the first human in over twenty thousand years to set foot on earth, how the atmosphere was still breathable by humans, or how you're still alive after a hard reentry.
  3. >But no you just /had/ to be thrown into a first contact scenario with the first sapient species humanity has ever found. Guess the Fermi Paradox had a loophole for new sapient life rising on Earth.
  4. >And with that line of thought you're brought firmly back into the scenario you're in now: hands held up as nonthreateningly as possible surrounded by small... equines? with spears while facing two larger equines that were clearly in charge, one of which just survived reentry heating looking no worse for wear. Good lord could they all do that?!
  5. >"Creat-... Anonymous, are you alright?" You glance to the smaller blue one and see it is looking at you with... an expression you don't recognize. Space college didn't have Xeno Social Studies 101 okay?
  6. >You take a deep breath and collect yourself again. Remember: good impression Anon.
  7. "Yes I should be fine."
  8. >You glance back at your ship to see the extent of the damage and your heart drops. The Socrates, your baby through the infinite void of space, the ship that had saved your life from the radiation storms of Halkon IV and tiger-sloths of Reprise II, is ruined. No, destroyed is a better word. Totaled.
  9. >Forgetting where you are for a moment you let your arms fall to your side.
  10. "ALEXAndria," *cough* "damage report."
  11. >Several moments pass and just as you begin to fear for your AI assistant she begins her report.
  12. >>"Ablative shielding integrity at 28%; wing integrity: 25%; interstellar drive integrity: 1%; interplanetary drive: 9%;..."
  13. >Alexa continues her report, each item listed off weighing heavier and heavier on your heart. At one point you fall to your knees, staring at the ground while continuing to listen to Alexa's grim report. You don't even register the two sets of hoofsteps approaching behind you.
  14. >>"...radiation shielding: 55%; interstellar communication array: 0%;..."
  15. >That got your attention. Without interstellar comms you couldn't call for help. You hadn't told anyone about your "mission" and with no network to call your own you would be assumed dead. Way to go dumbass.
  16. >>"...weapon system: 1%, cabin integrity: 82%, and AI core: 100%. Estimated repair time: seven weeks four days given optimal repair environment. Report complete."
  17. "...Thank you Alexa. Standby."
  18. >Perhaps understanding what you were going through your normally snarky AI remains silent leaving you to your thoughts.
  19. >For a few moments silence reigned; then the crowd of aliens began muttering among themselves. You couldn't make out what they were saying, but then again you didn't really care.
  20. >You weren't in an optimal repair environment; hell you couldn't even repair the interstellar comms unit without returning to the nearest repair station for a new set of paired photons. How the fuck were you gonna get yourself out of this?
  21. ----------
  22. >You are Princess Luna and you are looking down at this strange being named Anonymous.
  23. >You and your sister had decided to approach once he had turned his back to you before Celestia had stopped you both a short distance away.
  24. >The voice coming from the ship was delivering a wealth of information that clearly made sense to Anonymous, but to everypony else it made zero sense. What in Equestria was a "durasteel containment unit" and why was it important? Also where was this Alexandria? Was she still in the ship?
  25. >You feel yourself beginning to smile at the questions you want to ask when you receive a nudge from your sister. Turning you can see pity in her eyes, but also wariness.
  26. >"Luna I know what you're thinking, but colt or no the being in front of us is still an unknown from the outer void. We must be careful to ensure our little ponies stay safe."
  27. >The memory of the alien colt screaming on reentry flashes through your mind, and you suspect keeping your subjects safe from the creature in front of you will be the least of your concerns.
  28. >You simply nod in acknowledgement of your sister.
  29. >Clearing her throat Celestia finally speaks toward the newcomers.
  30. >"Miss Alexandria, could you please come out here? I would like to meet the owner of this vessel face to face."
  31. >Several moments of silence pass before a voice sounds from the ruined ship.
  32. >>"With all due respect, your highness, I am unable to fulfill your request fo-"
  33. >Despite herself, Celestia takes a step forward, concern on her face."
  34. >"Are you injured? Do you need assistance getting out of your ship?"
  35. >The guards shifted nervously, obviously not wanting to go anywhere near the wreck.
  36. >>"Your highness you misunderstand. I /am/ the ship in a way. Anonymous here is my... captain."
  37. >The crowd of ponies surrounding you break into renewed murmers, and while your sister manages to slip back into her measured stoicism you are unable to hide the surprise from your face.
