Ceraclack Round 1 Updates

Tyson522 Aug 8th, 2019 205 Never
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  1. Update (1/18/19): Spoke with the Shop Owner (Abel) and he let me know that MAO can be sandblasted off just like normal anodization. Him and I will be testing PLA to see if it can be cerakoted, I have recieved a few messages regarding trying to get a dactyl cerakoted, I would rather test out a cheap 3D printed Planck case before people start sending theirs just to make sure it will work. He is also going to get me a color ring with every single H Series color on it. As of right now I can say that each color texture will vary, some are smooth, some are a little bit rougher!
  2. Update 2 (1/18/19): Just got in touch with the first 5 board owners. I will be running this service in waves of 5 boards at a time, in total there will be 8 waves totaling in 40 boards. I will updated the title every time a new wave starts so people will see the progress. Currently at the time of writing this 27 spots have been taken, leaving 13 spots left. Once those fill up the form will close.
  3. Update 3 (1/21/19): We are down to the last 3 spots in the service! Thank you all for the warm reception, I will be picking up the last remaining boards this week and hope to get them down to the shop before Wednesday.
  4. Update 4 (1/22/19): Added a wait list spreadsheet to show people where I currently at in the service, this is also a good way to reconfirm what color you are getting for your board. If you want to change color or want to change what board you are getting coated PM me either on here, on reddit u/tyson522 or on discord Tyson#0522.
  5. Update 5 (1/24/19): Form filled up, entry to the form has been closed off for now. I'll open it again once all 40 boards are finished and mailed back to their owners. Oh and also, I accepted 7 boards for the first wave, so it looks like I might be able to complete this faster if I keep accepting 7. I'm changing the number of waves to 6 and will be looking to complete all the boards ASAP. :smiley:
  6. Update 6 (1/28/19): Wave 1 boards have been dropped off with cerakote shop, 11 boards in total. Some VIPs got in on top of the 5 first boards for the wave, will start including 10 boards per wave. Changing the amount of waves again to 4 waves as I now know I can handle 10 boards and feel confident that we will get all the boards cerakoted on time! Once the first 4 waves are done I might take a break to make sure the Austin, TX Meetup that I'm hosting goes smoothly on April 6th, but will promptly pick back up right after that meetup ends. I'll probably expand the next list to 50 boards.
  7. Update 7 (1/31/19): Stopped by the shop to drop off a my NightFox along with a friends board, the owner said that most of them will be ready for pick up tomorrow! We talked for a bit and he mentioned that they can also do some pretty cool designs if anyone was interested in having a design on a board. He also mentioned that they can do some special pearlescent colors and told me to check out Gun Candy if anyone wanted to see what those colors look like.
  9. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack02/05/2019
  10. Update 8 (2/4/19): Created a Discord for the service. All seems to be going along smoothly. I preformed a scratch test on a Robin's Egg Blue Swatch, results were great! Scratching it up with a key and a zipper left the swatch with light marks that actually were 97% removed by wiping it down with a damp towel. This is a huge improvement from Anodization scratches which seem to be permanent and won't come out after wiping down a board. Just to make sure that this would happen on a normal cerakoted board, I scratched up a small part of the back of my X60 with my then wiped it off. I can't even see where I tried scratching.
  12. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack02/06/2019
  13. Update 9 (2/6/19): Forgot to post this update yesterday, 5 of the 9 boards for wave 2 have been delivered and are updated on the spreadsheet. I also spoke to the shop owner and he let me know that most boards will be done tomorrow, the only one still pending is Novelkeys No.1 which is a custom Taro color. Be on the look out for more pics and updates.
  15. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack02/13/2019
  16. Update 10 (2/12/19): Dropped off a couple of my own boards at the shop (My 60XT and Ocelot so they can match each other). Abel let me know his wife Tara, who is also his assistant, will be having a baby next week. They will be inducing here on Monday. So they are going to try and get as much work done as possible and will be working longer hours for the next couple of days. I will be dropping off all of Round 2 either today or tomorrow, depending on if I can label the boards before they close today.
  18. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack02/14/2019
  19. Update 11 (2/14/19): Went to the shop today, none of the boards were done.  I did walk into the back of the shop and saw the QKL on a table along with THE50's getting prepped to get media blasted.
  20. Tara was the only one there Abel had left for the day, she said that she was going to stay late today and hopefully get everything in the oven.
  21. There's a chance she will have her baby tomorrow, it would be better if she has the baby tomorrow because that would mean Abel would be able to come back to work on Monday.
