Raw Meat (Light Gore)

Dec 9th, 2012
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  1. >Day Raw Meat in Equestria
  2. >You work odd jobs for the mane six for bits
  3. >You have been in Equestria for quite some time. The Yellow Menace doesn’t visit you every morning like before. You have been kind of dating Ditzy Doo. You visit her often, and Dinky has taken a liking to you.
  4. >”Hello Anon!” Ditzy Doo says as you enter her house. “Dinner is almost ready.”
  5. >Her eyes used to bother you. She can focus them to one spot when she is paying attention, but usually they seem to be looking in two directions at once.
  6. >You don’t hug her. She has intimacy issues.
  7. Hello Ditzy
  8. >She smiles. You hand her some cider.
  9. >Dinky comes running up.
  10. >”Hi Anon! How are you?” She says as she jumps into your arms.
  11. >You hug Dinky tightly. Dinky craves attention. You can’t blame Ditzy though. She’s had a tough time being a single mother, and has had bad luck with stallions.
  12. >Dinky has told you in the past that her mother used to get beaten by her previous stallion friends. They would call her dumb, and make fun of her. Ditzy never knew what to do. They would drink all day, and get annoyed at Dinky. Ditzy would try to defend her daughter, but would get the bad end of a beating.
  13. >Dinky told you about how she used to hear her mother crying every night. She also told you about terrible sounds coming from the bedroom.
  14. >The meal is ready, and passes uneventfully. Its overcooked and burnt, so you pretend it’s meat. Dinky tells you about her day, and Ditzy stays quiet.
  16. 1/?
  18. >You all settle on Ditzy’s couch like always. Dinky curls up into your arms. Ditzy leaves to get you more cider. She doesn’t ask if you want some. She just assumes.
  19. >”Things are so great with you around Anon. Mom’s never been happier.”
  20. It seems like something’s on her mind.
  21. >”Yea, she acts like that sometimes.” Dinky says through a yawn. She settles her head back down into your lap. “She’s just not used to… having a good friend.”
  22. Ditzy returns with some drinks. You thank her, and she weakly smiles.
  23. >You feel Dinky falling asleep in your arms. You pet her mane and kiss her lightly on her head. She smiles in her sleep.
  24. >The fireplace gives off a warm glow.
  25. Is everything alright?
  26. >”Yes! Of course everything is!” Ditzy replies a little too quickly.
  27. >You give her a quizzical look. She looks down.
  28. >”Do you want to stay? For tonight I mean.”
  29. >Ditzy has never asked you to stay the night. You haven’t so much as kissed. Part of you wonders if you should be with a pony that most of the other’s shun.
  30. >Her eyes move up to you. They are focused and looking right at you.
  31. >You smile, and nod. You get up, still holding Dinky in your arms. You walk to her room. She usually sleeps in your arms when you visit, so you have done this before.
  32. >You put her in her bed gently. She stirs slightly, before returning to sleep.
  33. >You enter Ditzy’s room. Shes standing beside her bed.
  34. >You walk up to her, and raise your arms to hug her.
  35. >She flinches and moves away.
  37. 2/?
  39. We don’t have to do this… if you aren’t ready.
  40. >Ditzy looks down.
  41. >“No. I want this.”
  42. >You raise your arms up, but don’t move toward her. She breathes heavily, before moving toward you.
  43. >Shes tense. You pull her toward you. She relaxes slightly.
  44. “I won’t hurt you.” You say softly. “And no on- pony will hurt you either. Not while I’m around.”
  45. >Shes breathing heavily. She looks into your eyes, and kisses you. Just a peck. You know that was a big deal for her.
  46. >You release her, and she climbs into bed. You follow close behind.
  47. >You put your arm around her. Slowly, she relaxes.
  48. >Some time passes. Enough for you to know she’s asleep.
  49. >You get up, making sure that you don’t wake her. You need some air. Bad air, that is. No one knows you smoke. Its frowned upon in Equestria.
