Smoke's Wincest Adventure Day 2

Aug 12th, 2014
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  1. >You avert your eyes. Hoping to the heavens above that the beacon of light that is your blush isn't signaling best Korea where to nuke next.
  2. >With a sharp whistle your sister grabs your attention.
  3. >'Yohoo? are you even awake?'
  4. >The deadpan stare given to you by the rainbow haired Goddess that is your sister brings you smack dab back to reality.
  5. >'Huh? oh yeah, sorry sis. I was just spacing out there.'
  6. >Rolling her eyes your sister stopped running in place and stretched her legs some more.
  7. >'Come on then, I would have been halfway done with my morning run by now if I didn't have to wait for your lazy ass. Damn that school of yours must have pampered you guys good.'
  8. >You groan at the insult and crack your back loudly.
  9. >You had half a mind to just start running full sprint to force her of her game, but ultimately decided against it.
  10. >In the end, it would be much more fun to wipe the smile off her face when she realized just how much good that school did you.
  11. >'I'm ready sis. Whenever you please.'
  12. >You grin towards her, seeing her smirk in challenge towards you.
  13. >And like a bullet she tore off towards the outer edges of the property
  14. >Cursing silently to yourself you rush after, trying to catch up to your speed demon of a sister.
  15. >Slowly but surely you get into a proper rhythm and pick up speed.
  16. >It doesn't take too long before you get caught up to your sister, who has settled for an even pace, a little slower than what you're used to.
  17. >As you get closer the sight of your sisters ass hugging her hot pants tightly while jiggling up and down, almost.. almost make you fall out of step.
  18. >However as fate would have it, you managed to keep your pace and get along side her.
  20. >'Why the slow tempo sis? You haven't gotten soft without me around have you?'
  21. >You smirk down at her, while keeping her pace.
  22. >'You wish bro, you fucking wish!'
  23. >She laughs that scratchy laugh of hers as she speeds up to nearly twice the speed she had, still keeping a good rhythm.
  24. >Trying your best not to have an Cardiac Arrest out of pure cuteness overload, you step up your game and try your damn best to catch up to your sister.
  25. >Your cardio is one of your major strong points, unfortunately speed never really was.
  26. >Not that you're slow by any means, but put you in a contest with someone who is competing sprint on a national basis?
  27. >It's beginning to dawn on you that picking a race with your sister might not have been the most genius plan you ever had.
  28. >Not that it was a race. It was just a morning run. Knowing your sister though. She definitely thought of this as a race.
  29. >One she knew she would win of course. You played baseball. Ya didn't really do the whole speed thing.
  30. >What you hoped to do was take her in the long haul.
  31. >As a sprinter she relied on explosive muscle power over short periods of time.
  32. >You on the other hand play a sport that have matches that lasts for long periods of time.
  33. >Sure, you weren't on the field at all times, but that didn't stop your trainer from pressuring you as if you did.
  34. >So the goal was simple.
  35. >Keep up with your sister, and then when she finally tired down.
  36. >Up the pace.
  37. >That should show her that you aren't the same little kid brother she used to mess around with before.
  38. >Now if only you could convince your heart that the reasoning behind that was purely pride.
  39. >And absolutely not love or some stupid shit like that.
  40. >Eeeeverything would be all fine and dandy.
  42. >Catching up to your sister proved to be a much harder feat than you thought.
  43. >It was becoming quite clear that she was not the same as the last time you raced.
  44. >She beat you then too. Quite easily. However it's clear as day, that competing nationally was doing her much good.
  45. >Although it took you longer than you had hoped. You do finally manage to catch up to your sisters pace.
  46. >Unfortunately your legs are starting to complain about the high tempo you've set for them.
  47. >This kind of pressure was not something you were used to.
  48. >Looking down at your sister, you are even more put out by the fact that she'd hardly broken a sweat yet.
  49. >This was gonna be harder than you thought.
  50. >Time to bring out the cheap tricks
  51. >'Hah... Hah... Glad to see you're able to keep up this kind of speed. Considering how fat your hips have gotten since I last saw you.'
  52. >Spluttering, your sister loses her rhythm and almost stumbles into the ditch.
  53. >However it doesn't last long before she's right up beside you again.
  54. >'Bitch please, that was totally uncalled for. My hips are not big you ass!'
  55. >You laugh loudly between gasps, trying your best to keep breathing. Seriously, this pace was a killer on your legs.
  56. >A soft burn was starting to edge upwards your calves and it became evident that you can't keep up this kind of speed for much longer.
  57. >'Also, Don't you think you've built yourself a bit too bulky yourself? considering you do a "lean" sport?
  58. >Your sister asks, looking at you questioningly.
  59. >It was true that you had gone a bit overboard with the body building back home.
  60. >You weren't massive or anything.
  61. >Just, bigger than necessary considering you pitched.
  62. >However, it was a very good scare tactic against the enemy batter.
  63. >Hulk. Throw.
  65. >Being pretty broad over the shoulders and having a prominent chest was a very good way of making the batter build a house of bricks.
  66. >Add on top of that the fact that my right arm was actually on it's way of earning me a scholarship?
  67. >Even the damn umpire back at my old school was pissing himself whenever I was up.
  68. >'Eh, you know how it is. Build up a bit of muscle and everyone thinks you can sink 'em. It's just a bit of psychological warfare sis. Nothing major. Also, I just really like to lift.'
  69. >Your sisters scratchy laugh rings out again, causing your heart to flutter.
  70. >'Guess you do even lift bro.'
  71. >You groan loudly at the bad joke.
  72. >She smirks at you, and before you know it, slows down her pace to something closer to sane.
  73. >You can't really give much of a fuck about showing off right now, your feet are killing you.
  74. >So you slow down with her and keep her pace.
