The Forest That No One Heard HI

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  1. 4:01 PM <Odocoileus> Wren is chillin.
  2. 4:01 PM <spookybee> Hadley exists!
  3. 4:01 PM <%Soulless> Joshua is here with his cigs, journal, and general self.
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  5. 4:03 PM <Klurg> Tanya is in this plane of existence in this room
  6. 4:03 PM taylor_work → taylor_iOStkin
  7. 4:03 PM <Varren> Moira is spinning in her chair, tapping her fingers, tossing her knife around. More or less waiting very impatiently
  8. 4:03 PM <%ArseneLupin> A man in a suit with messy black hair sits at the front with an unlit cigarette in his mouth walks in before tossing you files on the table and walking up to the front. "This everyone?" He asks a bit rudely
  9. 4:04 PM <%ArseneLupin> *ignore the sits part
  10. 4:04 PM <spookybee> "Everyone on today's operative roster is present." Hadley reports!
  11. 4:05 PM <%Soulless> "Goin' on a mission, you?"
  12. 4:05 PM <Varren> Moira clicks her tongue and takes her file by poking at the pile with her knife and dragging a file with the tip over to herself.
  13. 4:06 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Oh yeah, the robot girl's on this one. Handy." He crosses his arms. "You're gonna be heading to a small town in Italy. Some strange things have been happening in the nearby forest."
  14. 4:07 PM <spookybee> Hadley smiles!
  15. 4:07 PM <Varren> Moira opens her file and flicks through it. "Strange like fruit on pizza or strange like flesh monsters?"
  16. 4:07 PM <%ArseneLupin> Anyone who reads the files will find a few reports from various people who claim that the last time they've went into the woods, it's been utterly silent. No one has risked staying in long enough to learn anything else that the Foundation interviewed
  17. 4:08 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Somewhere in the middle. Apparently animals in a forest went missing. All of them."
  18. 4:08 PM <Klurg> Tanya gets a curios look
  19. 4:08 PM <Odocoileus> Wren raise an eyebrow as she reads, "maybe something is eating them.."
  20. 4:09 PM <%ArseneLupin> "That's one of our working theories, yes. There's also the possibility of a regional anomaly causing this. Either way it's your job to investigate."
  21. 4:10 PM <Varren> "Spooky. Just missin, no corpses or shit any people missin?" She keeps reading and listens
  22. 4:10 PM <spookybee> "I can scan the surrounding areas and the territory itself with my inbuilt VERITAS equipment."
  23. 4:10 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Nope, no missing persons reports. Everyone in town is happy as can be, if not a bit spooked. No animal corpses either."
  24. 4:11 PM <%Soulless> Nod nod.
  25. 4:12 PM <Klurg> "So an empty forest with all animals missing. Sounds straightforward enough to me... even if it's not going to actually be straightforward
  26. 4:12 PM <Klurg> "
  27. 4:13 PM <%ArseneLupin> "It's advised you chat with the locals a bit before investigating the forest itself. Apparently someone tried to take a deeper dive into the forest recently."
  28. 4:14 PM <Varren> "Oh?" Moira slips away her knife and yawns. "This should be fun. I'm ready whenever!"
  29. 4:14 PM <spookybee> "I'm sure I could help the team with investigating."
  30. 4:15 PM <spookybee> "Anthrosocialization is one of my primary purposes."
  31. 4:15 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Dropship is waiting if you dont have any more questions." He takes the cigarette out of his outh and pulls out a lighter, obviously waiting for this to be over so he can get a smoke break
  32. 4:16 PM <Odocoileus> She closes her file, "im good to go whenever."
  33. 4:16 PM <%Soulless> Joshua leaves and comes back to the dropship completely different. He;'s Barnes McCoy, a grumpy new-yorker with a carry permit and a license to work in pretty much any building for utility purposes. He smells vaguely of oil and construction, and his clothing is a little out of fashion.
  34. 4:16 PM <Klurg> Tanya grabs her mission gear and heads off.
  35. 4:16 PM <Varren> Moira happily stands from the table and saunters out to log her gear out of the armory. Intros could be made on the flight there. As she goes she mentions stopping for pizza once landed
  36. 4:16 PM <%Soulless> He exmplains his identity to everyone.
  37. 4:16 PM <%ArseneLupin> (Time skip to the town?)
  38. 4:17 PM <Odocoileus> (sure!)
  39. 4:17 PM <Klurg> (Aye)
  40. 4:17 PM <Varren> (Yop)
  41. 4:17 PM <spookybee> Hadley fetches her gear, as well as a hefty coat. She's loaded with her S&S P220, and a tranquilizer pistol in the event that capture of an anomalous creature is possible!
  42. 4:17 PM <spookybee> (Aye!)
  43. 4:18 PM <%ArseneLupin> You all land a ways away from the town, having to walk a few miles to get there. Once you do, you see it is a small town as promised. There's a few dozen buildings, including but not limited to a bar and a library. A few people give you all some strange looks, not quite used to the sight of outsiders
  44. 4:19 PM <%ArseneLupin> What do?
  45. 4:19 PM <spookybee> Hadley smiles and waves at anyone giving her an odd look. She's a pleasant bean!
  46. 4:19 PM <%ArseneLupin> The forest is about a miles walk from the edge of town and you can see the tall trees in the distance
  47. 4:20 PM <%ArseneLupin> They give her a small wave back before going on their way
  48. 4:20 PM <Klurg> Tanya smiles pleasantly at any who's gaze lingers on her, occasionally giving a flirty wink. "Library first?" She asks her group.
  49. 4:20 PM <%Soulless> "Bar."
  50. 4:20 PM <Odocoileus> "im down for a bar trip, maybe we can split?"
  51. 4:21 PM <spookybee> "There haven't been any sightings in the town itself, as far as I've read, so it should be safe to split up until it's time to investigate the woods."
  52. 4:21 PM <Varren> "Bar." Moira has hidden her weapons, rifle in the backpack, for the most part and has a thinner coat over her gear to hide it
  53. 4:21 PM <Varren> "Always get the best stories at the drunk people...and pizza."
  54. 4:22 PM <Odocoileus> She nods to moira and smirks, "you know whats up."
  55. 4:22 PM <Klurg> "Nah, I'm good with bar. In hindsight that's better for gossip."
  56. 4:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, are you all heading to the bar then?
  57. 4:23 PM <spookybee> "I'll follow you all to the bar, then."
  58. 4:24 PM <Odocoileus> Wren heads of to the bar!
  59. 4:24 PM <Varren> "Yup! Fuck yeah I do." Moira starts for the bar!
  60. 4:24 PM <Klurg> Tanya follows them to the bar
  61. 4:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> As you approach the bar, you see the building itself is small, and a bit ramshackle. A dingy sign outside reads "Spanky's Bar." You can hear some music drifting out of the open door
  62. 4:26 PM <Klurg> "Classy name." Said sarcastically, before she begins making her way in.
  63. 4:27 PM <%Soulless> He heads in.
  64. 4:27 PM <Odocoileus> She chuckles, as she head in "that is a helluva name."
  65. 4:27 PM <spookybee> Hadley follows Wren and Joshua!
  66. 4:28 PM <Varren> "God I hope they have pizza...think I could have a drink?" Is there a door?
  67. 4:28 PM <%ArseneLupin> Inside, you see through the cigarette smoke in the air a few things. A jukebox sits in the back and looks like it should not be working at this point. A tired looking man stands behind the bar cleaning off a glass. Meanwhile at a booth nearby you can see an old man half yelling something at a man who very obviously does not want to be there. The bartender gives you all a small wave. "Sit wherever."
  68. 4:29 PM <spookybee> Hads smiles at the bartender, and sits relatively nearby to him!
  69. 4:30 PM <%Soulless> He sits at the bar, orders something heavy.
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  71. 4:30 PM <Odocoileus> Wren lazily walks over to a booth near the sassy lad who is ripping this guy a new one and sits.
  72. 4:31 PM <Klurg> Tanya nods, and takes a seat with the group, preferably somewhere where she can hear the arguing
  73. 4:31 PM <%ArseneLupin> Joshua is given his drink in short order by the bartender who gives Hadley a half assed smile, obviously hating his job
  74. 4:32 PM <%ArseneLupin> As for the arguing... "I'M TELLING YOU RONNIE! I SAW IT WITH MY OWN TWO EYES!" "I'm sure you did Luke..."
  75. 4:32 PM <spookybee> Hadley turns in her seat and smiles at the yelling man now! SMILEHADS!
  76. 4:32 PM <spookybee> "Hello sir!"
  77. 4:32 PM <Varren> Moira stops at the bar for a drink, whiskey and water. Once she has it she is going over by the oldnfuck and Wren
  78. 4:32 PM <%Soulless> Joshua nurses his drink and listens into the yelling.
  79. 4:33 PM <Klurg> Tanya orders a drink as she listens to the argument
  80. 4:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> "YOU DO- huh? What do you want little missy?!"
  81. 4:33 PM <Odocoileus> Wren lights up a cigarette and eves drops, blowing smoke rings.
  82. 4:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> The bartender visibly frowns at Wren but does not stop her
  83. 4:33 PM <spookybee> "I'm sorry for interrupting, but I'm pretty curious as to what you... 'Saw'."
  84. 4:34 PM <%ArseneLupin> The old man hits the younger guy's shoulder lightly. "SEE! SOMEONE CARES!"
  85. 4:34 PM <%ArseneLupin> The man shakes his head. "Yeah yeah, I gotta head to work." He puts a 20 down on the table and gets up
  86. 4:35 PM <spookybee> Hadley scoots over and takes the now-leaving man's seat.
  87. 4:36 PM <%ArseneLupin> It is a booth if anyone else would like to join the chat
  88. 4:36 PM <spookybee> Oh! Okeedokee!
  89. 4:37 PM <Odocoileus> Wren nods to the guy leaving, "you okay there man?"
  90. 4:38 PM <spookybee> "Would you tell me what it is you saw, sir?"
  91. 4:38 PM <%ArseneLupin> The man nods to Wren. "Yeah, Luke just doesn't know when to separate his delusions from reality." He heads out
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  93. 4:38 PM <%ArseneLupin> The old man gives Hadley a toothless grin. "What's your name first little miss?"
  94. 4:38 PM <Odocoileus> She raises an eyebrow and gets up, plopping in the seat next to Hadley.
  95. 4:39 PM <Varren> "I am up for some delusion. Fuck it." Moira slides into the booth next to the guy and drinks. "I will listen to ya!"
  96. 4:39 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Eh? Oh! Ronny is gonna be sorry he missed this! So many nice people to listen!"
  97. 4:39 PM <spookybee> "My name is Sarah Bently, I'm an explorative fiction illustrator from Massachusetts."
  98. 4:40 PM <%ArseneLupin> He looks ecstatic to have so many people interested
  99. 4:40 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Nice to meet ya Sarah. What about you two?"
  100. 4:41 PM <spookybee> "It's a pleasure to meet you too!"
  101. 4:41 PM <Klurg> (Back, was getting dinner ready)
  102. 4:41 PM <%Soulless> Joshua looks to see if he can sneak off to smoke.
  103. 4:41 PM <Varren> "Miranda Daniels." She glances at the bar. "Hey! Do you guys do pizza!?"
  104. 4:42 PM <%ArseneLupin> Joshua may if he wishes. Go to HI2 if you wish to do so
  105. 4:42 PM <Odocoileus> "Casey Kon. Whats you're name?"
  106. 4:42 PM <%ArseneLupin> The bartender sighs. "Yes."
  107. 4:42 PM <Klurg> "
  108. 4:43 PM <%ArseneLupin> "I'm Luke Peterson! I was the best damn hunter this town had for yea-" He's interrupted by a coughing fit
  109. 4:43 PM <spookybee> Hads pats his back.
  110. 4:43 PM <Odocoileus> "you good?"
  111. 4:44 PM <Klurg> "Carie Jane." Tanya 'introduces' herself. "You alright?" She asks at the coughing fit, looking at him with concern.
  112. 4:44 PM <%ArseneLupin> He composes himself after a few moments, giving Hadley a grateful look. "Yeah... yeah I'm fine. Just a few too many years of smoking..."
  113. 4:44 PM <Varren> "Can ya fetch me a slice? I'd enjoy the fuck out of one." Moora slaps Luke on the back. "Easy chief."
  114. 4:45 PM <%ArseneLupin> The bartender sighs and shouts into the back. "WE GOT AN ORDER OF PIZZA!" "GOT IT!"
  115. 4:45 PM <Klurg> "So, hunter you said?"
  116. 4:45 PM <Klurg> "How was that like?"
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  118. 4:46 PM <%ArseneLupin> Luke nods. "It was great, put food on the table. Too old for that now though. Not that it would be any help anyways."
  119. 4:46 PM <spookybee> "Is it because of the thing you saw?"
  120. 4:47 PM <%ArseneLupin> He nods. "Yeah. Damn thing must be the cause of all the shit that's been going on..."
  121. 4:47 PM <Klurg> "what thing did you see?"
  122. 4:47 PM <spookybee> "Could you describe it for me?"
  123. 4:48 PM <Varren> "Shit going on? Damn this sounds good. My pap used to hunt! Taught me some shit." Shebsettles in next to Luke and takes a small drink.
  124. 4:48 PM <%Soulless> Joshua slips out.
  125. 4:48 PM <Varren> She glances at the other girls and then back at Luke
  126. 4:48 PM <Odocoileus> Wren whips out her sharpie and snags a napkin ready to doodle on it.
  127. 4:49 PM <%ArseneLupin> He thinks for a minute. "It was big, much bigger than a person. Walked on all fours. A great big tail with a stinger on it. Nearly got my leg before I managed to get it in the nose with a rock."
  128. 4:49 PM <Odocoileus> Wren doodles! "Mmm, what kinda stinger?"
  129. 4:50 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Like one of them scorpions they got in the deserts!"
  130. 4:50 PM <spookybee> Hadley goes through her registry.
  131. 4:50 PM <spookybee> "Did its neck have a mane, like a lion or hyena?"
  132. 4:50 PM <%ArseneLupin> "No, it did have fur though! Black as the night!"
  133. 4:51 PM <Odocoileus> She doods. "Did you see its face?"
  134. 4:51 PM <spookybee> "Was it like a feline's?"
  135. 4:52 PM <spookybee> She makes a thoughtful face. "... Or perhaps a goat's?"
  136. 4:53 PM <%ArseneLupin> He nods. "It had long whiskers like a cat. I could have sworn I saw them scratch marks into the trees."
  137. 4:53 PM <spookybee> "Manticore."
  138. 4:53 PM <%ArseneLupin> "A man whatsit?"