  50. >The cigarette smoke calms your thoughts. The heat contrasts with the cold air.
  51. >“So, that’s what you do now… You sleep with that whore.” A voice says from behind.
  52. >You turn around. It’s Yellow Quiet. She’s drunk, and angry.
  53. Fluttershy, I told you off a long time ago. Why can’t you let me live in peace?
  54. >”Because no one can love you, not like I love you.”
  55. But that’s not the kind of love I want. I want to be respected.
  56. >”But I do. I do respect you.” She says louder.
  57. You visit me and ask me about my fetish. That isn’t respect.
  58. >She wobbles.
  59. >”You will love me.”
  60. Never.
  61. >She walks up to you slowly. Shes breathing heavily. You can smell the cider on her breath.
  62. >”If I can’t love you… THEN NO ONE CAN!” She lunges at you with a knife.
  63. >You dodge and hit her.
  64. >She swings wildly with her knife. You dodge a few but one of her slashes catches you in the arm.
  66. 3/?
  68. >You jump back while covering your arm. You slip on a rock.
  69. >In a flash shes on top of you.
  70. >You grab her hoof holding the knife. She puches you with her free hoof. You block a few of her hits, but too many make it through. Her tears drop on your face.
  72. >”Not until you love me,” she says though her teeth. She moves her head to headbutt you.
  73. >You dodge at the last moment.
  74. >You feel her going limp in your arms. You feel a warmth on your back. You smell blood.
  75. >You throw her off of you. She’s limp.
  76. >You are breathing heavily.
  77. >You hear clapping behind you.
  78. >”Very impressive Anon.”
  79. >You get up and look at the voice. It’s Filthy Rich, Gustav, and Thunderlane.
  80. That was an accident. It was in self-defense.
  81. >”Of course it was. We saw everything!” Mr. Rich says. The others nod in unison. “But I don’t think the other ponies will believe you.” He smirks.
  82. They have to. You’re going to tell them it was an accident.
  83. >He laughs. “I don’t think anyone needs to know about this. It will be like it never happened.”
  84. >You give him a confused look.
  85. >Gustav moves forward. “We will take care of this.”
  86. >”That’s right.” Mr. Rich adds. “We came here to invite you into our lodge. It’s very exclusive. Membership is by invitation only.” He hands you a card.
  87. >It’s a picture of a saw. Under the picture it says, “Free Carpenters - Ponyville Lodge.“
  88. >When you are done reading it, the paper bursts into flames. You throw it to the ground.
  89. So, if I join your club –
  90. >“Lodge” Thunderlane interrupts.
  91. Your lodge… then all of this will go away?
  92. >They nod
  93. I’m in
  95. 4/?
  97. >Gustav and Thunderlane grab the corpse and fly away.
  98. >”Meet us in the abandoned clocktower tomorrow at this time.” He says as he walks away. He doesn’t look back.
  99. >You go inside and take a shower. You climb into bed like nothing ever happened.
  101. >The next day
  102. >You are standing outside of the clocktower.
  103. >The clock has long since been abandoned. It’s once bright brick exterior is now dull. There is stencil graffiti of a pony throwing a pie.
  104. >The door to the clock’s inner workings is open. There are two staircases. You climb the narrow staircase going up. At the floor, just below the bell you find layered cardboard. It was probably used as a bed by vagrants. In the corner is a scooter. It looks vaguely familiar.
  105. >You climb down, and continue the stairs going down.
  106. >At the bottom is a locked door. You knock. A slit slides open. The eyes behind it look at you for a moment, before opening the door.
  107. >Behind the door is a modest foyer. There are red and black flags on the walls. All of the flags are identical, and show the same picture you saw on the card.
  108. >”Welcome Anon.” Tunderlane says. “You are just in time for the entertainment.”
  109. >You follow him in to a grand dining room. In front of you is a feast, but what catches your eyes, is the meat. More meat than you could ever hope to enjoy.
  110. >”Help yourself. You are our guest.”
