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Apr 25th, 2017
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  1. YSF - Yesterday at 11:46 PM
  2. Are you drinking?
  3. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:46 PM
  4. :/
  5. i told you i was
  6. YSF - Yesterday at 11:46 PM
  7. And didn't I say to not?
  8. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:47 PM
  9. youve told me not to do a lot of things, and to do a lot of things
  10. im not even like tipsy
  11. worthless alcohol
  12. YSF - Yesterday at 11:47 PM
  13. it's for your own good
  14. and since it's worthless throw it out and stop
  15. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:48 PM
  16. already gone
  17. i buy alcohol, finish it, and thats that
  18. YSF - Yesterday at 11:49 PM
  19. Well don't fucking do it anymore
  20. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:49 PM
  21. thanks
  22. can you tell me something i dont know?
  23. YSF - Yesterday at 11:50 PM
  24. How about my name for one?
  25. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:50 PM
  26. ha ha
  27. YSF - Yesterday at 11:50 PM
  28. You never bothered to learn on your own too you know
  29. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:50 PM
  30. so did this guy like make you snap or something
  31. you never really offered
  32. im not used to knowing peoples names
  33. YSF - Yesterday at 11:51 PM
  34. no fuck him he's irrelevant
  35. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:51 PM
  36. cant you take this to PMs
  37. topkek - Yesterday at 11:51 PM
  38. fuck me?
  39. FUCK YOU!
  40. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:51 PM
  41. or at least stop ignoring my PMs
  42. YSF - Yesterday at 11:51 PM
  43. just ban the fuck if you want
  44. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:51 PM
  45. no, really, now im curious what else he has to say
  46. topkek - Yesterday at 11:51 PM
  47. This was pretty funny to me at first but now it's just sort of depressing considering one of you used to seem pretty okay
  48. YSF - Yesterday at 11:51 PM
  49. I'm talking to you here
  50. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:52 PM
  51. what else might get under your skin
  52. i really never was ok
  53. YSF - Yesterday at 11:52 PM
  54. What fucking for?
  55. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:52 PM
  56. ive had problems ever since i was a kid and i tried to drink bleach to get my dads attention and i was touched by a stranger! lol. like i said i was just better at fucking hiding it
  57. because, i dunno, im curious why youre suddenly so pissed at me
  58. clearly this is stuff thats been bothering u for a while
  59. :/
  60. YSF - Yesterday at 11:53 PM
  61. Hmm could it be that you blatantly telling me you'll stop drinking and keep do it?
  62. Or maybe just disregarding what I say when it comes to the health of the kdi
  63. its my kid too you know
  64. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:54 PM
  65. you know i have issues with this. i want to stop. thats why im fucking going to the hospital. like lol do you think i just dont care abt the kids health and shit? obviously i do
  66. i cant just magically not be a substance abuser
  67. YSF - Yesterday at 11:54 PM
  68. then you'd actually try to not drink
  69. or maybe get your mom to not buy you shit?
  70. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:54 PM
  71. yeah, but whos the one puking every day and going through, you know, actual pregnancy, the one who'll likely have to go through all this shit on her own
  72. i do try
  73. and then i beg my mom to let me have more
  74. and shes an alcoholic too
  75. YSF - Yesterday at 11:55 PM
  76. So?
  77. She can't even be assed to care for her own grandchild?
  78. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:55 PM
  79. so? so? lol
  80. of fucking course she does
  81. but
  82. where do you think i got my problems from
  83. fucking genetics
  84. and guess what!
  85. this kids probably fucked too!
  86. like
  87. YSF - Yesterday at 11:56 PM
  88. Not if I have anything to do with it
  89. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:56 PM
  90. think for a second how youre talking to me. are u going to talk like this when they start likely cutting themselves and drinking as a teen?
