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  1. Organic Anon in Roboquestria.
  3. First bit here was ideas
  5. Did anyone ever do the one where organic Anon is in RoboPony Equestria?
  6. Where he shows them the magic of the all natural monkey dick?
  7. >"D-dash? Are your flank plates damaged? They shouldn't be dented that way!"
  8. "...I told Anon it was okay to be rough last night."
  9. >"..."
  10. "..."
  11. >"...How was it?"
  12. "If I didn't overclock myself after the second time, I probably wouldn't have had enough energy to walk to town this morning."
  13. They fuck enough Dash gets a sperm to energy converter installed, and her all her capabilities go up dramatically to the point she can use basic techmagic and is almost a robocorn.
  14. Shenanigans.
  16. "The flesh may be weak, but the body and mind are willing"
  17. Said when Anon is pounding past his, and definetally x pony's limit.
  21. >Day 1 in...
  22. >Tapping the concrete "dirt", you question where exactly you are.
  23. >"Trees" dot the landscape, each one a steel pillar topped with solar panel leaves.
  24. >Bushes are similar but shorter, barely knee high.
  25. >Climbing a hill gives you a better view of the area, leaving you more confused.
  26. >The concrete terrain goes on forever, with mountains and hills of it spanning as far as you can see.
  27. >Several large, reflective solar tree forests are nearby as well, the bleak black and grey bringing down your already muted mood.
  28. "Ugh, well this is crap, what am I going to eat..."
  29. >A deep growl comes from below you, and you rub your stomach.
  30. >Just behind a hill, you catch sight of something flying, a rainbow trail following it before fading as it goes down.
  31. "If it flies, I can eat it, I hope, and besides, it's as good a direction as any."
  32. >Even though it's no different than walking down the sidewalk, it feels wrong, the lack of grass and dirt beneath your feet.
  33. >A thought strikes you, and you flip open your cell phone.
  34. >It shows full bars, and you dial up your home number.
  35. >"The number you are dialing is not in service. Please ensure you are dialing the correct number and try again."
  36. "Fuck..."
  37. >Continuing your slow treck, you head up a grey hill.
  38. >Halfway up the hill, you hear something from over the concrete mound.
  39. >"Hurry Twilight, The signal came from this way."
  40. >"Are you sure, Fluttershy? I didn't detect anything."
  41. >"It was a weak signal, and on an unusual frequency."
  42. >Picking up your pace, you rush towards the voices, despite their slightly mechanical sound.
  43. "Hey, I'm over here!" you call out, adding your hands into your running to more effectively move up the hill.
  44. >Reaching the top, you see two bright things approaching rather quickly.
  45. >In a flash of violet, one dissapears, before a loud crack sounds next to you, making you jump to the side.
  46. >Ears ringing and vision tinged purple, you try to clear your senses when the second voice speaks right next to you.
  47. >"Oh wow, an organic! Fluttershy, hurry. something seems to be wrong with it."
  48. "My ears are ringing and eyes are blurred after that flash and sound you made," you say slightly too loudly while rubbing your eyes.
  49. >"My appologies, I did not know you were an organic. Your bodys are so vulnerable to stimuli."
  50. >A cold metal circle presses against your shoulder, before pulling back, and Twilight says, "Unusual, I can't seem to grasp you."
  51. >Low frequency humming along with the faint sound of a jet nears before stopping, and the other, Fluttershy, says, "Mag grip doesn't work on organics, Twilight," before the owner of the voice approaches and lifts you upright from under your shoulders.
  52. "Thanks, but I have to ask, why are you calling me an organ..." opening your eyes, you see a pair of brightly coloured robotic horses, each the size of a large dog.
  53. "That shock must have knocked me harder than I thought, I'm seeing robo horses."
  54. >Fluttershy covers her mouth with her hooves(?) and approaches you, "Oh my, are you really talking?!"
  55. >Her cold, metal nose nudges you all over, and you gently push her back, or at least, try to.
  56. "Yes, I'm talking. Is there something wrong with that?"
  57. >"Wow! A talking organic! There's never been one before!" she exclaims, before letting out a surprising and unrobotic "Squee".
  58. >Deciding it doesn't want to be ignored anymore, your stomach lets out a loud grumble, and the robot's mechanical "ears" pivot towards you.
  59. "Ugh... do you have anything to eat? It's been a while, and I'm pretty hungry right now."
  60. >"I think I have something in my pack," Twilight says, before a small metal protrusion on her forhead starts sparking.
  61. >Taking a half step back, you watch as a pouch on her back shifts before a shiny metallic red apple floats out.
  62. >"Here, It's from our friend Applejack's farm. They grow the best E-core Apples around."
  63. >Fluttershy swats it away from you, even though you weren't going to touch it anyways.
  64. >"No, Twilight. Organics can't eat stuff like that, their digestive processes require physical food, not electricity."
  65. "My name is Anon, so you can stop calling me Organic. And she's right, I can't eat stuff like that. My kind, that is, humans, can eat most things that are organic, and a few select minerals."
  66. >Landing on the ground, Fluttershy retracts her strange, winglike apendages, and the humming and jet sounds stop.
  67. >"Okay, Anon, follow us and we'll take you to our home, Ponyville. We have an Organic sanctuary there, and I'm sure we can get something for you to eat."
