Meat's On The Menu

Aug 3rd, 2017
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  1. >"So whatcha gonna do with your time away from th' farm, Anon?" Applejack said as she leaned on the windowsill, watching the rain fall down on the orchard
  2. "Well, to be honest AJ, might just go out and see the world a little.." You trail off as you give her a quick scratch behind the ear and watch the downpour with her
  3. >In reality though, you were going to do something a little different from that
  4. >After Fluttershy spilled the beans about you being omnivorous during a trip to Canterlot, the good princess Twilight had drafted up a royal order explicitly barring you from having any meat at all
  5. >But being the cheeky lil' shitposter you are, and a solid hour of deciphering fucking legalese later, you figured out that outside of equestria, those words meant a whole lot of nothing
  6. >So it’s less of a vacation, and more like food tourism
  7. >After getting your stuff all packed up and ready, you get some grub, and surprise, surprise it's literally nothing but apples again
  8. >Boil 'em, mash 'em. It doesn't matter to this family, they love em to bits
  9. >The face you made when you found out that Granny Smith had somehow managed to stew them would've been worth its weight in gems and gold if they caught it on camera
  10. >After an uneventful dinner, and a bedtime story, you flop down on your bed, and passed out
  11. >Slipping out of the old farm house and walking down the road away from the acres, You head off towards the train station, making it as the sun rises over the small town and take a seat on the benches to catch your breath
  12. >Ponies come and go about their morning business as you just watch over them, and after a while, You sprawl out across the bench
  13. >Naturally, as soon as you get bored enough to consider taking out the lone, dog-eared book in your bag, the pony running the ticket booth shows up
  14. >A short chat, and a bag of bits later and You are the proud holder of a ticket to a land of cold, wonderous meat
  15. >Or as the locals call it, Griffonstone; land of the catbirds
  16. >After getting comfy on the train and the small conductor horse checks your ticket, you pull out your book and get to reading
  17. >Or you would've, if you didn’t pass out while on the train through the spiraling mountains and the wide valleys on the way there
  18. >Pulling into the City/Nation and getting off the train, you’ve got your priorities straight
  19. >Practically running through the slushy streets, or as best as you can given the conditions, You burst through the door to the restaurant
  20. > “Ah, so the ‘great’ Anon has fallen through my doorstep once again!” The grey gryphon laughs at your misfortune as he helps you to your feet
  21. >Gustav Le Grand, Chef extraordinaire, everyone
  22. >Also he has a terrible taste in doneness
  23. >I mean, who makes a fine steak well done?
  24. “Nice to see you too, Gustav” You chuckle as you dust yourself off, giving him a quick hug and take a more proper seat
  25. >Turns out a lot of folks pass through the city-state for a lot of purposes, like treasure hunters, diplomats and of course, connoisseurs of tasty, tasty murder
  26. >Meat, that is
  27. >There’s enough wings and claws here to really give someone a bad time if they tried to pull some shit here
  28. >It’s a slow night for Gustav and his crew, so he chats you up after bringing out your meal himself
  29. >Hot damn, it’s been way too long since you’ve had a meal this good!
  30. >The savoury taste still in your mouth, you bid the chef farewell and book a room for the night
  31. >You were sleeping well, until you heard the ruffling of wings, a burlap sack going over your head, and a hard * THWACK * to your dome a few seconds later
  33. >>30624784
  34. >Dark shapes blur past you and all you hear are muffled sounds as the sack comes off
  35. >"Ah, He’s waking up..." You struggle to hear one of them say as you look around
  36. >Your suit is soaked and the harsh mountain winds chill you to the bone as you rub your head, not quite sure if it's the snow or blood that's soaking your hair
  37. >"Now that you're all awake and still alive, let's get this show on the road, dweebs" You hear one of the gryphons say, not quite making out who said that in this dark twilight-filled forest
  38. >"We've seen you all around Griffonstone from time to time, taking in the atmosphere and our hospitality" A deeper voice rumbles out, addressing you and some others near you
  39. >"But now, the time has come for you to give back to us, in one way or another" He continues
  40. >"The best way that you all can do that is either get out there and hunt..." The lighter voice chuckles out ominously "or you can be hunted."
