New War Update 0.5 Changelog

Nov 2nd, 2017
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  1. ***New War Public Release Proposal: Yuri's Revenge: New War Update 0.5***
  2. Release Date: December 10th, 2017
  3. Status: In Progress
  4. Changelogs:
  5. 1. General Bugfixes
  6. * Corrected Bounty values for units and infantry. (The Bounty value should be 1/4 of it's unit price).
  7. * Fixed some missing images and models ingame.
  8. * Fixed incorrect superweapon cursors.
  9. * Fixed unanimated cursors.
  10. * Fixed some missing cameos.
  11. * Fixed some incorrect strings and briefs. (example: Psychist on Yuri Clone).
  12. * Fixed Soviet score screen palette error.
  13. * Fixed missing images of map previews.
  14. * Fixed false flag of Eastern Alliance.
  15. * Fixed Ivan's missing death bomb indicator.
  16. * Fixed Sidebar's slider glitch.
  17. * Fixed gamemodes that couldn't work.
  18. * Disabled Yuri's Revenge's Co-Op Missions.
  20. 2. Map Bugfixes
  21. * Prologue: Limit Break
  22. + Fixed AI that didn't produce units effectively.
  23. + Changed the story and the location from Europe to Columbia, South America, this will change Leopards to Grizzlies.
  24. + Removed TechTypes that shouldn't be there.
  25. + Fixed strings.
  27. 3. New Additions
  28. * Allied
  29. + Added Raptor voicelines from CnC Generals.
  30. + Added Ronco voicelines from CnC Generals. (Temporary until get VOs)
  31. + Added Howling Howitzer voicelines from CnC Generals. (Temporary until get VOs)
  32. + Added Immobilizer support power for Eastern Alliance with price $800, immobilize infantry and vehicles in area-of-effect so they can't move for 10 seconds, requires Multiple Control Center and Tech Center.
  33. + Added Survivor Chance for IFV, Whitehawk Transport, Battle Fortress, and Allied Hover Transport.
  34. + Added new (Battle Fortress, Tank Destroyer, Mirage Tank, Crescent Tank, Orca Skyguard, Whitehawk Transport, Comanche, Aircraft Carrier, Allied Amphibious Transport, Storm Tank, Prism Tank, IFV, Support Gunship, UAV) voxel by Creator.
  35. + Added new (Allied MCV v2, IFV Turrets, Raptor) voxel by Fission.
  36. + Raptor, Harrier, Chrono Zapper, Orca Skyguard, and Black Eagle has been reworked.
  37. * Soviet
  38. + Added Eastern Revolution's hero, Shen Quan, cost $1500 with Nuclear-fueled Tank Buster, and he is careless against drones.
  39. + Added Tesla Armament support power for USSR with price $3200, place 1 Tesla Conductor and 3 Tesla Rodmans, equipped with Tesla auras that can damage enemies near them, Tesla Rodman can deploy to increase Tesla Trooper's firepower, while Tesla Conductor has moderate Tesla Coil, requires Field Facility and Battle Lab.
  40. + Added Tunnel Deploy support power for Global Liberation with price $900, place a buildable Tunnel (made by BySc) in designated target, requires Field Facility, Soviet ConYard, and Battle Lab.
  41. + Added Molotov Powder Mix support power for Eastern Communist with price $800, throw some molotovs mixed with gunpowders to designated target which cause fire with explosion damage and fire sprays in a period of time, requires Field Facility and Battle Lab.
  42. + Added Support Bunker support power for Soviet with price $800, place a Battle Bunker in designated target, requires Battle Lab.
  43. + Added Survivor Chance for Halftrack and Soviet Hover Transport.
  44. ;+ Added Soviet Helipad by MedalMonkey, a Helipad for Hind Transport, can be build after you built Soviet War Factory.
  45. + Added Russian Rifleman by Trans_C, a Commissar equipped with Semi-Auto Rifle. Compared with Snipers, Rifleman have faster ROF but lower Range and Damage.
  46. + Added new (MiG Fighter, Firefly, Typhoon Sub, Sea Scorpion, Apocalypse Tank, Tank Killer, Flak Track, Rhino Tank, Vulcan Tank, Siege Chopper, Soviet Amphibious Transport) voxel by Creator.
  47. + Added new (Soviet MCV v2) voxel by Fission.
  48. + Added new unit, Tractor Tank, a replacement for Gun Buggy, T2 unit that has Tractor beam which is effective against infantry, and sometimes can cause double damage.
  49. + MiG, Mako Fighter, Grinder Tank, and Firefly has been reworked.
  50. * Prime
  51. + Prime faction has been unlocked.
  52. ;+ Added Parasite infantry for Warfare Arsenal by LordKal.
  53. ;+ Added Bio Trooper infantry for Psychic League by LaoTze
  54. ;+ Added Corpse Sisters, Citra and Abonema, Prime Legacy's hero by ModerKenosis.
  55. ;+ Added Brutation, Psychic League's hero by Dethro. A giant Mutated Brute, his punches can mutate infantry.
  56. ;+ Added Slander,
  57. ;+ Added Survivor Chance for Mole APC, and Prime Hover Transport
  58. ;+ Added Cobra Pylon by BySc, an equivalent of Tier 3 Defenses for Prime faction. Shots Acid Cannon.
  59. ;+ Added Sled Boat by Ronco, touched up by Fission, a Tier 1 medium naval boat for Prime, shoots heat gattlings and Heatseekers.
  60. ;+ Added
  61. * Black Force
  62. . No changes
  63. * Misc. Stuffs
  64. + Added new Civilian voxels by Fission.
  65. + Added Allied Mission 1: London Epic Runaway, map created by Westwood, modified by deathreaperz, coding by MustaphaTR and deathreaperz.
