Nyx vs. Vok

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  1. Session Start: Sat Dec 08 20:13:00 2012
  2. Session Ident: #Itsvoktime
  3. 03[20:13] * Now talking in #Itsvoktime
  4. 03[20:21] * Nyx ( has joined #Itsvoktime
  5. 01[20:28] <@Staffen> Losa takes you down the hall from the cell block. Between doors, you can't help but notice there are black indentations in the wall, on which orange hololithic displays light up as you pass. They seem to be status readings and service engines - it's of an aesthetic sophistication you've never seen before.
  6. 01[20:28] <@Staffen> Losa stops at a simple, grey sliding door. She opens it by interacting with the display to the side of it, almost reflexively moving her hand over the floating runes.
  7. 01[20:31] <@Staffen> The door opens to a comfortable, fully-furnished room. A double-bed rests against one wall, with a polished wooden nightstand on each side. There are dressers present, along with a study desk and a vanity table. It looks every bit intended for a noblewoman.
  8. 01[20:32] <@Staffen> It's the sort of thing you'd always dreamed of as you languished in the Apartments.
  9. 06[20:35] * Nyx walks in, and gives the dressers a good appraising kick
  10. 06[20:35] * Nyx seems nonplussed, and looks at Losa sourly, saying nothing
  11. 01[20:35] <@Staffen> They seem perfectly solid. Losa nods, watching you blank-faced.
  12. 01[20:36] <@Staffen> "It's your room now," she says. "The Master will be in shortly."
  13. 06[20:36] * Nyx harrumphs, and sits down on the double bed
  14. 01[20:36] <@Staffen> The partisans remove your shackles before they all leave, closing the door behind you.
  15. 06[20:41] * Nyx makes herself comfortable on the bed, preparing for her visitor
  16. 01[21:38] <@Staffen> In time, the door opens.
  17. 01[21:44] <@Staffen> Two long, dark grey and glimmering hands extends through the passageway, gripping the doorframe. A moment later, a tall figure enters the room, hunched over to pass through a doorway far too low for its form.
  18. 01[21:48] <@Staffen> It is a tall, menacing thing with a faintly human shape, more a skeleton than any living thing. It folds its arms behind its back, along with a second set. At full height it is the size of an Astartes. It walks towards you with a noble's gait, a billowing shifting fabric cloth draped behind it. It bears solid curved plates where there ought to be a ribcage. Its head is a jawless thing devoid of features, save two shining blue eyes which stare at you.
  19. 01[21:49] <@Staffen> "Lady Fortuna," it greets - it uses the voice you heard on Tranch, emanating from the vortex bomb. It is Yrtzen Vok's voice.
  20. 01[21:50] <@Staffen> "I imagine you'll be overjoyed to hear that I am just returned from a visit to Lady Pellagri. My chirurgeons have saved her face and her figure - quite perfectly, I think. She is being made comfortable."
  21. 06[21:52] * Nyx is spread onto an X-shape on the bed, lying face up
  22. [21:52] <Nyx> "Ravish me as you will, but you shall never take our freedom!"
  23. 01[21:53] <@Staffen> Vok tilts his head. "What did you imagine this was, child? I am not some petty, licentious commoner. I have no need for such things any longer. Sit up."
  24. [21:54] <Nyx> "...No, I dun'wanna.
  25. [21:55] <Nyx> "Give me some cake."
  26. 01[21:56] <@Staffen> Vok chuckles. "Such a pity. I shall have to tell little Flavia that her guardian was too hungry to protect her."
  27. 06[21:56] * Nyx tosses her hat at Vok
  28. [21:57] <Nyx> "We're in your care, my dear.  To maltreat nobles is a death sentence."
  29. 06[21:58] * Nyx sits up on the double bed, leaning against the wall, a slight narrowing of her eyes at Vok
  30. 01[22:01] <@Staffen> He catches the hat, and throws it back. "You misunderstand your situation, Lady Fortuna. You speak to Yrtzen Vok - Master of the Vok Dynasty, Archduke of Gunmetal City, High Provendor of Canopus and of Lathe-Hesh, Executor of Idena Dockyards, of the Vok Manufactory Hegemony, and Chair of the United Factors, Courtier to Governor Drusus..."
  31. 01[22:03] <@Staffen> He lunges forwards, closing within feet of you. "... And, ah, Marquis of the Lavender Isles of Reth. I fear you are my inferior, little girl."
  32. 01[22:04] <@Staffen> "When I give you the courtesy of my presence, little Marquess," he says, almost as purring at you, "you will thank me."
