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  1. [center][img][/img]
  2. [size=6][b]Trailer Park Boys Mystery Game: Sunnyvale's Finest[/size][/b][/center]
  4. [b]Website:[/b]
  5. [b]Game Host:[/b] roundbox
  6. [b]Game Type:[/b] Closed Game
  7. [b]Phase Length:[/b] 48D/24N
  8. [b]Expected Number of Players:[/b] 15
  9. [b]Lynch Mechanics:[/b] Deadline/Plurality
  10. [b]Role Reveals Upon Death:[/b] Partial
  11. [b]Outside Communication Allowed (for all players):[/b] Yes (with special restrictions)
  12. [b]Bastard Game:[/b] No
  13. [b]Other:[/b] This is a mystery game created around the first seasons of the Canadian hit series Trailer Park Boys. Fans and non-fans alike should be able to enjoy this game. Knowing information about the show will not provide much of an advantage, so this game has an even playing field for everyone invovled.
  15. [b][u]Additional Information[/b][/u]
  16. -This is a mystery game. Expect hidden mechanics, elements, and other gameplay features.
  17. -To match the tone of the show, flavour was chosen over balance in some situations. There are no outwardly bastard roles. Refer to sunfan's FE list of roles not included. This game follows those same guidelines.
  18. -Your character name should be kept to yourself. If word gets out about which Sunnyvale Trailer Park inhabitant you are, I'm not being held accountable.
  19. -Any unsubmitted night actions will be randed unless they are a one-use ability.
  20. -There will be no events, items, or changing alignments.
  21. -Most importantly: it is in your best interest not to share your role name. There will be roles in this game that might prey upon specific characters. Trust no one.
  22. -Knowing characters and information from the show might help you in very niche situations, but there is likely a 1% chance that it will actually affect your gameplay. The protagonists of the show are the protagonists of this game.
  23. -For those of you in the know, this is based off of pre-Netflix seasons.
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