  139. 4:54 PM <spookybee> "A mythological creature, there's no real proof they exist." Hadley gives a happy grin.
  140. 4:54 PM <Klurg> "Yeah, that does sound like one."
  141. 4:54 PM <Odocoileus> She holds up her drawing for him to check out. "They have creepy eyes ive heard."
  142. 4:54 PM <spookybee> "Of course, that's not what this is. Manticore are from Persia."
  143. 4:55 PM <spookybee> "And also, mythological."
  144. 4:55 PM <%ArseneLupin> "What I saw sure as fuck seems mythological to me!"
  145. 4:55 PM <%ArseneLupin> Moira's Pizza comes
  146. 4:55 PM <%ArseneLupin> It's pretty damn good
  147. 4:56 PM <spookybee> "Myths do come from some truth, don't they? How big was the creature you saw?"
  148. 4:57 PM <%ArseneLupin> He brings his hand to about 4 feet high. "Bout yay big."
  149. 4:57 PM <Varren> Oh she snacks the fuck down on that. "You guys got any old buildings up there? My pap saw a dlnucha weird shit hunting and working. I ain't gonna say your nuts with things he saw."
  150. 4:58 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Pretty much every building around here is old. None more than others though."
  151. 4:59 PM <Varren> "Talkin abandoned our in the woods l. Those things always attract weird shit."
  152. 5:00 PM <spookybee> "... It could have been a mountain lion, with an injured tail. Lower spinal segments can often appear spike-like, like a stinger."
  153. 5:02 PM <%ArseneLupin> "If you want weird shit in the woods, there's this old cave that always gave me the heebies."
  154. 5:03 PM <Odocoileus> "where is it?"
  155. 5:03 PM <%ArseneLupin> "If you follow the trail till you find a knocked over tree, it's just west of there."
  156. 5:04 PM <Klurg> "And why'd it creep you out?@
  157. 5:04 PM <%Soulless> Joshua waits just outside, waiting for the rest of the group.
  158. 5:04 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Just never felt quite right. No animals ever nested there."
  159. 5:05 PM <spookybee> "It's possibly the area's apex predator, it's smart not to build nests near an apex den."
  160. 5:05 PM <Varren> "Aww hell yeah. Creepy shot is my game." Moira finishes her pizza slice and burps. "Fuck, I like you Luke. Imma buy you a drink. Yeah?"
  161. 5:05 PM <%ArseneLupin> He laughs. "Just dont tell my wife."
  162. 5:06 PM <Varren> "Could be the smell too. Animals avoid smells sometimes...Hey! Barkeep! Drink for Luke!"
  163. 5:07 PM <Varren> She drops cash on the table plus extra for him when he stops by to cover what she has ordered and tip.
  164. 5:07 PM <%ArseneLupin> He comes over and places a light beer in front of Luke before walking away. "You folks gonna head in there?"
  165. 5:08 PM <Klurg> Tanya tilts her head curiously. "Why do you ask?"
  166. 5:08 PM <spookybee> "I think I'd like to, yes."
  167. 5:08 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Sarah here said she was a fiction writer, just assumed you were all together. Go in, find inspiration for your writing shit."
  168. 5:10 PM <spookybee> Hads nods!
  169. 5:10 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Be sure to bring guns if you go. Bad juju in them woods now I think."
  170. 5:11 PM <Klurg> "Will do. Thank you for talking with us~"
  171. 5:12 PM <Odocoileus> "thanks for the tip." She smiles politely
  172. 5:12 PM <spookybee> "I'm always prepared!"
  173. 5:12 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Thanks for listening to the ramblings of an old man. It means a lot." He gives you all another toothless grin
  174. 5:13 PM <Odocoileus> Wren gets up and stretches, cracking her back.
  175. 5:13 PM <Odocoileus> "you guys wanna head out now?"
  176. 5:14 PM <spookybee> "I'd enjoy that!"
  177. 5:14 PM <Klurg> "Sure, let's go." Tanya stands up, Nd begins heading out.
  178. 5:14 PM <Odocoileus> Wren waves good by to luke and heads out
  179. 5:14 PM <%ArseneLupin> Luke gives you all a wave and begins sipping his drink
  180. 5:14 PM <Varren> Moira reaches out to shakes Luke's hand. "Always love a good tale. And dont worry. I got all the gun we need." She grins wide. "You a good old fuck man. Was good ta meet ya."
  181. 5:15 PM <%ArseneLupin> He shakes her hand with a weak grip. "Thanks miss. It was real nice to have someone to talk to."
  182. 5:16 PM <Varren> Moira gets up, she done paid for her shit just a moment ago. "I am ready to fuck out of this place. SEE YA LUKE!" and she fucks right out the front door of the bar.
  183. 5:16 PM <%ArseneLupin> Joshua should be outside waiting for you I believe
  184. 5:17 PM <%Soulless> "Fill me in."
  185. 5:17 PM <spookybee> Hadley steps outside!
  186. 5:17 PM <spookybee> Once outside, she smiles to Joshua. "We may be dealing with a Manticore. Feline, quadrupedal with whiskers and a scorpion-like stinger."
  187. 5:17 PM <Klurg> "Essentially, there's a manticore like creature around and a creepy cave." She tells Joshua once they're out of earshot of townsfolk
  188. 5:19 PM <%Soulless> "We're gonna head to the library and ask the librarian about the time he saw a limping person at night."
  189. 5:20 PM <spookybee> Hadley tilts her head and looks at Joshua with confusion.
  190. 5:21 PM <%Soulless> "shall we?"
  191. 5:22 PM <Klurg> She shrugs. "Sure. The more information the better. Though who'd you talk to to get that tip?"
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  193. 5:23 PM <Varren> Moira still has her drink actually. She finishes it and drops it by the door. "I am good to go. Libraries ain't my place though...." anywhere else of interest ?
  194. 5:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> Might be, what are you looking for?
  195. 5:24 PM <spookybee> "I can go to the library on my own, if you'd all like, and can signal you on our radios what I find.
  196. 5:24 PM <spookybee> "
  197. 5:25 PM <Varren> A place with rumors or a place where the Woodsie people hang out? If koira goes in a library she is going to end up shuffling the books to keep entertained
  198. 5:26 PM <%ArseneLupin> There's a hunting goods shop not too far from the library. That might be a good place to get what she wants
  199. 5:27 PM <Varren> Moira points. "I am gonna slink around that joint for a bit. Hunters might know sumthin. Follow me or dont. But if you do let's go." She scoots!
  200. 5:27 PM <%ArseneLupin> HI2 if anyone wants to accompany her
  201. 5:27 PM <Odocoileus> Wren shrugs and follows moira.
  202. 5:27 PM <%Soulless> Joshua heads to the library.
  203. 5:27 PM <%ArseneLupin> Anyone wanting to go to the library stay here
  204. 5:27 PM <spookybee> "I'll go to the library with Joshua." Hadley follows Josh!
  205. 5:29 PM <%ArseneLupin> Klurg: Where's Tanya going?
  206. 5:29 PM <Klurg> My bad. Hunting
  207. 5:30 PM <%ArseneLupin> HI2 then
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  209. 5:30 PM <%ArseneLupin> As you two head to the library, it's small like the other buildings you've seen. As soon as you head inside you see a brown haired man with glasses flipping through a book until he hears you come in and jerks his head up to smile at you. "Hello hello!"
  210. 5:31 PM AFKaeru → Kaeru
  211. 5:32 PM <%Soulless> "Hey, just here looking for some local gossip. Usually in the newspapers, you know?"
  212. 5:32 PM <spookybee> "Good evening, sir!" Hadley steps inside, and instantly flips on the VERITAS in her body, scanning the library's inside for thaumic radiation, including the books. Might as well look for magic books while you're in a library, right?"
  213. 5:33 PM ⇐ KaeruMobile quit (
  214. 5:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> Fair point Hadley, no magic in the library though
  215. 5:33 PM <spookybee> Woo!
  216. 5:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Ah, newspapers around here are a bit boring. I might have what you're looking for in here though." He taps the side of his head and laughs like he just made a great joke
  217. 5:37 PM <spookybee> Hads approaches and offers a hand to shake!
  218. 5:37 PM <%Soulless> "Oh? You a talker?" He smiles.
  219. 5:38 PM <%ArseneLupin> He shakes her hand. "Yes, but dont tell anyone."
  220. 5:41 PM <%Soulless> "I won't. Tell me 'bout somma the local news? I heard about them animals disappearing. Quite spooky."
  221. 5:42 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Oh definitely! I'm hoping it's something exciting so we can get in the news when it's cleared up!"
  222. 5:43 PM <spookybee> Hadley simply stands and listens with a polite happy expression!
  223. 5:43 PM <%Soulless> "Yeah, so you think there's anything else spooky happening in town?"
  224. 5:44 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Maybe not spooky, but I did see someone who looked hurt a few nights ago. No one seemed injured when I asked about it in the morning though."
  225. 5:46 PM <spookybee> "Did you happen to see this person's face clearly?"
  226. 5:46 PM ⇐ weizhong quit ( Quit: Going offline, see ya! (
  227. 5:46 PM <%ArseneLupin> "It was a bit dark, hard to tell. Definitely their leg was hurt though."
  228. 5:47 PM Izzy227_ → Lavender
  229. 5:48 PM <spookybee> "Understandable, yeah."
  230. 5:50 PM <%ArseneLupin> Was there someone you talked to that mentioned something about their leg?
  231. 5:53 PM <spookybee> Hadley reviews her memory!
  232. 5:53 PM <%ArseneLupin> Back in the bar from Luke: "It was big, much bigger than a person. Walked on all fours. A great big tail with a stinger on it. Nearly got my leg before I managed to get it in the nose with a rock."
  233. 5:54 PM <spookybee> Ah yes! "... I believe the man you saw was Luke, an older man who used to be a hunter."
  234. 5:54 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Oh! Glad he seems to be okay then! He's such a kind old man!"
  235. 5:56 PM <%Soulless> He nods. "Seems like things are altogether then... got any other rich gossip?" He laughs.
  236. 5:57 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Well, I hear Ronald over at the Hunting Goods Shop is doing some fraternizing with the blonde who covers his shifts if you know what I mean."
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  238. 5:58 PM <spookybee> "Is sexual intercourse with your coworkers prohibited there?"
  239. 5:59 PM <%ArseneLupin> "No, but her husband might not be too happy if he found out."
  240. 6:02 PM <%Soulless> He snickers.
  241. 6:02 PM <%Soulless> "That's juicy!"
  242. 6:02 PM <%ArseneLupin> He grins. "You didn't hear any of this from me though."
  243. 6:05 PM <spookybee> "I'll keep it quiet!"
  244. 6:06 PM <spookybee> Hadley looks at Joshua expectantly.
  245. 6:10 PM <%Soulless> He smiles. "Alright, seeya!"
  246. 6:11 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Seeya!" He goes back to his book
  247. 6:11 PM <%Soulless> He heads out.
  248. 6:12 PM <spookybee> Hadley waves, turns, and follows Joshua!
  249. 6:13 PM <Klurg> Tanya heads out to meet up with the others.
  250. 6:13 PM <Odocoileus> Wren follows Tanya!
  251. 6:13 PM <%ArseneLupin> Good news, you all seem to have gathered a fair bit of info. Bad news, the sun is starting to set
  252. 6:14 PM <spookybee> Hadley's a good night operator, but there are other people to worry about!
  253. 6:14 PM <%Soulless> "So what now?"
  254. 6:14 PM taylor_iOStkin → taylor_itkin
  255. 6:14 PM <%ArseneLupin> The woods are still waiting in utter silence. Not even the caw of a crow to break the darkness
  256. 6:15 PM <Klurg> "Well, night time is when the beasties usually come out. So perfect time."
  257. 6:15 PM <Odocoileus> "sounds like fun." She grins
  258. 6:16 PM <Klurg> "I mean, we could sleep here and wait till morning but I'm fine going out now."
  259. 6:17 PM <spookybee> "I don't sleep, so I'll remain awake and calculate a plan."
  260. 6:17 PM <Varren> Moira comes into scene with a wrapped package. Where we at?
  261. 6:17 PM <Varren> "Back."
  262. 6:18 PM <%ArseneLupin> On the street corner at the moment I assume
  263. 6:19 PM <Klurg> "So, will we sleep in town and wait till morning or go at it now? I personally lean to doing it now."
  264. 6:19 PM <spookybee> "... What's that?" She looks over, spotting Moira.
  265. 6:21 PM <Varren> "Mmmmmeat." Moira peeks around absently. I assume there is nothing of value worth nabbing here.
  266. 6:21 PM <%ArseneLupin> Nah, unless she likes empty coke bottles
  267. 6:21 PM <Varren> Fuck. "Hunting at night is a bad idea but the thing might be nocturnal."
  268. 6:22 PM <Varren> "Get lost real quick maybe."
  269. 6:23 PM <Odocoileus> "im down to spend the night and wait."
  270. 6:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> Noting that Luke got the leg injury at night according to the Librarian. Do with that what you will
  271. 6:26 PM <Klurg> "We could take the daytime to set traps, then night to hunt if we sleep."
  272. 6:26 PM <spookybee> "It seems the creature does hunt at night. That may actually give us a nocturnal advantage."
  273. 6:28 PM <%ArseneLupin> If you do want to sleep, there's a motel to stay at
  274. 6:29 PM <Varren> "I'm here to make sure you fucks love, not make choices. Lets do what ever I don't care."
  275. 6:29 PM <Odocoileus> "alright, all in favor of goin out now raise a hand. "
  276. 6:30 PM <Klurg> Tanya raises her hand
  277. 6:30 PM <Odocoileus> Wren raises hers.
  278. 6:30 PM <spookybee> Hadley raises her hand, but looks at Moira with a very confused face before she explains- "If the entity hunts at night, it's unlikely it'll be in its den, if the cave Luke mentioned is its home."
  279. 6:33 PM <Varren> "And if it isnt theb fuck all, we looking for shit all day. But I am here to shoot shit and get something worth while."
  280. 6:33 PM <Varren> Moira shrugs ar the vote.
  281. 6:34 PM → Veiedhimaedhr joined (
  282. 6:34 PM <spookybee> "From the sounds of it, the creature consists of relatively terrestrial forms, and it's likely that it could be disabled."
  283. 6:34 PM <spookybee> "I've also packed a tranquilizer pistol, as well."
  284. 6:35 PM <Varren> "I got an automatic rifle too....were we issued night vision?"
  285. 6:35 PM <%ArseneLupin> You were not. Flashlights were though
  286. 6:36 PM <Odocoileus> "i brought along Mavis, just in case we need to really out fire power out there."
