Scones and Things (AiE; Gilda; nsfw)

Oct 2nd, 2015
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  1. *Updated 11/22/15*
  3. >The doorknob to your small apartment turned, rattled, and shook.
  4. >A muffled curse came from the other side of the wooden door, followed by the jingling of keys.
  5. >You'd been living in Manehattan for about two months now, and found after the first month, you would need a roommate.
  6. >It didn't take long to find one, but to your surprise it wasn't a pony that answered your classified.
  7. >The first lock clanked open and the door thudded, followed by another swear.
  8. >With a third and final slam, the door finally pushed open and your roommate flung it the rest of the way open with her talon.
  9. >A griffon walked in, kicking the door shut behind her.
  10. >"You need to get that thing fixed, Anon! That door never opens right!"
  11. "I told the super, what else do you want me to do?"
  12. >She scoffed and went into the kitchen.
  13. "It's warped, Gilda, they're going to have to sand it."
  14. >"Whatever, dweeb, its a pain in the ass."
  15. >She returned from the kitchen with a jar of peanut butter.
  16. >With a flop on the couch, she stretched and nearly pushed you off what little was left.
  17. >"Ain't got not food in the fridge, either."
  18. >She stuck her talon into the jar and licked the peanut butter off her fingers one at a time.
  19. "Hows the scone business?"
  20. >"Could be better, they're selling but I might need to get a pony to work the cart."
  21. "You scaring them off?"
  22. >"A gust of wind scares them."
  23. >You shrug.
  24. >"Hows being a buster?"
  25. "Barista."
  26. >"Whatever, you make coffee. How's that?"
  27. "It pays the rent."
  28. >"Half the rent."
  29. >You frown and she licks a glob of peanut butter off her claw
  30. >You go back to the book you were reading before she showed up.
  31. >There's a bit of quiet, save her licking her talons and smacking her beak.
  32. >But it won't last, and you know it.
  33. >Sure enough, not five minutes after the jar is dropped onto the coffee table, her tail begins to thump against your thigh.
  34. >You learned a week ago that was her universal 'I'm bored, fix it' signal.
  35. >You only saw her a few times a week, but every time it went something like this.
  36. >She'd whack you with her tail till you either acknowledged her or she got impatient.
  37. >The puff of fur smacked higher on your leg, nearly dislodging the book from your hands.
  38. >"What're you reading, poindexter?"
  39. >I'll take 'Impatient' for 300, Alex.
  40. >You sigh and lean the book a little to the left so she can see the cover.
  41. >"Pffft, I didn't know you liked that junk!"
  42. >'That junk' was typically anything you were reading.
  43. >Save the one time you brought him a book about griffons.
  44. >She snatched that book from you right away and said it was full of biased pony opinions.
  45. >It went into the abyss of her room, never to be seen again.
  46. >"This is a lame way to spend a Thursday night."
  47. >You turned the page, trying your best to ignore her.
  48. >She opened her wing, feathers obnoxiously brushing against your left side.
  49. >"I'm still hungry, we need to get food."
  50. >Her stomach agreed, picking the perfect moment to grumble.
  51. "I'm not hungry"
  52. >You answered.
  53. >She groaned and flopped on her stomach.
  54. >"Why did I pick the lamest roommate in the entire city to live with?!"
  55. "Why do I need to go with you, what are you, five years old? Do you need me to hold your wing when you cross the street?"
  56. >"Because...I mean...ugh, shut up, you idiot!"
  57. >You snickered and she plucked a feather and threw it at you.
  58. >"Who likes going out alone? I mean really, Anon."
  59. >You used the feather as a bookmark and put the book on the table.
  60. "If you're lonely just say so."
  61. >"Fuck you, Anon."
  62. >You'd never admit it but her brash attitude and foul mouth were a lot better company than the ponies you worked with.
  63. >They were always so happy and goofy.
  64. >You moved from Ponyville to get away from that, you thought the city life would be better.
  65. >But it's more of the same, just fast paced with the occasional jerk here and there.
  66. >Gilda, on the other hand, reminded you of your roommate from college.
  67. >Even if she was some kind of half cat, half eagle.
  68. "I don't get paid till tomorrow, everything I own was in that jar you finished off."
  69. >She frowned.
  70. >"If I treat, will you come out?"
  71. >You blinked.
  72. "You treat?"
  73. >"Yea. I got extra from scones today. If we don't get out of this place one of us ain't going to be alive in the morning and food is cheaper than finding a new roommate."
  74. >You shrugged and she narrowed her eyes at you.
  75. >Not getting out of this one.
  76. >"Come on, before you make it weird."
  77. >She got up and started for the door.
  78. >With a sigh, you pushed yourself up and followed.
  79. >After wrestling with the door to get it properly shut, you followed your roommate down to the street level.
  80. "Where are we headed? Not that singing bar again."
  81. >"Ugh, I told you I had no idea it was karaoke."
  82. "Uh-huh."
  83. >"Ponies are always fucking singing about everything."
  84. >She grumbled and continued around a corner.
  85. >You followed about a pace behind, the ponies all moving to the side at the sight of the two of you.
  86. >It was pretty strange to see a griffon on the ground, even stranger for a human to be following her.
  87. >You couldn't tell if they were scared or just rubber necking.
  88. >A sign flashed don't walk, Gilda ignored it and continued across the street.
  89. >A carriage nearly hit her, she got on her hind legs and started yelling
  90. >The taxi pony yelled back.
  91. >Before this became a fight, you pulled Gilda by her wing the rest of the way across the street.
  92. >The cabbie and her exchanging their final bits of colorful dialog before you reached the corner.
  93. >"That moron needs to watch where he's going, you shoulda let me beat his ass!"
  94. >She snorted and yanked her wing out of your grasp.
  95. >You said nothing and decided to walk next to her for the rest of your trip.
  96. >When you reached the destination though, you frowned.
  97. "I thought we were getting food?"
  98. >You were in front of a movie theater.
  99. >"They got food inside."
  100. >Before you can protest anymore, she's already at the box office buying tickets.
  101. >"Come on, it's about Stormchasers!"
  102. >She shoved a ticket in your hand and gave you a shove toward the door.
  103. >The title of the movie turned out to be really deceiving.
  104. >There were stormchasers in the movie and they did fly after rogue weather clouds that drifted away from where they were supposed to be.
  105. >But all that was in the first ten minutes or so.
  106. >The rest of the movie, so far, has been about some lonely mare and her desire for the captain of the storm team to open up to her.
  107. >He had an accident or something and his friend got hurt was an awful chick flick that tricked you into thinking it was an action movie.
  108. >Even the poster had pegasi flying around a tornado with lightning and stuff...but then you realized at the bottom was the same mare and she was hugging the male lead.
  109. >You'd be more annoyed about the bait and switch had you paid for the tickets.
  110. >Gilda, on the other hand...
  111. >Visibly pissed was an understatement.
  112. >So being the concerned, gentlemanly roommate you were, you used this opportunity to tease the shit out of her.
  113. "Psst....Gilda?"
  114. >She grumbled something and bit down on a talon full of popcorn.
  115. "If you wanted to take me on a romantic date, you could have just--"
  116. >"Ugh, shut up."
  117. "---asked, I mean, I'm more of a chocolate and roses kind of guy but dinner and a movie--"
  118. >"Anon, I swear---"
  119. "--but I know the thought is what counts...but don't think I'm going to put out cause you--"
  120. >A rain of popcorn covered your head, followed by the empty bucket.
  121. >Worth it.
  122. >"That was complete crap! Why do ponies ruin everything!?"
  123. >Gilda stomped out of the movie theater with you.
  124. >You were still a little salty from the popcorn, but not nearly as salty as your roommate.
  125. >"I need a drink and you're coming with me!"
  126. "No I'm not, thanks for the food and the movie but I'm tired and I want to go home. I'm not going to go get loaded with you all bloodthirsty. You'll start a fight."
  127. >She clenched her talons a little and flapped her wings, but she didn't argue.
  128. >"Fine. You working tomorrow?"
  129. "No."
  130. >"Go home, I'll meet you there with a 30 or something. Don't even try to pretend to be asleep when I get back or there will be a fight, got it, dweeb?"
  131. >You nodded, compromise reached.
  132. >She flew off angrily, you strolled back home.
  133. >Ponies were a lot less eager to get out of your way as you went home so it took a little longer.
  134. >Guess they were a lot more intimidated by Gilda than you.
  135. >Or maybe just her attitude.
