Pony MegaCorp. Profiles

May 15th, 2012
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  1. The Celestia Conglomerate
  2. >”Bringing the sun into your life!”
  3. When the magi-tech industry hit, Princess Celestia was more than happy to introduce it into the lives of her fellow ponies. It started with simple, solar-powered household items, that could be used with a unicorn magic back-up. Then, the communication craze hit. All the sun-fueled battery cells she (and her loyal legion of engineers) had designed were soon used in everything from fridges to strap-on horn phones.
  5. Unfortunately, the sun could not be out 24/7, and most non-unicorns began to complain about the only other available backup. Soon, “Sun Bandwidth” became a leading commodity to power the widespread tech. Now, The Celestia Congolmerate is most well known for it's myriad of reliable technology, powered by “The Celestia Grid.” This grid is a network of reflector satellites, able to focus beams of concentrated solar energy to anyone with enough bits to buy and maintain a receptor. Rumors persist about safety issues (such as dangerous ponies from competing companies vaporizing from beams of light in the sky), but nothing has been proven.
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  8. LunaCorp:
  9. >Setting the bar, in the stars.
  10. The sister company to The Celestia Conglomerate, LunaCorp. Was built on the night life. Almost literally. Mostly comprised of Pegasi, the bulk operate in the upper atmosphere, with divisions actually situated within space, and the CEO office on the moon.
  12. Originally, LunaCorp. Started as an entertainment company over some unfounded obsession of the owner “Not being liked.” The burst of magi-tech birthed video games, and LunaCorp. Eventually changed from an entertainment studio to making fully fledged interface software. LunaOS is now standard issue on absolutely everything that requires input (though many users complain of occasional sound volume issues).
  14. In tandem with the technological leap, and the subsequent necessity for “Sun Bandwidth,” Luna ended up taking to a familiar place-- space. The extensive space program allowed LunaCorp. to Maintain the complex operating software of the stations that feed tight-beam solar power to the dark side of the world as needed. In staying true to it's roots, LunaCorp. has established several zero-g entertainment centers in the void. The Pink Pony Club, their most popular in-space attraction, has regular weekly shows of the world famous Vinyl Scratch and Octavia musical duo, the income of which numbers in the millions of digi-bits per individual show.
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  18. Twilight Firmwares:
  20. >Making your social life SPARKLE!
  21. The leader of the comms craze, Twilight Firmwares is responsible for the most popular networking and social devices available. It operates as an out-sourced group, however, their items usually prototyped within the labs and then exported to the various companies that have commissioned them.
  23. Focused initially on data storage and maintenance, Twilight Firmwares conceptualized the “magi-tech social net” and it's respective distribution/interaction systems. PonyNet has only been live for about a decade, but in that time it's use has become as commonplace as good ol' fashioned apples. PurpleHorn wireless devices and hotspots litter the landscape, and access to PonyNet -and your extensive PonyPal instant messaging and social services- has never been more seamless. With Illusion Magic holographic interfacing finally becoming affordable, ponies can actually “experience” data at a depth never before envisioned.
  24. --
  26. Butterfly Bio-Magic:
  27. >Spreading our love, one pony at a time!
  28. With the focus on technology, some ponies wanted pined for a simpler time. No need for devices, and a focus on nature. This is the market which Butterfly Bio-Magic attached to, and thrived upon.
  30. Initially, Butterfly Bio-Magic was in the unprofitable position of food production. They used minimal magi-tech devices to create heartier, faster growing crops to feed the legions of hungry ponies world wide. Upon embracing the technology, though, they soon were able to create novelty crops such as orange flavored apples.
  32. From this initial alteration in biological programming, the company grew curious. They started to experiment with varying applications of "programmable biology." Eventually, the company invented a reprogrammable, mass-producable biological substance tentatively named “Panacea.” First used for quick repair of wounds, as it could adhere to any living creature, creative “bio-programmers” began to create unique pets. Cloning laws came into effect solely from Butterfly Bio-Magic. Working with Twilight Firmwares, prototyped living devices known as “Pseudo-Ponies” have hit the market. Black Market developers have created “leisure” models, some of them modeled after high profile celebrities, much to Butterfly's disgust.
  33. --
  34. Ebon Pegasus Security Firm:
  36. >Loyalty, duty, skill. We are not your only option, but we are the best.
  38. A seperate, “wildcard” entity within the corporate environs, the Black Pegasi are the for-hire soldiers of Equestria, trained by the remains of an elite squad of Pegasi that maintained the highest kill ratios during the Changeling Purge. Originally comprised of Wonderbolt members, they now maintain a small- but expensive and incredibly efficient- standing force. They serve any company willing to pay enough (which is often all of them), and their contracts contain strict adherence and loyalty rules which all members must abide. To dishonor these contracts results in summary execution or imprisonment, all fully legalized. Upon proof of guilt of the offending member, the Ebon Pegasi immediately put out bounties upon these members that steadily increase in payout until their eventual demise or capture. They are often used as examples. As a final legality point they take great pains to mention and repeat, they will never fight a co-member of the group that has not been blacklisted, and any contracts that put them at odds with one another -without the company already knowing- are immediately terminated and subsequently investigated. Luckily, these self-policing policies have proved sufficient, in both resolution and as a deterrent to disillusioned members.
  40. Basing their motto on “quality over quantity,” they uphold to the spirit of their original leader in terms of loyalty. The do not sway in their goals, always maintain active status until the temporal component of a contract expires (no matter the situation or actual pay), and many trainees that do not make it into the Black Pegasi are usually hired into the private security of other companies due to the extreme standards. While the public sees them as an aggressive padding to private guards, the truth of the matter is that individual security forces are absolutely terrified of them.
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