  287. 6:36 PM ↔ Toulouse popped in  
  288. 6:38 PM <%ArseneLupin> Soulless poke
  289. 6:39 PM ↔ Odocoileus nipped out  
  290. 6:40 PM <%ArseneLupin>
  291. 6:41 PM ⇐ Prior quit (laughing@ur.dum.faic) Quit: Connection closed for inactivity
  292. 6:41 PM <%ArseneLupin> So, woods?
  293. 6:41 PM <spookybee> WOODS!
  294. 6:41 PM <Varren> "Fuck man. Tromping through the woods at night. We might get hunted and I'm gonna have ta save you fucks. Makes it interesting let's do it." Moira gets her pack and waits.
  295. 6:42 PM ⇐ ch00bakka and GabrielJade quit  
  296. 6:42 PM <spookybee> "Don't worry! My senses are perfectly tuned, I should be able to detect body movement in a radius."
  297. 6:44 PM <%ArseneLupin> Tanya, Joshua, Wren, woods?
  298. 6:44 PM <Odocoileus> Yasss
  299. 6:45 PM <Klurg> Aye
  300. 6:45 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, you all make your way towards the woods
  301. 6:46 PM <Klurg> If the party allows it, Tanya's gonna use her stealth spec so they all have one shared stealth roll made at the average stealth of the party rounding down
  302. 6:47 PM <%ArseneLupin> As you enter, the darkness around you in only pierced by the flashlights you all carry. The silence is almost oppressive around you, the crunching of the leaves beneath your feet being the only sound you can hear.
  303. 6:47 PM <Odocoileus> (Im cool with it Klurg)
  304. 6:48 PM <%ArseneLupin> Tanya can do that if everyone consents, but first roll me a perc everyone
  305. 6:48 PM <Klurg> 4df+3 hooray for training this skill... sorta
  306. 6:48 PM <Glacon> Klurg: hooray for training this skill... sorta: 4 (4df+3=+, +, -, 0)
  307. 6:48 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+4 eyebawls
  308. 6:48 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: eyebawls: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
  309. 6:49 PM <spookybee> 4df+5 PERC
  310. 6:49 PM <Glacon> spookybee: PERC: 8 (4df+5=+, +, +, 0)
  311. 6:50 PM <Varren> 4df+7 new place
  312. 6:50 PM <Glacon> Varren: new place: 9 (4df+7=+, -, +, +)
  313. 6:51 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, despite the darkness, you all see a flash of white in your beams of light for just a moment before you pass by it.
  314. 6:52 PM <%ArseneLupin> Looked like bones on the ground
  315. 6:52 PM <spookybee> !!!
  316. 6:52 PM <spookybee> Hadley walks over to look!
  317. 6:52 PM <%ArseneLupin> As soon as you give it a good look, you see what this is
  318. 6:52 PM <Varren> Moira, being the scout, moves to investigate-...nah, she lets hadley go. Maybe she will get bit
  319. 6:53 PM <Odocoileus> Wren keeps a look out
  320. 6:53 PM <spookybee> Hadley's a naive little bean.
  321. 6:53 PM <spookybee> And probably too curious for her own good!
  322. 6:53 PM <%ArseneLupin> It's a corpse of a rather large animal. Probably a deer judging by the antlers. It's picked absolutely clean, and the ribs and limb bones have been broken off. There's no sign of where they went, only the jagged bone shards and the grinning grimace of the skull smiling at you
  323. 6:54 PM <Varren> The antlers there? Is anything about to pounce on hadley?
  324. 6:55 PM <%ArseneLupin> There are broken stubs where the antlers are. Perc to look for nasties in the shadows
  325. 6:55 PM <spookybee> Hadley blinks. "... Missing limbs and antlers. Completely defleshed, down to the bone- Curious."
  326. 6:55 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+4 wren does a look!
  327. 6:55 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: wren does a look!: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
  328. 6:56 PM <Varren> 4df+5 looook
  329. 6:56 PM <Glacon> Varren: looook: 5 (4df+5=+, -, 0, 0)
  330. 6:56 PM <Klurg> 4df+3 I presume that perception roll is for all of us?
  331. 6:56 PM <Glacon> Klurg: I presume that perception roll is for all of us?: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, 0)
  332. 6:56 PM <Varren> How old does the corpse look?
  333. 6:56 PM <%ArseneLupin> None of you notice anything looking to take a bite out of Hadley
  334. 6:57 PM <%ArseneLupin> The corpse looks relatively fresh, maybe a day or two. Strange considering the utter lack of any flesh
  335. 6:57 PM <spookybee> Hadley looks the body over for any marks of claws or biting in the bones!
  336. 6:58 PM <%ArseneLupin> No claws or bite marks. Stripped clean amazingly well
  337. 6:58 PM <%ArseneLupin> Well
  338. 6:58 PM <%ArseneLupin> There are bite marks where the bones are broken, but nowhere else
  339. 6:58 PM <spookybee> Were the antlers broken off, or cut?"
  340. 6:58 PM <spookybee> *-"
  341. 6:58 PM <%ArseneLupin> Broken
  342. 6:58 PM <Varren> Moira...moves back from the group, looking to be unnoticed but be able to see if something shows up
  343. 6:58 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, roll Stealth
  344. 6:59 PM <Varren> What is that average roll thing? Am I using that?
  345. 6:59 PM <spookybee> 4df+2 SNK
  346. 6:59 PM <Glacon> spookybee: SNK: 4 (4df+2=+, +, -, +)
  347. 6:59 PM <%ArseneLupin> Just Moira
  348. 6:59 PM <%ArseneLupin> And the average sneak is for party wide rolls, use your own
  349. 6:59 PM <spookybee> Oh doi
  350. 7:00 PM → @DSJ|Mobile (opped) joined  ⇐ @DSJ quit  
  351. 7:00 PM <Varren> 4df+5 shadows time
  352. 7:00 PM <Glacon> Varren: shadows time: 6 (4df+5=0, +, 0, 0)
  353. 7:00 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, noting that down for now, carry on
  354. 7:01 PM <Klurg> (Roll partywide stealth not including Moira now if we all consent?
  355. 7:01 PM <%ArseneLupin> If you'd like
  356. 7:03 PM <Klurg> (Bee, Odo, you up for using Tanya's spec to make one stealth roll for all of us using our average score?)
  357. 7:03 PM <spookybee> Sure
  358. 7:05 PM <Odocoileus> Yaa
  359. 7:05 PM <Klurg> 4df+3 average stealth roll of Wren, Tanya, and Hadley
  360. 7:05 PM <Glacon> Klurg: average stealth roll of Wren, Tanya, and Hadley: 3 (4df+3=0, -, 0, +)
  361. 7:05 PM <%ArseneLupin> Noted that as well, carry on
  362. 7:06 PM <%ArseneLupin> Anything else you want to do with the door skeleton?
  363. 7:08 PM <spookybee> Hadley picks up one of the smaller bones, tucking it into a coat pocket.
  364. 7:08 PM <Odocoileus> Wren checks out some near by trees to see if there are any claw marks on em.
  365. 7:09 PM <%ArseneLupin> Hadley can do so, and roll PERC Wren
  366. 7:10 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+4 TRREESSSS
  367. 7:10 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: TRREESSSS: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, -)
  368. 7:11 PM <%ArseneLupin> She can't find any claw marks in the nearby trees
  369. 7:11 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+3
  370. 7:11 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: -1 (4df+3=-, -, -, -)
  371. 7:12 PM <spookybee> ...
  372. 7:12 PM <%ArseneLupin> Carry on
  373. 7:12 PM <spookybee> Hadley gets to walking, keeping the location of the cave in mind.
  374. 7:12 PM <spookybee> She's got the tranq-dart pistol in-hand.
  375. 7:12 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, as you walk, everyone give me Perc
  376. 7:13 PM <%ArseneLupin> 1df+4
  377. 7:13 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: 3 (1df+4=-)
  378. 7:13 PM <Klurg> 4df+3 -w-
  379. 7:13 PM <Glacon> Klurg: -w-: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, +, 0)
  380. 7:13 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+4 even
  381. 7:13 PM <spookybee> 4df+5 :D My Brand
  382. 7:13 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+4 im not liking this "carry on" shit
  383. 7:13 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: even: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
  384. 7:13 PM <Glacon> spookybee: :D My Brand: 4 (4df+5=0, 0, -, 0)
  385. 7:13 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: im not liking this "carry on" shit: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
  386. 7:14 PM <%ArseneLupin> SNAP
  387. 7:14 PM <%ArseneLupin> You all hear a loud snap from a bit into the trees, away from the trail
  388. 7:14 PM <spookybee> Hadley snaps her attention- And flashlight- In the direction of the snapping!
  389. 7:14 PM <Klurg> Tanya turns to the sound, and motions the team to follow in formation
  390. 7:15 PM <Varren> (Am here sorry phone call)
  391. 7:15 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+4
  392. 7:15 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: 4 (4df+4=0, -, +, 0)
  393. 7:15 PM <Odocoileus> Wren readies her glock and snaps her gaze to the sound
  394. 7:16 PM <%ArseneLupin> As you all walk towards the sounds, you hear another snap. And another. And before long, you manage to make your way to a clearing. And there you see what's making the noise
  395. 7:16 PM <%ArseneLupin> You see another deer corpse, this time with flesh still on it
  396. 7:16 PM <%ArseneLupin> And you see what snapped the bones off the last one
  397. 7:17 PM <%ArseneLupin> A pale white being, somewhat resembling a large dog is snapping the bones off and lying them in a pile. It has jagged teeth pushed into it's mouth, and you can see it's form ripple in waves with every snap. It doesn't seem to see you all.
  398. 7:18 PM <Klurg> Tanya motions for everybody to get ready to fire if needed
  399. 7:18 PM <spookybee> Hadley zooms her vision particularly close to the thing, trying to get a better look at it.
  400. 7:18 PM <Odocoileus> Wren nods and aims, keeping quiet
  401. 7:19 PM <%ArseneLupin> Hadley, there's not much else to see, but you can see the flesh looks almost molded like clay
  402. 7:19 PM <spookybee> Hadley looks over to the others, speaking quietly. "Would you like me to try to tranquilize it first?"
  403. 7:20 PM <Odocoileus> "if you can line up a good shot."
  404. 7:20 PM <%ArseneLupin> It snaps off the last rib and begins devouring the flesh
  405. 7:21 PM <Varren> Mpira stays in the trees a bit away from the group and aims her rifle for the thing. She waits in her sneaky spot
  406. 7:21 PM <Klurg> Tanya gets ready to do a sneak attack shot with her magnum if Hadley's tranquilizer fails
  407. 7:21 PM <Klurg> She nods to Hadley to do it
  408. 7:21 PM <spookybee> Hadley loads a dart into the gun, taking aim!
  409. 7:21 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll it
  410. 7:22 PM <spookybee> 4df+7 RNG + Combat Negotiator, assuming the tranq's non-lethal. Hadley fires! Foomp!
  411. 7:22 PM <Glacon> spookybee: RNG + Combat Negotiator, assuming the tranq's non-lethal. Hadley fires! Foomp!: 6 (4df+7=+, -, 0, -)
  412. 7:22 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+3 aroo?
  413. 7:22 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: aroo?: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, +, 0)
  414. 7:22 PM <%ArseneLupin> Hadley, you see the tranq hit it dead on
  415. 7:22 PM <%ArseneLupin> But...
  416. 7:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> A moment later, you see the flesh around it slowly pull the dart into the body of the beast, and it turns towards you with a low growl
  417. 7:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> Tanya you may attempt your shot if you wish
  418. 7:23 PM <Klurg> Tanya orders for all to fire as she fires a magnum shot at its paw
  419. 7:23 PM <spookybee> "That seemed ineffective."
  420. 7:23 PM <Klurg> 4df+6
  421. 7:23 PM <Glacon> Klurg: 5 (4df+6=+, 0, -, -)
  422. 7:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> And anyone else with held actions
  423. 7:24 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+3 aroo!
  424. 7:24 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: aroo!: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
  425. 7:24 PM <%ArseneLupin> Tanya, you don't even need to roll damage
  426. 7:24 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+6 wren pew pew!
  427. 7:24 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: wren pew pew!: 5 (4df+6=0, -, 0, 0)
  428. 7:24 PM <Klurg> Since sneak attack, it does all 6 points of damage, and on top of that...
  429. 7:24 PM <Klurg> d4 her spec for bonus damage
  430. 7:24 PM <Glacon> Klurg: her spec for bonus damage: 1 (d4=1)
  431. 7:24 PM <Klurg> 7 total damage
  432. 7:24 PM <Varren> Can moira pew from stealth since things be kicking off?
  433. 7:24 PM <%ArseneLupin> If she would like
  434. 7:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+3 aroo
  435. 7:25 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: aroo: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
  436. 7:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> Wren, sneak attack so max damage equal to your Ranged, thus 6
  437. 7:26 PM <Varren> Moira also would have sneak what damage does she get? Sorry, sneak attack makes little sense to me I meant to ask earlier
  438. 7:26 PM <%ArseneLupin> If you hit the attack, you roll your damage dice+your Ranged score
  439. 7:26 PM <%ArseneLupin> It cant go over the damage allowed by the damage dice though
  440. 7:26 PM <%ArseneLupin> So a +6 Ranged would max the damage out for instance
  441. 7:27 PM <Veiedhimaedhr> That's alot of damage
  442. 7:27 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll your attack
  443. 7:27 PM <Veiedhimaedhr> (fuk wrong channel sry)
  444. 7:27 PM <Varren> 4df+5 moira sneak shoot
  445. 7:27 PM <Glacon> Varren: moira sneak shoot: 3 (4df+5=-, +, -, -)
  446. 7:27 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+3 Awoo...
  447. 7:27 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Awoo...: 1 (4df+3=-, -, 0, 0)
  448. 7:27 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, 5+anything you roll is 6, so no roll for damage needed
  449. 7:28 PM <Varren> Woo
  450. 7:28 PM <%ArseneLupin> You all unleash your barrage of bullets, taking the dog out and turning it into bacon bits
  451. 7:28 PM → TomRos joined (
  452. 7:28 PM <spookybee> "..." Hadley tilts her head, holding a hand up in a 'standby' gesture.
  453. 7:29 PM <%ArseneLupin> Everyone roll Perc for me 1 last time
  454. 7:29 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+4 !!!
