Fizzling Magma 6 (AiE;, Fizzle's POV; nsfw)

Jul 21st, 2013
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  1. >Morning, the next day
  2. >Slept over Anon's house another night
  3. >We had such a bro's weekend together!
  4. >Bowling, drinking
  5. >Got gym clothes from Spike's pony friend, totally lifted a bunch at the gym!
  6. >Finally see my Best Bro's house and gave him his favorite shirt back
  7. >And he was so nice he let me...sleep in his bed...
  8. >Because he's cool and his couch was too small for me!
  9. >Cool guys don't let their best bros sleep on the floor!
  10. >It was really comfortable to lay on and...
  11. >He has even nicer spare sheets cause
  12. >Well I'm a rough sleeper so I clawed up the other ones
  13. >Heh...I'm such a clutz
  14. >Anon didn't mind tho
  15. >He's such a great friend
  16. >Nothing really bothers him too much
  17. >....oh I'm still leaning on Anon's door
  18. >I think I just sighed too
  19. >Must still be tired
  20. >Anyhow good weekend all around!
  21. >Anon gave me an apple to eat before I flew away
  22. >Its not a gem but...I'm awful hungry
  23. >Take a bite
  24. >Wow that's good!
  25. >Take another bite and start walking
  26. >Juices running down my snout
  27. >Lick my lips
  28. >Man that tastes good
  29. >Give the apple a few licks too
  30. >Let the juices go all along my tongue
  31. >Mmmm so tasty...kinda like--
  32. >"Ya liking that there apple, partner?"
  33. >Who said that!? I just like apples its nothing!
  34. >Oh its...a pony
  35. >Hey, that pony looks kinda familiar
  36. "Umm...yea, guess I do?"
  37. >He smiles and chews the straw in his mouth
  38. >He's looking at me kinda funny
  39. >Keeps looking up and down my body
  40. >Wonder why...? Oh maybe he never saw a dragon before!
  41. >"Ah'm Big Macintosh, Ah grow them apples you seem mighty fond of"
  42. >I guess that's neat
  43. >Makes sense too, he has a giant apple on his butt
  44. >That's the only reason I looked there!
  45. >Why else would you look at another man's butt unless he had a really obvious tattoo!
  46. >He keeps looking up and down at me and chewing his straw
  47. >He musta saw me look
  48. >Shitshitshitshit
  49. >I scratch the back of my head
  50. "Yea...umm...Anon gave me one, he said they're grown around here."
  51. >"Ah reckon he did. He buys 'em from mah sister. Wanna see where we grow em?"
  52. >I take another bite of the apple to give me a minute
  53. >On one hand I should start flying but
  54. >I really don't wanna go home'll be an excuse to run into Anon later!
  55. >Walk by the market with Big Macintosh and be all like 'Hey look who I met!'
  56. >Perfect plan!
  57. "S-sure I guess it'll be fun to ...see your apples"
  58. >"Ah thought you might"
  59. >The big red pony turns around what a big firm butt he has
  60. >...what? Its a fact, look at it!
  61. >Not my fault he swished his tail in front of it and tricked my eyes into looking
  62. >And now he's looking back with a smile
  63. >"Ah see you noticed how years of applebuckin' toned me up right"
  64. >"Yuh...yea....right..applebuh-bucking"
  65. >Did he just wink?
  66. >Why did my cheeks get red?
  67. >Eat more apple, that'll help
  68. >Mmm-mmm so good how something big, red and juicy feels in my mouth
  69. >Nothing gay here at all!
  70. >He's walking away...better keep up
  71. >"So...ya'll come out this way often? Ain't seen too many dragons cept for Spike"
  72. "Oh...w-well I mean...this is my first weekend and Anon...we're bros ya know? We go out and have
  73. a good time."
  74. >"Ah see. So ya'll are just friends then? Ya'll ain't exclusive?"
  75. >What does he mean?
  76. >Course we're friends!
  77. >What else would we be?
  78. >Two totally straight bros having a weekend together!
  79. >Nothing wrong with that!
  80. >...My claws sure get loud when they click together
  81. "Uhm...well...yea I guess...we're really good friends yea! Best friends maybe!"