  75. >She's looking straight ahead, keeping her focus on breathing properly and keeping up her momentum.
  76. >Or, at least that's your best guess.
  77. >You notice she's begun to work up a sweat, and the tank top is slowly starting to become slightly damp.
  78. >Oh dear God that's a beautiful sight.
  79. >The perfect rhythm of your run is keeping her humble breasts at a very nice bouncing sequence.
  80. >perfectly jiggling while not falling out of tune.
  81. >You snap out of it, and shake your head.
  82. >Dear God. She could hypnotize someone with those.
  83. >Looking back at your sister you notice she's having just a slight tug of her lips, as if holding back a smirk.
  85. >You turn your face forward, intent on making sure she doesn't notice the ever increasing blush on your face.
  86. >This morning run just seems to be bad idea the more you think about it.
  87. >Looking around you, you notice that you have almost crossed the entire property by now.
  88. >Considering the size of it, you are pretty damn impressed by your own performance.
  89. >'Getting tired little bro? I thought you could do better than this.'
  90. >Your sister looks at you with taunting eyes, as if mocking your rapid breathing
  91. >'I don't know what you're talking about.' You say, looking back at her in confusion.
  92. >True, you were tired, but nothing major. The high pace of earlier was really the only issue you've had.
  93. >Now that the pace had died down, it really wasn't a problem
  94. >'Awwe no need to lie to me bro, I can see you sweating like a pig you know. That, and the fact that you keep looking at me hoping I'll slow down is a dead giveaway' She says, grinning widely.
  95. >Well thank God she doesn't get it.
  96. >You look back at her and cock an eyebrow.
  97. >'Nah sis, I'm good. I got aaaall day if you want to keep this up. I was just making sure you weren't pushing yourself too hard.'
  98. >You grin back at her, pulling of that "Evil" sort of look people usually have when they are taunting someone.
  99. >'Hah, You wish! No little bro, I don't tire easily. And don't pull that tough guy look on me. You're still my little brother, and I can still kick your ass to heaven and back. Beefed up or not.'
  100. >She sticks her tongue out at you and ups the pace a little
  101. >If she wants to play that game, then fine. You'll bite.
  102. >'You couldn't take me if I had an armed tied to my back Sis, I'm not who I used to be anymore. Better not forget it either!'
  103. >You stretch out your right arm and flex it for good measure.
  105. >Your sister rolled her eyes, all the while keeping up the pace.
  106. >'Seriously? do you really think you can take me in a fight? Did you get your head smacked that much in training?
  107. >She looks over at you with that annoying grin of hers and starts chuckling.
  108. >You had to admit, you're pretty impressed by the fact that she's able to talk and run like that and breathe heavily.
  109. >You've run for a pretty good distance now, and it doesn't seem to be affecting her all that much.
  110. >Then again, she might be putting up a tough front, to try and psyche you out.
  111. >'Nope, my heads all good sis, thanks for asking. I just know that there's little you could do against me in a fair fight'.
  112. >You say, winking at her.
  113. >She just gave you a "Oh it's on" sort of look and abruptly turned her body, getting her foot out in your path. Promptly tripping you..
  114. >*Smack* Sonoffabiiiitch.
  115. >You slide forwards onto the ground, bleeding off your momentum as your face acts as a natural break.
  116. >As you lie there. Contemplating just exactly how much you are gonna pay her back for that humiliation, you once again hear that scratchy laugh of hers that makes your face light up like a christmas tree.
  117. >It's not enough that she fucking tripped you, almost making you break your nose. No, she's gotta laugh at you as well...
  118. >Worst part? The fucking boners back.
  119. >Seriously though... She just treated you like shit, and it's fucking turning you on.
  120. >How fucked up can you be?
  121. >With a growl you push yourself off the ground, spitting out some grass and dirt that had collected itself in your mouth, courtesy of the fall.
  122. >'The fuck is your deal sis? I could have been fucking hurt!'
  123. >Your sister just grabbed her sides and laughed harder at the look on your face.
  124. >Anger, hurt and frustration was welling up inside you like crazy. Your face growing more and more red as the embarrassment and rage built up.
  126. >'Oh please, It's not like a fall like that could really hurt you bro. You're way to thickheaded for that'
  127. >That was it, that was the last drop that made the proverbial cup spill it's shit.
  128. >With a mighty roar you threw yourself at your sister, intent on getting her off her high fucking horse
  129. >Her eyes widened at your sudden tackle and just barely managed to get out of your way before you bum rushed her.
  130. >'Jeez bro, gotten a bit touchy at that fancy school of yours?'
  131. >She just sticks her tongue out at you and winks, as if nothings wrong in the world.
  132. >You snort as you kick of the ground with your legs, intent on catching your nimble sister.
  133. >No more backing off. No more Mr. nice bro. She's going the fuck down.
  134. >You make a mad dash for your sister, holding your arms wide so as to catch her should she try to dodge.
  135. >Anticipating your movement she leans down and sideways and manages to sidestep you.
  136. >Using your own momentum against you she grabs your arm and pulls it up behind your back, throwing herself at you and hooks her legs around you.
  137. >The sudden pain in your shoulder makes you lose balance, and the added weight of your sister makes you stumble forward,
  138. >You fall... Hard.
  139. >Your eyes shoot out in stars as the pain of falling on your shoulder in a weird angle hits you like a ton of bricks.
  140. >You had fallen on the hand she was already holding in an awkward position.
  141. >Groaning loudly you roll over on your back, being able to do so as she had gotten off you just before you fell.
  142. >The air suddenly rushes out of your lungs as your sister had jumped on top of you.
  143. >Lying down like this, You were basically her bitch.
  144. >Your sister looks down at you with a victorious smirk. That's when she notices the boner she's sitting on.
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