  136. >When you got back you decided to leave the door unlocked and open a crack.
  137. >In her state, she might kick the door clear off its hinges if it didn't open the right way.
  138. >She was right about one thing though, there was no food anywhere.
  139. >You couldn't even blame her, you both were pretty bad about shopping.
  140. >Maybe you'd have enough time to go out and---
  141. >The door slammed into the wall.
  142. >Nope.
  143. >Gilda wobbled in, balancing on two feet and one talon, holding a 30 pack in the other.
  144. "Flam's Red Ribbon? Really?"
  145. >"Cheapest swill they had."
  146. >She dumped the box on the counter and tore it open with one slice of her claws, grabbing a can and popping the top.
  147. >You followed suit, praying it would taste better the more you had.
  148. >Not too long after you start, there is a pile of cans.
  149. >Gilda belches loudly.
  150. >You follow suit.
  151. >You're reclined on the couch, feet on the coffee table, half of a cider still in your hand.
  152. >She's on her side, empty can slightly shredded in her talon.
  153. >"This is pretty weak stuff, isn't it?"
  154. >Gilda started to rise off the couch, only to wobble and plop back down.
  155. >"Barely feeling it.
  156. "Uh-huh...I'm doing pretty good."
  157. >"Lightweight."
  158. "Pussy."
  159. >She snickered and you felt her kick you in the side.
  160. >"Only the parts that matter."
  161. >You turned your head slightly and got a face full of tail-puff.
  162. >"Hey, no free shows, dweeb!"
  163. >You chuckled and grabbed her tail, lifting it up.
  164. "What do I owe you?"
  165. >"Goddammit, let go!"
  166. >She squirmed and flailed, crashing into the discarded cans and sending them everywhere.
  167. >"You dick!"
  168. >You were laughing too hard to banter back.
  169. >"I've knocked ponies out for less, dweeb!"
  170. >She crawls on the table, knocking more empties over, and gets in your face.
  171. >Her talons dig into your chest and her beak pushes into your nose.
  172. >"Wanna go, dipshit?"
  173. >You lift your hand up and boop her on the forhead
  174. >She scowls and shoves herself off.
  175. >"Friggin' drunk!"
  176. "You're a fine one to talk, you can't figure out whether you wanna kill me or fuck me."
  177. >"Oh don't flatter yourself, I don't swing that way!"
  178. >There's a silence all of a sudden.
  179. >All the back and forth you've had with her, it never occurred to you that she wasn't into dudes.
  180. >It seems she wasn't exactly ready to tell you that either, for the second she realized what she said, she covered her beak and darted into her room, the door slamming behind her.
  181. >Shiiiiit.....
  182. "Gildaaaaaa. Come on, open up!"
  183. >You knocked on her door.
  184. >No answer.
  185. "We all say stupid shit when we're drunk! It's no big deal, I'm still your friend!"
  186. >Still no answer.
  187. >You knock again, then press your ear to the wood.
  188. >She isn't crying or breaking anything, that's good at least.
  189. >Creeeeeeeeeak
  190. >Oh dammit
  191. >The door wasn't locked and drunk-Anon forgot that it doesn't stay closed if it isn't locked.
  192. >Drunk-Anon also had shitty balance because the door didn't open fast but you might as well have cartwheeled in.
  193. >You were on the floor in a heap, but managed to look up.
  194. >Gilda was sitting on her bed, staring at you.
  195. >Her face was full of scorn and anger but your entrance curled the tips of her beak a little.
  196. >"You're retarded, Anon."
  197. "I know..."
  198. >She groaned and hopped off the bed, helping you up.
  199. "I'm sorry about--"
  200. >"Don't. You didn't do anything. I just said something I didn't want to, ok? Lets forget it happened and go back to pissing each other off, kay?"
  201. >You rubbed the back of your head and swallowed.
  202. "Gilda, I don't care that the absence of cock."
  203. >Goddammit, cheap cider!
  204. >That is not how you comfort someone!
  205. >"Ugh, it's not that, ok!"
  206. >OK?
  207. >You tilt your head a little.
  208. >She scoffs and walks to the other end of the room, sitting by the window, looking away.
  209. >"I don't care who knows I like girls. I've always liked girls! In flight camp I even...forget that, it's just...why did YOU have to know!?"
  210. "I don't get...if you're proud of it then...?"
  212. >She screamed at you and you saw the beginnings of tears in her eyes.
  213. >Why does serious shit always happen when you've had one too many?
  214. >"Maybe I didn't want you to know that because now...ugh, dammit...just get out!"
  215. >You sigh and nod, putting your hand on the doorknob.
  216. >"Can you just forget I said that...? Please?"
  217. >In the month you've lived together she has never once said please.
  218. "Said what?"
  219. >She smiled weakly as you closed the door.
  220. >You took off your shirt and pants and flung them into the corner of your room
  221. >Clad in just your boxers, you crawled into bed.
  222. >You didn't sleep though, your mind was still trying to make sense of things.
  223. >The alcohol didn't help but Gilda wasn't wrong when she said it was weak stuff.
  224. >You were hardly irresponsible, falling on the floor, making an ass of yourself drunk.
  225. >OK, the last one might be debatable.
  226. >But what the heck did she mean?
  227. >You'll act like nothing happened tomorrow, and you know she'll try to too but it'll be tough.
  228. >Lesbians never bothered you, hell they were kind of hot.
  229. >Gilda doubly so, whatever neurons you didn't dedicate to being sympathetic were pretty excited about her bringing a mare home and dominating her.
  230. >Hell, if she did that you would have found out right then.
  231. >Not that her personality wasn't a dead giveaway.
  232. >So why did stating the close to obvious bother her so much?
  233. >Why did you knowing bother her?
  234. >You rolled on your side and closed your eyes.
  235. >Try and sleep now, drunk-brain can't handle all this heavy shit at once.
  236. >Who knows, maybe everything will be ok in the morning and in a few days it really will be like nothing happened?
  237. * * *
  238. >"Hey dweeb? Get up!"
  239. >Gilda bangs on the open door to your room, and you moan and sit up.
  240. >God you hated waking up early.
  241. >"Good, you're awake."
  242. >She stood there, not saying anything after that.
  243. >As if she was judging whether or not to address last night, or worse, add something heavier to the situation.
  244. >"...I...umm...ther'es still no friggin' food in the fridge, you wanna get breakfast or something?"
  245. >You yawned and 'uh-huh'-ed through it.
  246. >"Alright, hurry up, I'm starving."
  247. >You pulled yourself out of bed and stretched a little.
  248. >When you opened your eyes she was still in the doorway.
  249. >Staring.
  250. >"I was making sure you stayed awake, asshole!"
  251. >She barked, unprompted, and slammed your door closed.
  252. >The hell is wrong with her now?
  253. >She pushed her way through the morning crowds.
  254. >You followed, practically having to jog to keep up.
  255. >When you two reached a diner, she nearly knocked a pair of ponies over as she went in.
  256. >You apologized to them as you passed by, joining Gilda at the counter.
  257. >"What're you getting?"
  258. >She asked, her tail thrashing behind her on the stool.
  259. >Even you could tell she was agitated.
  260. "I dunno...pancakes."
  261. >"Their eggs are good too. I might get those."
  262. "Eggs and pancakes sound good."
  263. >"Yeah."
  264. >Not once did she look up from the menu when she talked to you.
  265. >Come to think of it, usually you two sat at a booth.
  266. >If she was worried about things being weird, she certainly was doing a great job doing it on her own...
  267. >"You can get both on special. Save a few bits"
  268. >Since when did she care about that?
  269. "Good idea."
  270. >"Yeah."
  271. >Alright, you can't take it anymore.
  272. "I had fun last night."
  273. >"Ugh, don't lie..."
  274. >She folded the menu up and smacked it down a little roughly on the counter.
  275. >A few ponies looked.
  276. >You shifted on your stool uncomfortably.
  277. >"It was a shit movie."
  278. "I like shit movies."
  279. >She snorted.
  280. >"Right, and then at home we made asses of ourselves."
  281. "So what? It happens. You worried I was going to move out or something like that?"
  282. >No answer.
  283. >Before it got too awkward, you flagged the server over.
  284. >Maybe after she eats she'll calm down.
  285. >Wonder why she's so sensitive about being embarrassed?
  286. >Someone who curses, drinks, and generally acts like her ought to have tons of stories like last night.
  287. >There wasn't much small talk after that.
  288. >You didn't want to annoy her.
