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Organizers Press Statement: “MAGA Flag Day Rally

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Jun 13th, 2017
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  1. “MAGA Flag Day Rally: A Celebration of Free Speech and Conservative Values”
  2. Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  3. 06/17/2017
  5. Organizers Press Statement:
  7. This rally was organized as a platform to give voice to a wide range of conservatives and their various perspectives. Our guest speakers exemplify the diversity of conservatives and include women, legal immigrants, veterans, Millennials, and people from a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds.
  9. We mention this not as a “diversity checklist” but to highlight the actual spectrum of conservatives whose voices most progressives choose to ignore and attempt to suppress. The organizers and speakers of this event disavow the wide range of negative “-ists, -isms, and -phobes” that might be used to describe this event. We are, however, patriots who support our great nation. Conservatives include people from every minority group and our diversity makes us strong.
  11. The protection and exercise of First Amendment Rights for all American voices is our central issue. However, even establishment, moderate, and centrist conservative and libertarian citizens exercising their right to Free Speech are increasingly met with violent protests and cannot assemble peacefully without fear of attack or suppression.
  13. We soundly denounce and reject the disturbing trend employed by progressive activists, and so-called Anti-fascists, who use violence, intimidation, and other deplatforming methods to inhibit and prevent the expression of views that they find distasteful and who would suppress and infringe upon our Constitutional Rights. The normalization of violence by the left, to suppress speech or groups with which they disagree, should be considered as abhorrent as any violent actions taken by the right.
  15. In honor of Flag Day, which commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777, and is also the birthday of the U.S. Army and President Donald Trump, we meet here in Chapel Hill to espouse our values and pay tribute to the symbol and veterans that represent and uphold the Freedom of Speech and Assembly guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights.
  17. Amor Patriae
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