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  1. Star Ocean SFC RTA
  3. Pros: Very fast map movement. Menus are very responsive and fast as well. Great length for a RPG (2:30~3:00 depending on how fast you go). After the 35m mark, the game really does pick up in speed and execution.
  5. Cons: Too many cutscenes (basically, the game is in cutscene mode for the first 35 minutes.) Some battles are extremely difficult given your level & gear, and require some really janky setups to even have a shot at (most notably, Peryuton.)
  7. I never did a run, I just investigated it heavily and decided it wasn't for me. If anyone plays this, you very much need to master the menuing mechanics of battle. You face very strong enemies and if you don't control how to use items and specifically time your special attacks, you'll get dominated. That being said, it's a shame that the intro is so long and boring, because the movement speed is probably the best I've seen in an RPG and it feels great.
  9. Runner : Chi-ne (ちーな)
  10. Notes I created from Chi-ne's 2:38 video :
  11. Video (1st of 6, follow links for all 6)
  12. Chi-ne's video report on Ultima-Garden :
  13. Star Ocean SFC Leaderboard :
  15. Note that Chi-ne's fastest time is a 2:29. If you want that video (which I believe mostly has the same strategies as 2:38 with better execution), it's on his videos section of his community.
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