  41. >You groggily look towards them and try to talk back, but your head pounds as you do
  42. >"and don't even think of running off empty-clawed, dweeb" the lighter voice chimes in as you feel the ropes go slack as they're torn
  43. >"You all have 3 days and 3 nights to pull through, otherwise you'll be on the wrong side of our talons, even more so than right now" He says with a semi-regal tone
  44. >"We've fitted you with a gemstone flare around your neck, all you need to do after your kill is just pull down as hard as you can, and we'll come to help you get it back to town" He (You're sure of it now) says mockingly
  45. >"Let's beat it, the stench of desperation is killing me!" She squawks quietly to the other before flying away with him before yelling "Good hunting, Loser!" as their talons kick up the wet snow, splattering it in your face
  46. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. >Your first thought after * that * was how much of a dick move that was
  50. >Your second was about starting a fire so you don’t end up as a popsicle on this mountain
  51. >As the sun starts to cast it’s light on the snow-peaked caps, your small fire starts to come to life, the wet wood making it hard to ignite
  52. >The harsh cold fades as the fire warms you up, and you start pondering how you’re gonna pull this off
  53. >You get up and put your fire to rest
  54. >Sitting around isn’t going to help you much with this
  55. >After a few hours of wandering around, you pick up something
  56. >Trees splintered with deep claw marks in them
  57. >Crimson blood sprayed across the pure, white snow
  58. >And pawprints!
  59. >Booyah, Anon!
  60. >All you gotta do is follow that, and you’ll be in business in no time flat!
  61. >It takes a while, but you find yourself at the trail’s end
  62. >Dammit, you thought you had it made!
  63. >The sun’s going down, and the winds are picking back up
  64. >Re-purposing your undershirt into a pair of mitts, you shape the snow into a homely little pocket of life then, build another fire, using the dead trees, drooping moss and a few sticks to generate heat and sparks
  65. >Turns out that scout training came in handy after all
  66. >Now, if only your growling belly could be solved as easily
  67. >That steak hit the spot, but you can only go so far before you need something else to calm the beast
  68. >You fade off to sleep, the wet snow holding in the heat rather well
  71. >Turns out that not only did your fire die out, your foxhole got blown in as well
  72. >Breaking free of your snow prison like a zombie from the grave, you see the sun’s up again
  73. >It’s onto day two, and you’ve got to get a move on, that is unless you want to be dinner
  74. >God, it’s a good thing you don’t have a vore fetish right now
  75. >You move into a clearing in the woods and look around for anything that could possibly help
  76. >You spot a cave a little farther up the mountain you just came down
  77. >You facepalm so hard when you notice that
  78. >Putting on your game face, you trudge back up the mountain to the entrance of the cave
  79. >Looking into the darkness, the warm air of the cave billowing your tie and jacket
  80. >If you weren’t in such a bind, it’d almost be bad-ass to look at
  81. >You step into the cave, your eyes slowly adjusting to the lack of natural light down here
  82. >Walking and stumbling through the oppressive air of the cave, your foot hits… something
  83. >You pick it up, and hold it towards the entrance
  85. >You drop it and it shatters to pieces, fragments of bone scattering all over the floor
  86. >You hear something make some noise further in the cave, but moments later, a loud snore rumbles through
  87. >You really wish you didn’t have to go deeper, but your love of not dying compels you to go on
  88. >You see sunlight shining through a crevasse, and right in the middle is a sleeping Manticore
  89. >Sliding off your jacket and making it into a super-sized rope, you take your time and sneak over to it
  90. >You’re going to have one chance to pull this off, Anon
  91. >Jumping onto the back, you wrap your jacket around it’s neck and pull as hard as you can
  92. >As you strangle the ever-loving hell out of it, you flail your legs around to keep that tail busy
  93. >Man, if only Applejack could see you now!
  94. >The manticore falls to the floor, thoroughly asphyxiated, almost crushing you beneath it in the process
  96. >Well, Anon? Do you feel like a hero?
  97. >You did what you had to in order to see the day after tomorrow
  98. >As you walk out of the cave, you stand at the entrance and watch the sunset over the horizon, the valleys between the mountains quickly filling with shadows
  99. >You pull down on the rod tied to your neck, a blindingly bright neon green light burning from it as you drop it on the ground and head back inside the cave
  100. >You slump beside the manticore that *You * strangled and just ponder on your actions
  101. >That was until you feel a harsh thump of something landing on the other side of your kill
  102. >A large pair of eyes glowing, glowering at you over the corpse as you peek over it, it’s body silhouetted in the low light of the cavern, the tail held high and ready to strike
  103. >It’s another one, and this time you don’t have the advantage of surprise to help you
  104. >As you slink back downwards, a loud roar nearly deafens you as the sound rings throughout the bone-riddled cavern
  105. >You look upwards as the enraged manticore vaults over its dead mate, then turns around snarling and dripping saliva as it sees not only it’s next meal, but vengeance as well
  106. >He’s blocking the entrance, and seeing as you don’t have wings, the only exit as well
  107. >There’s no running away from this one!