  38. >A talking ship? You're having trouble understanding how that's possible even with magic. And a male as captain of a ship? Unless they were cutie mark savants stallions never piloted airships. Just what sort of society do these strangers come from?
  39. >You regain your composure as your sister speaks again.
  40. >"I see." You easily see the bullshit but stay silent.
  41. >Suddenly your sister seems to take notice of the growing crowd of ponies. As you glance around you begin to realize that the crowd will block your path back to the castle if it grows much larger.
  42. >Turning your gaze to Celestia you see her waiting for your input. You keep your face neutral while giving Tia your best puppy dog eyes. A moment passes before she gives a slight nod before turning back to Anonymous and the ship. She may have tried to hide it but you still caught that small smile.
  43. >Clearing her throat Celestia addresses the alien once more.
  44. >"Anonymous."
  45. ----------
  46. >>>"Anonymous."
  47. >You are roused from your stupor when the large white alien says your name.
  48. >Once again realizing where you are you draw from your dangerously low supply of fucks to give and stand once more, turning to face the alien leader, or would it be leaders? You're not sure yet.
  49. "Yes?"
  50. >Several guards and aliens in the crowd glare at you and you wonder if you've made a fatal mistake through some faux pas you weren't aware of.
  51. >The white leader doesn't seem to notice however and continues addressing you.
  52. >>>"In the interest of ensuring the safety of my little ponies I must ask you several questions under a Zone of Truth. Do you consent?"
  53. >Ponies. Well that answers one question.
  54. "Zone of Truth?"
  55. >>>"It is a spell that would prevent you from lying. I assure you it respects the privacy of your mind."
  56. >Spell? Privacy of your mind? What the fuck are these magical mind reading horses?
  57. >You really don't see a way out of the situation without being imprisoned or skewered by the surrounding guards.
  58. "I accept."
  59. >>>"Very well."
  60. >The white one's horn glows and at first you don't notice any change, but a glance downward directs your attention to a glowing ring surrounding you.
  61. >That sure as hell wasn't there before and you're a little freaked out, but try not to show it.
  62. >>>"Now my first question..."
  63. >You return your gaze to the... queen you'll call her a queen for now.
  64. >>>"Do you possess any personal weapons on yourself or on your ship?"
  65. >You do have your survival rifle stowed away, but noticing a few guards with crossbows (how the fuck do they work those?) you suddenly are reminded of all those space shows you used to watch growing up and their aversion to introducing advanced tech to developing species.
  66. >You're about to lie and say no when you feel like your tongue swells in your mouth, preventing you from speaking. A quick check confirms that it is not, in fact, swollen, but attempting to deny the existence of your weapon again causes the feeling to return.
  67. >No getting out of it you suppose. At the very least you'll make sure they have context so they don't immediately throw you in a cell or something. You'll still remain as vague as possible if you can.
  68. "For survival purposes I have a knife and a firearm stowed in my ship."
  69. >You see a nod from the queen, and considering you're still standing you assume your answer was satisfactory. At least she didn't ask exactly what weapons you had, a guass rifle might be a bit difficult to explain.
  70. >>>"Do you intend any harm upon me or my subjects?"
  71. >You're tempted to be an edgy little shit, but answer her question simply.
  72. "I will defend myself should the need arise, but I bear no ill will to you or your people."
  73. >The surrounding crowd's murmers renew, and you see the queen raise an eyebrow slightly.
  74. >sweatingintensifies.gif
  75. >You glance over to the smaller blue pony you already encountered to see her remain impassive, but her gaze continues to shift between you and you assume your ship.
  76. >A moment passes before the queen nods again.
  77. >>>"What are your immediate plans?"
  78. >You take a moment to think before giving your answer.
  79. "Ultimately I would like to go home, but given the current situation I would like to repair my ship if it is possible."
  80. >The queen appraises you for a few moments more before the glow around her horn disappears alongside the ring around your feet.
  81. >
  82. >For the first time you've seen a small smile graces her face, and for some reason you are reminded of the warmth of a star.
  83. >>>"Then on behalf of my ponies I, Princess Celestia, welcome you to Equestria. Welcome to our world!"
  84. >Both her and the blue pony approach you before Celestia raises a hoof toward you.
  85. >You stare at it for a moment. Is she offering what you think she's offering?
  86. >Not a sound is made, the crowd around you holding its collective breath.
  87. >Uncertainly you raise your hand, glancing up to see an encouraging nod from both ponies in front of you.
  88. >Giving up your last fuck for the day you reach forward and grasp Celestia's hoof in the closest approximation of a handshake you're going to get.