  289. >At least her tail seemed to calm down.
  290. >Once food arrived, you dug in and tried not to think about it anymore.
  291. >Gilda had the same idea, and the two of you consumed your breakfast like you never saw food before.
  292. >It got to the point where you kept eyeing each other, as if you were in some sort of chow race.
  293. >Silverware clinked on your plate, the entire stack of pancakes, eggs, and veggie sausage finished.
  294. >Gilda smirked, having already finished.
  295. >"Too slow, dwe-uuurp!"
  296. >The belch caught her off guard, but she was never one to care about that.
  297. >Even so, you snickered, and she socked you in the arm.
  298. "Feeling better?"
  299. >"Yea, yea, shut up."
  300. >Good enough for you.
  301. >You covered the breakfast with the bits you should have been saving for next months rent and the two of you left.
  302. >"Now what?"
  303. "We could finish off the rest of the cider."
  304. >"No."
  305. >You chuckled and she shot you a glare.
  306. "Fine fine, but the last of my money is back at the diner."
  307. >"Why are you always so damned poor, Anon?"
  308. "Don't get enough hours at the coffee shop."
  309. >"Why don't you sell scones for me?"
  310. "....really?"
  311. >"Yea, I mean, I wanted to hire someone and you get along with the ponies better than I do. We already pay for junk for each other, and I wouldn't have to worry about paying you separately."
  312. >You were smiling pretty wide when she explained, and it earned you a snort.
  313. >"Ugh, I'll take that stupid grin as a yes?"
  314. >She got an enthusiastic nod from you, and she rolled her eyes
  315. >"You're lucky I feel sorry for you, or I'd be worried about hiring a 'tard."
  316. "You won't regret it."
  317. >"And if I do, I know where you live."
  318. >You laughed and she kept walking past your apartment building.
  319. >"Come on, Anon, lemme show you my cart."
  320. >She lead you to one of the market districts.
  321. >Squares filled with carts, some open, others closed.
  322. >Gilda brought you one of the closed ones.
  323. >"This is it"
  324. >It was a simple cart compared to some of them, just a wagon with a roof and a tiered shelf.
  325. >"It ain't much but once I start cooking scones the line goes down to the street. That's when I start losing business, I can't keep baking and selling, so ponies wander off to other carts."
  326. >She took you around back, where the oven was.
  327. >"We'll start tomorrow. You better go to your old job and quit."
  328. "Already? What if I suck at this? Then I'll be unemployed."
  329. >"So don't suck, it ain't that hard to take two bits and hand them one scone. Sides I don't want you moonlighting at the coffee shop. Need you fulltime."
  330. >You nodded in agreement.
  331. >"It'll be a snap. We'll get enough bits to spruce the cart up and get a bigger oven and before ya know it, we'll have the whole city eatin' my scones!"
  332. "Never pictured you as a big business griffon."
  333. >"Why the heck do you think I came to Manehattan?"
  334. >She shook her head and closed the kitchen area back up.
  335. >"You're not all that swift, Anon."
  336. "I call it as I see it. You're not exactly spending every waking moment trying to sell scones and build an empire. Except maybe in the living room out of empty cans."
  337. >"Whatever, dweeb. You better watch what you say when we're working. I'm your boss now!"
  338. >Greaaaat.
  339. >She showed you a few other things before you left.
  340. >How to operate the oven and make the scones in case she wasn't there, that sort of thing.
  341. >She told you she had some errands to run and left, taking to the sky.
  342. >You watched her fly off like you always did, it was quite a sight.
  343. >Then you had to go to the coffee shop and quit your job there.
  344. >Mocha was upset at the short notice but she understood your dilemma.
  345. >They were probably relieved they didn't have to pay another worker anymore.
  346. >With that taken care of, you went home.
  347. >The apartment door was its usual self, refusing to open unless you bruised your shoulder.
  348. >When it finally gave, you stumbled into the apartment, nearly faceplanting.
  349. >"I'd give that an 8 outta 10, dweeb."
  350. >You flipped Gilda off on your way to the couch.
  351. >"All square with your old boss?"
  352. "Yup."
  353. >"Good, get to the cart by 9 tomorrow. We need to make some bits in a hurry."
  354. "Sounds good."
  355. >She stayed in the kitchen, looking like she didn't know what to say or do anymore.
  356. >Gilda wasn't taking her usual spot next to you on the couch either, which led to another awkward silence.
  357. >You were really starting to hate those..
  358. "You going to sit?"
  359. >You asked as you retrieved your book.
  360. >Just then you noticed all the empty cans were gone and the living room looked a little cleaner.
  361. >Not actually clean, mind you, but there was a lot less clutter.
  362. >Had she been cleaning up while you were gone?"
  363. >"No, I'm fine over here."
  364. >You peered into the kitchen.
  365. >She was just standing there.
  366. >Tail thrashing about.
  367. >"What?"
  368. "You cleaned."
  369. >"So? I got tired of kicking cans all over the place, that a crime now?"
  370. >You sighed, putting the book back.
  371. >Enough is enough.
  372. "Look, I know I said I wouldn't bring it up but---"
  373. >"Anon, don't be a jerk."
  374. "I'm not. I want you to go back to being comfortable around me."
  375. >"I am!"
  376. "The why the hell are you in the kitchen? Yesterday you would have been sprawled on the couch. You trying to be a statue? That a griffon thing?"
  377. >"No!"
  378. >She scrunched her face in annoyance and stomped over to the couch.
  379. >Her eyes narrowed like a predator about to swoop in on a kill.
  380. >"Are you really this dumb?! Like seriously?"
  381. "Are you? Do really think I care that you're a lesbian?"
  382. >" think that's what the problem is!?"
  383. >She didn't lower her voice and she definitely didn't back away from you.
  384. "Look, I know you asked me to forget you said that but ever since you've been acting weird."
  385. >"I was trying to be nice, you asshole! Cleaning up, giving you a job, being your friend, that's ACTING WEIRD!?"
  386. >She punched both her talons down on the coffee table.
  387. >For such a piece of junk you found curbside, it didn't even budge.
  388. "That's not what I'm talking about! The staring, your tail--"
  389. >"What about it!?"
  390. "Something is bothering you and I thought that--"
  391. >"You thought wrong, then!"
  392. "So what is it?!"
  393. >She clenched her beak so tightly you were sure it might snap in half.
  394. >Her fists pounded the table a second time.
  395. >So hard, this time, that an angry thudding came from below.
  396. >Looks like the downstairs neighbors are home.
  397. "Gilda."
  398. >She snorted loudly, her anger palpable.
  399. "You need to calm down, ok? Explain to me what's the problem. Don't say it's nothing, I'll keep asking and we'll keep having this fight over and over."
  400. >She glared but somehow, somewhere, she listened.
  401. >Slowly she got off the table and made her way to the empty side of the couch.
  402. >She climbed up and sat, leaving room between the two of you.
  403. >Her head rested on her fists and she stared straight ahead.
  404. >"I'm pissed because I blew it. Again."
  405. "What? How?"
  406. >She sighed and ughed loudly.
  407. "Sorry. Go on, I'll shut up."
  408. >"Good. Keep it that way or I'll knock you the fuck out."
  409. >It was somehow scarier when she said that calmly.
  410. >"It ain't your fault. Well, it is but not for what you think. When I went to flight camp, I met my first real friend there. I don't wanna get into it cause that's none of your business but lets just say we spent a LOT of time together, her and I."
  411. >You nodded.
  412. >"That's when shit got stupid..."
  413. >"We were both teased a lot, but Dash gave as good as she got. Might be hard to imagine but I wasn't all that great at trash talking back then. So when some numbnuts called us the 'dyke duo' I didn't get why Dash got so angry."
  414. >She chuckled at a memory you figured was too private to share.
  415. >So instead of asking about it, you did what any man would do when his friend was in a deep moment of introspection.
  416. "Want a drink?"
  417. >"Smartest thing you said all day."
  418. >You smiled and went to the fridge, returning with a few of the leftover ciders from the night before.
  419. >She dug her talon clear through the pop-top and took a long, slow, swig of the stuff.
  420. >"This stuff is godawful."
  421. >You agreed and drank some of your own.
  422. >"So, after Dash nearly gets into a fight, we go back to her room and she explained what it meant and why she got so angry about it. This is my best friend, afterall, who never gave a fuck what anyone said normally, so you can imagine I was curious. Well, she explained, and then some..."
  423. >You cocked an eyebrow.
  424. >"Not what I meant, you fucking perv!"