  108. >You try to make some distance between the two of you, rolling around the body on the floor, and getting to your feet
  109. >A blast of air blows hard from behind you as the only light leaking into the room disappears, only for a moment as he come bearing down on top of you, pinning you to the cold hard rock
  110. >You flail around, reaching for something, anything as the manticore slashes your torso with his claws, blood pooling inside of your coat
  111. >Feeling a big bone in your hand, you grab and swing it as hard as humanly possible, getting a nice, clean hit on him as you see part of it break on the manticore’s thick skull
  113. >The beast stumbles after the hit, allowing you to attempt to slip out of it’s grasp
  114. >Seeing an opportunity to escape, you run with all your might towards the exit, your stomach gushes out blood as you do
  115. >Right before you go into the smaller tunnels, you feel yourself getting impaled and your limbs grow heavy
  116. >Seeing the world and the manticore upside down makes you want to puke as your blood drips down your body
  117. >Looking around, your vision quickly blurring, You thrust your broken bone into his eyes as best as you can
  118. >As the manticore reels back in pain, you feel it’s stinger pull out of you, dropping you to the ground
  119. >You shakily get back up to your legs and shuffle towards the now-blinded manticore, dragging a bloodied bone across the ground
  120. >Letting out one last scream of fury, you plunge the bone deeper into it’s skull and pierce the brain, the bone severing the connection to it’s body as you flop against it
  121. >Laying on your side and resting your head on the forepaw, you drop the bone and raise your finger gun
  122. “See Y-you l-later, space cowboy” You stutter out as your pretend to fire as your eyes close and your limbs feel cold
  124. >You wake up
  125. >Your head pounds as you feel bandages wrapped tightly around your multiple wounds
  126. > “Well, well! Look at who just woke up!” You hear a familiar deep voice call out as your eyes try to focus on who said that
  127. > “Not every day you see anything take that much of a thrashing and live to tell the tale” You see a gryphon with a purplish-pink highlight say
  128. “What the hell happened? I. I thought I was done for” You say confusedly as the two of them stare at you
  129. > “Well, We had a bargain to uphold. Gilda here flew you out of that cave and straight here” The Male Gryphon replied
  130. > “Nice going by the way, monkey. You bagged three of them before passing out” Gilda said, a little impressed
  131. > “But there were only two, I thought” You question as you raise a hand and grimace in pain
  132. > “One of them was pregnant. It’s a good thing too, we can’t afford any more of those beasts roaming around, it’s bad enough as is” The guy responded, passing you a wooden cup full of water
  133. >Boy, does that water taste sweet as you chug it down, your parched throat getting relief
  134. “What did you say your name was again?” You ask, after settling down the cup on the bedside table
  135. > “I didn’t, but you may call me Gilliam” The golden brown gryphon with the leopard spots says with a bow
  136. > “Now come, on your feet, it’s been a long time coming” Gilliam says as he walks towards the doorway
  137. >You attempt to get out of bed and stand up, but you fall to your hands and knees, then pull yourself onto your feet, each step a little more confident than the last as Gilda and Gilliam move to support your weight
  138. >As you walk down the streets with your “entourage”, you notice that the streets are empty
  139. >You and your party walk into Gustav’s place and it explodes with celebration
  140. >You’re awestruck at the sight of dozens of gryphons packed in here all cheering for yourself
  141. > Gustav runs up to you, and places a set of golden jewelry around your neck
  142. > “I’m surprised to say this, Anon” Gilda says with the tone of a proud bigger sister “But welcome to the pride”
  144. >You get seated at the head of the table, and your vision goes a little blurry for a few seconds,
  145. >It’s been a while since you’ve felt this emotional, so you close your eyes to get the tears out of them
  146. >When you open them again, everything seems a lot sharper! Looking around, you can * really * notice all the small details in the jewelry from the fine engravings etched into it, the details are more vivid as you trace your fingers over the outer edges of it, the more recent carvings bringing a newer story
  147. >You smell Gustav hard at work in the kitchen, the spices and smoke in the air giving you a teaser of what’s to come
  148. >While the main course is being dealt with, your new fellow pride members nuzzle and congratulate you as you all nibble on various appetizers laid out
  149. >You clench your face and draw in a deep breath as your legs and back burn up in pain, the muscles tightening and extending, forging themselves into something strange, but at the same time familiar
  150. >When the pain subsides, you’re more sure of your step
  151. >A slight breeze rolls in from a window, and your lower half feels more free as the wind flows across your legs, a blissful feeling coming and going in waves with the bursts of wind as something dangles behind you, feeling like an extension of yourself, but with a mind of it’s own