  455. 7:29 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: !!!: 6 (4df+4=+, +, +, -)
  456. 7:29 PM <Varren> 4df+5
  457. 7:29 PM <Glacon> Varren: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, -, +)
  458. 7:29 PM <spookybee> 4df+5 >w> <w<
  459. 7:29 PM <Glacon> spookybee: >w> <w<: 6 (4df+5=0, -, +, +)
  460. 7:31 PM <%ArseneLupin> Klurg ping
  461. 7:32 PM <Klurg> 4df+3 owo
  462. 7:32 PM <Glacon> Klurg: owo: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
  463. 7:32 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+3 Sneak
  464. 7:32 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+3 Sneak
  465. 7:32 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Sneak: 4 (4df+3=-, +, 0, +)
  466. 7:32 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+3 Sneak
  467. 7:32 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Sneak: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, 0)
  468. 7:32 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Sneak: 5 (4df+3=+, -, +, +)
  469. 7:32 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+2 Sneak
  470. 7:32 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Sneak: 3 (4df+2=0, +, -, +)
  471. 7:32 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, you all hear a subtle noise of cracking branches behind you
  472. 7:32 PM <Odocoileus> Wren whips around and aims
  473. 7:33 PM <spookybee> Hadley snaps her head to look.
  474. 7:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> As you turn, you see an intimidating sight behind you. Three more of the hounds are skulking behind you, ready to pounce. That's not what catches your eye immediately however
  475. 7:34 PM <Klurg> Tanya turns around to see this
  476. 7:35 PM <%ArseneLupin> A larger beast, made of the same pale flesh, towers over them. If they're the size of huskies, this one is the size of a large bear. It has sharp teeth imprinted into it's mouth. It's skin isn't quite the same as the other's despite the similarities however. It's shinier, glossier. And out of it's back, you see dozens of bones piercing out, including a few pairs of antlers. They all growl at you
  477. 7:35 PM <%ArseneLupin> Pause for Initiative
  478. 7:36 PM <%ArseneLupin> Everyone roll a d20
  479. 7:36 PM <Klurg> Wait, none of these are the manticores described correct?
  480. 7:36 PM <%ArseneLupin> No, strange isnt it?
  481. 7:36 PM <Klurg> No stinger tails or other things?
  482. 7:37 PM <Varren> d20 glac, be a good bro
  483. 7:37 PM <Glacon> Varren: glac, be a good bro: 2 (d20=2)
  484. 7:37 PM <Varren> Awwww fuck you
  485. 7:37 PM <%ArseneLupin> None of those things. It looks nothing like the description at all
  486. 7:37 PM <Klurg> d20 "'s a whole ecosystem of them."
  487. 7:37 PM <Glacon> Klurg: "'s a whole ecosystem of them.": 7 (d20=7)
  488. 7:37 PM <%ArseneLupin> d20 Porcupine
  489. 7:37 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Porcupine: 12 (d20=12)
  490. 7:37 PM <Odocoileus> d20 ooh deer
  491. 7:37 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: ooh deer: 8 (d20=8)
  492. 7:38 PM <%ArseneLupin> d20 Flesh Hounds
  493. 7:38 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Flesh Hounds: 20 (d20=20)
  494. 7:38 PM <spookybee> 1d20 HADLEY
  495. 7:38 PM <Klurg> (...k)
  496. 7:38 PM <Glacon> spookybee: HADLEY: 2 (1d20=2)
  497. 7:38 PM <spookybee> :|
  498. 7:38 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, initiative is as follows
  499. 7:39 PM <%ArseneLupin> Flesh Hounds, Wren, Tanya, Porcupine, Moira, Hadley
  500. 7:40 PM <%Soulless> d2-
  501. 7:40 PM <%Soulless> d20
  502. 7:40 PM <Glacon> Soulless: 15 (d20=15)
  503. 7:41 PM <%ArseneLupin> Slot Joshua in before the Porcupine
  504. 7:41 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, the larger beast barks a few times, deep barks, and two of the flesh hounds break off of the group
  505. 7:42 PM <%ArseneLupin> .ch H, M, W, T, J
  506. 7:42 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: J
  507. 7:42 PM <%ArseneLupin> And they both snarl at Joshua
  508. 7:42 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Pack Tactics Melee 1
  509. 7:42 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pack Tactics Melee 1: 6 (4df+6=+, +, -, -)
  510. 7:42 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Pack Tactics Melee 2
  511. 7:42 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pack Tactics Melee 2: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, -, +)
  512. 7:42 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll defense against both
  513. 7:42 PM ← TomRos left (
  514. 7:43 PM <%ArseneLupin> Meanwhile the last one....
  515. 7:43 PM <%ArseneLupin> .ch H, M, W, T, J
  516. 7:43 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: T
  517. 7:43 PM <%ArseneLupin> Takes a bit out of Tanya
  518. 7:43 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Pack Tactics Melee
  519. 7:43 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pack Tactics Melee: 7 (4df+6=0, -, +, +)
  520. 7:43 PM <Klurg> 4df+6 acrobatics
  521. 7:43 PM <Glacon> Klurg: acrobatics: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, +, -)
  522. 7:43 PM <%ArseneLupin> Does not do over 10 for the sake of her spec
  523. 7:43 PM <%ArseneLupin> 1d3 Bite
  524. 7:43 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Bite: 3 (1d3=3)
  525. 7:44 PM <%ArseneLupin> That's 3 damage to Tanya
  526. 7:44 PM <%Soulless> 4df+5 acrobatics?
  527. 7:44 PM <Glacon> Soulless: acrobatics?: 8 (4df+5=0, +, +, +)
  528. 7:44 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll 1 more time
  529. 7:44 PM <%Soulless> 4df+5 fug
  530. 7:44 PM <Glacon> Soulless: fug: 7 (4df+5=0, +, +, 0)
  531. 7:44 PM <%Soulless> oh ok
  532. 7:45 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, you manage to dodge out of the way of both of them
  533. 7:45 PM <%ArseneLupin> Wren, you're up
  534. 7:45 PM <%ArseneLupin> Tanya, you're next so get ready
  535. 7:46 PM <spookybee> .rem Initiative - Flesh Hounds, Wren, Tanya, Porcupine, Moira, Hadley
  536. 7:46 PM <Glacon> spookybee: done.
  537. 7:46 PM <spookybee> .rem Initiative - Flesh Hounds, Wren, Tanya, Joshua, Porcupine, Moira, Hadley
  538. 7:46 PM <Glacon> spookybee: forgetting "Initiative - Flesh Hounds, Wren, Tanya, Porcupine, Moira, Hadley", remembering this instead.
  539. 7:46 PM <Odocoileus> Wren takes her turn to ready up mavis.
  540. 7:46 PM <%ArseneLupin> Oooo, that's a good idea
  541. 7:46 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, Tanya up
  542. 7:46 PM <Klurg> 4df+6 Tanya sneak into the trees to avoid being targeted
  543. 7:46 PM <Glacon> Klurg: Tanya sneak into the trees to avoid being targeted: 6 (4df+6=-, 0, +, 0)
  544. 7:47 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+4 Look?
  545. 7:47 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Look?: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
  546. 7:47 PM <%ArseneLupin> Counting Tanya as the defender here, you're good
  547. 7:47 PM <%ArseneLupin> Turn over though
  548. 7:47 PM <%ArseneLupin> Joshua go
  549. 7:50 PM <%Soulless> Joshua looks for some sort of weakness if possible?
  550. 7:51 PM <%ArseneLupin> He can try, but these things dont really seem to have much in the way of that at a glance
  551. 7:52 PM <%Soulless> Okay, then he tries to shoot something, let's say, a hound
  552. 7:52 PM <%Soulless> 4df+4 light gun
  553. 7:52 PM <Glacon> Soulless: light gun: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
  554. 7:52 PM <%ArseneLupin> Big or little?
  555. 7:52 PM <%Soulless> little
  556. 7:52 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Pack Tactics RES
  557. 7:52 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pack Tactics RES: 3 (4df+6=-, -, 0, -)
  558. 7:52 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll damage
  559. 7:52 PM <%Soulless> 1d4 aaa
  560. 7:52 PM <Glacon> Soulless: aaa: 1 (1d4=1)
  561. 7:52 PM <%ArseneLupin> You ping it, and it seems to take a fair bit of it off with the shot
  562. 7:53 PM <%ArseneLupin> Porcupine's Turn
  563. 7:53 PM <%ArseneLupin> .ch H, M, W, T, J
  564. 7:53 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: H
  565. 7:53 PM <%ArseneLupin> The large beast growls at Hadley and arches it's back
  566. 7:53 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+5 Ranged
  567. 7:53 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Ranged: 6 (4df+5=0, 0, +, 0)
  568. 7:54 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll to defend
  569. 7:54 PM → TomRos joined (
  570. 7:56 PM <spookybee> 4df+5 RESILIENCE!
  571. 7:56 PM <Glacon> spookybee: RESILIENCE!: 6 (4df+5=+, 0, -, +)
  572. 7:57 PM <%ArseneLupin> You feel a gust of wind as a jagged leg bone shoots out of it's back and impales itself into the tree next to you
  573. 7:57 PM <%ArseneLupin> He growls again and seems to narrow it's eyes at you
  574. 7:57 PM <%ArseneLupin> Moira, you're up
  575. 7:58 PM <spookybee> "They're using consumed bone matter as weaponry." Hadley conveys to her team.
  576. 7:58 PM <Varren> Moira gonna crouch and use her steady stance to fire a burst at the little hounds head! Gotta kill those numbers to keep them from being an issue
  577. 7:59 PM <%ArseneLupin> The one Joshua hit or a new one?
  578. 7:59 PM <Varren> 4df+5 pew pew pew
  579. 7:59 PM <Glacon> Varren: pew pew pew: 7 (4df+5=+, +, -, +)
  580. 7:59 PM <Varren> Yes that one
  581. 7:59 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Pack Tactics RES
  582. 7:59 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pack Tactics RES: 7 (4df+6=-, 0, +, +)
  583. 7:59 PM <%ArseneLupin> It's skin absorbs your bullets and they dont seem to hit home
  584. 7:59 PM <%ArseneLupin> Hadley
  585. 8:00 PM <spookybee> Hadley draws her own pistol, taking shots at Porcupine's legs.
  586. 8:00 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll it
  587. 8:00 PM → ch00bakka joined (
  588. 8:01 PM <spookybee> 4df+7 Combat Negotiator - Pew Pew! No killshots!
  589. 8:01 PM <Glacon> spookybee: Combat Negotiator - Pew Pew! No killshots!: 5 (4df+7=-, -, 0, 0)
  590. 8:01 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Rubber Skin
  591. 8:01 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Rubber Skin: 8 (4df+6=0, +, +, 0)
  592. 8:01 PM <%ArseneLupin> Your shots hit it's legs and you can see the skin stretch, but the bullets dont break through. They're just held there
  593. 8:02 PM <%ArseneLupin> Flesh Hounds are up
  594. 8:02 PM <%ArseneLupin> The two attacking Joshua see that Moira tried to take a shot on them, and rushes towards her
  595. 8:02 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Pack Tactics 1
  596. 8:02 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pack Tactics 1: 4 (4df+6=-, -, +, -)
  597. 8:02 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Pack Tactics 2
  598. 8:02 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pack Tactics 2: 3 (4df+6=-, -, -, 0)
  599. 8:02 PM <%ArseneLupin> Moira roll defenses
  600. 8:02 PM <%ArseneLupin> .ch H, M, W, T, J
  601. 8:02 PM <Varren> 4df+5 dodge!
  602. 8:02 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: H
  603. 8:02 PM <Glacon> Varren: dodge!: 4 (4df+5=-, +, 0, -)
  604. 8:03 PM <Varren> 4df+5 Doooooodge
  605. 8:03 PM <%ArseneLupin> You're good for the first, roll your second
  606. 8:03 PM <Glacon> Varren: Doooooodge: 3 (4df+5=-, -, -, +)
  607. 8:03 PM <%ArseneLupin> Just
  608. 8:03 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, you dodge both
  609. 8:03 PM <%ArseneLupin> But the third is going after Hadlet
  610. 8:03 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Pack Tactics
  611. 8:03 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pack Tactics: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, +, -)
  612. 8:03 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll defenses Hadley
  613. 8:03 PM <spookybee> 4df+5 Hadley blocks with a sturdy arm!
  614. 8:03 PM <Glacon> spookybee: Hadley blocks with a sturdy arm!: 8 (4df+5=+, 0, +, +)
  615. 8:04 PM <spookybee> Tasty tasty metal bones and wires.
  616. 8:04 PM <%ArseneLupin> Indeed it do. A few of the teeth chip off on the metal
  617. 8:04 PM <%ArseneLupin> Wren, you're up
  618. 8:04 PM <%ArseneLupin> And Mavis is charged
  619. 8:04 PM <%ArseneLupin> Of note however, every enemy is engaged with an ally except the Porcupine
  620. 8:04 PM <spookybee> ... Who's Mavis?
  621. 8:05 PM <%ArseneLupin> Her Grenade Launcher
  622. 8:05 PM <Odocoileus> That's perfect. Mavie is wren's grenade launcher
  623. 8:05 PM <spookybee> Ah!
  624. 8:05 PM → DrSavage joined (
  625. 8:05 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+7 she go BOOM at the porcupine's head
  626. 8:05 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: she go BOOM at the porcupine's head: 8 (4df+7=0, 0, 0, +)
  627. 8:05 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Rubber Skin
  628. 8:06 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Rubber Skin: 6 (4df+6=-, 0, +, 0)
  629. 8:06 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, roll damage
  630. 8:06 PM <Odocoileus> d10
  631. 8:06 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: 1 (d10=1)
  632. 8:06 PM <Odocoileus> Welp!
  633. 8:06 PM <%ArseneLupin> Ouch
  634. 8:06 PM <Odocoileus> Gg
  635. 8:06 PM <Klurg> F
  636. 8:06 PM <%ArseneLupin> The Grenade was apparently a dud, it did however bonk it on the head
  637. 8:06 PM <%ArseneLupin> Tanya
  638. 8:07 PM <Klurg> Tanya attacks from stealth, switching to her lighter pistol (not the raven one) and sneak attacking one of the hounds
  639. 8:07 PM <Klurg> 4df+8 light ranged
  640. 8:07 PM <Glacon> Klurg: light ranged: 7 (4df+8=+, -, 0, -)
  641. 8:07 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Rubber Skin
  642. 8:07 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Rubber Skin: 6 (4df+6=-, -, +, +)
  643. 8:07 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll for your Sneak Attack Damage, that's 4 default from Sneak Attack
  644. 8:08 PM <Klurg> d4 spec damage
  645. 8:08 PM <Glacon> Klurg: spec damage: 4 (d4=4)
  646. 8:08 PM <Klurg> YEET
  647. 8:08 PM <%ArseneLupin> Oof
  648. 8:08 PM <%ArseneLupin> You shot gets it right in the face, and it looks pissed
  649. 8:08 PM <%ArseneLupin> Joshua up
  650. 8:09 PM <%ArseneLupin> Wait
  651. 8:09 PM <%ArseneLupin> You shoot a hound down no problem
  652. 8:10 PM <%ArseneLupin> Now Joshua
  653. 8:10 PM <%ArseneLupin> You also notice however, that the other 2 Flesh Hounds seem to slouch a bit, and their muscles untense just a bit
  654. 8:11 PM <%Soulless> Joshua shoots at the untense hound.