  425. >You chuckled and earned yourself a pretty hard shot in the arm..
  426. >Sheesh, that might bruise.
  427. >"Jackass. Sure we got older and fooled around a little but she moved, then I went to visit and she had a new best friend and we had a big fight."
  428. >Gilda tossed an empty can over the couch and grabbed another.
  429. >It was ripped open and she chugged a good third of it before she continued.
  430. >"So I went home and I guess I wanted to hurt her back. But I didn't know how so I started banging and dumping other mares and even griffons. Always women, cause its all I knew. Hell I convinced myself I was this big bad lesbian who wiped her ass with your feelings. I got a reputation, hell I lived up to it and then some, and for awhile I was OK with myself again."
  431. >You shifted on the couch a little to face her more naturally.
  432. >She seemed to catch you in the corner of her eye, and she relaxed a little, stretching across the couch a bit so she wasn't so rigid and far away.
  433. >Her tail and talons dangled off the front of the couch.
  434. >She still didn't want to look at you while she talked though.
  435. >"Then Dash came back into my life. Not really for long but enough for me to realize I was being a bitch. Also her cunt of a friend showed me how to make better scones. Much as I wanted to strangle her, I couldn't be angry at her anymore either. Whatever, point was, I calmed down a bit. Then one day I met someone. A griffon named Ike."
  436. >She sighed and let the second empty can fall to the floor.
  437. "Want another one?"
  438. >"Naw. I don't wanna get all pathetic with too much of this swill in me."
  439. >You went to the kitchen and grabbed yourself another can.
  440. >When you sat back down, you put yourself a little closer than before.
  441. >She shifted her weight so her body was against your leg, but still didn't look at you.
  442. >"Ike was a sweetheart. He'd come by every few days, buy a scone, chat with me a bit. He had a way about talking about himself without bragging. I wasn't used to that. And no matter how much of a bitch I was to him, he'd come back again. Always with a little small talk and a smile, and he always asked how I was. He'd fly off and leave me feeling all weird in my chest, ya know? Haven't felt that way since Dash."
  443. "That's hard to picture, you crushing."
  444. >"Yea yea just shut up and listen. So, Ike one day works up the nerve to ask me out and what do I do? I laugh like an asshole and tell him I like girls. He's not really the type to call my bluff, he kinda says 'oh, I'm sorry' and that was the last time I saw him. I couldn't believe I blew him off like that...just hurt him without even a second thought. Plus..."
  445. >There was a pause and you risked putting your hand on the small of her back, between the base of her wings.
  446. >She folded her arms and rested her head on them, then leaned slightly against your knee.
  447. >You ruffled the feathers at the base of her beck and smoothed them out.
  448. >"...I liked him. Physically. I thought about him like that. My body wanted him. This one night all I could think about was him pinning me against the wall and...mmmf, that's none of your business!"
  449. "Of course."
  450. >You replied with a scratch between her wings.
  451. >The couch began to vibrate slightly.
  452. >"But it made me think, why did I send him away like that with a lame excuse that I only digged chicks? Was it true or was it just something I was so used to saying I didn't know how to turn it off? You ever feel like that, Anon? That you're forcing yourself to be a certain way for so long you can't remember what you used to be like?"
  453. "A little. Not so much here. Back where I'm from maybe. Nothing like that though."
  454. >"Eh, whatever, its good enough. Anyhow, sales started to slip cause my cooking slipped cause I started thinking about all this heavy junk, so I packed up and moved. Woulda went to Cloudsdale but I knew too many pegasi over there. Naw, I had to start fresh where Ihad no reputation or anything. Manehattan was bigger than even I could imagine."
  455. >The rumbling on the couch got more prominent the more you stroked and showed her attention.
  456. >It finally dawned on you she was actually purring!
  457. >Don't say anything, you're sure she'd garrote you if you did.
  458. >"So I set up shop, then looked for a place to stay...and I met you..."
  459. >Her talon gently grabbed your wrist and pulled it from her body, resting it on your knee.
  460. >The purring slowly faded with it.
  461. >"You were different. Different from Dash, different from ponies, different from Ike. You didn't know who I was, who I used to be, you met me fresh. I didn't want to be your friend but I couldn't help that. Ponies aren't the nicest to griffons, especially when they're a bitch like me."
  462. "You're not a--"
  463. >"Oh save it, dweeb. Sure I am."
  464. >Gilda lifted her head and turned around, laying her talons on your leg.
  465. >She looked to you and smirked.
  466. >"I get pissed at the drop of a feather, I'm foul mouthed, and I trash talk worse than a minotaur playing hoofball. If there's anything 'bout myself I know for sure it's that. Nothing wrong with it either."
  467. >She winks and one of her talons gives your leg a squeeze.
  468. >"That's what I like about you, I can be a bitchy griffon round you an you give it back. Don't gotta watch what I say every damned minute. You know how hard that is when you sell things to happy ponies all day long? Makes me wanna scream!"
  469. "Glad you save bitchy side for me."
  470. >"Ha-ha, you know damned well what I mean."
  471. >You rested your hand on her talon.
  472. >She seemed a little shocked, looking down to the gesture then back at you quizzically.
  473. "I didn't mean it sarcastically. I like seeing the real you, even if you're still trying to figure out what that is exactly."
  474. >She looked away for a second but you could see the slight twinge of red under her feathers.
  475. >"Don't be sweet right now, trying to hold it together here."
  476. "Alright."
  477. >"That's why I got weird though. You go toe to toe with me but you're still a nice guy. you, like I felt about Ike....but different. More even. Ike I never wanted to do anything nice for, I just liked him cause he was trying so hard. You're just yourself and...yea."
  478. >You squeezed her talon and she thrashed her tail a little harder.
  479. >"So when we got drunk and you got a little handsy, I freaked out. Million feelings at once, so what did I do? The same exact shit I did to Ike. Worse yet, you acted like it was no big deal and...I thought I really blew any chance I had with you. You'd start looking at me like some dyke you lived with and you'd find some other bitchy girl to be a dweeb to and---"
  480. >You shhhh-ed her and put your free hand on her shoulder.
  481. >She tensed at your touch and her tail froze in the air.
  482. "It's not like that at all, Gilda."
  483. >You gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze and continued.
  484. "Didn't mean to overstep last night, and to be fair I acted the way I should have when you told me you liked girls. I mean, what could I have said or done then? Been like 'maybe you'll change your mind after you try deez nuts' and whip it out?"
  485. >Gilda bit down on her beak and you snickered.
  486. >Then she started to laugh, and you joined her.
  487. >"Goddammit Anon, you're a fucking asshole"
  488. >She didn't mean it, of course, or it was a compliment.
  489. >Either way, as the two of you laughed, the tension and awkwardness in the room drained away.
  490. >"The worst part is if you did that, I might just have done it."
  491. >You raise an eyebrow and she grinned.
  492. >"Or I woulda punched you in the dick. Still woulda been a fuck more interesting."
  493. "If you say so."
  494. >"But you're right, you didn't do anything wrong, I was pissed at myself...and then pissed at you cause you kept trying to be Mr Friggin' Tolerant or whatever."
  495. "I coulda handled that better."
  496. >"Not your fault you're dense. But maybe I like 'em big, snarky, and stupid."
  497. >She winked again.
  498. >"So, think we can go back to two nights ago? Like for real this time? We secretly wanting to bang each other and being jerks to each other to cover it up?"
  499. "Why keep it secret?"
  500. >She rolled her eyes but you pressed it.
  501. "I mean, if you really wanna do that, you really think I'm going to say no?"
  502. >"Well no...but I..."
  503. >Her tail began to twitch and thrash again.
  504. >"...never did...that...with a dude before."
  505. "'re a virgin?"
  506. >That earned you a laugh.
  507. >"Come on, Anon, I'm about as virgin as a cheerleader on prom night. I've done everything you can think of...with a girl. But ya know, its different with a'd be...well the guy."
  508. >You raised an eyebrow and she groaned.
  509. >"I'd be..ya know...the girl. I'm not used to being the girl in the sack. If I don't like it then I'll wanna stop and who knows, maybe I do like only girls. I hate the idea of dragging you though all that bullcrap and--"
  510. "Gilda."
  511. >She stopped and blinked.
  512. "We're not dating. Hell, I didn't even know you liked me that way till a couple of minutes ago. I like you too, not sure if its quite 'that way' but enough that if you wanted to test the waters with me I'd be ok with it."