  91. oh
  92. cool
  93. so youre just gonna swoop in and take the kid, lol
  94. YSF - Yesterday at 11:57 PM
  95. They're not going to gain your problems
  96. Obviously not now
  97. But it comes to it I'll raise it by my self
  98. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:57 PM
  99. yes, totally, the guy who goes after rando dudes on 4chan over 'waifu problems,' the guy who larps video games, the guy who has no real common sense, is gunna be a good single dad, lol
  100. oh but they are
  101. its genetics
  102. topkek - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
  103. lolyfag btfo
  104. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
  105. where do you think fucking bpd comes from
  106. bad parenting
  107. genetics
  108. neglect
  109. abuse
  110. YSF - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
  111. so you're saying I'm going to beat my kid?
  112. my genes are bad?
  113. I'm going to neglect it?
  114. is that what you're trying to say?
  115. what about you?
  116. Poyo - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
  117. i dunno, is it?
  118. clearly you know more about yourself than i, would you beat your kid?
  119. idg why i didnt even talk this shit over with you from the start
  120. but i suppose itd be awkward, you know, after you act like a fucking virgin telling me you dont even liek ur dick being sucked, 'hey btw if you knock me up ur probably gunna have a mentally ill kid and u seem like the kinda guy to neglect and abuse them'
  121. jesus fuck
  122. April 25, 2017
  123. YSF - Today at 12:00 AM
  124. So it's my fault for not liking certain sex acts?
  125. Who was the one who put the cock in her mouth?
  126. Poyo - Today at 12:00 AM
  127. no
  128. YSF - Today at 12:00 AM
  129. Who got fucked?
  130. Poyo - Today at 12:00 AM
  131. im saying its your fault for being fucking awkward
  132. lol
  133. tell me this, who was the one who didnt stop when you knew i was drunk
  134. topkek - Today at 12:01 AM
  135. tell him girl
  136. Poyo - Today at 12:01 AM
  137. like
  138. you know how i feel on that sort of matter
  139. you know my history
  140. oh shit! this drunken slut is grabbin my dick! better let her! lemme just fuck her till she passes out from all the drinks she been having then deal with the kid later!
  141. lik
  142. LOL
  143. YSF - Today at 12:02 AM
  144. You seemed to be enjoying the sex either way
  145. who was biting my neck
  146. and asking for more?
  147. Poyo - Today at 12:02 AM
  150. YSF - Today at 12:03 AM
  151. who wanted to get me to drink too?
  152. Poyo - Today at 12:03 AM
  153. i dont think you get it. even if im pressuring you to drink. even if im like straight up climbing in your lap. i was fucking drunk
  154. thats your cue to get the hell out
  155. YSF - Today at 12:03 AM
  156. what should I be relived you didn't suck cock before mine for some xanax?
  157. Poyo - Today at 12:03 AM
  158. OH
  159. LOL
  160. funny
  161. seriously
  162. YSF - Today at 12:04 AM
  163. you know how i felt
  164. Poyo - Today at 12:04 AM
  165. you know its just all funny to me. the only reason im not deleting this fucking server is because im laughing my ass off watching you show your asshole self to someone else here
  166. i hope to god theyre documenting this
  167. if not ill do it myself
  168. YSF - Today at 12:04 AM
  169. you know exactly how i felt after letting you take a view of my heart and coming out with my thoughts
  170. guess what ?
  172. topkek - Today at 12:05 AM
  173. Yeah like I said too lazy to cap all of this, you should do it if you want to keep it
  174. YSF - Today at 12:05 AM
  175. any bad behavior is expected of me
  176. like i give a fuck if people think I'm bad
  177. they already do
  178. Poyo - Today at 12:05 AM
  179. sure, yeah, ill log all this
  180. and you think i care?
  181. lol
  182. YSF - Today at 12:05 AM
  183. log it for what?
  184. Poyo - Today at 12:05 AM
  185. gee, i dunno
  186. so people stop fucking acting like we're a couple
  187. YSF - Today at 12:05 AM
  188. show how mommy was such a bitch before they were born?