  82. >Kinda wish my best bro was here right now
  83. >He'd know what to say
  84. >It's weird talking to just one pony by myself
  85. >Even when I was talking to that crazy white pony, Spike was there
  86. >"Ah reckon its good to have a friend like that. Ah have a few friends like that too, always looking to
  87. make more."
  88. >Wait so...he wants to be my friend?
  89. >That's...actually kinda nice!
  90. >Not sure what to tell him's totally gay to be like 'I wanna be your friend'
  91. >He'd probably think you're a huge fag and tell you to go away
  92. >So, better just nod and keep walking with him
  93. >He seems to like that
  94. >He even brushed his tail against my leg
  95. >Is that how ponies give you a pat on the back?
  96. >I better do it back, I don't wanna look like a jerk
  97. >Pat his back
  98. >Maybe even scratchy a little
  99. >"Oohh...that's mighty fine fingers you got there....mind going a little lower?"
  100. >I scratch a little lower
  101. >He makes a...noise
  102. >I dunno what its called but it was kinda cute
  103. >Weird from a big guy like him
  104. >"Thank ya kindly...well, ain't ah a bad neighbor, ah never asked your name"
  105. "I-it's Fizzle."
  106. >"Well, thank ya, Fizzle. Ah don't quite have the right equipment to reach back there."
  107. >He takes a step forward suddenly and my hand is right on his butt
  108. >Holy crap thats really really-
  109. >Yikes!
  110. >Pull my hand back in a hurry!
  111. >Oh man oh man, I just touched his butt!
  112. >I bet he's gonna be all angry like that time I walked in on Garble looking at those rocks that sorta
  113. resembled--
  114. >Oh he's just smiling at me
  115. >His tail gives my leg another swoosh
  116. >He's chill guy like Anon
  117. >That makes me feel a little better
  118. >Ponies sure are a lot calmer than dragons
  119. >"Looks like we're here."
  120. >Oh wow look at all those apple trees!
  121. >They go all over the hills and even farther than that!
  122. >He seems to see how shocked I was because he bumps me with his back thigh
  123. >That wakes me back up
  124. "Wow, you sure have a big farm!"
  125. >"Eyup"
  126. >He starts walking again and I follow
  127. >He's mentioning all the kinds of apples he grows
  128. >It's kinda boring but I'm enjoying the walk
  129. >This pony sure likes apples
  130. >He gave me another one from a tree and sat there watching me eat it
  131. >Probably wanted to see if it was ripe
  132. >Sure was, really juicy!
  133. >He was really interested when I licked up the juices too
  134. >So what if I like to lick my apples a bunch while I eat them?
  135. >It's a great way to do it, try it!
  136. >"So umm...wanna see one of our barns?"
  137. >He's blushing a little
  138. >And nodding toward the barn
  139. >Can sorta make it out from here
  140. >Wonder what has him so worked up?
  141. "Sure, I'll go with you"
  142. >"Ah'm glad you wanna see it, it's not as nice as mah bedroom but, it'll be more private"
  143. >oooooookay?
  144. >I nod and follow him
  145. >He keeps brushing into my leg
  146. >I scratch his back more
  147. >Ponies are a lot friendlier than dragons
  148. >Its kinda nice, dragons yell a lot and throw things
  149. >And call you names and stuff
  150. >Really gets old
  151. >Wonder if maybe...
  152. >Naw that's silly, Anon is such a cool bro he'd never let you...
  153. >"Here we are, partner"
  154. >Oh we're here
  155. >Its an older building thing
  156. >Never saw a barn before
  157. >Not even sure what its supposed look like
  158. >Big Mac opens the door and motions for me to go in
  159. >I do and look around
  160. >Mostly empty, piles of loose hay all over
  161. >"This is where ah take most of mah friends. Ah dunno if mah sister would approve of me brinin' em home"
  162. >His sister sounds mean
  163. >Why would she have problems with his friends?
  164. >He's a really nice pony
  165. >He's even lighting lamps now so I can see in the barn with the door closed
  166. >"Ah hope ya'll don't mind the hay, best ah can do"
  167. >See? He's super considerate!
