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  1. Character Name: Sophia
  2. Key: SephirothMage
  3. Skill: Stand, Tier 1
  4. How well do you know the source material: I watched Stardust Crusaders, I've had one before a long ass time ago.
  6. Reasoning: Sophia is practically made of fighting spirit, so to speak; she fights for it's own sake, to get what she wants done, to get to know people... it's constant, for her. She's driven, and she doesn't fight simply literally; she's struggled onward, day by day. From that hellish pit that was the SCP incident, to the bizarre cave from the night before.... She's spent her entire life time, fighting. Whether against people she could defeat easily, or ones who could utterly obliterate her. She's the type of person not to give up, or to accept others ever looking down at her- and yet, people are constantly looking down at her. She's in a state of near constant anger and annoyance, but... someone's help has started to help her solidify that will, that spirit, into something meaningful.
  8. Moment: Last night, Sophia and several others went into a cave, at the bidding of a man named Taru. It was the most recent struggle of her life; but it went far beyond anything she'd experienced before. The being they fought was able to overcome Sallot and Wasabi, and barely even noticed her attempts; her own presence was near meaningless in that battle. They went onwards past it, and found a throne... a throne that assailed her mind with countless images of death, and then judged her unworthy for daring to care one way or the other about their deaths. A chair that then found someone who infuriates and disgusts her worthy- but not before trying to consume and obliterate her form. She was saved by others, and left in a state of confusion and pain. She wasn't able to understand really, why anyone cared... or what she really wanted.
  10. She spent hours that night talking with Sallot, afterwards; and he helped her find something about herself. He helped her focus on what she really wants, and the fact that she does, in fact, have friends. She realized she wasn't alone, and that what she wanted most in this world was simply the respect of others; to be wanted, to be loved... but at the same time, she isn't sure how to get it. Nonetheless...
  12. Her spirit and will have been tempered excessively, and even still.... People are still looking down on her. She's still under pressure. She's been exposed to the same artifact that turned Taru into a vampire; and he is the focus of much of her rage. And it goes beyond even that; she prides herself on strength, and yet... in reality, she's weak. Weak enough that people she looks down on can beat her, weak enough that anyone strong, can just... ignore her.
  14. She's got all the motivation in the world, to push for more power. To reach into herself, and pull out whatever she finds.
  17. TL;DR
  18. In essence, even if it's too early, and this isn't the moment to awaken a stand, or to appear with one, I'd like to put forth that it's a very fitting thing for her to awaken, because she's a fierce and ferocious person who is practically made of fighting spirit and drive. So I'd like to have that put out there, and to start working towards figuring out a T1 stand.
  20. Plus, I've wanted to use a stand for ages, and I've actually got some neat flavor ideas, and all that. I'd like to go for it; whether it's trying to set up an event later or something with a stand arrow, or if it's possible to just develop over time, and maybe burst one out in a moment.
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