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  1. Present at least 4 complete Mortars to Great University of the Human Body at Blue Nile 838 -6204:
  2.     First Mortar Option:
  3.         Fresh Blue Damia, 1 Miniature Fern Palm Resin, Powdered Diamond
  4.         Near a Statue, On a Peninsula or Bridge
  5.     Second Mortar Option:
  6.         Fresh Thyme, 3 Delta Palm Resin, Powdered Ruby
  7.         Near Sulfurous Water, Near at least 2 Cacti
  8.     Third Mortar Option:
  9.         Fresh True Tarragon, 5 Royal Palm Resin, Powdered Opal
  10.         On Dirt, Between 100 and 200 feet above sea level
  11.     Fourth Mortar Option:
  12.         Fresh Crampbark, 2 Arconis Resin, Powdered Opal
  13.         Between 300 and 400 feet above sea level, On a Hilltop
  14.     Fifth Mortar Option:
  15.         Fresh Cranesbill, 1 Monkey Palm Resin, Powdered Opal
  16.         Near a University, On Sand
  17.     Sixth Mortar Option:
  18.         Fresh Garlic Chives, 6 Ranyahn Resin, Powdered Ruby
  19.         On Dirt, Between 300 and 400 feet above sea level
  20.     Seventh Mortar Option:
  21.         Fresh Cinnamon, 7 Pratyeka Tree Resin, Powdered Diamond
  22.         Between 200 and 300 feet above sea level, Far from any Flora
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