  33. 01[22:04] <@Staffen> With one of his arms he lifts your hat and presents it to you.
  34. 06[22:05] * Nyx takes back her hat gently, and proceeds to sit on it
  35. [22:05] <Nyx> "So tell me, m'lord, what did you do with my sister?  The Ecclesiarchy is not pleased with maltreatment once their own."
  36. [22:08] <Nyx> "Also, was Drusus handsome?  And was that old canteen that we made a relic of actually one he used?  It should be, or else we've been breathing in someone's used gas over and over for centuries each time the thing's brought out."
  37. 01[22:10] <@Staffen> "I did as I have said," Vok says, "I ordered my chirurgeons to utilize our unique facilities to return Lady Pellagri's features to her. You should be grateful, little Nyx - or, is gratitude something your parents neglected to teach you, before they handed you to the Black Ships?"
  38. [22:11] <Nyx> "Oh, that went quite out the door when the Warp took me, m'lord.  Can't be helped."
  39. 06[22:11] * Nyx gives an honest-looking shrug
  40. [22:12] <Nyx> "So then, why do you come here, to me, so below your station and your obnoxiously large and expensive ship?"
  41. 01[22:14] <@Staffen> "I have come to hear you tell me," Vok says, "what it was like - the Shadow Apartments your family condemned you to, when you came back with your curse."
  42. [22:17] <Nyx> "It was a floor of old and mouldering storage space for costumes and old family curios and antiques and confused ragespiders that I made into my home.  A mere 12 rooms, balconies overlook the Eternal Show notwithstanding!  Such indignity."
  43. [22:17] <Nyx> "My family and old friends even refused to give me the customary grenade-in-a-cake homecoming present to tell me I was still important enough to them to attempt to kill! I'd never been quite so hurt."
  44. 01[22:21] <@Staffen> "Disappointing," Vok muses. "And Cardinal Delanos tells me you have attempted to acquire a... null-rod from his Diocese? Why is this, my Lady?"
  45. 06[22:21] * Nyx makes a very sour face
  46. [22:22] <Nyx> "Because...reasons.  Yes, those.  Oh, and things and stuff.  M'lord.  Ahem."
  47. 06[22:22] * Nyx looks to the side
  48. [22:22] <Nyx> "Would you believe I'd like a proper night's sleep?"
  49. 01[22:25] <@Staffen> "I would," Vok agrees, nodding his expressionless face, "to be born on such a day as you were... I cannot imagine there is any way sleep could visit you peacefully."
  50. 01[22:25] <@Staffen> "So, dear Nyx," he shifts, and cocks his head at you, "that is what you want? You want peace at night?"
  51. [22:26] <Nyx> "Hmm...quite frankly I'd like a lot of things, those being one of them, yes.  On the subject of want, my I have my sister and colleagues back?  You're not likely to say yes to that, though."
  52. 06[22:26] * Nyx muses
  53. 01[22:28] <@Staffen> "What if" he comes closer now, "I said 'yes' to this, little Nyx? What if I told you I could make everything right - what if I told you I could make it so your family could love you again?"
  54. 06[22:29] * Nyx pats Vok's shoulder, as if he were a large child
  55. [22:29] <Nyx> "I'd have to say you're a heretic and a liar, m'lord.  Witchy is as witchy does, and witchy gets no love, guv."
  56. [22:30] <Nyx> "You have /no idea/ how nice that sounds--BUT, I'm not one to take favors from my highers in blood."
  57. [22:30] <Nyx> "Leads to uncomfortable debts, you see.  Namely, what would be yours?"
  58. 01[22:31] <@Staffen> Vok takes your hand with his, and clasps it with his other. "Quite the contrary, my dear. It is no favor - it is hardly a trifle to me now. Tell me -- do you know of just who Inquisitor Kith really is - the woman who saved you and your dear sister?"
  59. 01[22:31] <@Staffen> It is uncanny how cold his grasp is.
  60. [22:35] <Nyx> "Her being an Inquisitor, m'lord, that'd hardly be proper.  It'd say she was doing quite an inept job of being a proper secret enforcer of His Majesty if I knew who in the Imperium she was.  Disheartening really.  Enough to make you stop paying your tithe, if either us bothered to do such--fiddly thing."
  61. 06[22:36] * Nyx suddenly stands, taking both of Vok's hands, and going into a waltz stance
  62. [22:37] <Nyx> "If you /must/ bother a young, unmarried lady, I certainly hope you have kept with noble decorum, lord.  You must keep her occupied, else her mind will lose itself in feminine things.  Dance, if you please.  Else I shall stop talking and suddenly swoon."