  168. "Sure its...ok. I used to sleep on it sorta in my cave"
  169. >"Ah'm glad. Ah had a unicorn here one time and all he did was complain bout it"
  170. >He closed the door and walked over
  171. >"Why don'cha sit down and get comfortable. Ah'm not quite as tall as ya'll"
  172. >I mess with the hay a little and sit
  173. >It's not so bad
  174. >The barn is really cozy even being so bi--
  175. >The red pony is kissing me
  176. >On the lips
  177. >In the barn
  178. >His fore hooves are on my shoulders
  179. >I'm on my back now
  180. >On the hay
  181. >In the bar
  182. >......whatthehellishappening!?
  183. >Whyishekissingme
  184. >...He tastes like apples...
  185. >This would be more comfortable if I put my arms around him
  186. >Yea there you go
  187. >WaitwhyamIkissingapony!?
  188. >Push him a little and he breaks the kiss
  189. >He looks at me with really nice green eyes
  190. >They really go with his mane
  191. >"You're a real good kisser, eeyup."
  192. >I can't seem to talk
  193. >I can feel my hands trembling on his back
  194. >He's laying on top of me
  195. >He's really heavy, but I'm a strong dragon
  196. >I feel something really warm below my waist
  197. >I think its his....his butt...
  198. >His butt is so nice
  199. >It's right on my....on my....
  200. >'s...gonna make my....
  201. >My cock starts to slide from its sheath
  202. >He's moving his rear
  203. >Up and down
  204. >Squishing his cheeks against my crotch
  205. >When he feels my length against it he sits down
  206. >Sways his applebottom side to side
  207. >Furry, firm, round and warm
  208. >It feels really good....
  209. > cock is..still..its....coming out...
  210. >Sliding between his buttcheeks...bumping into his....oh no wait!
  211. .>I can't do this!
  212. "W-ait stop! I...I'm not gay!"
  213. >Big mac chuckles and leans forward
  214. >I feel my cock spring free and slap into his rear
  215. >I shutter, my body trembling with a jolt of pleasure
  216. >It's a REALLY nice butt
  217. >"Don't ya'll worry, sugar cube. Ah ain't gay neither, heh heh. What happens in the barn stays in the
  218. barn"
  219. >Oh...ok
  220. >For a minute there...I thought we were being faggots
  221. >Can't be doing that
  222. >He's kissing me again
  223. >I guess its not a big deal if we're not gay about it
  224. >I open my mouth a little and he puts his tongue in it
  225. >He really tastes like apples
  226. >The red ones I was eating before
  227. >Because his coat is red I guess
  228. >I feel my cheeks heating up and I close my eyes
  229. >My back hurts a little so I open my wings up a little
  230. >He's moving his butt again
  231. >I feel my cock getting harder
  232. >Not my fault, a butt is a butt, right?
  233. >It's not gay so long as I don't moan
  234. >Err....more than once
  235. >.....moan his name!
  236. >Yea I mean course I'm gonna moan
  237. >My cock is sliding between his round, firm butt
  238. >Who wouldn't moan from that?
  239. >Something big and floppy hit my chest
  240. >Open my eyes to see what
  241. >It's his...whoa
  242. >He's sure big
  243. >I've never seen one that looks like that
  244. >I....I have to touch it
  245. >Because its so different!
  246. >I'm curious!!
  247. >Reach out and wrap my hand around the top of his girth
  248. >He moans into my mouth and kisses me harder
  249. >I wrap my tongue around his
  250. >Just like with the apples
  251. >I figure he likes apples...and he liked watching me eat them....
  252. >Plusitfeelsreallyniceandmycheeksarereallyred
  253. >His cock likes it got a little bigger when I played with his tongue
  254. >I start feeling around it's shaft
  255. >It's so thick and the tip is so spongy
  256. >It throbs and pulses with my hand
  257. >I wanna keep playing with it
  258. >So does he, he's kinda humping my hand
  259. >I'm not sure what to do with my other hand so I scratch his back again
  260. >He liked that
  261. >Oh wow he really liked that
  262. >He pulled out of the kiss and started moaning too
  263. >Lemme go lower
  264. >Wow look at him
  265. >He's really panting hard!