  189. topkek - Today at 12:06 AM
  190. fucking brutal lol
  191. YSF - Today at 12:06 AM
  192. thats if you don't manage to poison the thing
  193. Poyo - Today at 12:06 AM
  194. stop acting like i actually give a shit other than me knowing i need to carry this fucking child and make sure daddy doesn't neglect them while he's too busy jerking off to degenerate porn
  195. oh
  196. yes
  197. im a bitch
  198. im a bitch for telling you whats fucking wrong with you
  199. YSF - Today at 12:07 AM
  200. and saying that's gonna make you better?
  201. I don't want to see in the fucking paper that the baby is missing because it's junkie mother traded it for cheap drugs
  202. fucking hel
  203. what will it be
  204. topkek - Today at 12:08 AM
  205. why would you get an ohio newspaper in california
  206. Poyo - Today at 12:08 AM
  207. oh my fucking god
  208. shut up
  209. YSF - Today at 12:08 AM
  210. I bet i could legitimately make bets on what drug you'll chose
  211. will you evolve to crack?
  212. what about krocodil?
  213. Poyo - Today at 12:08 AM
  214. i dont know, will i? lol. will the realization that im stuck alone with a child after daddy couldnt take the reality that he knocked up a drunk girl and ran off turn me to hard drugs?
  215. im a self harmer and into party drugs, not fucking suicidal
  216. not yet, at least, lol
  217. YSF - Today at 12:09 AM
  218. if I don't take it away from you when you choose not to get better it'll die with you
  219. it's happened before
  220. Poyo - Today at 12:10 AM
  221. ...
  222. YSF - Today at 12:10 AM
  223. junkie mother shoots up too much candy and the baby she was with alone starves because mommy is on the ground shitting and puking on the floor
  224. Poyo - Today at 12:10 AM
  225. stop
  226. topkek - Today at 12:10 AM
  227. it trainspottening
  228. Poyo - Today at 12:10 AM
  229. seriously, is this funny to you? are my drug problems just another one of my 'quirks' to pick on?
  230. im doing more for this child than you are, and im the one drinking
  231. YSF - Today at 12:11 AM
  232. yeah abusing the kid more
  233. and it's not even born
  234. Poyo - Today at 12:12 AM
  235. and by the time it is, daddy'll have fucked off already, leaving me with my issues, leaving the kid to slowly get their own issues
  236. and dont give me the bs that youll take the kid
  237. because, if you do, youll subject it to the same shit
  238. you dont know how to raise a kid, like, lol
  239. YSF - Today at 12:12 AM
  240. yeah yeah
  241. I'm not the one on drugs
  242. who cuts
  243. who purges
  244. who fucks around
  245. and don't give me the "you did fuck around" before
  246. it was just you and some otther slut
  247. I can raise my kdi
  248. Poyo - Today at 12:13 AM
  249. no, you're the one who doesn't give a shit and lets her stew in her own problems, and then act like you tried to help
  250. YSF - Today at 12:13 AM
  251. I try helping all the time
  252. Poyo - Today at 12:13 AM
  253. nice typos, are your hands shaking? am i making you mad? lol.
  254. yeah
  255. 'try'
  256. YSF - Today at 12:13 AM
  257. You just decide to ignore the hand the offers help,
  258. topkek - Today at 12:13 AM
  259. he's steamin
  260. YSF - Today at 12:13 AM
  261. fuck off
  262. just ban this cuck anyway
  263. Poyo - Today at 12:14 AM
  264. no, lol. i decided to push away the hand that offers help knowing that itll be like the past when youve feigned kindness to see pics of my tits
  265. topkek - Today at 12:14 AM
  266. Let off some steam fag
  267. Poyo - Today at 12:14 AM
  268. nah
  269. i like having an audience
  270. makes you seem more pathetic
  271. YSF - Today at 12:14 AM
  272. what about the one who showed off her tits and cunt for attention
  273. not only to me but others
  274. Poyo - Today at 12:15 AM
  275. and yet youre the one who still went after me, after you apparently have this issue with 'sluts'
  276. YSF - Today at 12:15 AM
  277. I don't want to fucking take my kid to a cemetery to let them meet their mother, or worse go to the cemetery to see my own kid
