Serena She

Jun 5th, 2017
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  1. (Inspiration reference pics: )
  4. Name: Serena She
  5. Gender: Female
  6. Age: 17
  7. Height: 6' 7”
  8. Weight: Heavy for build
  9. Body Development: Well-Developed
  10. Appearance: Being half-Chinese, half-German, Serena has features that reflect her parentage. Her skin, a light blend of Caucasian and Asian tones, is smooth and unblemished, while her dark, luxurious auburn hair extends all the way to her tailbone, neatly framing her inscrutable, almond-shaped russet eyes. Her form is a curvaceous, voluptuous one that includes a pair of long, shapely legs, and it belies a formidable strength.
  12. When assuming her true form, Serena becomes radically different. Her hair turns a very pale pink, her eyes become vibrantly red and slitted, her ears elongate slightly and develop points, her tongue becomes subtly forked, and her body from her hips down merge together and change into a white snake's body. There are also red scales on the snake half that form intricate patterns along the top.
  14. Generally, Serena wears cheongsam-style dresses with her true form in mind. As such, they're form-fitting, usually don't go past her knees, and have at least one slit down the side to allow for her wider snake half to fit and often straps to secure the outfit even tighter and more securely against her body to minimize how much it interferes with her movements. As she prefers to appear refined, as it befits her, Serena usually compliments the look of her dresses with things like jewelry (including hair ornaments, bracelets, and earrings), classy gloves, shawls and mantles, and occasionally even an ornament of some kind for the end of her tail.
  16. In combat, she ditches the extra ornamentation and adds a few protective pieces to her dress, like armored pads on the shoulders. A couple thin belts cross over her hips, and attached to them on the back are a trio of sheaths that hold her three jian. Gifted to protect her, the swords can be used manually, but their most useful aspect is how they can move by themselves, guided by a rudimentary intelligence. Of course, they cannot disobey Serena and are directed by her will alone. Normally, a shimmer in the air leads from the hilts to Serena's back, but when she wishes or someone uses their Third Eye, a trio of ghostly-looking phantasmal arms can be seen, each gripping one of the swords and fading away a couple inches before actually reaching her back.
  20. Development: Overdeveloped
  21. Spec: Water + Fire (Lamia Archetype)
  22. Outfit: Skimpy
  23. Weapon: Melee
  24. Power: Scrying
  25. Perks: Enhanced Weapon, Enhanced Transformation, Eternal Style, Environmental Sealing, Living Weapon, Sturdy
  26. MonG Perks: nPedalism, Prehensile, Corrosion, Size and Scale, Prey of Choice: Water, Tooth and Claw
  27. Gold Perks: Legacy, Second Skin
  30. STR: 17
  31. AGI: 10
  32. VIT: 10
  33. MAG: 6
  34. LCK: 4
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