#OpFobosGone - Team Wanted For Treason

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  1. o          `O                                        o                                  
  2. O           o                                       O                   o              
  3. o           O                                       o                                  
  4. O           O                                       o                                  
  5. o     o     o .oOo.       .oOoO' `OoOo. .oOo.       O       .oOo. .oOoO O  .oOo. 'OoOo.
  6. O     O     O OooO'       O   o   o     OooO'       O       OooO' o   O o  O   o  o   O
  7. `o   O o   O' O           o   O   O     O           o     . O     O   o O  o   O  O   o
  8.  `OoO' `OoO'  `OoO'       `OoO'o  o     `OoO'       OOoOooO `OoO' `OoOo o' `OoO'  o   O
  9.                                                                       O                
  10.                                                                    OoO'                
  12. #OpFobosGone - Wanted For Treason Poster
  14. As promised here is the poster labelling the team behind the failed Phobos-Ground (Phobos-Grunt, Fobos-Grunt, Fobos-Soil, and Phobos-Soil) sample return mission, Russia's most ambitious program since the failed Mars 96 mission in the 1990s, which failed, burned, crashed, not recovered, and will not be repeated in any name or form, though acknowledged by Roscosmos, as wanted for treason.
  16. While we were not able to find a way to take the Phobos-Ground project website hosted on the web server of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which is, but we were able to determine the currently open port number, that is port 53 (DNS).
  18. We are finding ways to down its DNS server, as we are currently developing a new DDOS tool capable of taking it down. This new DDOS tool, based on the clean framework of our old favorite DDOS tool, the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC), will perform attacks on DNS servers in addition to HTTP servers while not revealing the attacker's IP address in system logs as well as it will not be identified as malware by most antivirus scanners.
  20. For the space officials responsible for this launch fiasco, in the name of #OpFobosGone, we are going to make sure that this will never happen again. Also we have to put an end to a long string of failures in Russia's space program as well.
  22. Fear not we will have dozen more embedded machines in the near future to take on main contractor NPO Lavochkin and IKI sites on Phobos-Ground. Fear the team members and space officials, it's going to disband and crush you, your team, your team members and your collaborators soon!
  24. Wanted for Treason:
  25. Alexander Zakharov and the Phobos-Ground mission team at the Russian Space Research Institute (IKI) in Moscow, Russia
  26. Maksim Martynov and the Phobos-Ground engineering team at the Lavochkin Association
  27. Other collaborators of the Phobos-Ground mission
  29. THESE PEOPLE are wanted for treasonous activities against Russia and by extension the world:
  30. 1. Filling outer space with dangerous debris: The team intentionally doomed Russia's most ambitious sample return mission with a computer programming error which caused a simultaneous reboot of two working channels onboard a working computer system. They intentionally exposed the vulnerable system to all types of cosmic radiation.
  31. 2. They have been WRONG on the development of the space probe, including quality control and testing of the flight control system. The probe is being underfunded. They are responsible for this corruption.
  32. 3. Using Phobos-Ground as a bioweapon. Alexander Zakharov placed the LIFE biomodule in the return capsule.
  33. 4. They have polluted the seas with hazardous material. Phobos-Ground splashed into the Pacific Ocean with no recovery efforts have been made. Mass spectrometers are radioactive, and tanks contains hazardous fuel.
  35. We are Anonymous.
  36. We are Legion.
  37. We do not Forgive.
  38. We do not Forget.
  39. Expect us.
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