  89. >You're almost blinded by the number of cameras going off to capture the moment, and nearly deafened by the cheer rising from the crowd.
  90. >Releasing Celestia's hoof you turn toward the smaller pony and taking the initiative you offer your hand.
  91. >She returns the gesture with a smaller smile than Celestia's, but she seems to be holding something back.
  92. >Before you release her hoof you lean in slightly.
  93. "Thank you for saving my life miss..."
  94. >A surprised look flashes across her face before being replaced by her small smile and... is she blushing?
  95. >>"Luna. I am Princess Luna,"
  96. >My god she is blushing! It's adorable, but why on earth is she blushing?
  97. >>"and you are most welcome. We were raised to always assist a colt in need after all."
  98. >What? You mentally shrug and note it as something else to ask about later.
  99. >As you release Luna's hoof Celestia clears her throat once again.
  100. >>>"Now I assume after your... rough landing that you are quite tired. I am happy to offer an ambassador's suite in the castle to accomodate you while we assist you however we can."
  101. >Ambassador? Jesus fuck this is getting too much for you. You were just space delivery boy damnit!
  102. >You try to think of a way out of the situation when ALEXAndria chimes in.
  103. >"Your majesties, if I may, the crew quarters located within are relatively undamaged."
  105. "Y-yes! If it's alright with you, Princess, I would like to stay with my ship if at all possible."
  106. >Celestia seems taken aback by your request and you again worry you've made some faux pas.
  107. >You're about to cave and accept the suite when Luna leans in to whisper to her sister. While nobody in the crowd would be able to hear it it's just loud enough for you to make out.
  108. >>"Sister we do have the clearing in the garden where Discord's statue used to be. It is more than large enough to accomodate Anonymous' ship, its proximity to the castle will aid in repairs, and it's within the castle walls as well."
  109. >Sisters? Now that you look you can see the similarities despite the yin/yang thing they seem to have going on. It just means more questions when you finally sit down with someone to figure out how the fuck everything worked.
  110. >Celestia considers her sister's suggestion before nodding and turning back to you.
  111. >>>"Well then that settles that. You are more than welcome to stay with your ship, but should you change your mind simply let me or my sister know and we will be happy to upgrade your accomodations."
  112. >You doubt you will, but nod nonetheless.
  113. >Celestia then turns toward your ship.
  114. >>>"Alexandria are you able to move?"
  115. >A few seconds pass before your AI responds.
  116. >"Negative your highness. My method of propulsion is damaged. I apologize for the inconvenience."
  117. >The princess merely smiles.
  118. >>>"There is no inconvenience. I am glad to help those who need it. Sister, if you would."
  119. >Both princesses' horns light up, and you stand there waiting for something to happen.
  120. >You don't know what you expected, but you sure as hell didn't expect your ship to start floating engulfed in a gold and blue aura.
  121. >Your multi-ton ship... floating like it was nothing.
  122. >A giggle snaps you out of your thoughts, and you see Princess Luna holding a hoof over her mouth.
  123. >Seeing you see her she composes herself as best she can, keeping that same small smile.
  124. >>"Anonymous, once you pick your jaw off the ground could you please follow us? We will show you to where you will be staying."
  125. >Realizing that yes you are standing there gawking like an idiot you gather yourself up and start off after them.
  126. ----------
  127. >You are Luna and you have not been this excited since your first Nightmare Night back in Equestria.
  128. >Right now you're floating Anonymous' ship through the castle hallways with the help of your sister.
  129. >You probably could have gotten it yourself, you're a big mare after all, but you still appreciate Celestia's help.
  130. >Anonymous walks slightly behind you, staying clear of the spaceship. Pretty smart for a colt, but then again he's an alien species. Who knows what he's capable of?
  131. >Well, you will once you can get a few moments alone with him. You have so many questions you want to ask! What is his species named? What do they eat? Where do they come from? Too many questions!
  132. >Your sister's giggle brings you out of your inner monologue and you glance over to see her suppressing a smile as best she can.
  133. "What?"
  134. >"Somepony's exciteeed."
  135. >You scoff, unperturbed by her singsong voice.
  136. "Of course I'm excited!"
  137. >"Sister, you remind me of when I first introduced Twilight to the Royal Library. She could hardly contain herself, and neither can you."
  138. "Pfft, I am not nearly as bad as-"
  139. >"You were praaanciiiiiing."
  140. >You feel blood rush to your ears and scrunch your muzzle.