  111. >You thank him, before gorging on the meat. It’s delicious. It’s so tender. So juicy.
  112. >”Are you enjoying yourself Anon.” Mr. Rich says as he enters the room.
  113. I am. Where did you get all this meat? Its must be illegal to have this. It doesn’t taste like fish.
  115. 5/?
  117. >”It is illegal, but we don’t let things like that get in the way of… pleasure.” He smirks. “You provided this meal, so it is being held in your honor.”
  118. >It takes a moment before you realize what he means- Yellow Quiet. You continue chewing. You are slightly disgusted with yourself, but meat is meat, and she wouldn’t want you to waste a bit of her.
  119. >Mr. Rich smiles.
  120. >Gustav enters, and is carrying a lumpy bag.
  121. >The bag is whimpering.
  122. >Gustav throws in to the ground, but the whimpering continues.
  123. >”What have you brought t for us today?” Mr. Rich asks.
  124. >”Some vagrant. She was sleeping in our tower earlier.” He opens the bag, and releases the contents.
  125. >The Pegasus filly looks familiar. She has an orange coat and pink hair. Shes been beaten. Badly.
  126. >”A filly…?” Mr Rich asks.
  127. >Gustav shrugs.
  128. >”A filly is just a good as a mare. Maybe even better.” Thunderlane says approvingly.
  129. Just what kind of club is this?
  130. >”A club for self-improvement.” Gustav says as he starts poking the filly.
  131. >”Decadence” Thunderlane adds.
  132. >Mr. Rich hits him. Thunderland hits the cold floor.
  133. >”You will have to excuse Thunderlane. He still doesn’t understand us. He only joined a few months ago.” Mr. Rich says as he moves toward the filly. He begins examining her clinically. Like a doctor.
  134. >The filly is crying. “Why are you doing this?”
  135. >”Because we can.” Mr. Rich says as he starts smelling her.
  136. >The filly is crying, and doesn’t resist. Gustav lifts her up and puts a tarp underneath her. He expertly ties her down with ropes.
  137. >She really does look familiar.
  139. 6/?
  141. >The others are aroused. Their cocks are unsheathed. You remain seated. Gustav throws more wood on the fire. It burns brightly and casts a strong shadow throughout the room.
  142. >”What would you like? To be let go or to be burned?”
  143. >”Please Mister. Let me go.” She says between sobs.
  144. >”Wrong answer.” Mr. Rich takes a poker from the fire and burns the fillies flank.
  145. >She cries out wreathing in pain.
  146. >”Please mister! Stop it!”
  147. >”What would you like? To be burned or cut?”
  148. >”Please don’t hurt me!”
  149. >”Wrong again!” Mr. Rich burns her one of her hooves.
  150. >She cries out again, trying to move away. Her eyes are bloodshot from crying.
  151. >Holy shit this is wrong.
  152. >”What would you like? To be raped or burned again?”
  153. >She doesn’t respond. She is just crying.
  154. >Thunderlane is fully engorged and moves forward. He positions himself over the filly. He starts licking her from her head down to her hooves.
  155. I think that’s enough.
  156. >They look at eachother and laugh. Thunderlane returns his attention to the filly. He tries to enter her, but keeps sliding out. Finally, he enters. The scream is deafening. Thunderlane hits the filly until she stops screaming. She returns to quietly whimpering as he defiles her little body.
  158. >Gustav is over you in a flash. He pushes you back into the chair, and latches lock you into place.
  159. >”We expected better from you.” Gustav says.
  160. I didn’t do anything! It was in self defence!
  162. 7/?
  164. >He ignores you and continues. “But we took precautions just in case.” He leaves, and returns with two sacks. He throws them in front of you. You can tell by the sounds they make who they are.
  165. Let them go! They had nothing to do with this!
  166. >They ignore you and continue raping the filly, again and again. They leave a gaping hole when they are finished.
  167. >Thunderlane brings out a cart filled with knives.
