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The brain and how it works. Currently writing.

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Feb 7th, 2021
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  1. The brain and how it works. Currently writing.
  3. Your brain processes information. To do so it has to send information down the different pathways in the brain. These are called neurons. The synapses are the junctions that connect different areas of the brain.
  5. When your brain processes information, all the activity is caused by a reordering of this information. The Information I am talking about are the particles that make up the flashes you see on an MRI for example.
  7. The information is constantly moving around in the brain and re-ordering itself when traveling down the neurons and going across the junctions. The synapses. When the particles go through the synapses they oscillate, spin or rotate and go down a different path or neuron. The particles take longer or shorter paths to arrive in different orders. Main Primary or smaller slower secondary paths.
  9. Difference brain regions process specific information such as smell, touch, taste, sight, sound and so on and so on. There is a lot of brain activity when you are thinking or trying to remember something because of all this re-ordering.
  11. It is like looking at the galactic center of our galaxy, It is so overwhelmingly bright and beaming with activity that we can't see everything with our telescopes and it blinds us so we can't see exactly how many stars, planets, and moons that are there or their state such as spin and rotation direction of travel for individual stars and all the other objects in the galactic center.
  13. The information travels around the different paths in specific brain regions to arrive in a proper order. This can include spin. All the other brain regions are also doing this. Then it all together has to constantly rearrange to get into the proper order to remember.
  15. The more re-ordering and rearranging that happens the more brain activity that you will see when doing brain scans. There is more re-ordering in the part of the brain that is most active.
  17. Some paths in the brain are longer or shorter or primary paths. This is how the particles arrive in different orders. Some take a longer path some a shorter path and many take a primary path. And some take non primary paths.
  19. I was interrupted writing this.
  21. Particles in a different rotational arrangement are different thoughts and memories. Think about rotating balls "the particles" that travel down the pathways in the brain and depending on the order and rotational state that they are in it determines all your thoughts, memories, senses and body function state such as heartbeat.
  23. Neurons are longer or shorter than others and particles reach your synapses travel down different paths to arrive at different times to get into different orders and arrangements that is a thought or a memory.
  25. Why you dream. Dreams are because the constant reordering of information, the particles in your brain taking different paths and arranging in certain orders. When the particles are in specific orders it means one thing or another. In this case whatever you are dreaming about. This activity simply keeps happening while asleep and dreaming while reduced a little. Your brain activity has to always keep going or you are dead. This is why you dream.
  27. The same particles in different orders can equal different thoughts and memories. Including all your other functions such as senses and body function.
  29. Why you need sleep is because your brain needs reduced traffic to do road repair. Think of the neurons as your roads and highways. Too much traffic and the roads become damaged.
  31. The brain can become damaged when stress has gone on for too long. Your brain is thinking in circles looking for a new path but can't find one so there is a lot of traffic on those roads "the neurons" for too long instead of taking other paths. PTSD If stress has went on for too long it damages the brain along those paths as particles keep going down the same paths over and over instead of traveling here and there or down this path or that path or creating a new pathway to travel down.
  33. Other ways the brain becomes damaged is from chemical damage by prescription drugs, hard drugs, physical damage such as an injury.
  35. If a path in your brain is damaged sometimes the particles arrive late or can't find a path at all or need to take the slow roads, or non primary paths. Your brain makes new connections all the time for particles to take shortcuts to re-order quicker to recall information faster.
  37. The part of your brain that is responsible for sight re-orders the particles and the parts of your brain responsible for your other senses such as hearing, smell taste, and touch and all your other senses do the same thing. Then it all comes together by re-ordering to form a memory or recall a memory. Even in your dreams you have these senses. This is because the re-ordering doesn't stop. The particles in your brain are always in motion.
  39. You never forget. Your brain never forgets unless your brain is damaged. The information "the particles become farther apart and out of order so memories fade and are more blurry. Think of a blurry photo or a blurry NASA image of a distance object.
  41. Old memories sometimes clear up that faded over time because the particles grouped back together in the right order to become closer together.
  43. Also things you forgot about or had no reason to remember sometimes pop up in a memory 50 or 60 years later for no reason. Constant reordering explains it all. It happened to be in a closer order that time.
  45. Instinct is when everything is so close together you didn't have to spend any time thinking at all and the particles are already close together requiring little to no traveling down neurons and jumping across synapses to get in a proper order. You just know.
  47. When we keep repeating something to ourselves such as a phone number or keep doing the same task it creates another chance the information can arrive back in a proper order quicker. Every time you repeat the phone number to yourself your brain changes the order and state of the particles in your brain. This has to arrive back in the same order to remember and when you only say the phone number once to yourself you may forget because the information is to far away and there are fewer chances that the information arrives back in that specific order especially after a long duration of time. When you repeat the phone number to yourself multiple times the particles got into that arrangement several times and duplicates the arrangements of some of the particles.
  49. Another thing i figured out about the brain. You have a visual memory of a person but even when you can't visually remember in your imagination your brain still remembers what they look like without the picture but still remembers it.
  52. When we think it is because we don't know yet. The information is spread out and not in order. The same with recalling a memory. Larger brains have more room to reorder information and for larger pieces, more particles to arrive in an order so you to know remember.
  54. When we instruct part of our body to do something such as move or breath in or out it is still reordering of particles responsible for that function. Particles in the brain in different orders and arrangements mean different things.
  56. I just realized why dreams seem to go on longer than you slept. When activity in your brain slows down. The reordering of information happens slower and it takes longer for your brain to rearrange the particles altering your sense of time.
  58. When your brain is running slower everything is perceived to take longer. Your experience with time.
  60. Think about this. You are busy and you are active doing this and that. Moving at a quick rate and everything is perceived to happen quicker. This is why sitting there waiting seems to take a long time and when active the day is gone in a flash.
  62. This is incomplete and i have more to add to this. Some of it is actually deep in my Facebook post that i need to re-write and re-word and some i haven't written anywhere yet.
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