  68. >Your stomach answers for you with another loud grumble, and you nod.
  69. >Turning to the way they came, the two start running, and you gulp.
  70. >Starting after them, they have already made it down the hill by the time you have taken a few steps, and Fluttershy looks back.
  71. >As fast as she ran away, she runs back to you, before saying, "Can you not run? Are you injured?"
  72. "I'm fine, but humans didn't evolve for speed. we evolved for stamina, intelligence and strength."
  73. >"Intriguing," Twilight says, running over and looking you up and down, "Your body shows otherwise, save the intelligence, but one must not judge a data file based on is storage device."
  74. >Fluttershy lowers herself, the joints in her legs letting out faint hisses and squeaks as they adjust, and she says, "Please, climb on and I can carry you there faster. We need to hurry so your body does not suffer from any muscular digestion due to a lack of nutrients."
  75. >Climbing onto the small robot horse, she lifts you up with ease, though you have to bend your knees so your feet don't touch the ground.
  76. >"Hold on tightly," she warns, and as you wrap your arms around her slender neck, she starts into a gallop.
  77. >Wind whips across your face, and you duck down into the fine "hair" that makes up her mane.
  78. >It's definetally metal, but formed in such a way that even when snapped by the wind it causes little harm to you besides a light sting.
  79. >Cresting another hill, you see a small town layed out before you, rustic in appearance despite the high tech materials.
  80. >More robot horses fill the streets and skies above, and Fluttershy slows down and turns towards an out of place high walled enclosure near one side of town.
  81. >"That area over there is the Organic refuge, and where we should be able to get you lunch."
  82. "Thank you, Fluttershy," you say, and for no obvious reason, you rub her head between her ears.
  83. >"Fluttershy, my thermal sensors are detecting an increase in temperature from you. Are your motors being overworked moving Anon?"
  84. >"I don't know. Can you carry him for now, just in case?"
  85. >She lets you down, and Twilight kneels so you can mount her.
  86. >Lifting you up, Twilight says, "His weight is impressive for an organic of his size, but is not much more than a young teen colt."
  87. "I'm not sure if you're calling me skinny or fat, but either way, I'm fairly average for a human my size."
  88. >"I implied neither, I was simply stating statistical facts, but that is good to know for future reference. I will have much more to learn from you about your species."
  89. >Walking at what you assume to be their trot, she carries you quickly around town and to the cordoned off area.
  90. >Fluttershy moves ahead, and reaching a series of gates, she goes through a hoof scanner, an optical sensor and a data port into which she insterts a cable from her neck, and after them all, the gate opens.
  91. >Stepping inside is like walking into another world, but one familiar to you.
  92. >Trees, grass, dirt, faint birdcalls and dozens of other little things that make you feel at home.
  93. >Right at the entrance is an apple tree bearing bright red apples, and you pluck one as you step off Twilight.
  94. >Remembering an old survival trick for unknown food, you break off a small piece and rub the flesh against your lip.
  95. >"What are you doing Anon?" Twilight asks, looking at you with what you assume is confusion.
  96. "Safety. It's a simple test I can do to make sure it isn't toxic to me."
  97. >"This plant contains no known toxins, I fail to see the logic in this."
  98. "It may not be toxic for anything you know, but I'm new here, so it may be toxic to me."
  99. >"Query raised. Where are you from?"
  100. >With no reaction from the apple, you take a bite.
  101. "I'm from the planet earth. I'm not sure if here is the same planet, since everything is so different."
  102. >Quickly finishing the first apple, you pluck a second and eat it as well.
  103. >With your hunger sated for now, you turn to the two robot horses.
  104. "Alright, with that out of the way, where am I?"
  105. >"Town: Ponyville, Country: Equestria, Planet: Equus"
  106. >Sitting next to a tree, you sigh, fighting off sadness.
  107. >"I am detecting distress, are you alright, Anon?" Fluttershy asks, nudging under your arms to look at your face.
  108. "Yeah, I'm fine, it's just... I'm probably not going to see my family again unless you guys have some sort of way to get me back to my planet."
  109. >Fluttershy looks over at Twilight, who's optic ports have numbers and symbols running past at a high rate.
  110. >"Possibility of success given current information and Princess Celestia and Luna's help... 3.65%"
  111. "So not likely, huh?"
  112. >"Negative."
  113. >Pulling yourself to standing, you dust off your pants and let out a long sigh.
  114. "Not much I can do about it now. I guess my first priority now is to find someplace to stay."
  115. >"What type of home do you live in normally, Anon?" Fluttershy asks.
  116. "A house, you know, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, stuff like that."
  117. >The two mechanical horses look at eachother, before looking back to you.
  118. >"For the time being, My home would be best," Fluttershy says, "as I live nearest to here. Gather some food, as there is no organic food outside the enclosure here, and without me around, it is near impossible to enter."
  119. >A plate opens on Fluttershy's side, forming a small container for you to put stuff in.
  120. >Gathering a few apples, you search around for other fruits, of which you find a few bananas, some small strawberrys and some strange star shaped fruit.
  121. >Putting your gathered food in Fluttershy's container, you pause a moment to press your forehead to a tree.
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