  141. "No I was not!"
  142. >Celestia's grin turns smug as she glances behind her to Anonymous.
  143. >"Anonymous, dear, would you say my sister was prancing a moment ago?"
  144. >The alien was surprised by the question, probably because the journey thus far has been in silence.
  145. >He glances to you and you throw him a glare that you hope isn't too withering. Wouldn't want to scare him off after all.
  146. >>"I, um, uh..."
  147. >You're not still blushing are you? Oh sweet Celestia your sister will never let you hear the end of it if you were prancing /and blushing/ like a filly in front of a colt!
  148. >The human looks beyond you and suddenly points ahead.
  149. >>"Hey is that the door to the gardens?"
  150. >Looking ahead you see that is indeed the door to the gardens. Two guards standing on either side wordlessly open it for you and your party passes through.
  151. >The gardens are as they always are: alive with both native and exotic flora and fauna, the hedge maze in the back, and a large circular clearing just beyond the base of the castle stairs.
  152. >And walls to keep the terrestrial fauna in. You realize that from a certain perspective Anon would be like an exhibit in a zoo, but you hope he doesn't see it that way.
  153. >Bringing the ship toward the center of the clearing you and your sister gently ease it back onto the ground. It is then that the ship's voice speaks up.
  154. >>>"Thank you for the assistance, your majesties, though I must admit I'm unsure how you managed the task without contacting the ship."
  155. >"You're quite welcome Alexandria. As for getting you here my sister and I used a simple levitation spell."
  156. >>>"... Spell?"
  157. >"Yes dear. You know, magic."
  158. >>>"... I see."
  159. >An awkward silence stretches between the four of you; Anon is the first to break it.
  160. >>"Sooo..."
  161. >Or at least he tries to, bless his heart.
  162. >Oh fuck this! You're a marely mare; you can have a conversation with an alien!
  163. "So Anon, Alexandria... can we help you with anything? Tools, books, food perhaps?"
  164. >He turns toward the ruined ship.
  165. >>"Um, I'm not sure. I'll have to talk with Alexa to know exactly what I'll need, and I have some survival rations stowed, so I'm good on food."
  166. >You falter.
  167. "O-oh."
  168. >Another awkward silence. Why do you smell pasta all of a sudden?
  169. >This time Celestia is the one to break the silence.
  170. >>"Well I would be a poor host to not invite you to breakfast tomorrow. Would Miss Alexandria be able to join us?"
  171. >Anon shakes his head.
  172. >>"I'm afraid Alexa is bound to-"
  173. >>>"Anon, there is an PDA located next to the core. So long as you stay within half a kilometer I will be able to converse alongside you."
  174. >You're terribly confused by what Alexandria just said, but content yourself with the knowledge you will learn soon enough.
  175. >>"Oh, well in that case I accept."
  176. >"Excellent! Now you are free to move about the castle grounds as you please. I will have word spread among my staff that you are a guest. I do, however, ask that you not enter the city just yet.
  177. >>"That's fine, Princess. Today has been a bit...", he pauses to gesture around, "much."
  178. >A small chuckle escapes Celestia. "I know the feeling. Before I take my leave I do have one question so I can make an official statement."
  179. >>"Ask away."
  180. >"What is your species called?"
  181. >A brief pause before an answer.
  182. >>"My kind call ourselves humans, or homo sapiens scientifically."
  183. >Human? Human... why does that ring a bell? You see your sister has the same thought process as you, but she shakes her head and focuses on the human in front of her.
  184. >"Human. Very well. Thank you for indulging my question. I will see you and Miss Alexandria at breakfast tomorrow morning, and then afterwards we can talk about what you need to get on your hooves."
  185. >Anon looks down for a moment and appears to debate on saying something, before shrugging and turning toward the ship.
  186. >"Luna? Are you coming?"
  187. >You start, not realizing you've just been standing there. You want to go after the human and interrogate him, but your sister is right. He needs his space right now. Wouldn't want him to go into hysterics after all.
  188. >At the same time you don't want to just leave. Looking over you can see Anon paused to turn and look at you, waiting for your decision.
  189. >Suddenly remembering your first interaction with him in the Outer Void you wave goodbye to him. A large smile lights up his face as he returns the gesture before resuming his journey to the ship.
  190. >You yourself turn and begin heading toward the castle, congratulating yourself on a successful first contact. You can hardly wait until you can talk to him one on one.
  191. >You might have put a little skip in your step heading into the castle, but you're sure nopony saw it.
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