  168. >Gustav moves forward and looks at the tools quizzically. Finally he makes his choice. A small filet knife. “This way I can explore her body without… too much damage.” He explains. He puts a gag into the fillies mouth.
  169. >He starts the knife at the gaping hole. Slowly at first. He opens the little filly up. Her little organs are showing. The filly is foaming at the mouth. Her eyes aren’t focusing on anything.
  171. >Thunderlane hits you and puts a gag in your mouth as well.
  172. >Gustav looks at the organs. He can’t decide which to cut. He looks at Mr. Rich and raises an eyebrow. He gets a small nod in response.
  173. >Gustav’s claws enter the filly, and remove her reproductive organs. He licks them slowly. His eyes are closed. He’s enjoying this.
  174. >When hes had his fill her cuts out her ovary. He chews it slowly. The filly is twitching, but otherwise nonresponsive. He cuts the other ovary and throws it to Mr. Rich. Mr. Rich likewise enjoys the taste.
  175. >”I prefer my meat, rare, not raw.” He says after a moment.
  176. >You try to scream, but the gag keeps you silent.
  177. >Gustav shovels out some coals and puts them into the filly. The smell of cooking flesh permeates the air. After about a minute, he removes another organ. You don’t know which. He moves up to you.
  178. >”You can eat this, and become a member, or we can open the other bags and really have some fun.”
  179. >The two bags in front of your start screaming after hearing this.
  181. 8/?
  183. >Gustav removes your gag, and offers you the organ.
  184. >You spit at him.
  185. >He licks the spit off of his face, and then forces your mouth open. Thunderlane puts the organ into your mouth and forces you to chew. Gustav holds your nose closed and forces you to swallow.
  186. >You are now crying.
  187. >”Very good Anon. Again I am impressed.”
  188. >You say nothing.
  189. >”I am still not convinced. I need him to really prove his loyalty.” Mr. Rich says. He motions to Gustav.
  190. >Gustav opens the small bag.
  191. >Its Dinky. Shes blindfolded.
  192. >Gustav forces a gag onto her.
  193. >”All you have to do is defile her. Nothing else and we will let them go.”
  194. >Gustav releases you from your binds.
  195. >You are shaking violently.
  196. >”It was like this for all of us. You will get over it soon.”
  197. >You move toward Dinky. She’s still blindfolded. She would never know who look her innocence.
  198. >You grab the shovel from the fire.
  199. >Mr. Rich and the others look on with approval.
  200. You fuckers!
  201. >You swing and hit Gustav. He was caught unaware and falls to the ground with a thud.
  202. >The others lung at you. You dodge and Tunderlane enters the fireby accident. He starts screaming and flying around erraticly. He hits one of the flags and it lights on fire.
  203. >Mr. Rich grabs a knife and eyes you.
  204. >”We could have been good friends Anon!”
  205. Friends? I could never be your friend.
  207. 9/?
  209. >He lunges at you with the knife and catches you in the stomach. He winds up for another stab, but your adrenaline kicks in and you block the knife with your arm. With your other arm you punch him in the face.
  210. >He moves away just enough for you to hit him with the shovel.
  211. >You land on top of him and twist the knife into his sides. He looks into your eyes with horror.
  212. >You begin twisting the knife, and move it up his body slowly. He grits his teeth at you, but doesn’t scream. He’s smiling.
  213. >You open up his insides. You see his heart beating. His eyes roll to the back of his head.
  214. >You grab his still beating heart and begin squeezing it slowly. It fight back, but it’s not enough. It eventually gives up.
  215. >The fire around you becoming unbearable.
  216. >You turn around and release Dinky and Ditzy.
  217. Follow me!
  218. >You begin running upstairs. Dinky and Ditzy follow close behind.
  219. >You get outside and a heavy amount of smoke is coming from the tower. You hear sirens from the Ponyville fire department.
  220. >You hug Ditzy and Dinky tightly.
  221. >You are crying.
  222. No one will ever hurt you. Not while I’m around.
  223. fin
  225. 10/10
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