無題 ②

Jun 14th, 2020
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  1. pride is a rustic regalia:
  2. throbbing thread, cloak, punctured trigger
  3. foiled detergent can't lick the tongues
  4. of sassy stains etched'n reeling robe
  6. humility is a sworn spell
  7. nocturnal nature seldom spells
  8. on the haggard hay of merit
  9. dark dribbles, wits by kindle lit
  11. felon fame's saucy silhouette:
  12. hankering honour on tour shed
  13. lanky litters of reflections
  14. pored paranormal - fate's fusion
  16. porous pain's the bruised breath of time
  17. heaved on stances, withers wit's might.
  19. Note: of pourous pain
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