One For All & All For One

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  1. Hey everyone, Blazing Fanfish here to help you finish our game One For All & All For One. Now I'm sure that many of you have finished our game without using this guide, but we're giving you this guide to help you play this game with it's hidden character and such. What? You don't know about the hidden character? Well be sure to read this guide :p
  2. ===========================================================================
  3. Game Mechanics :
  4. Here's the simplified version of the game mechanics (which is told in the game on the tutorial)
  5. -You only get ONE (yes ONE is an item)
  6. -When you die, you lose 10 ONE
  7. -When you kill certain enemy, you get another ONE depend on the enemies
  8. -You use skill by using ONE, the ONE used depend on what skill you use
  9. -You can recruit people by spending ONE (where the people are will be explained later)
  10. -The enemy encounter is by touch, so you can make your way without encountering any of them
  11. -You can save by pressing '1' on the field and you can load it by pressing '1' again on the title screen (tricky isn't it?)
  12. -By pressing '1' on the field will not allow you to just save, but also running and exit the game (but i'm sure you're only use it for saving only)
  14. ...and that's about it, now onto the characters!
  15. ===========================================================================
  16. Characters
  18. -ONE, the ONE
  19. HP : 1
  21. Skill :
  22. ONE (ATK 5) : Attack one enemy, uses 5 ONE
  23. ONE (ATK 25) : Attack one enemy, uses 25 ONE
  24. ONE (ATK ALL 10) : Attack all enemy, uses 10 ONE
  25. ONE (HEAL 25) : Heal one allies, uses 25 ONE
  26. ONE (HEAL 100) : Heal one allies, uses 100 ONE
  27. ONE (HEAL ALL 200) : Heal all allies, uses 200 ONE
  28. ONE (Raise) : Revive one allies, uses 200 ONE
  30. Tips :
  31. ONE is the main character in this game. And he also the only damager in the early game until you got ENO. So be sure to master how to use him. The good skill is the skill that uses 25 ONE to attack. The other is just so-so skill to survive in the game. Because it's relatively cheap to use and the only damage that is quite enough to defeat enemies, this skill is the best.
  33. OEN, the Knight
  34. HP : 300
  36. Skill :
  37. Glare : Lower enemies attack
  38. Tough pose : Increase the user defense
  40. How to get :
  41. He's blocking the way to the central town, use 500 ONE to talk to him
  43. Tips :
  44. OEN is the first and must party member you get in the game. He is not so useful but with his presence, the enemies might not attack you all the time. And he's not that easy to kill. Just use tough pose and glare to make him harder to kill.
  46. NEO, the Mechanic
  47. HP : 200
  49. Skill :
  50. Flash bang : Lowers enemy accuracy
  51. Overclock : Raise allies speed
  53. How to get :
  54. After delivering the merchant's package, the door behind where OEN first standing is opened, use 600 ONE to talk to him
  56. Tips :
  57. NEO is slightly more useful than OEN, because he can blind enemies and raise your speed. Blinded enemies might not hit you and when your speed is up, you can move faster than enemies. He's a fine adition to your party
  59. ENO, the Assassin
  60. HP : 150
  62. Skill
  63. Ichigeki : Deal damage to one enemy
  64. Ippon : Inflict random status to enemy
  66. How to get :
  67. After rescuing the princess from the bandit, lower the lever in the 2nd floor and the door in the 1st floor will be opened. Use 700 ONE to talk to him
  69. Tips :
  70. ENO is the first damager in your party beside ONE. Ichigeki is the one you should use, ippon is only good when you didn't bring NEO in your party. Because ippon is random and isn't controllable, flash bang is much better. Nevertheless, ENO is a good party member since he can inflict damage to enemies
  72. NOE, the Priestess
  73. HP : 150
  75. Skill
  76. Heal : Heal all allies
  77. Barrier : Raise all allies defense
  79. How to get :
  80. In the castle, check the pot in the kitchen. She will be available to be recruited. Use 800 ONE to talk to her
  82. Tips :
  83. NOE can heal all your allies and raise their defense for several turns, which is good. But she's not that helpful to ONE, as ONE only have 1 HP and if he gets hit he dies instantly. You can recruit her if you want, by exchanging NEO or ENO. But you might prefer them, as they are cheaper and easier to use
  85. EON, the Wizard
  86. HP : 150
  88. Skill
  89. Mana Sphere : Inflict high damage to one enemy
  90. Large Mana Sphere : Inflict medium damage to all enemy
  92. How to get :
  93. Talk to her in the library in the research facility. She's the one reading books alone. Use 900 one to talk to her
  95. Tips :
  96. EON is STRONG. With her, you can mow down all enemy in this game, including the last boss. She's actuallya a broken character, but we put her anyway. As you guys might already fill up your party by the time you get to her. Mwahaha. So if you want the easy life, leave one slot for her till near the end. Then you can get her to your party.
  98. That's all of the character, now let's get to the walkthrough part!
  99. ===========================================================================
  100. Walkthrough
  102. Okay, after you start the game go down to receive the tutorial about this game. Then go to the next area where you'll see many ghost.
  104. Area : Cave
  106. Enemy :
  107. Ghost
  108. HP 20
  109. Drops 40 ONE
  111. Here you can farm as much enemy as you want, just use 10 ONE to kill them in 2 strike. Or you can just use the 25 ONE. But becareful of exhausting your ONE, as your ONE is not that much yet. If you're finish farming or want to get this over with, go to the right map because right way is the RIGHT ONE (no pun intended). Then you'll made it out of the cave where you'll meet someone outside which will take you to her village (well actually she's not technically TAKE you there, but well you know how this works right?)
