Dust D-Uck

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >Another fine day in Equestria
  2. >you are Anonymous and you are out for a nice walk
  3. >you were walking along, miding your own business, untill you heard a somewhat menacing laughter coming from one of the bushes and you decided to see what was happening
  4. >as you pushed your way into the bush, you found a lone light brown mothpony with long gray mane spying on a few mothponies, rubbing her hooves together like something would have just gone just as planned
  5. >before you have the chance to question said pony about this, it noticed you, staring at you with her green mean eyes
  6. >"I-"
  7. >the moth quickly pushes her hoof against your mouth and shush you, and then hints towards the two moths with her antennae
  8. >you decide to remain silent like the moth wants and join her in taking a look
  9. >not to mention you're quite curious now
  10. >the two moth seem to talk a bit, then they look a bit embarrassed, then they hug, oh look and now they're kissing
  11. >you certainly hope this is not the resident peeping tom pony who likes to watch couples getting busy
  12. >not that you think that is a bad hobby per se
  13. >nevermind that, the ponies seem to now walk away to somewhere together now
  14. >the two of you wait untill they are no longer visible
  15. >"So wh-""
  16. "YES! Kyahahahahahahahaaa, I did it!"
  17. >ok, weird
  18. >"Excuse me, but did what?"
  19. >the moth turns to you with her emerald eyes and smirks in triumph
  20. "I made those two get together! I manipulated their lives! Oh I love being evil~~"
  21. >...
  22. >"So, does that mean that you got two ponies together that were not good for eachother?"
  23. "No, they're perfect for eachother"
  24. >"But other one of the ponies is an abuser or somethign right?"
  25. "Heavens no that would be mean"
  26. >"one of them...had a crush on somepony else but you somehow made it so that that pony had to forget about their crush or something?"
  27. "No they have both been head over heels towards eachother for a while now but too shy to make a move themselfs"
  28. >"Well that does not sound too evil, it sounds like a nice thing to do"
  29. >the mothpony scuffs at you
  30. "You just do not get it. They danced in my hoofs like little puppets in a string, even if it did take me several tries to get them alone together, but still!"
  31. >Yeah this is ridiculous
  32. >"Anyways, my name's Anon. nice to meet you..."
  33. "Speck"
  34. >"Speck, right. Isn't that a ba-"
  35. >Speck silences you with her hoof once again
  36. "Let's not go there"
  37. >you give the moth a nod, fair enough
  38. "Well then, my evil deeds for the day have now been completed, time to go for some pastries at the local bakery"
  39. >Speck gets up and stretches a bit
  40. >and then she opens her wings and... wow
  41. >you were nto expecting that
  42. >her underwings are gorgeous compared to her rather dull main coloring
  43. >jet black like it would suck out all the light, with a lovely blue area, shining like it would be metallic
  44. "Oh~"
  45. >Ah, Speck seems to have noticed you staring at her. You certainly hope that staring at mothponies underwings is not concidered, well anything really. Too early for spaghetti
  46. "Impressed by my beautiful underwings?"
  47. >Speck flexes her wiongs out a bit more, giving you a better look at them
  48. >"They're tunning..."
  49. >hey, it's not your fault that blue is a nice color
  50. >Speck seems pleased at your reply and gives you a little smile
  51. "Thank you Anonymous. See you ar-"
  52. "Sister! There you are!"
  53. >Speck is interrupted by another voice calling out
  54. >as you turn towards the sound another mohtpony lands near the two of you
  55. >she looks a lot like Speck, except her coat is green instead of brown and her mane/tail/tuff is white
  56. >not to mention her underwings, of which you catched a quick glimpse of, were red with a black area
  57. >this new arrival turns to look at you with her one eye, the other one covered by her mane
  58. >you lift your hand up to greet her
  59. >"Uhh...hi"
  60. >the new mothpony looks at you with a raised eyebrow
  61. "Sister, who's this?"
  62. >Speck snakes her hoof around the new arrivals neck and pulls her towards you
  63. "Anon, I'd like you to meet my sister, Dust F-"
  64. "DUSTY!"
  65. >Speck looks sheepily at this...Dusty as she blushes a bit at her sudden outburst
  66. "Uh, my name's Dusty, nice to meet you"
  67. >Dusty scratches the back of her head in embarrasment
  68. "I was just about to go and eat some pastries...Dusty.."
  69. >Speck giggles a bit and Dusty gives Speck a disaprooving scruntch but then sighs tiredly
  70. "I'll go ahead sister"
  71. >Dusty takes off and you glance at her red underwings again
  72. >Then suddenly Speck is right next to you and starts to whisper into your ear
  73. "Her actual name is Dust Fuck you know~"
  74. >you look at Speck and then roar out in laughter
  75. >"Hahaha nice one Soeck, there is no way that could be possible"
  76. >Speck does not laugh with you but gives you a sly grin
  77. >"haha hah- no way"
  78. "Yes way"
  79. >Wat
  80. >"You're saying her name is really, honestly Dust Fuck? It's not some weird evil plan but her actual name?"
  81. >Speck gives you a shrug
  82. "Our father was a jackass"
  83. >you let your jaw hang open
  84. >you honestly would not have believed such a name on a pony could excist
  85. "Well then Anonymous, I'm off to eat with my sister. It was nice meeting you"
  86. >you do not bother to close your mouth as Speck takes off after... Dust Fuck... and gives off a rather cartoony evil laugh
  87. >Kind of makes you wonder what else you will end up running into as you live in Equestria
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