  513. >She looked away and ruffled the feathers behind her head.
  514. >"You mean like just...bang? For the hell of it?"
  515. "We're roommates, why not?"
  516. >"I dunno, if I don't like it..."
  517. "Then you don't like it and we stop."
  518. >"Just like that?"
  519. "Yea. Would be easier now than like, getting all sweet on each other and then finding out you can't switch teams."
  520. >She drummed her talons on your leg.
  521. >Maybe to remind you how sharp they were if you screwed with her.
  522. >" do you that?"
  523. "Wait, you mean right now?"
  524. >"Why not? I've been thinking about it for weeks, the hell would I wanna wait for?"
  525. >Oh shit.
  526. >You weren't sure what you were expecting next.
  527. >But you were pretty sure Gilda didn't have much of an idea either.
  528. >After that little quip about wanting to hop on your cock, she ruffled more of her feathers and looked embarrassed.
  529. >"That came out a little wrong...I don't mean like--"
  530. "Of course. We should, ya know, go on a date or something--"
  531. >"No-no, I don't want to do that either!"
  532. >You looked puzzled and she sighed.
  533. >"I wanna do it. Tonight. With you. I don't want you to force yourself to romance me but I want it to be a little more...ugh, what's the word?"
  534. "Tender?"
  535. >She looked away and her tail seemed to have a mind of its own at this point.
  536. >You bit your lip as one of her talons dug into your leg.
  537. >"Y-yea...I haven't had anything like that in a long time."
  538. >You gave her a nod and had an idea.
  539. "Turn around."
  540. >"Huh? Why?"
  541. "Trust me, turn around and lay the way you were before."
  542. >She looked a little nervous, but she nodded and turned around on the couch.
  543. >Your leg finally released from her vice grip, and you gave it a rub when she wasn't looking.
  544. >When she re-positioned herself, she was stretched on the couch across two of the cushions, peering back at you.
  545. >Her wings were tight against her body and her tail was slapping against your thigh.
  546. >It's crazy to imagine how nervous she was.
  547. >"Now what?"
  548. >You don't answer but you place your hands gently on her back, like you did before, where her wings sprouted from.
  549. >She tensed but the second your fingers began to work the tight muscles, she let out a labored groan.
  550. >With skill you didn't know you had, you gently kneaded the stiff flesh of her back.
  551. >Athletic as you'd expect a griffon like her to be, her muscles had a lean but powerful quality to them.
  552. >But they were also tense, full of knots and signs of strain.
  553. >You found a particularly tender spot, and found yourself working your fingers deeper into her tissue.
  554. >"Fuuckkk..."
  555. >She moaned and you saw her talons dig sharply into the couch cushion.
  556. >Oh if she liked that...
  557. >You felt a playful grin form on your lips as your fingers carefully danced from the middle of her back to one of her wings.
  558. >It had long since relaxed, her feathery appendage lazily hanging off the couch.
  559. >You reached underneath her right wing with a hand, and lifted it slightly up.
  560. >Her head perked up, possibly wondering what you were up to.
  561. >Before she could even ask, you squeezed the base of her wing gently, and she gasped.
  562. >Her feet kicked a little and her tail shot upward.
  563. >Very slowly, you squeezed and rubbed the taut muscle and worked your grip upward.
  564. >She bit down into a throw pillow, and her muffled moan made your dick twitch.
  565. >Higher and higher you went, pushing feather and fur aside to get to the most sensitive parts.
  566. >She mentioned once she used to be a high speed flyer, and you'd seen her take off in quite the hurry more than once.
  567. >All that extra strain on wings clearly made for gliding over speed, this must feel like heaven to her.
  568. >You reached the tip of her wing, using caution not to disturb the smaller feathers sticking from the end of the 'arm'
  569. >With your thumb and forefinger, you gently rolled your way back down, stopping at particularly solid parts in the muscle to give her extra attention.
  570. >When you finally reached the base again, her wing was about as limp as an old throw rug, nearly covering the floor below the couch.
  571. >As you transitioned to her back again, you felt the deep rumbling of her purring, and it drowned out how heavy she was breathing.
  572. >As she purred and panted, you ran your digits along her back, giving her a bit of respite from the more intense sensations of a wing massage.
  573. >Every so often you'd let your index and middle finger slip against the base of her wing, and she'd moan a little.
  574. >Much more feminine than you'd expect from someone like her, almost a whimper.
  575. >Seeing her like this, reduced to a puddle of bliss from just your fingers, was quite a turn on.
  576. >Speaking of puddles, there was quite a significant one forming between her rear legs, accented by the dark fabric of the couch cushion.
  577. >It took a great deal of willpower to ignore it and continue your work.
  578. >You promised her you'd treat her tenderly and there was nothing tender about abandoning a massage for the incredible reaction occurring between her legs.
  579. >Giving her back a break, you slid your fingers up to her shoulders, cupping them in a firm grip and giving them a squeeze.
  580. >Her feathers made it a little less precise, but the muffled groan and slight tearing of fabric left nothing to your imagination that you were doing a good job.
  581. "I didn't know you purred."
  582. >You decided to get her talking, a mischievous grin on your face.
  583. >"It's...not something that...griffons usuallahhhmmmmmmfuuuuck!!"
  584. >With a slight change of angle, your thumbs rubbed the small bit of sensitive flesh between her backbone and shoulderblades.
  585. >Her talons took more out of the couch cushion and you relaxed your fingers.
  586. >"God that was....mmmmff....we only purr around....others we trust..."
  587. >D'aww
  588. >Smiling a little more proudly, you traced a tense line of muscle to the base of her left wing.
  589. >Rubbing teasing circles around it, you started to run your other hand underneath, as you did with the right.
  590. "One more to ready?"
  591. >She barely managed a nod, and a quick glance downstairs revealed the base of her tail was even damper than before.
  592. >With a little more experience from massaging her other wing, you took a slightly different approach this time.
  593. >Instead of starting from the base, you opened her wing as far as it would go and began rubbing the fleshy parts of her muscle from behind her feathers.
  594. >She bit down into the pillow again and you swear her hips bucked slightly against your leg.
  595. >Keeping your thoughts focused on your task, you bent her wing slightly and tended to the soreness in her joints.
  596. >If this ever happened again, you'd have to get some sort of preening brush for her, for there was more than a few loose feathers coming free when you moved your hands about.
  597. >It was nice to imagine, coming home after a day of selling scones and then taking care of your roommate.
  598. >Or maybe she'd be your girlfriend by wasn't out of the realm of possibility, now was it?
  599. >Thinking ahead like that emboldened you a bit, a small bit of confidence giving you the extra push to lean forward against her back.
  600. >As your fingers continued to tend to her wing, you planted a soft kiss right at the base.
  601. >She gasped like you never heard before, a high pitched sucking of air that was far too girly, even for her.
  602. >This only encouraged you further, and you planted another kiss further up, then another, and another.
  603. >Your kisses soon became nibbles and as your couch cushion was reduced to shreds by her talons.
  604. >You teased the already sensitive skin with your tongue, nipping and kissing the most electrified areas your fingers discovered moments before.
  605. >Her hips were definitely gyrating and thrusting her rear into you now.
  606. >"Ahhhhnuuunn....uhhh...ffuck me...~"
  607. >Also there was that.
  608. >Your cock began to throb in your pants, begging to fulfill Gilda's wish to be properly rutted for the first time in her life.
  609. >But, not yet, you kept telling yourself, as hard as it was to resist.
  610. >You gave her a small shush when she demanded your cock again, and amazingly she didn't protest.
  611. >She cursed and rested her head back down, her feathers ruffled and frazzled.
  612. >You let her wing slump back down, running your fingers down to her lower back.
  613. >The lower they got, the more her rear tensed and lifted upward.
  614. >Her tail was already off to the side, the tip twitching wildly in anticipation.
  615. >You let your hands drift to her bum.
  616. >It was as well toned as you'd expect, athletic muscle with the thinnest layer of fat around it.
  617. >You gave it the tiniest of squeezes and Gilda's reaction was so prominent you might as well have paddled her.
  618. >She moaned loudly and leaned her body forward, her rear tensing under your hands.
  619. >A drop of her fluids dripped from between them, leaving no question to how unbelievably horny this attention was making her.
  620. >You slowly parted the furry cheeks, revealing her gushing lips, swollen and flowing with desire.
  621. >You felt your boxers becoming damp as your length swelled and pulsed with its own need.
  622. >Denying yourself again, you slid your thumbs from her rear and traced the damp vulva with the very tips of them.