  113. And welcome to the next area, the forest
  115. AREA : Forest
  117. Enemy :
  118. Wolf
  119. HP 50
  120. Drops 100 ONE
  122. A slightly harder enemy than before, but with 25 ONE you can kill it with one strike. No hard battle here, except when the time the wolf's faster than you and you can do nothing about it. It's the same as before, you can farm here or go to the next place. But I suggest you start farm here, because for the next event you need some ONE to talk to OEN to continue the game. The village is located in the far bottom of the map, so let's go there.
  124. In the village there's nothing much to do, EXCEPT KILLING BANDITS. Srsly why the hell is there a bandit in the village? He's too hard for you now, but it's not impossible to kill him. Your choice, you can always kill him later with another party member. So anyway, go to the only house with a door (yes what kind of village is this, no doors, just houses). Then the elder will tell you to go to the central town. Now go back to the forest and head left in the intersection earlier.
  126. There you'll find someone standing in the stair and much more enemies to fight
  128. Area : Mountain
  130. Enemy :
  131. Angel
  132. HP 150
  133. Drops 300 ONE
  135. First thing first, talk to OEN with 500 ONE to get him in your party. Check your ONE now! Because OEN takes many amount of ONE, you might only have a few remaining left. If it is, go farm again in the forest.
  137. Remember the house here, it's NEO's place. You can recruit him later after a few events. Adding OEN in your party might less the burden in you being hit by the enemy, but that's all. OEN isn't much of an attacker or a supporter, he's just there to be hit. Still better than nothing. Angel isn't that though to beat, it's your choice to kill them now or later. As the enemies never respawn or decrease, you can freely choose not to kill them now. But you can collect ONE more faster for killing angel.
  139. Go to the leftmost place to get to the Central town!
  141. In the central town, you need to talk to the NPC that tells you to go to the castle, but unfortunately you can't enter the castle. So you need to talk to the merchant and help him. By doing a delivery from the village to the town. So go to the village again and talk to the NPC there, and go to the town again to deliver it. After you've done this event, you can't enter the castle.
  143. But nooooooo, because the princess has been kidnapped. So what do you have to do now? Rescue her of course. And by the time this event begin, NEO is recruitable now. You can recruit him now or never, it's optional.
  145. So after you done what you need, go to the mountain and get up the stair until you reach the other map. It's the Bandit's lair. Talk to the bandit in front of the house and enter the battle
  147. Enemy :
  148. Bandit
  149. HP 200
  150. Drops 400 ONE
  152. Okay he's much tougher than the other enemy you find. But he's still killable with 4 times 25 ONE. And in addition of NEO, you can kill him much faster with many ways to maintain your team. After you defeat him, you'll be able to enter the lair where's there many bandit roams. I suggest you defeat all of them here, because after you defeat the boss they will all dissappear. After you done, go to the 2nd floor where you'll find the princess and the Boss Bandit. After an event, you'll be dragged into battle.
  154. Enemy :
  155. Boss Bandit
  156. HP 500
  157. Drops 1000 ONE
  159. Yep 500 HP to deplete. All you can do is spam 25 ONE and hope he dies. Well OEN and NEO can help, but the only thing they do is take the damage for you. And after you beat him, it's a whopping amount of 1000 ONE!
  161. After you beat him, pull the lever there and the door in the 1st floor will be opened. It's to recruit ENO, a member which allows you to damage enemies beside the power of ONE. But if you already defeat all the enemies outside, he's not that useful anymore. Farming is easier with ENO around.
  163. Then go to the castle now (yay now we can enter the castle). In the castle, talk to the king to receive your next destination, the research facility which located in the left of the town. But in the castle, there's something else you can do. Recruit NOE, which available by interacting with the pot in the kitchen (lol yeah, we put the trigger there). NOE is not that great to have, but in the long term she is useful as she can heal and increase the party's defense. While it's not that usefult to ONE, it's useful to other characters.
  165. Go to the research facility if you're done.
  167. In the research facility, you only have to talk with the head researcher which is located in the room on the top. But you can also recruit EON, the strongest party member in the game. She's located in the room on the right. It takes a considerable amount of ONE, but it's worth every penny. Talk to the head researcher to get the story of this game (which is awesome). After you've done talking. Go back to the king in the castle, it's nearing the end of the game!
  169. You'll be told about the location of ZERO. Where do you say? In the sky. How do we get there? Well that's a hard question.... Let's see..... WHY DON'T WE USE ONE? Of course!
  171. So if you've been listening to the tutorial, you'll know that if you press '1', you'll get many abilities to use. Some of them is fly. WOW. So now can we go to the sky? Maybe. Why is that? Because to fly, you need 1500 ONE. Is it that many? Well if you obliterate all of the enemies in this game, you'll have more than enough.
  173. If you have the ONE you need, just go to the sky already! There you'll fight your arch nemesis, ZERO.
  175. Enemy
  176. ZERO
  177. HP 700
  179. Well he's the last boss, so no ONE is dropped anymore. He's a though one to beat if you only have ONE as your damager, but it's not impossible (as you already have more than 1500 ONE, because fly doesn't consume any ONE). It's much more easier to beat with ENO or EON (no contest). Your pick, it's not that hard anyway. If you beat him, there will be another scene and you'll be fighting ZERO again. ALONE. Well because it's an event battle, so you'll win no mather what. After you beat him, it's all over! Now sit back and enjoy the ending.
  181. Well that's it from us, hope you enjoy our game AND our guide. If you like it, tell us. If you hate it, tell us to. Because just as our motto says, Create what we love and Love what we create. And that's it~ Ta-ta~
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