  655. 8:11 PM <%Soulless> 4df+4 light weapon
  656. 8:11 PM <Glacon> Soulless: light weapon: 4 (4df+4=+, +, -, -)
  657. 8:11 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+5 Pack Tactics RES
  658. 8:11 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pack Tactics RES: 8 (4df+5=+, 0, +, +)
  659. 8:11 PM <%ArseneLupin> You just cant get a bead on it unfortunately
  660. 8:11 PM <%ArseneLupin> Porcupine up.
  661. 8:12 PM <%ArseneLupin> Hadley, you can swear you see it grin at you as you see it's streching leg release
  662. 8:12 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+7 Rubber Skin Counterattack
  663. 8:12 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Rubber Skin Counterattack: 7 (4df+7=0, 0, -, +)
  664. 8:12 PM <%ArseneLupin> Hadley roll to defend
  665. 8:12 PM <%ArseneLupin> .ch H, M, W, T, J
  666. 8:12 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: H
  667. 8:13 PM <%ArseneLupin> It also shoots out another bone
  668. 8:13 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+7 Light Ranged
  669. 8:13 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Light Ranged: 7 (4df+7=-, +, -, +)
  670. 8:15 PM <spookybee> 4df+5 :3c
  671. 8:15 PM <Glacon> spookybee: :3c: 8 (4df+5=0, +, +, +)
  672. 8:15 PM <spookybee> :3C
  673. 8:15 PM <%ArseneLupin> That's one
  674. 8:16 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll me a second for the bone
  675. 8:16 PM <spookybee> 4df+5 :3c part 2: Electric Boogaloo
  676. 8:16 PM <Glacon> spookybee: :3c part 2: Electric Boogaloo: 6 (4df+5=-, +, 0, +)
  677. 8:17 PM <%ArseneLupin> You manage to avoid damage from your own bullets, but the antlers come flying out and stick you in the shoulder
  678. 8:17 PM <%ArseneLupin> 1d4
  679. 8:17 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: 1 (1d4=1)
  680. 8:17 PM <%ArseneLupin> 1 damage as it doesn't get very deep
  681. 8:17 PM <%ArseneLupin> Moira
  682. 8:18 PM <Varren> How many doggos are left?
  683. 8:18 PM <%ArseneLupin> 2
  684. 8:18 PM <spookybee> Hadley jerks back from the impact, but seems relatively alright!
  685. 8:18 PM <Varren> Is one damaged?
  686. 8:19 PM <%ArseneLupin> No, that one got taken out
  687. 8:19 PM <Varren> Then she is gonna go for either doggo. Whichever is closer to her!
  688. 8:19 PM <Varren> 4df+5 pewpewpew
  689. 8:19 PM <Glacon> Varren: pewpewpew: 7 (4df+5=-, +, +, +)
  690. 8:19 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+5 Pack Tactics RES
  691. 8:19 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pack Tactics RES: 7 (4df+5=+, 0, +, 0)
  692. 8:19 PM <%ArseneLupin> Jesus
  693. 8:19 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, it dodges it
  694. 8:19 PM <%ArseneLupin> Hadley
  695. 8:20 PM <%ArseneLupin> You got antlers sticking in your shoulder an an angry Porcupine staring you down
  696. 8:22 PM <spookybee> Hadley rips it out with the arm on that side, raising her pistol to fire at Porcupine's dumb face!
  697. 8:22 PM <spookybee> Well, more like gently pulls it out, Hadley doesn't do rough stuff like ripping.
  698. 8:22 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll it
  699. 8:22 PM <spookybee> 4df+5 Pew Pew
  700. 8:22 PM <Glacon> spookybee: Pew Pew: 4 (4df+5=0, -, +, -)
  701. 8:22 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Rubber Skin
  702. 8:22 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Rubber Skin: 7 (4df+6=0, +, +, -)
  703. 8:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> The bullet stretch against the skin again
  704. 8:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> Just cant seem to break through
  705. 8:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> Flesh Hounds are up and they're teaming up
  706. 8:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> .ch H, M, W, T, J
  707. 8:23 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: W
  708. 8:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> Against Wren
  709. 8:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+5 Pack Tactics 1
  710. 8:23 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pack Tactics 1: 8 (4df+5=+, +, 0, +)
  711. 8:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+5 Pack Tactics 2
  712. 8:23 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pack Tactics 2: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, +, -)
  713. 8:24 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+5 !!!
  714. 8:24 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: !!!: 7 (4df+5=0, +, 0, +)
  715. 8:24 PM <%ArseneLupin> That's one
  716. 8:24 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+5 !!!x2
  717. 8:24 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: !!!x2: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, 0)
  718. 8:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, you dodge one of them, but the other takes a bite out of you leg
  719. 8:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> 1d3 CHOMP
  720. 8:25 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: CHOMP: 1 (1d3=1)
  721. 8:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> Only 1 damage
  722. 8:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> On the brightside, it is your turn now
  723. 8:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> You do have a hound biting your leg, so keep that in mind as you plan your turn
  724. 8:26 PM <Odocoileus> She pulls out her glock and pewpews the doggo chomping on her!
  725. 8:26 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+6
  726. 8:26 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: 9 (4df+6=0, +, +, +)
  727. 8:27 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+5 Pact Tactics OWO
  728. 8:27 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pact Tactics OWO: 3 (4df+5=-, 0, 0, -)
  729. 8:27 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll damage
  730. 8:27 PM <Odocoileus> d6
  731. 8:27 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: 1 (d6=1)
  732. 8:27 PM <%ArseneLupin> Wow
  733. 8:27 PM <Odocoileus> Whats with all the ones tonight man?
  734. 8:27 PM <%Soulless> nah
  735. 8:27 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, you manage to get it to stop biting you at least
  736. 8:27 PM <%Soulless> joshua
  737. 8:27 PM <%Soulless> writes in his notebook
  738. 8:28 PM <%Soulless> roll additional 2d6
  739. 8:28 PM <Odocoileus> Me?
  740. 8:28 PM <Odocoileus> 2d6 okie
  741. 8:28 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: okie: 8 (2d6=5, 3)
  742. 8:28 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, taking the highest there
  743. 8:28 PM <%Soulless> She rolls a 5.
  744. 8:28 PM <%Soulless> Joshua now has ONE last free use.
  745. 8:28 PM <%ArseneLupin> Wren, you press your gun against it's head, and blow it's brains out
  746. 8:28 PM <%ArseneLupin> It's dead and the last Flesh Hound slimps more
  747. 8:29 PM <%ArseneLupin> *slumps
  748. 8:29 PM <%ArseneLupin> Tanya
  749. 8:29 PM <Klurg> Tanya's out of stealth now right?
  750. 8:29 PM <%ArseneLupin> Yup
  751. 8:29 PM <Klurg> 4df+6 back in stealth we go
  752. 8:29 PM <Glacon> Klurg: back in stealth we go: 5 (4df+6=0, -, -, +)
  753. 8:29 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+4 Do you?
  754. 8:29 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Do you?: 6 (4df+4=+, -, +, +)
  755. 8:29 PM <%ArseneLupin> You do not
  756. 8:30 PM <%ArseneLupin> You can still attack though
  757. 8:30 PM <Klurg> 4df+8 die you annoying dog (at flesh hound)
  758. 8:30 PM <Glacon> Klurg: die you annoying dog (at flesh hound): 7 (4df+8=0, -, -, +)
  759. 8:30 PM <%ArseneLupin> The Porcupine barks at you and the other Flesh Hound turns to look at you
  760. 8:30 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+4 Pack Tactics RES
  761. 8:30 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Pack Tactics RES: 7 (4df+4=+, 0, +, +)
  763. 8:30 PM <%Soulless> Nah one last time
  764. 8:30 PM <%Soulless> Roll additional 4df Klurg
  765. 8:31 PM <%Soulless> 2 4dfs
  766. 8:31 PM <%Soulless> so a 2df
  767. 8:31 PM <Klurg> 4df+8
  768. 8:31 PM <Glacon> Klurg: 7 (4df+8=-, -, 0, +)
  769. 8:31 PM <%Soulless> no no sorry
  770. 8:31 PM <%Soulless> roll 2df
  771. 8:31 PM <Klurg> 2df
  772. 8:31 PM <Glacon> Klurg: -1 (2df=-, 0)
  773. 8:31 PM <%Soulless> So they have an 8
  774. 8:31 PM <%ArseneLupin> Yup, changed a - to 0
  775. 8:31 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll Damage
  776. 8:31 PM <spookybee> (holy shit im super sorry I just 100% spaced out staring at the scree)
  777. 8:31 PM <spookybee> *screen
  778. 8:31 PM <%Soulless> Joshua's out of free uses!
  779. 8:32 PM <Klurg> d4
  780. 8:32 PM <Glacon> Klurg: 2 (d4=2)
  781. 8:32 PM <%ArseneLupin> You deal some good damage to the hound, and it looks pretty beat up
  782. 8:32 PM <%ArseneLupin> Joshua
  783. 8:32 PM <%Soulless> What other enemies are available?>
  784. 8:32 PM <%ArseneLupin> 1 Hound, 1 Porcupine
  785. 8:32 PM <%Soulless> 4df+4 vs porcupine
  786. 8:32 PM <Glacon> Soulless: vs porcupine: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, -, +)
  787. 8:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Rubber Skin
  788. 8:33 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Rubber Skin: 5 (4df+6=-, 0, 0, 0)
  789. 8:33 PM <%Soulless> rip
  790. 8:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> Your bullets sink into it's skin as well
  791. 8:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> Porcupine turn
  792. 8:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> The bullets it caught all launch back at their owners
  793. 8:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+4 Rubber Skin Counter Joshua
  794. 8:33 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Rubber Skin Counter Joshua: 2 (4df+4=-, -, -, +)
  795. 8:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+5 Rubber Skin Counter Hadley
  796. 8:33 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Rubber Skin Counter Hadley: 5 (4df+5=0, -, 0, +)
  797. 8:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> Both Roll defenses
  798. 8:34 PM <%ArseneLupin> .ch H, M, W, T, J
  799. 8:34 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: H
  800. 8:34 PM <%ArseneLupin> Meanwhile this thing apparently hates Hadley and shoot another set of antlers
  801. 8:34 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+7 Light Ranged
  802. 8:34 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Light Ranged: 10 (4df+7=+, 0, +, +)
  803. 8:34 PM <Klurg> (Really hates Hadley)
  804. 8:34 PM <spookybee> 4df+5 1
  805. 8:34 PM <Glacon> spookybee: 1: 4 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, -)
  806. 8:34 PM <spookybee> 4df+5 2 It hates her beautiful robot face!
  807. 8:34 PM <Glacon> spookybee: 2 It hates her beautiful robot face!: 4 (4df+5=+, -, 0, -)
  808. 8:34 PM <%ArseneLupin> 2d4 Hadley Damage
  809. 8:34 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Hadley Damage: 6 (2d4=2, 4)
  810. 8:35 PM <spookybee> :C
  811. 8:35 PM <%ArseneLupin> 6 Damage as your bullets hit you alongside a set of antlers to the side
  812. 8:36 PM <Varren> Does moira get the feelings these things can be knocked out?
  813. 8:37 PM <%ArseneLupin> Not really
  814. 8:37 PM <spookybee> Ouchie!
  815. 8:37 PM <%ArseneLupin> From the ones that have been killed, you cant see any organs
  816. 8:38 PM <Klurg> The porcupine's flesh looks taught and rubbery right?
  817. 8:38 PM <%ArseneLupin> Yup
  818. 8:38 PM <%ArseneLupin> Joshua still need to roll defense
  819. 8:38 PM <%Soulless> wait what
  820. 8:38 PM <%Soulless> where
  821. 8:39 PM <%ArseneLupin> Your shot got reflected up above. Rubber Skin Counter Joshua
  822. 8:39 PM <Klurg> It targeted Joshua and rolled a 2
  823. 8:39 PM <%Soulless> 4df+5 acrobatics
  824. 8:39 PM <Glacon> Soulless: acrobatics: 4 (4df+5=0, +, -, -)
  825. 8:39 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, the bullets miss.
  826. 8:39 PM <%ArseneLupin> Moira up
  827. 8:39 PM ⇐ %Taffeta quit ( Quit: Connection closed for inactivity
  828. 8:40 PM <Varren> Then...maybe she can break away into sneaky?
  829. 8:40 PM <%ArseneLupin> She can try for sure yeah
  830. 8:40 PM <Varren> 4df+5 slunk
  831. 8:40 PM <Glacon> Varren: slunk: 1 (4df+5=-, -, -, -)
  832. 8:40 PM <Varren> .....
  833. 8:40 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+4 Sorry
  834. 8:40 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Sorry: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
  835. 8:40 PM <%ArseneLupin> The Porcupine growls at you, letting you know it sees you
  836. 8:40 PM <%ArseneLupin> You can still attack
  837. 8:41 PM <Varren> "FUCK YOU"
  838. 8:41 PM <Varren> 4df+5 she shoot
  839. 8:41 PM <Glacon> Varren: she shoot: 5 (4df+5=+, -, -, +)
  840. 8:41 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 He defend
  841. 8:41 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: He defend: 4 (4df+6=0, -, -, 0)
  842. 8:41 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll damage
  843. 8:41 PM <Varren> 1d6
  844. 8:41 PM <Glacon> Varren: 4 (1d6=4)
  845. 8:41 PM <Varren> Yeet
  846. 8:41 PM <%ArseneLupin> The bullets get caught on the rubber skin, stretching against and not seeming like it's gonna break through
  847. 8:42 PM <%ArseneLupin> Your fears are alleviated after a moment, when it finally breaks skin
  848. 8:42 PM <%ArseneLupin> The Porcupine howls in pain, and it's eyes lock onto you
  849. 8:42 PM <%ArseneLupin> Hadley
  850. 8:42 PM <spookybee> Hadley >:|
  851. 8:43 PM <Varren> was her that did that <_<
  852. 8:43 PM <spookybee> Hadley reaches up and yanks the sharp bone-spike from the tree, and flings it at Porcupine's seeing-parts!
