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Google Fiber Routerless Config

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Jan 28th, 2014
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  1. Here's the gory details if you really want to use your own router:
  2. 1. Traffic in/out of the fiberjack is vlan tagged with vlan2.
  3. 2. DHCP traffic should have 802.1p bit = 2
  4. 3. IGMP traffic should have 802.1p bit = 6
  5. 4. All other internet traffic 802.1p bit = 3
  7. You can send data without the 802.1p bits but your performance will get throttled to something like 10Mbit.
  9. NOTE: This data is subject to change. We are planning on changing the data in/out of the fiberjack to be untagged, which will then make it really easy for you to connect your own router.
  11. A word of warning, most consumer routers don't have hardware forwarding (that is my feeble understanding) so you might not be happy with the performance on your network, and which will also probably affect tv service quality.
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