  623. >Another moan from your roommate, followed by another demand to make a woman out of her.
  624. >It sounded almost like a threat this time, something about you hurrying up before she pinned you to the floor and took it herself.
  625. >If only it hadn't been a raspy whimper rather than her usual overconfident self.
  626. >Reaching a little lower, you found the beginnings of her clit, and gave it a gentle stroke.
  627. >Her purring intensified and you swear she screeched into the throw pillow.
  628. >Holy hell this was hot.
  629. >Maybe it was the musky smell coming from between her legs but you found yourself overwhelmed with the need to taste her.
  630. >Leaning forward, you slowly brought your tongue to her quivering pussy and gave a long lick.
  631. >As your tongue reached the top of her sex, you felt lightheaded.
  632. >She pushed back into your face as you pleasured her, your nose resting deep in her musk.
  633. >She had a salty taste to her along with something else you couldn't quite place.
  634. >Your head was spinning when you pulled your tongue away and moved for another lap.
  635. >This time you swear it was sweeter, especially around her clit, and you kept your tongue right on it.
  636. >The little numb felt as swollen as her lips and every flick and swirl you gave it caused Gilda to wail with pleasure.
  637. >It was a mix of a girly sounding gasp and a bird's screech, reverberated by her purring and punctuated by a throaty groan.
  638. >You sunk your fingers deeper into the flesh of her ass, pulling her cheeks further apart as you greedily sampled her delicious juices.
  639. >Over and over you teased and caressed her clit with the tip of your tongue, feeling almost possessed by the need to hear her finish.
  640. >Your groin was aching, your cock pressing painfully against its prison of denim.
  641. >You'd have to get them off soon but you couldn't spare a hand to get to your belt
  642. >Giving her ass another squeeze, you pushed your tongue slightly inside her, rubbing her clit with the underside.
  643. >You felt your eyes widen at how tight she felt, your boxers now soaked with precum.
  644. >With a bit of a strain you pushed your tongue a little deeper, your fingers pulling at her lips.
  645. >That was the tipping for Gilda, with a shout that she was cumming, a wave of hot fluid washed over your lips.
  646. >You drank it eagerly and she nearly kicked you off her after another surge of heat came from her velvet walls.
  647. >Somewhere during that quick bout of oral, she had released the couch cushion and sunk her talons deep into the arm.
  648. >The wooden frame made cracking sounds under her grip as her hips and rear convulsed and gyrated.
  649. >Meanwhile, you were ripping your belt off and undoing your pants as if your life depended on it.
  650. >Gilda was still panting heavily when you freed your cock from its cage.
  651. >Throbbing and red, the head already glistening with pre.
  652. >Your heart was pounding, you'd never felt this horny before in your life.
  653. >Through her bliss, Gilda had managed to turn her head around and see you in all your glory.
  654. >Despite her state and despite your overwhelming desire to breed her like a mare in heat, you still managed to ask her if she was ready.
  655. >Her eyes were fixated on your pulsing rod, her purple headfeathers an absolute mess.
  656. >A slow blink and she looked to you, your features equally disheveled, face and chest covered in sweat.
  657. >The state you two were in, you'd think the sex already happened.
  658. >She pushed herself to all fours, rolling onto her back and spreading her wings as wide as they went.
  659. >Her feathery chest puffed out and she opened her arms slowly, inviting you to lay down.
  660. >But as she did that, her legs spread just as wide, and her tail lifted below your balls and began to tease them.
  661. >You nearly fell forward at the unexpected tickling of your sack, your knees buckling slightly.
  662. >The sensation was almost painful, how badly your balls were aching with fluid.
  663. >She forced a smile but there was still a trace of unease in her features.
  664. >"I...I need it...please...but...I wanted to look at you when we...did it..."
  665. >You blinked at the uncharacteristic bit of sentimentality but quickly nodded and began to lower yourself atop her.
  666. >Her purring was even more magnified as you rested your chest onto hers.
  667. >It made you shiver at how outlandish this was, but the moment the head of your length touched her soaking wet entrance, any thought of that vanished.
  668. >She looked into your eyes, both pleading you to start and to be gentle.
  669. >With a quick breath, you slowly pushed inside her as you wrapped her upper body in your arms.
  670. >She cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure and she sunk her talons into your back.
  671. >You nearly saw white as the different sensations cascaded through your nerves.
  672. >It was as if your mind couldn't make sense of what was going on.
  673. >Her pussy was beyond warm, not to mention tighter than you had ever felt before, your cock locked in a warm vice.
  674. >Her feathers tickled your chest and the purring sent all sorts of tingling along your front.
  675. >And her talons, sharp as they were, managed to dig deeply into your back without drawing blood, but they were still insanely painful.
  676. >All this coupled with her screaming for you to go deeper, and it was a miracle you didn't explode right then and there and pass out.
  677. >Some powerful desire to pleasure this magnificent creature a second time brought you back to the here and now, and you gave her what she wanted.
  678. >With another thrust of your hips, you parted her walls and pushed the rest of your cock deep inside her.
  679. >Another wail from below, and you feared you might have gone too fast.
  680. >But Gilda's legs wrapped around your waist and pulled on you, trying to get every possible inch of your cock inside her.
  681. >She pulled you tighter to her, her wings wrapping around your body and holding you close.
  682. >When you tried to pull back out, she shook her head.
  683. >"Wait just...let me...enjoy how it...inside me.....holy shit, can't even..."
  684. >Gilda couldn't even put a sentence together, and her entire body had you in a vice grip, especially the muscles between her legs.
  685. >In her defense, it felt so amazing inside her, you doubted you would have anything meaningful to say either.
  686. >The muscles in your rear began to tense and relax, causing your hips to thrust a little.
  687. >Your cock twitched and trembled in her warm cave, the sensations all demanding you start rutting her properly.
  688. >She gasped and winced, clinging to you and taking sharp breaths when your length moved on its own.
  689. "You...doing...ok?"
  690. >You managed between your own strained breathing, your hands tightening around her back to keep your hips from taking over.
  691. >"I...I can..."
  692. >She pushed back a little and locked eyes with you.
  693. >Her golden yellow orbs shined with a need even she didn't know she had.
  694. >You gently brushed some of her feathers away from her face, stroking the back of her neck.
  695. >With a slow intake of breath, you began to slip out of her, only to thrust back in slowly.
  696. >She yelped and her eyes squeezed shut, her neck craning.
  697. >Another slow thrust from you elicits a feminine moan, her inner muscles already beginning to squeeze around your member.
  698. >No way, is she already..?
  699. >Another thrust, even slower than the last, and she does alright.
  700. >Warmth floods around your length as she jerks and shakes her hips.
  701. >Her cries of pleasure energize you further, your slow, deliberate thrusts changing to a quick rhythmic motion.
  702. >Your fingers dug deep into her back and neck, mirroring the sharp stabs of her talons.
  703. >Her rear lifts off the couch every time you slam into her and you feel a tightness around your thigh.
  704. >Her tail had coiled around it and every time you pushed inside her it tightened.
  705. >She, whether she realized it or not, wanted you to keep you as deep inside her as she could.
  706. >Hard to imagine she was worried about liking this.
  707. >Another deep push inside her filled your thighs with more of her juices, and it was your turn to moan harshly.
  708. >A tingling sensation crept up your back and you felt your length throbbing harder and hard.
  709. >You had barely started and you were already ready to burst.
  710. >You grunted, announcing your impending explosion, your movements becoming uncoordinated and a little erratic.
  711. >She screamed for you to finish inside her, another wave of heat swelling around your length as she finished for the fourth time that night.
  712. >Her wings tightened around you and pulled you back into her.
  713. >Just as you felt the beginning of your own orgasm flood out of your cock, she pressed her beak to your lips and kissed you.
  714. >Your moans of satisfaction were muffled by her rough tongue pushing into your mouth, and with one final pump you began to finish.
  715. >Spurt after spurt of your hot seed coated the insides of her soaked pussy, the smell of the two together hitting your nostrils and filling you with another wave of intoxicated lust.
  716. >Your hips pushed and bucked against her vice grip, moving what little of your length it could in and out of her.
  717. >More fluids splashed into your thighs as more of your semen dripped out of her overflowing snatch, the mere sound of the cocktail of your combined desires giving you the energy to keep rutting her.
  718. >You broke free from her beak, wanting to see the look of euphoria on her face as you continued to pleasure her.