  22. If she has the baby on Monday Abel will be out the whole week.
  23. Meaning the shop will be closed for a week. This probably isn't the update anyone wanted to hear. Wave 2 is going to be slower than round one it seems. Please refer to the spreadsheet for updates on the status of Wave 2. I will update in here as always.
  25. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack02/26/2019
  26. @everyone Update 12 (2/26/19): Went to the shop yesterday and today to deliver all the boards from wave 2. I also picked up some of the last remaining boards from wave 1. A few of them are still there. I talked to Tara about all the boards that were being dropped off and she mentioned to me that her and Abel are probably going to have to start raising the price on the next wave of boards. Unfortunately they underestimated the amount of time and effort that it takes to make sure that all the boards get coated perfectly and are up to customers satisfaction. A lot of these boards are having to get recoated multiple times to make sure the coat is just right and isn't too light, she also mentioned that this price increase is due to the number of boards now coming in. Because of that the starting cost is going to be raised from $35 to $50. It's just a $15 increase. If anyone is not ok with the price increase and would like to cancel there spot please let me know.  Again I am sorry that I will be having to increase the price, I hope you will be willing to continue using the service, I know so far most of the boards have come out fantastic and everyone is seeming to love them!
  28. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack03/13/2019
  29. @everyone Update 13 (3/13/19): I hadn't heard much from them since the last update, I did stop by last week and picked up a few boards that were still part of Wave 1. I just got a text from Abel letting me know that a lot of boards are done and that I should come pick them up today. So I plan on going right now to see which boards are done and which boards they are still working on. I am also waiting on a few more wave 3 boards before I take those to the shop. Tara mentioned to me that she was having trouble coating boards in white colors and purple colors and mentioned that they could potentially need to double the price for those colors specifically, I am hoping to find out more today as I looked on the list and it looks like only a few people have been requesting white and purple colors, hopefully she will just keep the price to the regular price because I would hate to start to have to charge more for those colors.
  31. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack04/02/2019
  32. @everyone Update 13.5 (4/2/19): All of Wave 3's boards are in the shop, I'm in the process of mailing out Wave 2 boards right now. I have the Austin Meetup coming up this weekend so that's going to put a stop on shipping for the weekend. The cost for white and purple colors will be a $10 increase from normal colors. I'll post update 14 when I go visit them on Thursday to go pick up my 60XT.
  34. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack04/04/2019
  35. @everyone After doing some thinking. I will not be proceeding with running a Round 2 for this service. I have been having issues with the shop keeping there lower prices and have had to start paying out of pocket for peoples boards, along with shipping. I will continue finishing round 1 boards as those are all almost done. But with these price increases I have been having I have started losing money and it is taking a toll on my car. I am sorry for coming to this conclusion. I understand that people were really looking forward to getting there board refinished. I suggest anyone still interested in getting their board cerakoted to please look for a shop close to you in your city or surrounding area. I will still keep this discord open to help others out and help people decide what would be the best colors to go with for their boards. Again, I apologize about having to call it quits on Round 2. I started this service to help others, once it started forcing me to pay money out of my own pocket it started to get tougher then I imagined. I will keep updating the progress for Round 1 boards to make sure everyone is in the loop on those boards.
  37. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack04/17/2019
  38. @everyone Update 14 (4/17/19): The shop is currently closed this week while the owners are out of town. They said that they will be getting back to work on all the boards and have them all done by the first week of May. There was a miscommunication with shop on when the boards would be finished. I thought it was going to be this week but looks like I was wrong. I apologize for the delay. As for cost wise, thank you everyone for the support. I am working on completing the service, I unfortunately will not be looking into running a Round 2 at this point. More of Wave 2 boards will be mailed out this week. Everyone who is part of Wave 4, be on the look out for a PM from me at the beginning of May.
  40. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack05/17/2019
  41. @everyone Update 15 (5/17/19): Got a Text from Tara yesterday letting me know that 3 boards were done. Those 3 boards were a Lunar, a Noxary 268.1 and a TGR 910. All of them came out perfect! While I was there Tara and I talked about how much work they currently have in house, and how big their backlog is. She also let me know that most of the boards there will be completed by next week. She also explained to me that she would love to work on more boards and that all these keyboards have caught's attention, they personally emailed Tara asking for more pictures to showcase their work on keyboards! All of your guys support and reception has been amazing! Tara let me know that they would like to continue working on boards, but the only issue and reason why these boards take forever to get done is that they have to mix and prep so many different colors. There will be a new plan in place for round 2 and future rounds of this public service, I will have a more detailed plan on what how Round 2 will work in a future post. For now I wanted to give everyone an update on Round 1 and a thank you for the support!