  278. That's all I'm trying to say
  279. Poyo - Today at 12:16 AM
  280. with that, youre implying youll fucking actually try to see your kid at all
  281. YSF - Today at 12:16 AM
  282. Because unlike you I want to let it live
  283. Poyo - Today at 12:16 AM
  284. I
  287. i dont even fucking use anymore. i drink rarely. im trying to fix myself
  288. YSF - Today at 12:17 AM
  290. HUH?
  291. Poyo - Today at 12:17 AM
  292. and yet here you are making things worse
  293. i told you
  294. its so i dont binge drink
  295. YSF - Today at 12:17 AM
  296. Who's to osay you won't just say fuck it and drink more anyways?
  297. Poyo - Today at 12:18 AM
  298. whos to say you wont just say fuck it and decide taking care of a kid is too much for your shithead brain and send the kid off for adoption?
  299. i have relapse problems, yes
  300. i stopped cutting, now im digging into my flesh till fat comes out,
  301. what do you want me to do?
  302. YSF - Today at 12:18 AM
  303. The part of me that actually wants my child to have a father unlike it's creators
  304. Poyo - Today at 12:18 AM
  305. kill myself?
  306. YSF - Today at 12:19 AM
  307. You kill yourself and you take the baby with oyu.
  308. Poyo - Today at 12:19 AM
  309. yeah
  310. and?
  311. YSF - Today at 12:19 AM
  312. I'm surpised you haven't battered your stomach with hammers already.
  313. Poyo - Today at 12:19 AM
  314. dont think i havent had thoughts
  315. YSF - Today at 12:19 AM
  316. Or hoped on more dick for booze
  317. Poyo - Today at 12:20 AM
  318. you think i dont lay awake every night, forgetting to take my seroquel due to my breakdowns,
  319. staring at the ceiling and thinking about how bad i just want to punch myself in the stomach
  320. YSF - Today at 12:20 AM
  321. And you don't think i lay awake at night worried sick about your health and the baby?
  322. Poyo - Today at 12:21 AM
  323. im curious, what would you do, lol? i mean, obviously you know me more than i do, just a hopped up slut not fit to be a mom, what if i went out and sold myself for abortions dollars? clearly that'd make you happier than having me apparently ruin a childs life
  324. yeah
  325. sure
  326. YSF - Today at 12:21 AM
  327. Wondering if you really did go to sleep instead of sneaking out for shit
  328. Poyo - Today at 12:21 AM
  329. youre worried about the baby's health, not mine
  330. any care you have for me is so you can one day act like you're this hero father who became the better parent
  331. YSF - Today at 12:21 AM
  332. Killing it now is the same as killing it when it's born
  333. Poyo - Today at 12:21 AM
  334. oh
  335. so youd be fine with abortion? what happened to being so against it? your mind fucking confuses the shit out of me.
  336. YSF - Today at 12:22 AM
  337. No retard
  338. Poyo - Today at 12:22 AM
  339. i mean, cool, if youre going to be such a great dad, might as well slit my wrists this november when i finally pump this child out of me, so you can be this 'hero'
  340. dont call me that
  341. YSF - Today at 12:22 AM
  342. I'm telling you killing the baby now is as bad as killing it the second it comes out of your womb
  343. Poyo - Today at 12:23 AM
  344. im not going to fucking kill the kid
  345. it disturbs me honestly that you think i would
  346. do you seriously think i dont have any ounce of compassion?
  347. anyways
  348. brb, i wonder how far i can cut this time and if i can swerve around the arteries, or maybe ill hit them this time? :~)
  349. YSF - Today at 12:24 AM
  350. you better fucking not
  351. you fucking hear me?