  63. 01[22:39] <@Staffen> "She was born a psyker, Nyx," Vok whispers, pushing you back onto the bed. "Amara Kith of Inno. A twin. She was an Alpha psyker - until one day she was found out. Her parents begged and pleaded with an Inquisitor for her safety... and he gave it to her. He gave her the gift of a procedure I developed. From within a psy-cage they administered a retrovirus to her which, within days, removed the psyker-gene from her, not unlike how a Space Marine is made into something... less than human."
  64. 01[22:40] <@Staffen> He releases a hand from you, and places it on your chin. "Just as the Adeptus Astartes can be made, little Nyx, you can be made human again. You can be free of this horrible curse, of the waking nightmares - of the things in the night."
  65. [22:40] <Nyx> "How lewd."
  66. 01[22:53] <@Staffen> "I have but one thing I ask of you, dear Nyx..."
  67. 01[22:53] <@Staffen> At the far end of the room, a section of the wall, against which a bookshelf sits on a raised platform, begins to rotate.
  68. 03[22:53] * Varian ( has joined #Itsvoktime
  69. 06[22:54] * Nyx eyes begin to water, unable to look away from Vok
  70. 01[22:54] <@Staffen> As the section of wall stops turning, Varian, strapped to a chair, is revealed.
  71. 01[22:55] <@Staffen> Varian is shown to a room furnished like a noble's bedchambers. Vok sits on a bed, Nyx lying beside him. He has a hand placed on her.
  72. 06[22:55] * Nyx eyes flash back to Vok and Varian, now beginning to hyperventilate in confusion
  73. 01[22:55] <@Staffen> The arch-heretic, lifts her head up, and he points to Varian with one of his clawed hands.
  74. 01[22:56] <@Staffen> "All you have to do, my sweet," Vok says, "is kill him."
  75. [22:56] <Varian> "Uh oh. Hey hey now, just hold on here, what about that glass of amasec?"
  76. 01[22:57] <@Staffen> "What has he ever done for you?" Vok asks sweetly. "He hates you. He hates you for what you are. He hates every fiber of your being. If he wasn't forced to work with you, he would leave you to die and starve in a heartbeat..."
  77. [22:58] <Nyx> "Well, all things being honest, I myself just wanted to boink him to watch him squirm.  That, or his sister.  She was nice."
  78. 06[22:58] * Nyx shrugs again, but now sweating bullets
  79. 06[22:59] * Nyx waves at Varian with one hand
  80. [22:59] <Nyx> "Little help?"
  81. 06[22:59] * Varian starts struggling in his restraints.
  82. [22:59] <Varian> "I could ask you the same thing."
  83. 01[23:00] <@Staffen> "Think, Nyx Haarlock Fortuna," he hisses, cupping her jaw in his hand, "this last task is all that stands between you... and a normal life. The love of your mother and father. Your siblings. Peace for Lady Pellagri... the power to take back your life..."
  84. [23:01] <Varian> "Don't listen to him. I could have sold you all out to Losa and I didn't!"
  85. 01[23:01] <@Staffen> "Kill him!" Vok commands.
  86. 06[23:01] * Nyx begins to bawl like a child
  87. [23:01] <Nyx> "I don't want to!"
  88. [23:01] <Nyx> "That's heresy!"
  89. 01[23:06] <@Staffen> "It's all you have to do," Vok insists, "I can return things to the way they were!"
  90. 06[23:08] * Nyx attempts to summon the Warp in her anxious state, failing for the first time in a long while
  91. 01[23:09] <@Staffen> The collar the partisans left on Nyx emits a faint beep, and administers a shock to her.
  92. [23:09] <Nyx> "Now, of all times to fail--GRRRHK?!"
  93. 01[23:09] <@Staffen> Vok, taken aback, lurches away, throwing Nyx across the bed.
  94. 06[23:09] * Nyx takes the shock, but hits the wall solidly from Vok's throw
  95. 01[23:09] <@Staffen> "Insolent!" he growls. "I offered you normalcy - and you rebel like this?"
  96. 01[23:10] <@Staffen> A pair of cyber-partisans enter, shock-staves out.
  97. [23:10] <Nyx> "I...I...what?'re a rebel!  I don't understand!"
  98. 01[23:12] <@Staffen> "Return Sark to his cell," Vok commands. "Place Fortuna in restraints again."
  99. 01[23:12] <@Staffen> He storms towards the door. "You have given up much. The Lady made a similar choice... and she suffered much for it."
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