  152. >It’s been a long time, that suit of yours is like a second skin by now, heh
  153. >You see Gustav pop his head out and quietly rope a couple into helping him
  154. >As they pull out the roasted manticores, you lick your lips and drool a little
  155. >It smells so good, your hands are itching to rip into them
  156. >Literally, in fact! You scratch the back of them and they feel sharper and sharper as you do, but they don’t feel as soft as they were
  157. > “Since you went to all of the trouble of bringing them down, it’s only fit that you get the first pick” Gustav motions towards the mountainous platter of carved meat
  159. >As the night goes on, You hear stories about their first hunts and all of the shenanigans they got into
  160. and the parties they had like this one
  161. >Like the time when Grandpa Gruff had to drag a bear back to his camp uphill both ways, with a broken wing, in the pouring rain and howling winds
  162. >You stroke one of the girl’s heads, Gabby, you think her name was, and notice your hair is feeling a lot more feathery as you do
  163. >Gilda stands up, and starts telling of her story
  164. >Turns out, Her and Rainbow Dash were together during her first hunt, but at the last moment, Rainbow had “chickened out” and was being a wuss about bringing the final blow to the Owlbear they’d taken down
  165. > “I guess some just don’t have the ‘Instinct’ to do what’s right, unlike you, Anon” Gilda said as she traced her talon along your chest, the fur wrapping around her finger as she swirled it in the red plumage adorning your chest where your tie was
  166. >You stretch your arms out and your feel your wings pull out farther and farther out, every inch of soft, delicate feathers lining bringing your body to ecstasy as your body shifts into a more agressive four legged stance
  167. >As everyone looks on in awe, You look into a mirror
  168. >You see a Gryphon with green tipped, white feathers looking back at you, with a dark body with a white and red tuft at the front
  169. >Staring back at everyone, You are now one of them, for better or for worse
  170. >You get pulled into a side room along with a few other guys by the girls, and your body knows only one thing at this moment, and a fire burning down below needs to be put out
  171. > “What are you waiting for, dweeb? We’re all in heat!” Gilda huffs out in annoyance
  172. > “Besides Anon, We all have a duty. Yours is to breed us until we can’t walk anymore, at least for tonight...” Gabby says with a deep red blush that makes the light blue purple
  173. >As You mount Gilda, the room fills with the pungent smell of sex as their partners quickly get spent and fall asleep
  175. >But you carry on, with every thrust and stroke soaking the ground beneath you and her quiver in bliss, every stroke pushing her and further
  176. >You clamp on on her neck with your beak as her body clamps down around you, trying to milk your dick for all it has
  177. >As you pull out, Gilda lets out a very content sigh, a long string of your and her juices leaking not only from you, but onto the floor as well
  178. >Seeing your little show, the others want what she had, and you’re more than willing
  179. >You mind fogs as the only thing you know is pleasure from these lovely ladies
  180. >The night is well spent as the entire village goes on and off as the boys wake up and go at it again
  181. >After an eternity, it seems like you’ve had every girl in Griffonstone on you, and you finally fall asleep, your balls emptied
  182. >When you get up, you find your self nestled in a pile of feathers, fur, warmth and a growling stomach
  183. >You guess the hunt never ends as you step outside into the morning sun and burst into the air with a powerful flap and a screech
  185. /THE END/
  187. />>>/ALTERNATE ENDING/>>>/
  188. >You and your party walk into Gustav’s place and it explodes with celebration
  189. >You’re awestruck at the sight of dozens of gryphons packed in here all cheering for yourself
  190. > Gustav runs up to you, and places a set of golden jewelry around your neck
  191. >You fall to the ground, your vision blurring and tears fall to the ground as your body bubbles and grows in size, bones crack and your suit tears itself to pieces as two bat-like wings
  192. >Your fangs grow longer and longer as a scorpion-esque tail grows, potent venom dripping from the tip as fur grows and claws come out
  193. > “What’s going on?!” One of the gryphons freak out as your transformation continues
  194. > “The anti-venom didn’t work! Anon’s turning into a manticore!” Gilliam says as he pounces onto you
  195. >You swipe at the annoying morsel as the only thing that matters is an all-you-can-eat buffet in front of you
  196. >Plates crash, tables get smashed as the flock of gryphons attack you, slashing and pecking, as you plunge your sharp, monstrous teeth into the feathery flesh, drawing blood
  197. >You are the apex predator here, not these flying bird-brains!
  198. >You roar ringing out across the valley, the mountains themselves quake as the snow avalanches down them
  199. >All of a sudden, You feel nothing below your shoulder as you see blood splatter across the wall
  200. >It feels… so cold as your body goes limp
  201. > “Add another one to the feast, Gustav” Grandpa Gruff scoffs at your corpse
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