  853. 8:44 PM <%ArseneLupin> Go for it. That spike is a medium weapon however
  854. 8:44 PM <spookybee> 4df+5 RNG Woosh!
  855. 8:44 PM <Glacon> spookybee: RNG Woosh!: 7 (4df+5=+, 0, +, 0)
  856. 8:44 PM <spookybee> (I've actually constantly forgotten about the light-weapon boost so s'all good)
  857. 8:44 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Defend
  858. 8:44 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Defend: 6 (4df+6=+, +, -, -)
  859. 8:45 PM <spookybee>  >:3c
  860. 8:45 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll it, 1d6 damage
  861. 8:45 PM <%ArseneLupin> -1 for improvised weapon
  862. 8:45 PM <spookybee> 1d6-1 Spinning killy death
  863. 8:45 PM <Glacon> spookybee: Spinning killy death: 1 (1d6-1=2)
  864. 8:45 PM <spookybee> fuckingggg
  865. 8:45 PM <%ArseneLupin> Better than the possible 0 there
  866. 8:45 PM <%Soulless> Joshua spends 3 health. Roll 2d6?
  867. 8:45 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, yeah
  868. 8:46 PM <%ArseneLupin> 2d6
  869. 8:46 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: 6 (2d6=3, 3)
  870. 8:46 PM <%Soulless> damn
  871. 8:46 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, 2 damage from the spike then
  872. 8:46 PM <Klurg> (Since the spike was flung at seeing parts, does that mean we can stealth against it and attack on the same turn?)
  873. 8:46 PM <%Soulless> He Tried lol
  874. 8:46 PM <%Soulless> Joshua is bleeding lightly now, from an unknown wound.
  875. 8:46 PM <%ArseneLupin> The spike impales into the eyes of the beast, and you can see the eyes disappear
  876. 8:47 PM → GabrielJade joined (
  877. 8:47 PM <%ArseneLupin> A moment later however, the eyes reappear and meld back together a few inches higher on it's face
  878. 8:47 PM <%ArseneLupin> Wren's turn
  879. 8:47 PM <%ArseneLupin> This thing is pissed at everyone now
  880. 8:48 PM <Odocoileus> Wren takes her turn to set up mavis if she can
  881. 8:49 PM <%ArseneLupin> She already set her up, she's good
  882. 8:49 PM <%ArseneLupin> You can attack this turn if you'd like with it
  883. 8:49 PM <Odocoileus> Aayy
  884. 8:49 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+7 MAAAAVVIISSSSS
  885. 8:49 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: MAAAAVVIISSSSS: 7 (4df+7=+, 0, -, 0)
  886. 8:50 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Rubber Skin
  887. 8:50 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Rubber Skin: 7 (4df+6=+, -, 0, +)
  888. 8:50 PM <%ArseneLupin> Wren
  889. 8:50 PM <%ArseneLupin> The grenade stretches against it's skin
  890. 8:50 PM <%ArseneLupin> Joshua go
  891. 8:50 PM <Odocoileus> lame
  892. 8:50 PM <Klurg> (Isn't Tanya next?)
  893. 8:50 PM <%ArseneLupin> Oh wait, yeah
  894. 8:50 PM <%ArseneLupin> Sorry
  895. 8:51 PM <Klurg> Can Tanya attempt to detonate the grenade by shooting it?
  896. 8:51 PM <%ArseneLupin> He can try, but that's gonna be -3 to get that precise a shot
  897. 8:51 PM <%ArseneLupin> *she
  898. 8:51 PM <Klurg> 4df+5 light ranged
  899. 8:51 PM <Glacon> Klurg: light ranged: 5 (4df+5=0, -, +, 0)
  900. 8:51 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6
  901. 8:51 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: 6 (4df+6=-, +, +, -)
  902. 8:52 PM <%ArseneLupin> Sorry, cant quite hit it, your bullets also unfortunately get caught
  903. 8:52 PM <%ArseneLupin> Joshua npw
  904. 8:52 PM <%ArseneLupin> *now
  905. 8:52 PM <%Soulless> 4df+4 vs hound?
  906. 8:52 PM <Glacon> Soulless: vs hound?: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
  907. 8:52 PM <%ArseneLupin> No hounds left, just Porcupine. Shooting him?
  908. 8:52 PM <Klurg> (There's only porcupine left)
  909. 8:52 PM <%Soulless> oh ok
  910. 8:52 PM <Klurg> (Which can reflect boolets)
  911. 8:52 PM <%Soulless> no, joshua goes to Hadley
  912. 8:53 PM <%Soulless> does anyone else have engineering?
  913. 8:53 PM <%Soulless> Can he repair her somewhat?
  914. 8:53 PM <%ArseneLupin> He cannot
  915. 8:53 PM <Klurg> Wren and Hadley do
  916. 8:53 PM <%Soulless> damn nvm
  917. 8:53 PM <%ArseneLupin> As per her flaw, she has no way to regain health during a mission
  918. 8:54 PM <%Soulless> He takes a light knife and attempt to stab
  919. 8:54 PM <%Soulless> 4df+4 aa
  920. 8:54 PM <Glacon> Soulless: aa: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
  921. 8:54 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Rubber Skin
  922. 8:54 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Rubber Skin: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, 0)
  923. 8:54 PM <%ArseneLupin> You dont manage to hurt it, but you aren't getting a knife reflected to the face, so there's that
  924. 8:54 PM <%ArseneLupin> Porcupine turn
  925. 8:55 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+5 Rubber Skin Counter Tanya
  926. 8:55 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Rubber Skin Counter Tanya: 6 (4df+5=+, 0, +, -)
  927. 8:55 PM <Klurg> 4df+6
  928. 8:55 PM <Glacon> Klurg: 6 (4df+6=+, -, -, +)
  929. 8:55 PM <spookybee> (She can be repaired actually)
  930. 8:55 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+7 Rubber Skin Counter Wren
  931. 8:55 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Rubber Skin Counter Wren: 8 (4df+7=0, 0, 0, +)
  932. 8:55 PM <spookybee> (It's just that she doesn't repair PHP over time during downtime like other people do)
  933. 8:55 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+5 o.o
  934. 8:55 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: o.o: 6 (4df+5=+, 0, -, +)
  935. 8:56 PM <%ArseneLupin> 1d10 Boom
  936. 8:56 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Boom: 8 (1d10=8)
  937. 8:56 PM <Odocoileus> Gg
  938. 8:56 PM <%ArseneLupin> Wren, your grenade comes flying back at you, and you have about a moment to realize something has gone terribly wrong before you get knocked unconscious from 8 damage
  939. 8:57 PM <Klurg> "Ok, stop shooting, now, unless you're a damn good shot!" Tanya commads.
  940. 8:57 PM <Klurg> After the explosion happens
  941. 8:57 PM <%ArseneLupin> And the Porcupine still has a Quill Shot
  942. 8:57 PM <%ArseneLupin> .ch T, H, J, M
  943. 8:58 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: J
  944. 8:58 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+7 Light Ranged Joshua
  945. 8:58 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Light Ranged Joshua: 7 (4df+7=+, -, -, +)
  946. 8:58 PM <%ArseneLupin> Joshua roll to defend
  947. 8:58 PM <%Soulless> 4df+5 acrobatics
  948. 8:58 PM <Glacon> Soulless: acrobatics: 6 (4df+5=0, +, -, +)
  949. 8:58 PM <%ArseneLupin> 1d4 Antlers to the chest
  950. 8:58 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Antlers to the chest: 4 (1d4=4)
  951. 8:58 PM <%ArseneLupin> You take 4 damage as various points bury themselves into your chest
  952. 8:59 PM <%Soulless> Joshua is pain.
  953. 8:59 PM <%ArseneLupin> Moira
  954. 9:02 PM <Varren> Moira is gonna take a moment and look at the tear in the skin she made earlier. Is this a situation where internal damage is better to try for? Like is it just that skin protecting it?
  955. 9:04 PM <%ArseneLupin> The skin is just protecting the outside layer, yeah.
  956. 9:05 PM <Varren> Oh. In that case she would like to aim for her earlier wound or the mouth hole, which ever is an easier target!
  957. 9:05 PM <%ArseneLupin> I'll say you can target the previous wounds, but at a -1 penalty. You will not get reflected however
  958. 9:06 PM <Varren> 4df+6 light weapon minus 1 for aiming
  959. 9:06 PM <Glacon> Varren: light weapon minus 1 for aiming: 6 (4df+6=0, -, 0, +)
  960. 9:06 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Rubber Skin
  961. 9:06 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Rubber Skin: 4 (4df+6=-, +, -, -)
  962. 9:06 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll damage
  963. 9:06 PM <Varren> 2d2
  964. 9:06 PM <Glacon> Varren: 4 (2d2=2, 2)
  965. 9:06 PM <Varren> Woo!
  966. 9:06 PM <Varren> She also relays this information to the team!
  967. 9:06 PM <%ArseneLupin> You get it in the wounds, and it limps just a tad as she does
  968. 9:07 PM <%ArseneLupin> Hadley go
  969. 9:07 PM <spookybee> Hadley scans the Beasties with her VERITAS.
  970. 9:08 PM <%ArseneLupin> It is lit up like a christmas tree. This thing is magical as fuck
  971. 9:08 PM <%ArseneLupin> Except the bones
  972. 9:09 PM <spookybee> "These entities radiate high levels of thaumic energy, it would be best not to let them near you." Hadley gets to her feet, and takes aim, if she can?
  973. 9:10 PM <%ArseneLupin> She can. She can take the -1 penalty to avoid reflection
  974. 9:11 PM <spookybee> Is Porcupine under the forest canopy?
  975. 9:12 PM <%ArseneLupin> Imma say no. You're in a clearing
  976. 9:13 PM <spookybee> Okeedokee. Hadley instead makes a PERC to look for any physical weaknesses on the fleshbeasts.
  977. 9:13 PM <%ArseneLupin> The only weakness would be the wounds that exist
  978. 9:14 PM <spookybee> Alrighty then, in that case Hadley takes no immediate action, instead pulling out her extendable baton and going on a defensive stance. Readying an action to strike at anything that tries to enter melee with her.
  979. 9:14 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, noted
  980. 9:14 PM <%ArseneLupin> Wren is out for the round...
  981. 9:14 PM <%ArseneLupin> Tanya
  982. 9:15 PM <Klurg> 4df+6 finna sneak up on it to stab it
  983. 9:15 PM <Glacon> Klurg: finna sneak up on it to stab it: 6 (4df+6=+, 0, -, 0)
  984. 9:15 PM <%ArseneLupin> Sneak?
  985. 9:15 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+4 PERC assuming Sneak
  986. 9:15 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: PERC assuming Sneak: 4 (4df+4=+, -, +, -)
  987. 9:15 PM <%ArseneLupin> You sneak if that's what you're doing
  988. 9:16 PM <%ArseneLupin> Klurg: Sneak right?
  989. 9:16 PM <Klurg> Yes
  990. 9:16 PM <%ArseneLupin> Just making sure
  991. 9:16 PM <%ArseneLupin> Joshua
  992. 9:18 PM <%Soulless> Joshua heads over to Wren.
  993. 9:18 PM <%Soulless> How badly damaged is she?
  994. 9:18 PM <%ArseneLupin> She is pretty badly hurt. 6/15 HP
  995. 9:18 PM <Klurg> (I'd say fried with a little sautéed)
  996. 9:19 PM <%Soulless> He rolls spends a medical roll to awaken her.
  997. 9:19 PM <%ArseneLupin> She has bits of shrapnel in her skin in various places
  998. 9:19 PM <%Soulless> Is that ok?
  999. 9:19 PM <%ArseneLupin> I'll allow it
  1000. 9:19 PM <%Soulless> 1d4 medical healing
  1001. 9:19 PM <Glacon> Soulless: medical healing: 1 (1d4=1)
  1002. 9:19 PM <%Soulless> rude
  1003. 9:19 PM <%ArseneLupin> I'll say no healing though if you're just going to wake her up
  1004. 9:20 PM <%Soulless> Ok then Joshua wakes her back up.
  1005. 9:20 PM <%ArseneLupin> Gonna say either ot
  1006. 9:20 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, Wren you awake to Joshua picking shrapnel out of your skin. Your first thought is "Wow, is that what I've been doing to people for years? It fucking hurts. A lot."
  1007. 9:20 PM <%ArseneLupin> Wren make your move
  1008. 9:20 PM <%ArseneLupin> You're up
  1009. 9:22 PM <%Soulless> "Morning, sunshine."
  1010. 9:22 PM <Odocoileus> She rubs her face and sits up. "Jesus christ."
  1011. 9:23 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+6 she picks up her gun and goes for a weak point
  1012. 9:23 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: she picks up her gun and goes for a weak point: 5 (4df+6=-, 0, 0, 0)
  1013. 9:23 PM <%ArseneLupin> Is she aiming to stop reflection or normal shot?
  1014. 9:24 PM <Odocoileus> The former?
  1015. 9:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, -1 to the shot if she's stopping the reflect
  1016. 9:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> So that's a 4
  1017. 9:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6
  1018. 9:25 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: 7 (4df+6=0, +, +, -)
  1019. 9:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> Doesn't connect. No reflect though
  1020. 9:26 PM <%ArseneLupin> Porcupine's turn is up
  1021. 9:26 PM <%ArseneLupin> .ch T, H, J, W, M
  1022. 9:26 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: M
  1023. 9:26 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+7 Light Ranged
  1024. 9:26 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Light Ranged: 5 (4df+7=-, -, -, +)
  1025. 9:26 PM <%ArseneLupin> Moira, roll defenses
  1026. 9:27 PM <Varren> 4df+5 fuck off, imma dance around it
  1027. 9:27 PM <Glacon> Varren: fuck off, imma dance around it: 5 (4df+5=0, -, 0, +)
  1028. 9:27 PM <%ArseneLupin> It impales into the tree next to you, and it's your turn
  1029. 9:28 PM ⇐ Odocoileus quit ( Quit: Later.
  1030. 9:29 PM <spookybee> Hadley runs to Joshua and Wren, and keeps herself defensive.
  1031. 9:29 PM <Varren> Moira, filled with adrenaline at being fucking impaled to a fucking tree tries to shoot that spot with her pistol...
  1032. 9:30 PM <Varren> 4df+6 burst shot
  1033. 9:30 PM <Glacon> Varren: burst shot: 3 (4df+6=0, -, -, -)
  1034. 9:30 PM <%ArseneLupin>  /Almost/ being impaled into a tree
  1035. 9:30 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6
  1036. 9:30 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: 5 (4df+6=0, -, +, -)
  1037. 9:30 PM <%ArseneLupin> Not quite
  1038. 9:30 PM <%ArseneLupin> Hadlet
  1039. 9:30 PM <%ArseneLupin> Hadely
  1040. 9:30 PM <%ArseneLupin> Hadley!
