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A fat higurashi christmas

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May 2nd, 2018
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  1. “Oh, come on Rika~, it's just one cookie”
  4. With a frown on her face, the blunette let out a barely audible sigh and averted her gaze. She knew it wouldn't be just one in the end. Her own appetite wouldn't have that, and neither would Satoko. At the same time, refusing seemed like a very reasonable idea. The way her enormous fat-laden butt was pressing into the armrests of the couch was slightly alarming and the couch only seemed to be getting snugger by the day. In the past it had been able to seat all three of them. Now she barely fit onto it alone.
  6. Even if the Christmas traditions of the western world hadn't exactly made their way to Hinamizawa at large just yet, their own circle of friends had nonetheless fully embraced them. As was typical for the village, the older locals were still a little vary of such influences, but that didn't stop the school from spreading them just a little bit. There was also no way the girls would turn down an excuse to fool around even more than usual.
  8. Rika certainly did not mind. Anything that celebrated winter, or any other time of the year than summer for that matter, was more than welcome. Disliking summer a little bit was more than justified in the light of the past events, she mused. Time would no doubt heal what wounds were still there, but for the time being she was quite alright with not being able to hear any cicadas. Not to mention the food was great, and her abundant blubber definitely kept her warm no matter how cold it got. Sadly, it was a double-edged sword, as the summer heatwaves were somewhat bothersome for her in her current shape – or lack thereof. Cold as it was outside, she was sweating from just sitting on her massive ass and stuffing her face with Christmas treats.
  10. In the light of such observations, the true extent of her own obesity was made clearer to her. Sometimes she really did have problems comprehending just how ludicrously obese she had actually become. There was just so much fat crammed into her short frame that it felt downright outlandish, as if those masses of flesh surrounding her didn't actually belong to her. Alas, they definitely did. The sensation of her belly sliding across, and brushing against, the coarse surface of the tatami mats in front of the couch with her every movement served to remind her of that fact. And so did the remarkable, almost overwhelming effort it took to actually heave her massive, lard-filled bulk off the couch those days. Up until recently, she had been able to use the weight of her belly to pull herself up into a standing position as it rested heavily between her legs. Now, though, it didn't offer nearly as much help as it was starting to permanently rest on the floor while she lazed around on the couch, forcing her to turn to either of the girls for some assistance to make things easier on her.
  12. Fidgeting as best she could, the movement barely even noticeable with all the fat adorning her frame, the couchborne butterball made sure to brighten her demeanor a little. 
  14. “Mii. I've already had like 30 of them this morning. That's enough for now, right? The previous batch was supposed to be the last of them too...”
  16. “40.”, Satoko corrected her, smirking in her usual mischievous fashion. “And Hanyuu just baked some more. It's Christmas, you know! You can worry about it some other time.”
  18. Rika craned her thick neck around, looking past fat shoulders and cheeks to give Hanyuu an accusing glare. As soon as their eyes met, the timid girl started looking apologetic, blurting out her usual 'au au' while blushing. Suddenly feeling guilty for no real reason, Rika let out another sigh as the corners of her mouth curled up to form a faint smile instead. Hanyuu quickly responded with a slightly wider one.
  20. Under the cover of her smile, though, she cursed Hanyuu in her thoughts. In what universe was it fair for her to have a bust like that?! Despite weighing in at Oyashiro-sama knows how many kilos in excess, she was still small in comparison. To be fair, her breasts were downright tiny even without them being compared to Hanyuu's enormous milktanks. Injustice if there ever was any. She had even secretly hoped that by getting fatter she might at least find solace in the fact that she finally had a bust. Sadly, it seemed like it was not meant to happen. At least they were compact. Easier to grab, maybe? They still somewhat fit into her palms, at least...
  22. “I really shouldn't, Satoko...”, Rika replied timidly to Satoko's encouragement.
  24. She had no qualms with being fat, or even quite obese, but her weight had truly gotten a little out of hand. Yet, losing any hadn't been easy when she lacked proper motivation. She found enjoyment in eating, and even in her weight. Maybe even a tad more than she was readily willing to admit. However, her diminishing mobility had gotten her thinking recently. Too much might really be too much. When just getting up and waddling to the fridge or the bathroom felt like going out for a proper jog, maybe it really was time to do something about her ballooning waistline.
  26. Satoko seemed to have no complaints though, and truth be told she didn't mind the treatment. The outfit she was wearing was... distracting, to say the least. In the end, it boiled down to the fact that her decisions seemed to lack permanence, thanks to Hanyuu's powers. She always had a way to lose weight. One day. Maybe.
  28. Her body, however, was apparently not in line with her resolve. A loud, gurgling grumble emanated from deep within the sack of lard resting heavily between her roll-laden legs as the hunger pangs hit her.
  30. The smirk on Satoko's face widened as she let out a small bout of laughter, prancing over to give Rika's belly a sharp poke, her finger completely disappearing into the mass of fat. The blobby girl yelped silently in response.
  33. “Your cute little belly here seems to disagree.”
  35. Rika lowered her gaze and fell silent. She kicked her enormous belly with an equally large foot, sending it jiggling sullenly. In reality, she almost no longer had feet as such, her cankles having long since grown to almost completely drown them in the soft embrace of their blubber.
  37. “Well, fine. And just so you know I already saw the plate and the cake.”
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