Kill You, Maybe?

Aug 7th, 2012
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  1. 5:46 AM - Rarity_: This story took place in the early 1970s. It happened to my friend's dad. His name was Jackson. Jackson was a 16 year old boy at the time and was about to experience something terrifying. It was his first ever bus ride by himself. He was taking the bus to his friends house for a sleepover. His parents were at work so he had to take the bus alone. Anyways, he was waiting at the bustop when a old man( maybe at the age of 67) approached near him. He had a big scarred face. He was strong though. Jackson did not think of him as a threat. But then the old man started to talk to himself. It was what he was saying scared him. He kept saying "kill him" and then "no bitch don't kill him". He kept saying this for 5 minutes. The the man turned and looked at him. He stared at jackson for a while. He then yelled KILL HIM. Right when he said that, the bus came. He jumped on and the old man did not come in. But the old man lipped the words " I will find you".
  2. 5:47 AM - MasterSubLink: Hey I just met you, and I am batshit crazy, what's your number, I will find you, maybe
  3. 5:48 AM - Rarity_: Rofl
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