  66. + Added Allied Mission 2: Breached, map created by deathreaperz, coding by deathreaperz and MustaphaTR.
  67. + Added Allied Mission 3: Free Landers, map created by Westwood, modified by deathreaperz, coding by deathreaperz and MustaphaTR.
  68. + Added Soviet Mission 1: Purple Alert, map created by Westwood, modified by deathreaperz, coding by MustaphaTR and deathreaperz.
  69. + Added Soviet Mission 2: Industrial Matters, map created by deathreaperz, coding by deathreaperz.
  70. + Added Soviet Mission 3: Duneriders, map created by deathreaperz, coding by deathreaperz and MustaphaTR.
  71. + Added a Game Option: No Spawn Previews, players can't see each player's location in loading screen.
  72. + Added a Game Option: Direct Construct, allow players to have ConYard in the beginning rather than MCV.
  73. + Added a Game Option: Tech Level, allow players to choose the maximum TechLevel while playing.
  74. + Added a skirmish map by Ollerus: Tournament Desert (2).
  75. + Added a skirmish map by Ollerus: Goldshire (2-4).
  76. + Added a skirmish map by Wave: Snow Patrol Deux (2-4)
  77. + Added a skirmish map by Flamincon: Facing Corners (2-4)
  78. + Added a skirmish map by CannisRabbidus: Maelstrom (2-8)
  79. + Added a skirmish map by Stolen Tech: Sands of War (2)
  80. + Added a skirmish map by Stolen Tech: Moonlight Oasis (2)
  81. + Added a new Gamemode: Superweapon Madness, each players cannot see superweapon timers and warnings.
  82. + Added a new Gamemode: Breakthrough, players cannot build any armed Defense structures.
  83. + Added a new Gamemode: Bounty Farm, players must kill enemy units in order to gain cash.
  84. + Added a new Gamemode: Faction Control, players can have each subfaction techs for a faction. (Ex: EF can have UL and EA techs)
  85. + Naval War gamemode has been reworked.
  86. + Land Rush gamemode has been reworked.
  87. + Megawealth gamemode has been reworked.
  88. + Meat Grinder gamemode has been reworked.
  89. ;+ Added Shield Nullifier support power for anyone who infiltrates a ConYard and can be used one time for one infiltration, can nullify Iron Curtain and can weaken Force Shield
  91. 4. General Changes
  92. * Allied
  93. + Increased Spectre's strength from 180 to 250.
  94. + Target Lock's requirements are now only Multiple Control Center.
  95. + Restored Destroyer and Aircraft Carrier's original weapon.
  96. + Snipers' damage changed from 120 to 140, 122 to 142 (elite).
  97. + Restored Snow Versions of Structures.
  98. + Dolphins are now can attack land units.
  99. - Support Gunship's requirements are now Multiple Control Center and Tech Center.
  100. - Removed Chrono Storm support power, replaced by Immobilizer.
  101. - Reduced Nighthawk's reload time from 0.18 minutes to 0.2 minutes, decreased strength from 220 to 200.
  102. - Aegis Cruiser is now can't attack land units.
  103. . United States is now called United Liberals, a group of Allied liberal countries with changed loadscreens and logo.
  104. . Changed Recon Plane Support Power into Recon UAV Support Power, with new UAV model by Creator.
  105. * Soviet
  106. + Increased Thruster's strength from 200 to 250.
  107. + Increased Thruster's damage from 120 to 135 (normal) 122 to 137 (elite).
  108. + Increased Flame Trooper's damage from 45 to 60 (normal) 47 to 62 (elite).
  109. + Player's Crazy Ivans are now can attack friendlies to deploy his death bomb.
  110. + Restored Typhoon Sub and Dreadnought's original weapon.
  111. + Restored Snow Versions of Structures.
  112. - Reduced Thruster's reload time from 0.18 minutes to 0.72 minutes.
  113. - Reduced Thruster's speed from 20 minutes to 18.
  114. - Industrial Plant is now doesn't discount aircrafts.
  115. - Removed Spetznaz, replaced by Rifleman.
  116. - Removed Gun Buggy, replaced by Tractor Tank.
  117. - Removed Rebellion's garrisoning ability.
  118. . KGB Agent is now use his unused death voice.
  119. ;. Hind Transport is now a Carryall unit, can be built at Helipad.
  120. . Removed Halftrack and restored Flak Track.
  121. . Removed Wolfcruiser and restored Sea Scorpion.
  122. . Restored original Soviet sidebar.
  123. * Prime
  124. + Restored Snow Versions of Structures.
  125. . Reduced Shovelling volume for Slave
  126. * Black Force
  127. . At the moment, Black Force MCV has been removed from Crate Goodies.
  128. * Misc. Stuffs
  129. + Various cursor additions and enhancements.
  130. + Sudden Strike AI will be more aggressive than before.
  131. + In Sudden Strike AI, AI will bypass any BuildLimits.
  132. + Added map Tsunami (2-4) to Naval War gamemode.
  133. - Due to Engineers had an ability to swim, Naval Yards are now capturable.
  134. . Changed Hardcoded value of Multiplayer game speed from Fastest to Fast, which Fastest is usually lead to desync
  135. . Improved Sub-faction skirmish loading screen.
  136. . Brightened Dropdown Colors of Brown, Gold, and Maroon.
  137. . Changed Dropdown Color Teal to Aqua.
  139. 5. Map Changes
  140. * Radiation color change in Sinkhole (2-4)
  141. * Oil Derricks in Megawealth gamemode maps are now indestructible.
  143. Sidenote:
  144. ; means TBD.
  146. ***New War Public Release Proposal: Yuri's Revenge: New War Update 0.43***
  147. Release Date: May 30th, 2017
  148. Status: Released
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