  1041. 9:30 PM <spookybee> Oh nevermind, I misread
  1042. 9:30 PM <spookybee> She does what I just dictated now instead
  1043. 9:30 PM <Varren> Well that make sense and yay bo pain
  1044. 9:31 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright, this will replace them in the targeting order with her, would you like to stay with this course of action?
  1045. 9:32 PM <spookybee> Sure. She holds an action to fire at anything that gets within like, five feet or so of any of the three.
  1046. 9:32 PM <%ArseneLupin> Alright
  1047. 9:32 PM <%ArseneLupin> Odo is out atm, so Tanya
  1048. 9:32 PM <Klurg> 4df+8 surprise stabby
  1049. 9:32 PM <Glacon> Klurg: surprise stabby: 7 (4df+8=0, +, -, -)
  1050. 9:33 PM → Odocoileus joined (~Odocoileu@88AACE15:386EEC13:BE12F959:IP)
  1051. 9:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 Das bad for him
  1052. 9:33 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Das bad for him: 6 (4df+6=+, -, +, -)
  1053. 9:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll Sneak Attack Damage
  1054. 9:33 PM <Klurg> d4
  1055. 9:33 PM <Glacon> Klurg: 3 (d4=3)
  1056. 9:33 PM <%ArseneLupin>
  1057. 9:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> For Odo
  1058. 9:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> Klurg
  1059. 9:34 PM <%ArseneLupin> Do you wanna narrate how you finish off The Porcupine?
  1060. 9:34 PM → %Taffeta (halfopped) joined  ⇐ %Aphex_ quit  
  1061. 9:35 PM <Klurg> Tanya sneaks up on the porcupine, and with a murderous gleam in her eye, suddenly leaps to its head and plunges her knife deep into it, going elbow fist deep, then yanking her hand out.
  1062. 9:35 PM <Klurg> going fist* deep
  1063. 9:36 PM <%ArseneLupin> You can feel the cohesion of the beast fail as it goes limp, finally going down
  1064. 9:36 PM <%ArseneLupin> Combat over
  1065. 9:37 PM <Odocoileus> "fucking finally." She winces and flops on the ground.
  1066. 9:37 PM <%Soulless> Joshua collapses to his side. He's far more injured than he should be.
  1067. 9:37 PM <%ArseneLupin> There is still the cave if you'd all like to explore it
  1068. 9:37 PM <%ArseneLupin> You are very close to it
  1069. 9:37 PM <%Soulless> But being jabbed with antlers makes it hard to know how injured he "should" be.
  1070. 9:37 PM <Klurg> Tanya pants heavily, the adrenaline fading out. She radios in to call the foundation <<the problem's worse than we thought. It's an entire ecosystem of strange animals>>
  1071. 9:37 PM <Varren> Moira huffs loudly and looks over those around. "Who is in good condition?"
  1072. 9:37 PM <%Soulless> "I can walk, but good condition I'm not."
  1073. 9:38 PM <Klurg> "Alright, injuries and how bad they are. I got a good chomp to my side from a dog." (3 damage)
  1074. 9:38 PM <%Soulless> What's everyone's health(s)? Joshua is at like 6/12
  1075. 9:38 PM <Klurg> (8/11 here)
  1076. 9:38 PM <%Soulless> No, 5/12
  1077. 9:38 PM <Odocoileus> Wren at 6/15
  1078. 9:38 PM <%ArseneLupin> <<Roger that. We'll send in support, but it's going to take a while to get them to the forest without causing a panic. Try to explore as much as able and come back>>
  1079. 9:39 PM <spookybee> Hadley's at 8 health, I think.
  1080. 9:39 PM <%ArseneLupin> She took 7 damage so yeah
  1081. 9:39 PM <%Soulless> Joshua seems the most beat up then?
  1082. 9:39 PM <spookybee> Hadley walks over and investigates the bodies, transmitting all the details she can back to Site-15.
  1083. 9:40 PM <Varren> Moira hasn't taken damage....
  1084. 9:40 PM <%ArseneLupin> They get the recordings. Everyone roll PERC
  1085. 9:40 PM <spookybee> 4df+5
  1086. 9:40 PM <Glacon> spookybee: 3 (4df+5=0, -, 0, -)
  1087. 9:40 PM <Varren> 4df+5 <_____<
  1088. 9:40 PM <Glacon> Varren: <_____<: 5 (4df+5=-, +, +, -)
  1089. 9:40 PM <%Soulless> 4df+5 perception
  1090. 9:40 PM <Glacon> Soulless: perception: 4 (4df+5=0, -, +, -)
  1091. 9:40 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+2 SNEAK
  1092. 9:40 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: SNEAK: 2 (4df+2=0, -, 0, +)
  1093. 9:40 PM <%Soulless> Joshua gets up weakly. "...I need a medic..."
  1094. 9:41 PM <%ArseneLupin> Pretty easy to hear the panicked shouting coming from the nearby cave. It sounds... familiar
  1095. 9:41 PM <Klurg> 4df+3 belated Perception
  1096. 9:41 PM <Glacon> Klurg: belated Perception: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, +, -)
  1097. 9:41 PM <Varren> Moira sighs and head over to Joshua. "Hold still you fuck." She would like to use her one med roll on him
  1098. 9:41 PM ⇐ @DSJ|Mobile quit (~AndChat13@B7A7B97A.DA0B803D.3C0890BC.IP) Quit: Bye
  1099. 9:42 PM <Odocoileus> 4df+4 !!!
  1100. 9:42 PM <Glacon> Odocoileus: !!!: 2 (4df+4=-, +, -, -)
  1101. 9:42 PM <Klurg> "Alright, someone treat Joshua and Wren. I'll wait until we get back to base for my treatment."
  1102. 9:42 PM <%ArseneLupin> Even Wren hears it, but just barely. He is bad as hiding his voice
  1103. 9:42 PM <%Soulless> As he's treated by Moira, he goes to treat Wren
  1104. 9:42 PM <%Soulless> 2d4 treating wren with his own last medical rolls
  1105. 9:42 PM <Glacon> Soulless: treating wren with his own last medical rolls: 5 (2d4=3, 2)
  1106. 9:42 PM <Varren> 1d4 medical roll for josh
  1107. 9:42 PM <Glacon> Varren: medical roll for josh: 4 (1d4=4)
  1108. 9:42 PM <%ArseneLupin> Damn good rolls
  1109. 9:42 PM <Varren> Ooh, booyah
  1110. 9:43 PM <Varren> Now
  1111. 9:43 PM <%Soulless> Joshua smiles to Moira. "Thanks, I owe you a favor."
  1112. 9:43 PM <%Soulless> He begins to head inside!@
  1113. 9:43 PM <Klurg> Tanya motions for Joshua to wait
  1114. 9:43 PM <Klurg> She tries to organize the party into stealth mode
  1115. 9:43 PM <%ArseneLupin> If they consent roll the average
  1116. 9:43 PM <Klurg> (Her spec for partywide stealth roll)
  1117. 9:44 PM <Varren> Moira stands and murmurs "stop going first you dumbass. I havent been hit." She shakes her head at this and whispers that if Luke is in there she is gonna stomp on his dick.
  1118. 9:44 PM <%Soulless> He waits.
  1119. 9:44 PM <%ArseneLupin> Does everyone consent to the Stealth Spec?
  1120. 9:45 PM <spookybee> sure
  1121. 9:46 PM <Varren> Moira can do the consent I suppose
  1122. 9:46 PM <Odocoileus> Yaass
  1123. 9:46 PM <Klurg> 4df+3 yeet
  1124. 9:46 PM <Glacon> Klurg: yeet: 1 (4df+3=-, -, 0, 0)
  1125. 9:46 PM <Klurg> (Yote)
  1126. 9:46 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+2 PERC
  1127. 9:46 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: PERC: 2 (4df+2=-, +, 0, 0)
  1128. 9:47 PM → Sax joined (
  1129. 9:47 PM <Varren> Moira looking at all the non sneaky people :|
  1130. 9:47 PM <%ArseneLupin> As you all enter, you do indeed see Luke in the cave. It's not at all how it was described. There's a plush couch, a desk, and a pile of papers that he has gathered in his arms. He hears you enter and turns. "Uhhhhh. Look what I found?"
  1131. 9:47 PM <%ArseneLupin> He does not sound old
  1132. 9:48 PM <%ArseneLupin> Nor does he look as frail
  1133. 9:48 PM <Klurg> "...god damn it Luke."
  1134. 9:48 PM <Klurg> "Did you really have to be the one behind this?" Jumping to conclusions here.
  1135. 9:48 PM <Varren> Moira takes a step forward. "Someone hold him while I stomp on his cock."
  1136. 9:49 PM <%ArseneLupin> He drops the papers and back away from the corner. "Come on, we can work something out. I have wine?"
  1137. 9:49 PM <%ArseneLupin> *into the corner
  1138. 9:49 PM <spookybee> Hadley tilts her head.
  1139. 9:49 PM <spookybee> "Hello Luke."
  1140. 9:50 PM <Varren> Moira steps forward again. "I have a fucking boot and you are gonna have a flat cock if you do sing right the fuck now." She is aiming to intimidate
  1141. 9:50 PM <spookybee> Hadley pulls out the bone shards from her body, and fishes out the bullets.
  1142. 9:50 PM <Klurg> "I'd help you hold him but my strength is as good as wet tissue paper. Well Luke, we can talk, but make it good, otherwise I can't do anything to stop my dick stomping friend."
  1143. 9:50 PM <%ArseneLupin> Yeah, you dont even need to roll intimidate for that
  1144. 9:50 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Alright, alright! Just dont hurt me." He backs fully into the corner
  1145. 9:51 PM <%Soulless> Joshua gets some human ties.
  1146. 9:51 PM <%Soulless> "Alright, show me your hands."
  1147. 9:51 PM <spookybee> ...
  1148. 9:51 PM <%ArseneLupin> He clicks his teeth a few times in thought before holding his hands out
  1149. 9:51 PM <spookybee> Hadley looks at Joshua.
  1150. 9:52 PM <spookybee> Pulls out her tranq gun.
  1151. 9:52 PM <spookybee> Makes an :| face.
  1152. 9:52 PM <%Soulless> "Well, Hadley, if you do that, we can't ask him questions."
  1153. 9:52 PM <%Soulless> "In here, Moira can stomp his dick if he doesn't answer questions."
  1154. 9:52 PM <%Soulless> *not moira
  1155. 9:52 PM <spookybee> "Very well."
  1156. 9:52 PM <%Soulless> *our dick-stomping friend
  1157. 9:52 PM <%Soulless> He begins to tie the fellow's hands together.
  1158. 9:52 PM <Klurg> "We can interrogate him at base though, where he's less likely to escape."
  1159. 9:53 PM <Klurg> "We are in his lair after all, who knows what he's hiding."
  1160. 9:53 PM <%ArseneLupin> You can see his face flow like a wave for a moment as he's tied
  1161. 9:53 PM <%ArseneLupin> Similar to the other beasts
  1162. 9:53 PM <Klurg> <<Tanya here, we have a person of interest captured>>
  1163. 9:53 PM <spookybee> Hadley scans him with her VERITAS.
  1164. 9:53 PM <Odocoileus> She clicks her tongue and reaches for her gun.
  1165. 9:54 PM <%ArseneLupin> <<Roger, try and keep them in one spot, we'll come by for pick up. Location?>>
  1166. 9:54 PM <Klurg> <<location in a cave at *insert coordinated here**>>
  1167. 9:54 PM <%ArseneLupin> Hadley, he's lit up like a tree
  1168. 9:54 PM <%ArseneLupin> Magical
  1169. 9:54 PM <Varren> Moira pulls out a knife slowly and gets close, plopping onto the couch. "I'd rather stomp his dick first. Luke. Sing now or drum solo on your crotch."
  1170. 9:54 PM <%ArseneLupin> "W-what do you want to know?!"
  1171. 9:54 PM <spookybee> "I should have scanned him earlier. He's radiating thaumic energy."
  1172. 9:55 PM <Varren> "Firstly what the fuck is up with you."
  1173. 9:55 PM <Varren> "Bought you a fucking drink you lying sack of shit."
  1174. 9:56 PM <%ArseneLupin> He pauses for a moment and seems to listen to something you cant hear for a moment before nodding. "I'm a... Homunculus. A Changeling to be exact."
  1175. 9:56 PM <Odocoileus> She raises an eyebrow, "who do you work for?"
  1176. 9:56 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Ouroboros."
  1177. 9:57 PM <Varren> Does moira notice the pause?
  1178. 9:57 PM <%ArseneLupin> She does, yes
  1179. 9:57 PM <%Soulless> He looks for other signs, loot, etc.
  1180. 9:57 PM <%Soulless> Something of interests to bring with him.
  1181. 9:57 PM <%ArseneLupin> There's the paper on the ground he dropped and a drawer in the desk
  1182. 9:57 PM <Klurg> "Have you been in this village for the entire time, or did you replace the original Luke?" Tanya asks.
  1183. 9:57 PM <%ArseneLupin> *Papers
  1184. 9:57 PM <Varren> "Oye! You takin hints from someone? Joseph, check him for radio."
  1185. 9:58 PM <Varren> Also, anything shiny or of value in here? Moira needs her battlefield loot
  1186. 9:58 PM <%ArseneLupin> There are a few rather nice bottles of wine in the desk
  1187. 9:59 PM <Varren> She will snag those and look them over
  1188. 9:59 PM <%ArseneLupin> "N-yes..."
  1189. 9:59 PM <Varren> Moira squints at him....
  1190. 9:59 PM <Varren> And then delivers a kick between his legs
  1191. 9:59 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll Melee
  1192. 10:00 PM <%ArseneLupin> Light
  1193. 10:00 PM <%ArseneLupin> so +2
  1194. 10:00 PM <spookybee> "You should-" Hadley's eye twitches at the kick- "... Try not to lie to us, Lucas."
  1195. 10:00 PM <Varren> 4df+6 wham
  1196. 10:00 PM <Glacon> Varren: wham: 7 (4df+6=0, +, 0, 0)
  1197. 10:00 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+4 Ooph
  1198. 10:00 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: Ooph: 4 (4df+4=0, +, 0, -)
  1199. 10:00 PM <Klurg> "And as for my question?"
  1200. 10:00 PM <%ArseneLupin> He winces a fair bit, but your foot kind of goes inside him a bit like kicking clay
  1201. 10:00 PM <%ArseneLupin> "I... replaced him. He got too close."