  266. >This is kinda fun making him look like this
  267. >Scratchy scratchy scratchy
  268. >While I do that I'm rubbing the bottom of his cock
  269. >The tip is getting all big and trembling
  270. >Like a sponge in water or something
  271. >Reach forward and squeeze it
  272. >He gasps really hard and thrusts into my hand
  273. >I start using my fingers to squeeze it all over
  274. >He makes even more noise so I keep it up
  275. >His legs are getting all shaky
  276. >"AAHHHHH!!! Fizzle Ah'm!!! Ah'm!!!"
  277. >He starts cumming really hard
  278. >Like holy crap I turned on a hose hard!
  279. >My hand was in the way so most of it got on him
  280. >But some got on me
  281. >Some of it even gets in my mouth
  282. >It tastes...kinda like...apples?
  283. >Wonder how he did that...
  284. >He sure came a hand and stomach are covered in it
  285. >A lot of it is on my crotch too
  286. >He seemed to notice and....ooohh
  287. >He's...he's licking my...
  288. >Mmm his tongue is really nice~
  289. >He licks all his seed off my length
  290. >I can't even move, it feels so good
  291. >My cock is swelling in his mouth
  292. >I might finish if he keeps that up
  293. >But he seems to know not to go too fast
  294. >He's a good pony
  295. "Y-you''re a good pony..."
  296. >He chuckles and gives me one long lick
  297. >I nearly lose it right there
  298. >"Thank ya for the nice words, Fizzle...but ah wouldn't be a good host if ah didn't return the favor to ya properly"
  299. >I'm not sure what that means but he's getting off me
  300. >I stand up and he's....bending over
  301. >Waving his tail
  302. >And shaking his butt
  303. >His cheeks are spread apart nicely, I get a full picture
  304. >I swallow hard, my cheeks flushing
  305. >I wipe the sweat from my brow
  306. >In the middle of his cheeks is a really thick....
  307. >It's like a tight looking donut
  308. >Ohman...I really wanna...put my there...
  309. >I walk closer...shaking a little
  310. >I reach him and put my hand along his butt
  311. >Dragging my claws lightly against his apple-tattoo
  312. >He whimpers and presses back
  313. >"Ah...really want ya...inside me..."
  314. >I really wanna be inside you
  315. >I'm not sure how he likes...or where to..
  316. >I'm not quite...the right height this without...picking him up or....
  317. >Keep standing there, scratching his curvy rear, trying to figure this out
  318. >"Come on now, Fizzle, don't make a pony beg!"
  319. >He backs up slowly
  320. >His butt hits me in the thighs
  321. >Oh wow he's stronger than he looks
  322. >I back up with him
  323. >My length is being pushed against his tight cheeks
  324. >We keep going backwards till I feel something solid hit my wings
  325. >My back is against the wall of the barn
  326. >He leans forward and kicks his back legs up
  327. >Thrusting his ass against my cock
  328. >I'm...lined up...perfectly now
  329. >He does it again, tail dragging on my cock when he does
  330. >Wow he...really....
  331. >Shakily grab his hips
  332. >Push my head against his hole and thrust in
  333. >Ohmanohmanohmanohman
  334. >He's soooooooo tight
  335. >I push deeper into him
  336. >He bucks his hips back and jams the rest of me in
  337. >He's REALLY strong!
  338. >I don't even need to move!
  339. >"Ahhhhhh!! Fizzle, pull my mane!!"
  340. >I lean forward and pull on his hair
  341. >He moans and thrusts back into me harder
  342. >My thighs slap hard and fast into his rear
  343. >Omgthisfeelsamazing
  344. >I tug his mane a little harder...and he goes nuts
  345. >Raising and lowering his behind
  346. >My feet are practically off the ground!
  347. >But he holds my cock in place as he has his way with me
  348. >"Call me a pretty mare!!"
  349. >I can barely say my own name but
  350. >I do what he says
  351. >Even if its kinda...weird
  352. "Uhhh...uhh....umm...Umm...err...y-you're a pretty mare...I...think you're...ahhhhh ahhh...really....umm...pretty!"