  352. i know you're reading this
  353. don't ignore me
  354. topkek - Today at 12:25 AM
  355. yo lolyfag are you the admin of this room
  356. YSF - Today at 12:25 AM
  357. no
  358. she made it to prevent me to do anything
  359. topkek - Today at 12:26 AM
  360. okay so i can say whatever without worrying about you chimping out
  361. not that I will
  362. YSF - Today at 12:26 AM
  363. fuck you
  364. topkek - Today at 12:26 AM
  365. sticks tongue out at you
  366. YSF - Today at 12:27 AM
  367. you fucking autistic faggot
  368. topkek - Today at 12:27 AM
  369. Touche
  370. Do you have an actual plan though?
  371. YSF - Today at 12:28 AM
  372. and why does that matter to you?
  373. topkek - Today at 12:28 AM
  374. Doesn't
  375. Just mildly interesting to see how your mind would solve this problem
  376. YSF - Today at 12:30 AM
  377. you'd just laugh at it anyways
  378. topkek - Today at 12:30 AM
  379. Depends on how chuuni it is, but I will say that "lol" doesn't actually mean I'm laughing out loud
  380. Actually despite what the screen name may imply this is pretty depressing
  381. YSF - Today at 12:32 AM
  382. you can leave any time you want
  383. she's dead set on humiliating me for futrure use
  384. topkek - Today at 12:34 AM
  385. I'll probably just stay on until it gets closed, I've got nothing else to do
  386. YSF - Today at 12:36 AM
  389. Poyo - Today at 12:37 AM
  390. cool, yelling at me again
  391. can you fucking chill while im, you know, trying to make sure i dont bleed out here
  392. unless thats what you want?
  393. YSF - Today at 12:38 AM
  394. are you fucking cutting?
  395. what did i just say you desnse retard?
  396. Poyo - Today at 12:39 AM
  397. i dont know, am i? can you fucking read or is that another thing you fail at doing?
  398. YSF - Today at 12:40 AM
  399. i can never tell what you do
  400. but you obviously fail at safe sex
  401. or eveen doing anything after you get cum in you
  402. Poyo - Today at 12:42 AM
  403. uhuh, so its my fault now, lol? who was the one keeping me up to god knows when telling me about how abortion is a sin?
  404. seriously like what the fuck is with you
  405. are you just now coming to terms that you're disgusted that you knocked up a psycho slut? are you ashamed of me?
  406. YSF - Today at 12:44 AM
  407. I don't know what do you think?
  408. Are you resenting sleeping with me?
  409. Poyo - Today at 12:45 AM
  410. i sure didnt before, i dunno about now, now that youre showing your true feelings on this
  411. YSF - Today at 12:46 AM
  412. You seemed fine sleeping in my arms in that hotel room, you feel disgusted now?
  413. Poyo - Today at 12:48 AM
  414. hm, maybe, you know, it's because i was fucking DRUNK
  415. YSF - Today at 12:48 AM
  416. And the morning after?
  417. You were still fine being on top of me.
  418. Poyo - Today at 12:51 AM
  419. hungover. you really dont know how alcohol works, but yes, i suppose i do because im the stupid fucking alcoholic
  420. or
  421. you know
  422. maybe im starved for affection and attention
  423. and perhaps, you know, im stuck wondering if you took advantage of that
  424. did it feel good? knowing that fucking you was the only thing keeping me from slitting my wrists that night?
