8gsg FAQ

Jul 6th, 2017
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  1. Where to install mods?
  2. Usually in the mods folder in the game's main directory.
  3. For newer games like CK2 and EU4 it is in the Paradox Interactive folder in "my documents".
  5. How to move the Paradox Interactive folder?
  6. Cut and paste the whole folder to a new location. For example "E:\Games\Grand Strategy\Paradox Interactive". Press the Start button. Type cmd and press enter. Type the following and press enter:
  7. mklink /J "C:\Users\PUTYOURUSERNAMEHERE\Documents\Paradox Interactive" "E:\Games\Grand Strategy\Paradox Interactive"
  8. Note: Don't make a "Paradox Interactive" folder in the document folder yourself. Let the command do it or it won't work.
  9. Note2: Actually put your own PC user name's on "PUTYOURUSERNAMEHERE".
  11. How to play in boardlesswindow?
  12. Darkest Hour - with DxWnd. Run the game once through the launcher resolution, mod, etc. Then put the path to Darkest Hour.exe in the "Path" field. In "Main" apply "No Banner", "Run in Window" and "Desktop".
  14. EU:R - with DxWnd. In "Main" apply "No Banner", "Run in Window" and "Desktop". In "Path" put the path to RomeGame.exe. If you are using a mod rename the mods folder and .mod file to have _ instead of free spaces. For example: "Reign_of_the_Ancients". After the RomGame.exe in the "Path" field input " -mod Reign_of_the_Ancients" (no quotes and a space between the .exe and -mod).
  16. EU3, HoI3, V2, Sengoku and MotE - use this: V2 doesn't need it since patch 3.04, in the settings.txt file just input "FullScreen=no" "borderless=yes".
  19. I don't want Paradox to track me?
  20. Use this file:
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