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  1. Timeline:
  2. 38 BBY: Lumiri Nor is born on Serenno
  3. 37 BBY:
  4. 36 BBY:
  5. 35 BBY: Lumi is brought to the Jedi Temple
  6. 34 BBY: Lyssa Nor is born on Serenno
  7. 33 BBY: Imber'enn'arii is born on Csilla
  8. 32 BBY:
  9. 31 BBY: Lyssa is brought to the Jedi Temple
  10. 30 BBY:
  11. 29 BBY: Nyxa Nor is born on Serenno
  12. 28 BBY:
  13. 27 BBY:
  14. 26 BBY: The Nor family hides Nyxa's Force-sensitivity
  15. 25 BBY: Lumi becomes a Padawan
  16. 24 BBY:
  17. 23 BBY: Renna is exiled to Celdaru and discovered; Renna is brought to the underground CIS Mygeeto facility
  18. 22 BBY: The First Battle of Geonosis occurs and the Clone Wars begin
  19. 21 BBY: Lyssa is apprenticed to Pong Krell;
  20. 20 BBY: Lyssa is shot down on Kijimi, stranded for 3 weeks, captured for 4 weeks, and takes 3 weeks to return to the Republic; Lyssa is apprenticed to Master Jorn; the Republic invades Mygeeto and Renna escapes the facility
  21. 19 BBY: Order 66 occurs; Lumi's master is killed and she escapes the Temple; Jorn and Lyssa defeat an Inquisitor on Mygeeto, the former later dies; Lumi goes to Serenno to find Nyxa; Lyssa meets Renna
  22. 18 BBY: Lumi and Nyxa escape the Imperial occupation of Serenno and flee to Ciutric IV; Lyssa learns Renna's origin; Lyssa and Renna arrive on Ciutric IV
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