Samit Sarkar and Leigh Alexander

Sep 19th, 2015
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  1. Subject: Samit Sarkar and Leigh Alexander.
  2. Sources: Twitter, Polygon, Tumblr, Agency's website, Leigh Alexander's personal website.
  3. Final version completed on: 09.29.2015
  4. Credits: Original investigation, format is more or less based on the format of @BoogiepopRobin's pastebins.
  5. If there's anything with this pastebin you find to be in error or would like to suggest improvements, feel free to contact me on twitter @JimmyMcCunty.
  7. Note: All dates within this document are presented in the American format; the month is written before the day.
  9. Background: Agency, a consultancy firm run by Leigh Alexander and Ste Curran (,, was involved in the making of Sunset, a game by the studio Tale of Tales. According to Agency's website, Agency advised Tale of Tales in their kickstarter campaign to fund Sunset's making, and also advised them in crafting Sunset's gameplay loops and narrative design ( Samit Sarkar wrote one article about Leigh Alexander and two articles about Sunset, despite having described himself in the past as a friend of Alexander. Sarkar's friendship with Alexander was not disclosed in the aforementioned articles.
  11. Evidence for friendship beteen Sarkar and Alexander: In his tumblr blog, Samit Sarkar has referred to Leigh Alexander as his friend on 1.20.11 ( and on 5.9.11 ( To prove that this is indeed Sarkar's blog, I will note that Sarkar himself has confirmed it as such on twitter ( Sarkar and Alexander have continued to maintain friendly contact through twitter in the ensuing years. I have archived their twitter conversations in two large batches: , . Some selcted tweets:
  13. 07.15.2011 – Sarkar: @zenalbatross Are you going? I'm going in support of my gal @leighalexander! (And also because I've been meaning to go to @Babycastles!) (
  14. 01.26.2012 – Sarkar: @leighalexander Thanks, I hope so! Btw, will I see you at the NYVGCC awards next Thursday?
  15. (
  16. 12.04.2012 - Sarkar: @TronKnotts @leighalexander god i love you both so much (
  17. 04.11.2013 – Leigh: My complete thoughts about Infinite are here, in case you're interested & haven't read: … (
  18. 04.11.2013 – Sarkar (in response to the above tweet): @leighalexander I haven't read it (and won't for a while -- I'm at the end of BioShock 1, haha)... but I retweeted anyway because <3 (
  20. Articles with Potential Disclosure Issues (all were published in Polygon):
  22. 06.19.2013: Games for Change 2013 keynote speakers discuss broadening the horizons of gaming ( Commentary:
  23. Leigh is featured significantly in this article.
  24. 06.17.2014: Tale of Tales launches $25K Kickstarter for rebellion adventure game Sunset (
  25. 16.04.2015: Sunset, the 1970s political thriller, launching May 21 on PC (
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