  719. >She pleaded for more, for deeper, for anything you could do to keep the both of you mating in a way she never had before, and you tried as best as you could to oblige her.
  720. >But there was only so much either of you could handle, and well after you finished cumming, you felt her legs loosen and fall from your waist.
  721. >Your muscles burned from exhaustion and with a final heave, you both hilted and collapsed on top of her.
  722. >Your head rested roughly in her plumage, a few stray feathers leaping into the air when you fell on her so abruptly.
  723. >Her panting mirrored your own, and the two of you laid still in a heap of shredded couch cushion, fur, feathers, and musky fluids.
  724. >It was hard to tell how much time past.
  725. >At one point her purring slowed to a snooze, and at another you know you dozed off yourself.
  726. >Your length had gone soft long ago, but you didn't remember when you slid out of her.
  727. >"Holy fuck, Anon..."
  728. >She said, finally, breaking the silence of the apartment.
  729. >Her talons gently caressed your back, even going a little lower and giving your ass a squeeze.
  730. >"Mmm~"
  731. >That was enough to get you to push yourself off her slightly, ignoring the sticky feeling below your waist.
  732. "So....still worried about liking all that?"
  733. >She laughed weakly.
  734. >"I think I might be pissed you kept it from me for so long."
  735. >She groaned and forced herself up.
  736. >You sat there with her, naked, the both of you staring ahead.
  737. >You acted first this time, putting your arm around her back.
  738. >She lazily leaned against you, resting her head on your shoulder.
  739. >"Thanks, Anon. I didn't realize how bad I needed that."
  740. "You and me both."
  741. >She closed her eyes and sighed, that gentle rumbling in her chest resuming.
  742. "That's adorable, you know."
  743. >"Shut up, don't ruin it."
  744. >Her wing draped behind your back, pulling the two of you closer together.
  745. >"This is really're warmer than you look."
  746. "Uh-huh."
  747. >She wrapped her arms around your middle and squeezed.
  748. >"I hope you like me, dweeb, cause griffons mate for life."
  749. >You blinked and she must have felt you tense up because she started to giggle.
  750. "Bitch."
  751. >"Oh you love it."
  752. >Yea yea
  753. >"I'll settle for a better couch. You better sell plenty of scones tomorrow!"
  754. >She shifted and nuzzled her head against your chest.
  755. >Maybe you did.
  757. *(People kept asking for something with Gilda's paws, bonus content below.)*
  759. >You slipped two scones inside a paper bag, offering them to the unicorn.
  760. >She thanked you eagerly and practically had one in her mouth as the 4 bits landed on the counter.
  761. >You peered beyond her and saw a line of ponies at least 15 deep.
  762. >As she cleared away, a young pegasus flapped up to your eye level and asked for 6 of them.
  763. >You did your best to bag them up while making small talk with the new customer.
  764. >He began talking about the weather forcasts for the next few days when...
  765. >"FUCK!"
  766. >Gilda yelled from the cooking area, and a burnt scone was sent sailing into a nearby park.
  767. >He winced like he never heard a bad word before and you rolled your eyes.
  768. "The chef gets...passionate when they don't come out right. That's why they're so good, ya know?"
  769. >He seemed to accept that as he forked over a small pouch full of bits and took two bags worth of scones in exchange.
  770. >You told the next pony to wait a moment and you leaned back to where Gilda was.
  771. "You alright, boss?"
  772. >"This oven never keeps the right temperature! Burnt like 5 of them this time!"
  773. "We should take off the burnt parts and cut the rest up as free samples. Beats throwing them to the pigeons."
  774. >She grumbled something you were better off not hearing and returned to baking.
  775. >You went back to selling.
  776. >Gilda had been right, the moment she wasn't directly interacting with customers, sales skyrocketed.
  777. >Almost too much so, you found the stock running out before Gilda could replenish it.
  778. >You were used to rushes at the coffee shop but she clearly never had this problem before.
  779. >It caused her to make mistakes and despite the length of the line, you might have to close up early if she keeps burning them.
  780. >"Four please!"
  781. >You quickly completed another order and did a silent count of what you had left.
  782. >If everyone kept ordering more than one, you'd be out before that line got even halfway finished.
  783. "So tomorrow, lets take a day and find a new oven."
  784. >About ten minutes after you ran out of scones, Gilda burnt another batch and before she could hurl the hot oven into another cart, you opted to close up early.
  785. >Everyone on the line got a half price voucher for next time and you locked up the cart.
  786. >Gilda, on the other hand, spent the majority of that time kicking the oven into pieces.
  787. >It spooked the hell out of the vendors on either side of you, much as you tried to assure them everything was fine.
  788. >"We can bake a crapton at the apartment tonight. Then tomorrow, you open and sell every last one while I find a new oven. We can't miss a day, that crumpet asshole across the way would love it!"
  789. >You sigh and don't say anything.
  790. >She was in chef mode, as you jokingly had come to call it, and it was better to let her work it off.
  791. >Though if turning your oven into a pile of slag wasn't enough to cool her off...
  792. >"Hurry up, Anon. My feet are killing me!"
  793. "Fly. I'll meet you home."
  794. >You had noticed she was walking with a little bit of a limp on her left side but you knew better then to ask about it.
  795. >"Ugh, fine. Don't take too long, we got a lot of work to do!"
  796. >Off she went.
  797. >You continued along, passing some storefronts till one in particular caught your eye.
  798. >It was almost a week since you and her had that little heart to heart and you had to reupholster the couch cushions.
  799. >Between selling scones, baking scones, carrying ingredients, and counting bits, you hadn't really had time to do couple stuff together.
  800. >Or address if she wanted to do that in the first place.
  801. >You certainly didn't mind the idea, you spend so much time with her as it is now.
  802. >Not to mention you were sleeping together every night, in every sense of the phrase.
  803. >Maybe it was time for you to take a little initiative and be a little more than a friend with benefits?
  804. >Ideas on how formed in your head as you made a small detour on the way home.
  805. >When you got to your apartment door, there was a fresh talon mark in the wood.
  806. >Someone is still angry, you thought, as you shoved the door open.
  807. >The smell of fresh pastries was already dominating the small space.
  808. >"Bout time you made it back, dweeb. Wish we could drag this badboy down to the marketplace."
  809. >She patted the stove, and you could see there was already a few dozen scones on baking trays cooling on any flat surface she could find.
  810. "Shit, Gilda, how much did you make?"
  811. >"Enough so you won't be closing down in the middle of the day again! What took you so long, you have a secret dork meeting or something?"
  812. "I was a little weighed down by success."
  813. >You smirked and dropped the hefty bit-bag on the couch.
  814. >It clinked and clattered and she went a little starry-eyed at the sight.
  815. >"That's from today!?"
  816. "Minus a business expense."
  817. >Her expression went from damn near squee-ing back to her typical resting bitch face in an instant.
  818. >"The hell is a business expense?"
  819. >You held up a brown paper bag.
  820. >She tilted her head and her eye focused dead on it.
  821. >It was cute when she acted like a bird.
  822. >"What's that?"
  823. "Something for later. You need help?"
  824. >She snorted and gave a curt nod.
  825. >Three hours later, the two of you managed to bake about 50 scones, seal them up in stay fresh containers, and count up the bits for a new oven for tomorrow.
  826. >Despite everything, you were still in the green for the month, after a few more solid days you'd have the rent all paid for.
  827. >Who knows, you might be able to afford to pay yourselves at the rate you were going.
  828. >"Phoenix be damned, I'm beat."
  829. >Once all the chores were over, Gilda went straight for the couch and threw herself onto it with as much grace as you'd expect from her.
  830. >Legs, wings, tail and talon were everywhere, and you had to reposition her just to sit.
  831. >"Not doing that ever again..."
  832. "It wasn't so bad."
  833. >"Fuck that, you weren't working on a busted paw."
  834. >She rolled on her side and groaned, kicking her feet off the couch.
  835. >That's when you remembered your little surprise and you snatched the small bag off the coffee table.
  836. >"Oh what's in the bag that's worth 10 bits...10 of your bits I might add, that's coming outta your share."
  837. "That's fine."
  838. >You flip the bag over and purple bottle of something clunks out onto the coffee table.
  839. >She eyes it quizzically.
  840. >"Moisturizer? Really, dweeb? Your soft fingers getting a little rough?"
  841. >She snickers and you flip her off.
  842. "You'd be the first to know how rough my fingers get."
  843. >"Yea well, not tonight I won't. Too fucking tired, even for that."