  353. >He moans even louder, kicking his back legs into the wall
  354. >He holds them there and rocks his hips
  355. >I can't even move
  356. >I'm pinned tot he wall by this powerful red pony
  357. >I grab his rear tighter and hang on
  358. >His insides are squeezing down on my cock
  359. >How does he even do that!?
  360. >It's...too own tail starts standing straight up
  361. >I feel my lower body start to tremble....
  362. >I squeeze his rear tighter and...and....
  363. >I'mgonnacum
  364. >I wanna scream it out but I just moan really loud
  365. >He seems to understand and slams his ass into me one final time
  366. >Holds it there, bucking and squeezing his rear
  367. >I feel myself explode inside him
  368. >Holy crap! I can't...I can't stand up
  369. >I slump forward but he holds me against the wall
  370. >My hips rock in and out of him, thrusting with every spurt of my seed
  371. >He's cumming too
  372. >All over the barn floor
  373. >A bunch of it hits my feet
  374. >I finally finish filling his ass with my juices
  375. >I try to pull out
  376. >But he holds me there till he's done himself
  377. >Spurt after spurt of his cum rains on the floor
  378. >Till he finally slumps forward and lowers his backside
  379. >Letting me go
  380. >He's panting really hard
  381. >I'm squirming against his weight, trying to pull off but he has me pinned
  382. >He slowly takes his feet off the barn wall
  383. >Walking forward, letting me slide out
  384. >Second I'm free, I lean against the wall and sit
  385. >My head is spinning
  386. >I can't believe how weak I feel
  387. >He a strong pony!
  388. >"Heh heh, boy howdy, Fizzle. Ah ain't been rutted like that in a good while"
  389. >He sits next to me and leans against my chest
  390. >I'm still staring straight ahead
  391. >Stunned
  392. >My cock is flopping and twitching from....all that
  393. >I pet his mane a little to try and calm down
  394. >He makes that funny noise again
  395. >Cept it seems a lot cuter now
  396. >I give one of his ears a scratch
  397. >He nuzzles my cheek
  398. >What a good pony
  399. >"Ah never laid with a dragon before, ya'll sure are something..."
  400. >I nod a little and keep looking forward
  401. >Just trying to remember how things...or talk
  402. >I can't even remember how I got here
  403. >Something about apples...and apple trees and...I think....
  404. >Soft pony mane feels good in my hand
  405. >Just keep petting him till you can remember what you were doing today
  406. >"Ah reckon next time ya'll come to visit, we see if Anon might wanna join in our little you
  407. two could spit roast me mighty nice"
  408. >I dunno what that means...
  409. >Maybe Anon does...
  410. >Wait..
  411. >Oh...
  412. >Oh crap...
  413. >Anon...what if...
  414. >Did I just....?
  415. >Can you...would your best bro be mad if you were...totallynotgay with someone else?
  416. >Even if its a pony?
  417. >Wait how can I...if I'm not...and we're not...but I...
  418. >And he said...I was his best dragon!
  419. >My head hurts
  420. >I need air!
  421. "I...I'm really...Ihavetogosorrybigmacyou'reaniceponythanksfortheapples!"
  422. >I jump up and head for the door
  423. >Fumble with the door and get it open
  424. "I'lll...I'll ask Anon next time, yea! Maybe we can...roast...something gottagobye!!"
  425. >Big Mac says goodbye right as I take to the air
  426. >Oh man...I...I...feel so...I need to go talk to
  427. >Oh man I'm covered in Pony cum!!
  428. >I need a bath yea!
  429. >Fly home as fast as I can to get to my magma pool
  430. >That'll calm me down!
  431. >Help me not think about...bro-ing it with another bro...
  432. >Wait...
  433. >Did I even do anything wrong?
  434. >It's not like you can't go out with a different bro sometimes
  435. >Sides we didn't even do anything fun!
  436. >Just looked at apples!
  437. >...
  438. >What if I did and Anon doesn't....doesn't want me as his best dragon anymore?!
  439. >No!
  440. >He never would do that?
  441. >Fizzle, you're crazy
  442. >Just...just get in the magma bath!
  443. >That'll make you feel better!
  444. >.....what the heck does Spitroast mean?
  445. >Hope its nothing ...ya know...faggy...
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