  425. YSF - Today at 12:53 AM
  426. I don't know you seemed to liked when I bought you shoes, or took you to eat.
  427. And who's to say you wouldn't have taken some other dick if it wasn't me?
  428. And the sex wasn't even all that good.
  429. topkek - Today at 12:54 AM
  430. LOL
  431. YSF - Today at 12:54 AM
  432. You'd think you'd be able to please me more.
  433. topkek - Today at 12:55 AM
  434. I don't mean to interrupt but dude I would recommend not going out of your way to antagonize someone like her
  435. Poyo - Today at 12:56 AM
  436. oh, fucking lol. where do i begin with this now? of fucking course i liked that. i told you when we first started talking. i hate it. im manipulative in that sense. i let guys fawn over me and buy me things, typical stupid slut, right? lol
  437. sure, probably, but i thought that was different
  438. didnt just start with you saying 'hey bitch suck this and ill gib you a pat on the head' you were trying to honestly comfort me
  439. and fucking lmao
  440. dont act like i didnt try to make it better, and that you didnt pussy out and go 'n-no t-that's weird kimooiii~~~'
  441. like
  442. seriously
  443. what the fuck is wrong with you
  444. YSF - Today at 12:58 AM
  445. You know exactly what's wrong with me.
  446. Poyo - Today at 12:58 AM
  447. uhuh
  448. and you know whats wrong with ME
  449. Poyo - Today at 1:00 AM
  450. you fucking know im histrionic, and you gave me that attention. you know im fuckin borderline, and you pretending like you werent going to abandon me or hurt me
  451. :p
  452. what the fuck!
  453. YSF - Today at 1:00 AM
  454. And you know I'm manic when I'm pissed and don't think like I normally do.
  455. And have I abandoned you?
  456. Have I hurt you?
  457. I could have deleted my discord after you telling me of this kid and gone with my life as if nothing happened
  458. Poyo - Today at 1:01 AM
  459. youre talking about how youre going to just take the kid and go and its scaring me
  460. this whole thing is making me panic
  461. sure
  462. you could have
  463. but instead youre sitting here yelling at me in a chat that was supposed to be me clearing the confusion so people would stop calling me a worthless slut
  464. little did i fuckin know!
  465. youd do that shit an hour after!
  466. YSF - Today at 1:06 AM
  467. It's because I just want my child to live a healthy life.
  468. But who am I for that right?
  469. Just some asshole right? Fuck me right?
  470. When all you had to do is not drink,
  471. Poyo - Today at 1:07 AM
  472. i dont know, fuck me, huh? leave me with a kid? :^)
  473. my drinking will not fucking affect the kid get that through your head fuck
  474. im FINE
  475. im fucking fine
  476. YSF - Today at 1:10 AM
  477. You wanted to get fucked.
  478. Poyo - Today at 1:10 AM
  479. of course i did
  480. YSF - Today at 1:10 AM
  481. You're two months in.
  482. You're nearly at the second stage,
  483. Before this thing turns into more of a baby.
  484. Poyo - Today at 1:11 AM
  485. im fucked in the head, sex is just another way of self harm for me. you couldve prevented that, you know
  486. YSF - Today at 1:11 AM
  487. Before you keep drinking.
  488. Poyo - Today at 1:11 AM
  489. you couldve just stopped
  490. but noo
  491. you had to keep going
  492. you know thats basically rape right? lol
  493. im doing what i can
  494. im going to the hospital thursday
  495. and what will you be doing? shitposting? oh wait, LOL, youre going to fucking party and drink you dumbfuck
  496. YSF - Today at 1:13 AM
  497. Weren't you inviting me to drink with you in fact trying get me drinking before you so you can laugh at me experiencing being drunk?
  498. And how nice of you to not remember my birthday is on Thursday and I'm working that day.
  499. Poyo - Today at 1:15 AM
  500. it coulda been fun, you know. i wouldnt have minded just talking to you drunk, you know, when you dont have access to my alcohol-filled body
  501. oh, im sorry, must have slipped my mind :^)
  502. god im so fucking glad ill be in the fucking psych ward hopped up on antipsychotics, likely strapped down while they, yknow, check in on my baby. happy fucking birthday
  503. topkek - Today at 1:20 AM
  504. Well this was a lot less funny than I thought it would be, I think i'll hit the hay
  505. You kids be good yhear
  506. Poyo - Today at 1:20 AM
  507. ye wutever
  508. like
  509. god whatever
  510. i wonder what i should do tomorrow huh. my last night home?
  511. maybe ill buy a nice four loko, just as a fuck you.
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