SFPC vs BaseCamp

Apr 30th, 2021
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  1. The SFPC stewards recently published a post about changes to address issues such as anti-Blackness and exploitative labor practices at the school, and create a more caring and just community in the future:
  3. I really liked this part "SFPC (is being transformed into) a place to learn at a pace that counteracts accelerationism within tech spaces"
  5. I've been thinking a lot about this counteraction. there isn't really a name for the spaces or entities i'm thinking about – i guess any digital platform or community that aligns with "care-ethics" terminology. a huge part of me wants to see the entire digital landscape composed of tools and platforms that put ethics and integrity first, but that puts a huge amount of pressure and undue expectations on the communities that represent that for me (PCD, SFPC,, etc). I'm still not sure how to reconcile this in my own mind.
  7. Slightly related: I read this post about the Basecamp drama (it started with employees making a list of "funny" customer names) and how it led to bans on "talking politics" at Basecamp and then even other places like Coinbase.
  10. Comparing this story to the SFPC letter made me so upset – the kind of strategies used in "accelerationist tech spaces" (love describing "big tech" this way haha) are just gross, sleazy, and ultimately cowardly. Really shows how much the broader public can also learn from SFPC.
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