Breakfast - An angry normal day

Apr 22nd, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light, and your emotions are hard to keep in check.
  2. >You swear she's doing it on purpose, though you have no proof.
  3. >Hexferry has been walking next to you ever since you left the market.
  4. >... Yet she's said nothing to you. She hasn't even looked at you.
  5. >Your anger has reached a point you didn't think it could reach, yet you show no emotions.
  6. >She's just walking within a meter of you.
  7. >So badly, you want to change your speed to force her to reveal she's consciously doing it.
  8. >If she doesn't keep pace with you, you'll be rid of her.
  9. >The plan itself works, but it has a flaw.
  10. >You would have to react to her.
  11. >In your eyes, no one exists. Reacting to someone who isn't there isn't an option.
  12. >So you keep walking, filled to the brim with anger and hate, wearing the same stone face you always wear.
  13. >... The world would be better without these charlatans.
  14. >Some moth walks by and greets Hexferry.
  15. >You'd identify them if they were still in your sight.
  16. >... You've been paying all of your attention to your rage.
  17. >She turned and waved to them, but keeps walking at the same pace.
  18. >... If you ignore her, to a greater extreme than usual, you might be able to keep your hate from showing.
  19. >Your eyes dart around the street.
  20. >Children, stallions, mares...
  21. >Hexferry...
  22. >...
  23. >You aren't even halfway home.
  24. >"Hexferry!"
  25. >You'll get murderous if this doesn't stop soon.
  26. >She turns to face someone behind you, conveniently turning away from you.
  27. >... She doesn't keep walking.
  28. >You might be free.
  29. >You put the rest of your barely-alive self-control into trying not to run.
  30. >... You should probably be eavesdropping on whatever they're saying.
  31. >Or, you could just keep walking.
  32. >... You can't really eavesdrop anyway, they're behind you now.
  33. >Nothing on this stupid planet can stop you now.
  34. >Finally, you aren't within wing-span of a filthy peasant.
  35. >You continue forward, completely free from-
  36. >Hexferry dashes past you.
  37. >... Your heart skips several beats.
  39. >... But she doesn't slow down. She continues on her breakneck way.
  40. >A few quick glances around reveal a few other moths to be doing about the same.
  41. >You see the peach one, the yellow one and the regal one.
  42. >A few other moths have noticed their run but have reacted with confusion, not haste.
  43. >... Only Hexferry's close friends are rushing.
  44. >Hexferry had the greatest head-start, but the peach one and the yellow one are catching up to her. The regal one... obviously believes the situation is calm enough to not run full-speed ahead. She's hurrying but not running.
  45. >You glance back ahead to... Hexferry has been passed by both of them. She doesn't seem to be running as fast as she was before.
  46. >Someone isn't used to distance running.
  47. >She... Actually, she appears to be limping.
  48. >The regal one is now rushing to Hexferry's side.
  49. >...
  50. >The two of them appear to speak in place for a while.
  51. >You're within hearing distance of them now.
  52. >"Why my house? Isn't Caramel's house more ideal for this?"
  53. >"You know her, she likely has several... things... lying around."
  54. >You could hear the disgust in the regal one's voice on the word "things".
  55. >Hexferry sighs in response.
  56. >"Do not worry, Hexferry, it will be only us this time. Your house will not get destroyed like the last time."
  57. >Another party. At least this one won't become a second sun.
  58. >You pass the two moths.
  59. >"Do you think Sepia will be able to make it?"
  60. >"I am uncertain. If Golden Corral has any say in the matter, she will."
  61. >"Great. Anyway, can, um..."
  62. >"Did you sprain an ankle?"
  63. >"Yeah..."
  64. >Soon the two are out of your hearing range.
  65. >Your house is within sight.
  66. >...
  67. >The peach one is staring into the street from Hexferry's door, most likely waiting for her friends to catch up.
  68. >You, however, really don't care about their stupid plans.
  69. >You approach your door, open it, and go inside.
  70. >You had a stressful day.
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