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Apr 25th, 2019
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  1. Mr. Mark Gerrettsen, M.P.
  3. Please let me preface by saying that I am deeply disturbed that a letter of this nature must be written at all. I am hard pressed to think of strong enough terms to put this in.
  5. It has become alarmingly clear that the sitting government of this province has no interest in its future. This lack of foresight and a lack of compassion for those who will come after is simply revolting. I am sure you are aware of certain situations such as the “Sticker Campaign” in relation to the Carbon Tax, or more recently the cancellation of the “50 Million Tree” initiative. The painting of targets on teachers and the school system. On a larger scale, the smear campaign in the form of “Robo-Calling” carried out by the Conservative party. Though these are just a few broad examples, they all emanate equally from a place of malignance and spite. These attitudes have no place in government and should be countermanded decisively.
  7. The provincial governments’ behaviour is mutilating this province. It has to end. It will end, but we must speak out.
  9. I trust you and will do the right thing.
  11. Respectfully,
  13. Thomas M. Cole
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