Jacob's Bell Magic System

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  1. Rituals are your standard magical spells. Spend lots of time, do lots of specific things, invoke more powerful effects. Lots of set-up time, no convenience, you gotta use it immediately, but it's usually the widest kind of magic, with the most flexibility behind it, because you can set up a lot of different rituals.
  3. Potions are more like bottled spells than actual potions that you drink.
  4. And every practitioner ends up making their potions differently, because it's based on your feelings towards the ingredients more than the ingredients themselves.
  5. For example, let's say we have a southern hick practitioner and a medical examiner practitioner.
  6. The Medical Expert might make a potion that heals injury with stuff like anesthesia, chemicals, etc., because that's what they feel cures wounds the best.
  7. But the Southern Hillbilly guy might take momma's iced sweet tea, some disinfectant, and a band-aid that he gives a kiss to, because that's what he associates with healing injuries.
  8. You make potions with things that elicit particular emotions and feelings from you, rather than rigid items specifically
  9. And they're highly convenient, but you can't make things that are high-power with them, because you can't condense and hold that much energy without having wards and prepwork like a ritual would have.
  12. So far, you have:
  13. Rituals: Powerful and Versatile, but inconvenient.
  14. Potions: Versatile and Convenient, but not powerful.
  16. And then you have Emotions, which are Powerful and Convenient, but not versatile, because it's using direct feelings to invoke immediate magical effects that you don't need to prepare for, but only do the one thing that you're feeling at a given moment. More of a reaction, a gut feeling, at first, but good practitioners can invoke that feeling and draw upon that magical power. Pure fury evocation of fire and brimstone, barriers made out of shielded love. But it also is the least controlled, because you can overwhelm yourself. For example, Love Shield transfers all of that damage to you, and the giant ogre fist smashing into someone reflects onto YOU, and you get crushed organs. Or the hellfire you bring up in a fit of rage burns the arm producing it into cinders.
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