  43. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack05/21/2019
  44. @everyone Update 16 (5/21/19): Just picked up most of Wave 3's boards!! I'll post pics soon. Wave 4 will start on June 4th when I get back from Keycon. :)
  46. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack05/30/2019
  47. @everyone Update 17 (5/30/19): Spoke to Tara over text for the remaining boards at the shop. Last week she told me that they would be done before I left for Keycon. Unfortunately again, they do not have them done. She told me they took an extended vacation over the weekend and are just getting back to work tomorrow. She said that they will start Friday and will have them done by Wednesday of next week. I mailed out 4 Noxary 268.1's this week. More boards will be mailed out soon. Just wanted to give everyone an update on where we are at with this service since Round 1 is coming to an end soon. I've been writing up a post on Round 2 and how all of that will work. Prices will change, but will be a permanent change. The price for Round 2 will remain the price for future rounds to come too! If any of you guys are coming to Keycon I'd love to see the boards I've worked on! Also if any of you are going and are on the list for completed boards PM me and I can hand deliver your board to you at keycon. :smiley:
  49. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack06/10/2019
  50. @everyone Update 18 (6/10/19):  Last friday I posted the information on Round 2 and that the shop was working on the last remaining boards there at the shop. On wednesday this week I will be taking all of the Wave 4 boards to the shop so that they can start working on those boards. If everything goes as planned I should have all those back before the end of the month. I also ordered 25 Medium FR boxes and 25 Long Board game sized boxes to mail out the long boards like the SouthPaw65+ that I've had for quite a while. That one will be going out ASAP as soon as those boxes get in. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask in #support. I also named the service, Ceraklack, it sounded kind of cheesy at first but it gets the point across. Thanks to @Garrett for helping me come up with the name!
  52. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack07/03/2019
  53. @everyone Update 19 (7/3/19): I have started packing some of the wave 3 boards and will finish packing all of the completed boards on Sunday the 7th. All of the completed boards will be mailed out and out of my cramped little apartment on Monday the 8th! Wave 4 boards are at the shop currently. I did have one mistake on the spreadsheet, someone paid the invoice and forgot to mail me the board, so I accidentally marked it as in house. I corrected that issue and am currently waiting on that board so I can take it to the shop. Once those get back I promise for a fast turn around time on mailing the boards back. I will be making a new post for round 2 soon. Be on the look out for that post. Hope everyone enjoy's July 4th tomorrow and has a good rest of their week! Also, if anyone can help me come up with a logo I'll cerakote 1 board for free for the whoever's logo I'll go with, feel free to post logo's in #logo and which ever one gets the most :thumbsup: I'll go with!
  55. Tyson | Mr.Ceraclack07/24/2019
  56. @everyone Update 20 (7/24/19): Going to the shop today to pick up most of Wave 4. The only remaining boards from wave 4 are a Canoe and a HHKB. I am also going to drop off a few things to test out a couple of colors. I am dropping off 8 REDACTED boards to test out a new GMK Olivia Rose Gold color, and my TKC1800 to test out a GunCandy Chameleon color, it's a color that has multiple tones in it and changes color in certain lighting! These boards are not part of the Wave and will not hinder the start of Round 2. Not too sure if you have noticed yet but I have rebranded the service, it's not Tyson's Cerakote Service anymore, I've become Ceraclack! Thank to @OneCreativeMind for creating the logo and some sticker ideas for the service! He won the logo contest and has decided to give his free spot away. I will be running a giveaway at the start of round 2 for a free coating, more news will come on that in a few weeks, I promise! In the mean time I will keep mailing everything out to get everything back to everyone that has submitted a board for cerakote! If I have completed you board please post a picture of it in #gallery it seems nobody ever posts their pics in there even when I ask. Hope everyone has a nice rest of their week!
  58. Tyson | Mr.CeraclackYesterday at 7:11 PM
  59. @everyone Update 21 (8/7/2019): Picked up three board yesterday and dropped off a few more off today to test out more guncandy colors, still waiting on the HHKB and the Canoe, most of Wave 4 has been completed and mailed out, I will be mailing out the Lunar asap. I also got word from the shop that guncandy colors take longer to do and with the heat that has been in San Antonio, they can only cerakote most of the boards in the morning. Knowing that they are going to be working on the keyboards in the morning I will be writing out the Round 2 form for everyone to sign up on but will not be contacting anyone until after the weather cools down here in San Antonio. The average temp has been around 103 for the past few days and is going to say around there for the whole next week. Thank you for everyone's patience have a good rest of your week!
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