Noelle comes out in front of her classmates

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  1. Noelle finally worked up the courage to come out as gay in front of her classmates. After she had done so, there was a long stunned silence before Kris opened his mouth and quietly spoke - "me too". Then, as everyone turned to look at Kris, Monster Kid spoke up, saying "Yo, I didn't want to be the only one, but, uh, I'm gay too." Mere seconds later, Catti sighed loudly, then admitted "I mean... I'm gay too... whatever..." Almost as soon as the words had left her mouth, Snowdrake blurted out "it's ICE to be able to finally tell you all, I'm gay too! Now you SNOW the truth! ...But seriously, I am gay." Jockington laughed at the awful puns, but then went silent before finally coughing once and saying quietly "...same." Temmie was the next to speak, announcing "TEM GHEY!!!1" at a deafening volume. All eyes then turned to Berdly, who sat in the corner, sweating bullets. "I... I'm not... uh..." His eyes darted anxiously back and forth, then he sighed. "Alright, fine! I... I am a homosexual too." The class then erupted into cheers and gossip, only to be abruptly halted when the door suddenly swung open to reveal Susie, who was twenty minutes late to class as usual. As Susie sat down, Monster Kid built up the courage to ask. "H-hey, uh, Susie? I-I, uh, know this is a p-personal question but, uh... y-yo, are you gay?" Susie shot him a nasty, pointed glare. "Hell no", she spat. "Death to faggots."
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