flei best op combatting autism since 2011

Sep 14th, 2014
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  1. [17:39] <MuffinTastic> having to make formal, grammatically correct introductions for things like clans and servers is so boring. I'd rather just flip everyone off, kidnap them onto my clan and have them as unwilling participants
  2. [17:40] <MuffinTastic> if they think about ripping my face off then a collar i put on them would kill them from automatically injected shroomz
  3. [17:42] * Lsin ( has joined #buildandshoot
  4. [17:44] <Fleischy> i have a fun channel for you to join
  5. [17:44] <Fleischy> do /join #0,0
  6. [17:44] <MuffinTastic> lol what is this
  7. [17:44] * MuffinTastic ( has left #buildandshoot (Left all channels)
  8. [17:44] <Fleischy> hahahaha
  9. [17:44] <gen_yesmad> lol
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