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Statement from Oliver and Vasiliev, Transmediale 2014

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Jan 31st, 2014
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  1. We, the creators of 'PRISM: The Beacon Frame', wish to express our
  2. disappointment at the disabling of a crucial element of this work at
  3. Transmediale 2014, with the threat of reporting us to the German Federal Police.
  5. As such we've agreed that it is not in our interests to maintain the work in its
  6. original form.
  8. It was our intention to provide an opportunity for public to critically engage
  9. precisely the same methods of cellular communications interception used by
  10. certain governments against their own people and people in sovereign states. It
  11. was not, in any way, our intention to harm anyone and nor did we.
  13. We note that the German Parliament, right next door, has suffered directly by
  14. way of such violations.
  16. It is vital that technology-based art remain a frame with which we can develop
  17. critical discourses about the world we live in, from the engineered to the
  18. cultural and political. Sometimes that requires that we are not limited by
  19. exaggerated fears and legal definition, but that we act proportionally and with
  20. conscience in our efforts to understand the power struggles and tensions in our
  21. (technically mediated) environment.
  23. Sometimes this means taking risks, risks without intention to harm but to
  24. engender wider critical insights.
  26. We wish to thank the Festival Director and the Curatorial Team from ArtHackDay
  27. and LEAP for representing us to the best of their ability.
  29. "The Critical Engineer considers the exploit to be the most desirable form of
  30. exposure."
  32. Julian Oliver and Daniil Vasiliev
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