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  1. "Twilight’s Tinkle Trouble" - One day in Ponyville, Twilight’s life takes a turn for the embarrassing when crazy things start happening where she pees. Turns out she is suffering from magic incontinence, where stress in her life is causing her magic to seep into her urine and cause unexpected things. Incidents include Twilight getting launched into the air from her toilet via pressurized water blast; an apple tree at Sweet Apple Acres turning into a lemon tree; a building wall in an alley-way turning invisible; a diaper swelling up like a balloon and lifts her off the ground; a bush growing into a tree with yellow leaves; the water in a swimming pool changing into gelatin. Princess Celestia eventually intervenes at a party planned for her and cures Twilight, but not before another major pee spell occurs.
  3. "A Wee Love Story" - A wordless comic about Fluttershy and Big Mac both really needing to relieve themselves while on the job. They are both unable to find a suitable location to let go due to various plot contrivances (nosy animals, family showing up, etc.) They eventually stumble to the same tree while on the verge of losing it. Neither of them notice each other until they’re already peeing. They’re both embarrassed, but they feel something growing inside themselves as they watch how the other pony handles their business. They even do what they can to give the other the best view of the show. After draining their bladders, they head off into the sunset together.
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