  1202. 10:01 PM <Odocoileus> "are there more of whatever the fuck you are in the town?"
  1203. 10:01 PM <%ArseneLupin> "No, this was a low priority project."
  1204. 10:01 PM <Varren> She goes back to her wine after making sure none of him is on her boot
  1205. 10:01 PM <%ArseneLupin> There's a little Luke on your boot
  1206. 10:02 PM <%Soulless> He reads the paper.
  1207. 10:02 PM <Varren> "Fuck...." she wipes it on the couch
  1208. 10:03 PM <%ArseneLupin> It seems to be journal entries and progress reports to someone called The Curator. Talking about the successful replacement of Luke, the collection of Units from the local wildlife, and the questions being asked and the suspicion of Foundation activity. There are also notes about the success of the Porcupine Project
  1209. 10:03 PM <spookybee> "Where is Luke now, Luke?"
  1210. 10:04 PM <%ArseneLupin> He looks away, looking ashamed and saying nothing
  1211. 10:04 PM <%Soulless> He stashes it and looks for the source of the journal itself.
  1212. 10:04 PM <spookybee> "Did you kill him?"
  1213. 10:04 PM <spookybee> Hadley kneels down and smiles at him pleasantly.
  1214. 10:04 PM <Klurg> "You killed luke didn't you? And your master is telling you not to answer."
  1215. 10:04 PM <%ArseneLupin> "I... had to. Orders are orders." He does not look happy about this
  1216. 10:05 PM <spookybee> "... Are you living, or synthetic?"
  1217. 10:05 PM <%ArseneLupin> "I'm free to answer. I've failed and I dont know enough to screw him over."
  1218. 10:05 PM <Klurg> "Ok, anyway to remove your connection to him?"
  1219. 10:05 PM <%ArseneLupin> "I'm somewhere in the middle. A synthetic being given life through Thaumaturgy. One of the latest attempts at creating t-" He doubles over in pain
  1220. 10:06 PM <%ArseneLupin> "N-nope, cant say that I guess... And no, no way to remove it."
  1221. 10:07 PM <Klurg> "Creating troopers?"
  1222. 10:07 PM <Varren> "How many more animals are around here? And who is Him?"
  1223. 10:08 PM <Varren> These bottles look at all tempered with?
  1224. 10:08 PM <spookybee> "I'll contact a purgation squad to cleanse the forest area."
  1225. 10:08 PM <%ArseneLupin> His face almost seems to melt for a moment before remolding into a handsome young face. "No more Homunculus. Just the 5 you fought. Him would be The Curator."
  1226. 10:09 PM <Klurg> "Hm... so you lied about the manticore then."
  1227. 10:09 PM <Klurg> "To throw us off our expectations."
  1228. 10:09 PM <Klurg> To throw off* our expectations
  1229. 10:09 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Had to. You weren't suppose to come here at all. Nothing is ready yet."
  1230. 10:10 PM <Klurg> "Well good thing we came here early." Tanya says with a cold grin.
  1231. 10:10 PM <Varren> "Ready...hmmm. give us any locations you know about. If you give us good info I might not stomp your dick." Yes, she stills plans to
  1232. 10:11 PM <spookybee> "It would have been more productive to come here at a later stage, to better gauge the abilities of these creatures."
  1233. 10:12 PM <%ArseneLupin> "I dont know a thing. I'm only a week old, he put a blindfold on me and pushed me into this forest.
  1234. 10:12 PM <%ArseneLupin> "
  1235. 10:13 PM <%Soulless> Joshua collects all the evidencec he can.
  1236. 10:13 PM <%ArseneLupin> He collects a fair bit of loose papers with intel on them
  1237. 10:14 PM <Klurg> <<if you can please bring anti thaum gear. We have a potential magic or psychic connection. Wait, lemme ask him something real quick>> tanya turns to 'Luke' "if you were exposed to an antimagic or antipsychich field."
  1238. 10:14 PM <Klurg> "Would you die?"
  1239. 10:15 PM <%ArseneLupin> "No clue. I'd prefer you didn't try though. Just shoot me when you're done."
  1240. 10:15 PM <Varren> "Why shoot you when we can stick you in a box forever?"
  1241. 10:15 PM <Klurg> <<ok, no antithaum, may kill out captured guy>>
  1242. 10:15 PM <%ArseneLupin> <<Contain him if possible. He is an asset>>
  1243. 10:16 PM <Klurg> "Nah, we're gonna keep you."
  1244. 10:16 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Can't blame me for trying."
  1245. 10:16 PM <Klurg> "You're too cute to just shoot~"
  1246. 10:16 PM <spookybee> "Our job isn't to kill. We only kill if directly necessary- I can't kill, actually. I strictly resort to non-lethal."
  1247. 10:16 PM <spookybee> Hadley squints at Tanya with confusion.
  1248. 10:16 PM <%ArseneLupin> He puts his hands out, and pulls them away from eachother. The ties bite through his hands, and they slough off along with the restraints
  1249. 10:17 PM <Varren> "It ain't human Hadley I think it is a loop hole." She steps up to Luke and brushes off his shoulder.
  1250. 10:17 PM <Varren> "Any....hidden door or services in here Boy-o?"
  1251. 10:18 PM <spookybee> Hadley walks over to him, and her arm splits open to reveal the multi-needled syringe, with her tube full of mercury-like liquid. "I'll neutralize him for now."
  1252. 10:18 PM <Klurg> "You sure it'll even work?"
  1253. 10:18 PM <Klurg> "Not exactly human." (Wait is he escaping restraints?)
  1254. 10:18 PM <%ArseneLupin> "None. Just a cave." He smiles at her and holds his stubs up.
  1255. 10:18 PM <%ArseneLupin> Yes he is
  1256. 10:18 PM <%ArseneLupin> He cut his own hands off
  1257. 10:18 PM <%Soulless> Joshua tries to hold him down.
  1258. 10:18 PM <%Soulless> "Hadley!"
  1259. 10:18 PM <Klurg> Tanya pushes him down. "You stop that."
  1260. 10:19 PM <%ArseneLupin> They can't quite seem to get a grasp on him. "Homunculi are slippery things."
  1261. 10:19 PM <Klurg> She then tries to get a cloth from her bag to serve as a blindfold.
  1262. 10:19 PM <%ArseneLupin> He is shoved into the wall a bit
  1263. 10:19 PM <Klurg> (Roll to tie or are we good?)
  1264. 10:20 PM <Varren> Moira dick stomps him to the wall?
  1265. 10:20 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll me Athletics to try and restrain him enough to tie it at all
  1266. 10:20 PM <%ArseneLupin> She can try
  1267. 10:20 PM <%ArseneLupin> Roll Melee to do so
  1268. 10:20 PM <Klurg> Actually gonna try to convince because 0 athletics
  1269. 10:20 PM <Varren> 4df+6 stomp
  1270. 10:20 PM <Glacon> Varren: stomp: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, +)
  1271. 10:20 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+4 RES
  1272. 10:20 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: RES: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
  1273. 10:20 PM <%ArseneLupin> He almost seems to lean into the kick, letting it happen happily
  1274. 10:21 PM <Klurg> "Look, if you come with us peacefully, we can try and get that link and mind orders out of you."
  1275. 10:21 PM <%ArseneLupin> "Doesn't work like that. Homunculus are bound for life. The orders are imbeded into our very being."
  1276. 10:21 PM <Klurg> "And if we altered your being a tad so you could be yourself and make your own choices?"
  1277. 10:22 PM <Varren> "You trying to die you fucking knob?"
  1278. 10:22 PM <Klurg> "Wouldn't you want at least a chance of that?"
  1279. 10:22 PM <spookybee> Hadley calmly walks over, and sticks him in the side with her swarm of needles.
  1280. 10:22 PM <%ArseneLupin> "I am absolutely trying to die. My life is not even real life." The needle goes in, but there's not much for it to swarm into. His entire body is solid and made of that clay like material. There's no pathways to take
  1281. 10:23 PM <spookybee> "Hmm..."
  1282. 10:24 PM <%Soulless> Can he go persuasion?
  1283. 10:24 PM <spookybee> "We can just deatomize him when we return to the facility. He has no more information to give us."
  1284. 10:24 PM <Varren> ".....we gotta containment unit to stuff him in?"
  1285. 10:24 PM <%Soulless> 4df+4 persuasion "Hey, hey calm down. We can help you. We can help you live."
  1286. 10:24 PM <Glacon> Soulless: persuasion "Hey, hey calm down. We can help you. We can help you live.": 3 (4df+4=0, 0, -, 0)
  1287. 10:24 PM <%ArseneLupin> 4df+6 He really wants to die
  1288. 10:24 PM <Klurg> "We can try and change that. It's true that it won't be the same as a regular human life, but don't you want even a chance of free will, to think on your own? Admittedly, you will be contained, but we could get you a job as an agent if you cooperate and we can free you. You'd be great at infiltration."
  1289. 10:24 PM <Glacon> ArseneLupin: He really wants to die: 3 (4df+6=-, 0, -, -)
  1290. 10:24 PM <%ArseneLupin> Defenders
  1291. 10:24 PM <Klurg> 4df+4 persuasion
  1292. 10:24 PM <Glacon> Klurg: persuasion: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
  1293. 10:24 PM <Klurg> (Y tho)
  1294. 10:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> "No, I really cant. You dont get it. If I dont follow his orders, the very magic that keeps me alive shatters!"
  1295. 10:25 PM <spookybee> Hadley walks to the entrance of the cave for a moment. Can she see the other dead Haemonculae from here?
  1296. 10:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> She can
  1297. 10:25 PM <spookybee> Do they still glow with thaumic energy?
  1298. 10:25 PM <%Soulless> actually can I add 2df to my roll or is it too late
  1299. 10:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> They do, but it's a lot more faint
  1300. 10:25 PM <%ArseneLupin> I'd say it's too late
  1301. 10:26 PM <spookybee> Hadley walks over to Luke and draws her pistol, placing it directly at his forehead.
  1302. 10:26 PM <Klurg> "...that is problematic. But can you at least let us try?"
  1303. 10:26 PM <%ArseneLupin> He presses his forehead against it and says nothing, staring at her with begging eyes
  1304. 10:27 PM <Klurg> She sighs, and offers him a hand in his final moments
  1305. 10:27 PM <%Soulless> "Please let us try to help you. Can the magic be connected to someone else?"
  1306. 10:27 PM <%ArseneLupin> "It can't. It'd be like living without any of your organs."
  1307. 10:27 PM <%Soulless> 4df+7 history- what does he know about homunculi historically, and does he know if things can be manipulated about
  1308. 10:27 PM <Glacon> Soulless: history- what does he know about homunculi historically, and does he know if things can be manipulated about: 7 (4df+7=0, -, +, 0)
  1309. 10:28 PM <%ArseneLupin> Homunculi are weird things, and these are not accurate to the legends. He does know these versions have been encountered in the Foundation's past, but they were nothing more than monsters. No emotions like this one
  1310. 10:28 PM <spookybee> Hadley smiles happily at him. "You've been very useful, but you're of no more use to us. Your thaumic radial signature will be more than enough to study and track. Good night, Lucas."
  1311. 10:28 PM <Klurg> Tanya's offering him a hand to hold before he dies if he wants tot ake it
  1312. 10:29 PM <%ArseneLupin> He takes it and closes his eyes. "Thank you all."
  1313. 10:29 PM <%Soulless> "Alright. Thanks."
  1314. 10:29 PM <spookybee> Hadley shoots him between the eyes.
  1315. 10:29 PM <%ArseneLupin> He splatters against the wall and goes limp
  1316. 10:29 PM <Klurg> (Fatality)
  1317. 10:30 PM <Varren> "Fuck off." Shebwatches it happen and sighs.
  1318. 10:30 PM <Varren> Shen murmurs as she looks over the winde bottles and peeks under that couch.
  1319. 10:30 PM <spookybee> Hadley checks the chamber, confirming her last round, and loads another magazine before reholstering the pistol.
  1320. 10:30 PM <Klurg> Tanya lets go of the hand of the now dead homunculus.
  1321. 10:30 PM <Varren> No point waiting time on a liar and a clay person
  1322. 10:30 PM <%ArseneLupin> There's a few small white bugs under the couch that scamper away
  1323. 10:31 PM <Klurg> <<situation changed, captured person dead and multiple anomalous corpses nearby>>
  1324. 10:31 PM <Varren> Moira notice of they are the white flesh or do they just look like bugs?
  1325. 10:31 PM <%ArseneLupin> There's a sigh over the radio. <<Understood>>
  1326. 10:31 PM <%ArseneLupin> They're the white flesh
  1327. 10:32 PM <spookybee> Hadley conveys the lingering thaumic signature to command, and goes to the cave entrance, standing there quietly.
  1328. 10:32 PM <Varren> "Got bugs that are the same stuff. Think that fuck is talking to them too?"
  1329. 10:33 PM <%ArseneLupin> Got anything else to say or do before command gets here?
  1330. 10:34 PM ⇐ Veiedhimaedhr quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client
  1331. 10:35 PM <Klurg> "So... wonder how they'll cover up the missing Lucas."
  1332. 10:35 PM <spookybee> Hadley does nothing but stand there!
  1333. 10:35 PM <Klurg> Tanya waits
  1334. 10:35 PM ⇐ DrSavage quit ( Quit: Connection closed for inactivity
  1335. 10:35 PM <Varren> "Curator sounds like. Cock hole.........." how many bottle of wine is she stuffing in her bag. "Check your shit for bugs. Dont want ticks in your ass if they are monsters."
  1336. 10:35 PM <%ArseneLupin> There's 3 bottles
  1337. 10:36 PM <Varren> A cock hole*
  1338. 10:36 PM <Varren> Of she is bug free she is good to go
  1339. 10:36 PM <%ArseneLupin> Joshua, Wren?
  1340. 10:36 PM <spookybee> "Luke was assaulted and killed by a mountain lion that's become invasive and territorial in these woods, which is also the culprit of the missing animals. Overhunting and driving away other predators and prey. Luke's remains were not found, and presumably missing forever."
  1341. 10:36 PM <spookybee> Hadley speaks from where she is.
  1342. 10:37 PM <%Soulless> Joshua gives one last scan.
  1343. 10:37 PM <%Soulless> Then he says, "Curator, if you're listening, could we get a moment alone? I don't mind what I have to give up. I want to know a few things."
  1344. 10:37 PM <%Soulless> Then he follows.
  1345. 10:38 PM <%ArseneLupin> Seems you got everything. And somewhere, someone smiles
  1346. 10:38 PM <%ArseneLupin> RUN END
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