  844. >You shook your head and reached for her leg.
  845. >"Hey, jackass, I said not--"
  846. "Would you quit bitching and trust me?"
  847. >She blinked but her leg relaxed.
  848. >"What're you doing?"
  849. "Being a good boyfriend."
  850. >"Fah, you're not my boyfriend."
  851. >Her tail thrashed a little when she said that.
  852. >Never play poker, Gilda.
  853. "Then call it an audition. Now quit complaining and let me do something nice, will ya?"
  854. >She gave you a little bit of a glare but you could tell she was more curious than anything.
  855. >You lifted her legs up and slid under them, letting her thighs rest on your lap.
  856. >Despite all the sex you two had been having, it was always pretty quick and almost impersonal since that first night at the beginning of the week.
  857. >Sort of a 'nothing better to do' bang.
  858. >You hadn't given her a massage since then either, and you wanted to rectify that.
  859. >While her wings got the bulk of the attention last time, her legs and paws were in a lot worse shape thanks to her little temper tantrum this afternoon.
  860. >Slowly you began working the fleshy part of her thigh, and she instantly started to purr.
  861. >"This isn't going to put me in the matter how--"
  862. >You squeezed an extra tense muscle and her breath caught in her throat.
  863. >She blushed and mumbled something.
  864. "Not trying to. You messed your legs up pretty good when you busted up that oven, right? You want a massage or not?"
  865. >"You ain't getting a raise either."
  866. >Gilda stuck her tongue out then laid back down, closing her eyes.
  867. >You chuckled and returned to her leg.
  868. >The more you worked, the more her lower half relaxed and spread open.
  869. >A little hint of musk began to creep into the air from her inner thigh, and much as you wanted to go upward and start fooling around, the last thing you wanted to do was prove her right.
  870. >So you went further south, past her knees to her calves.
  871. >They were tighter than you'd ever felt before, and even the lightest rub elicited a small moan from your grumpy roommate.
  872. >But that wasn't your end goal tonight.
  873. >Past her calves, lower and lower you went, till you reached a big furry paw.
  874. >When your fingers slipped past her ankle, she tensed.
  875. >As they brushed against her 'thumb', her purring stopped.
  876. >You stole a glance back toward her, and she had her head to the side, beak clenched.
  877. >Well well, someone's a little ticklish.
  878. >Save that info for later, Anon, you have a job to do!
  879. >Her left paw was first, and you lifted it slightly higher than her right so you could really get a good look at it.
  880. >For how much she abused her feet this afternoon, it was in surprisingly good shape.
  881. >The pads looked a little rough but the toes and fur were surprisingly soft and clean.
  882. >Even the claws were filed and well kept.
  883. >You never would have suspected she took good care of her feet.
  884. >Then again, she's been full of surprises lately.
  885. >"You like what you see, dweeb?"
  886. >She leaned forward again, catching you while you surveyed her paw.
  887. "Didn't figure you for the pedicure type."
  888. >"Pfft, I can take care of my own boots, Anon. Maybe you like that frilly junk but I--"
  889. >You frowned and tickled the little nub below her ankle.
  890. >She jerked her leg and cringed a little.
  891. >But the banter stopped.
  892. >Snickering, you grabbed the lotion and squired a generous portion on your free hand.
  893. >Bracing yourself in case she kicked, you gripped her leg on her ankle a little tightly and started to rub the substance into her pad.
  894. >She trembled at first, fighting all the tickly urges you were causing.
  895. >But the more you worked the lavender scented lotion into her pad, the more she relaxed
  896. >As you pressed firmly on her middle pad, rubbing it into the cracks and damage from walking barefoot, her purring returned.
  897. >The lotion did its job as well as the salespony had promised.
  898. >As you pressed and kneaded her pad, the skin became smooth and soft.
  899. >Gilda had grabbed a throw pillow and was rhythmically digger her talons into it.
  900. >When you lifted her leg a little higher to rub the tender part of her tendon, you got a strong whiff of her sex, now mingling with the lavender.
  901. >She like.
  902. >She like a lot.
  903. >Grinning, you dabbed a little more lotion on your fingers and pulled her big toe gently away from the rest of her foot.
  904. >As you did with her main pad, you rubbed it in, feeling it heal the worn and rough parts of her otherwise well kept digit.
  905. >Her claw retracted a little, and you did your best to avoid it as you did your work.
  906. >"....shit..."
  907. >She sighed and you saw her wing begin to slack off the cough.
  908. >"Is this a human thing?"
  909. "Turning majestic beasts into kittens? Could say we're good at that."
  910. >"Ffff...I meant being a....ohfuckrightthere mmmmfff!!"
  911. >Before she could tease you, you had her middle toe and rubbed between it and her foot.
  912. >There was some kind of tense knot of muscle, must have been where she put her weight when she kicked the oven, and you were on a mission to soothe it.
  913. >She squeezed the throw pillow and groaned.
  914. >And here you thought her wings were the most abused part of her body.
  915. >You took her right paw in your other hand and started to rub lotion into the pad with your thumb.
  916. >She pulled the pillow against her chest and yelped.
  917. >Kitten indeed.
  918. >After giving each toe a good squeeze, you moved your hands south of her pads and kneaded into the stiff tendon there.
  919. >She groaned and stretched as you did your work, finding it not so different from a human foot when it came to where rubbing needed to happen.
  920. >So long as you put enough pressure, you didn't tickle her, though a stray slip of your finger sometimes caused her leg to jerk and tense.
  921. >Least you knew if you were ever feeling mischievous her feet were prime spot for a good prank.
  922. >Another time though, she was tired and still irritable despite the labored groans coming from her.
  923. >More of a reason to ignore the dampness between her legs.
  924. >It was getting you hard now, her scent lighting a fire in your loins even greater than the first time you and her fucked.
  925. >Shifting so she didn't accidentally brush against your growing tent, you bent her knees slightly and rotated your thumbs in stiff circles.
  926. >Her toes went taut and relaxed with every swirl, and the couch was vibrating from her deep purring.
  927. "I think I missed my calling, I should massage griffons for a living."
  928. >You chuckled and squeezed the upper part of her pads.
  929. >"You touch another woman with those hands, I will murder the both of you."
  930. >She snorted and you teased her pad
  931. >Her attempt to be intimidating was cut short with a mix of giggling and a surprised gasp.
  932. >Don't threaten a man holding your feet, you thought, and you resumed massaging her.
  933. >"I mmmmff....I mean it! So long as you and I are together....nnnggggg....I get the massages!"
  934. "So we're together now? Oh funny how a few minutes ago I wasn't even your boyfriend."
  935. >She lifted her head to frown at you, and you rubbed a tender spot.
  936. >Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she fell backward onto the couch.
  937. >That's right.
  938. >Don't forget who's in charge.
  939. >The rest of the foot massage took place in silence.
  940. >Save the steady purr and occasional murmur from the pile of mush that was once Gilda, there wasn't much to be said anymore.
  941. >As you finished your routine, you gave each pad a gentle kiss, and she shivered both times.
  942. >It was also a clever excuse to steal a final glance at her sex.
  943. >Swollen, leaking, the fur around it damp and inviting.
  944. >You could feel the pre in your own boxers, your rod pushing against its prison, begging to be put to good use.
  945. >"....fuck..I needed that...."
  946. >Her eyes were half-lidded as she leaned up a little, letting the throw pillow fall to the ground.
  947. >"I don't think I can move....I don't want to..."
  948. >She flailed her talons pathetically and huffed, her body failing to follow her commands.
  949. >Or she was just being a big baby, either way you knew what it meant.
  950. >Sighing, you pushed yourself off the couch stared her down.
  951. >Your look of annoyance was met with fluttering yellow orbs.
  952. >Dammit, you were such a pushover.
  953. >"This is your fault anyhow, you should be the one to fix it."
  954. >She snickered as you lifted her off the couch.
  955. >She wrapped her talons behind your neck and you felt her tail begin to stroke at your erection.
  956. >"Didn't know you liked my paws THAT much, Anon. Hmmph, and here I thought you were being nice."
  957. >She teased and you rolled your eyes.
  958. "I'll drop you on your wing you keep it up."
  959. >"No, you won't."
  960. >She winked and nuzzled your neck.
  961. >"You're a good guy, Anon. I'm not supposed to fall for dweebs like you."
  962. >You shook your head as you brought her to bed, her tail refusing to stop tickling your cock from below.
  963. >She's lucky you're just as tired, or she'd be bent over the kitchen table by now.
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