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  1. I feel really weird, I'm really confused... We are both men, we've been friends since high school. My getting-out-of-the-closet process wasn't really tough, given that I told my friends after years of friendship, then after some time, all people in school knew it (it was a small school) but they were supportive on it.
  3. We both used to have long walks and talk about life, do most homework and projects together and we visited each other's house, we were really close friends. We also hung a lot with other school friends, usual plans, going to parks, playing video games and eating pizza.
  5. Time has passed and now we all are at the middle of our career's degree (different careers at different universities), as expected, we all as group see less frequently each other, but we still in contact, a lot.
  7. So, he just confessed me his feelings last night by chat. I was in shook and didn't know what to do. He told me he doesn't like men but only me. But I have never seen him like I see other men. I feel a void inside about all those years of "friendship" :c
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