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  1. onKeyRepeat id=61409 mask=0x0001 count=1 button=0x002a
  2. DEBUG1: send key repeat to "Jeuno" id=61409, mask=0x0001, count=1, button=0x002a
  3. DEBUG1: hook: 0x00000033 0x00040001
  4. DEBUG1: hook: 0x06012333 0x00040001
  5. DEBUG1: hook: 0x07002333 0x00040001
  6. DEBUG1: event: Key char=35, vk=0x33, nagr=0, lParam=0x00040001
  7. DEBUG1: new mask: 0x0001
  8. DEBUG1: new mask: 0x0001
  9. DEBUG1: onKeyDown id=35 mask=0x0001 button=0x0004
  10. DEBUG1: send key down to "Jeuno" id=35, mask=0x0001, button=0x0004
  11. DEBUG1: hook: 0x00000033 0x80040001
  12. DEBUG1: hook: 0x06012333 0x80040001
  13. DEBUG1: hook: 0x07002333 0x80040001
  14. DEBUG1: event: Key char=35, vk=0x33, nagr=0, lParam=0x80040001
  15. DEBUG1: new mask: 0x0001
  16. DEBUG1: new mask: 0x0001
  17. DEBUG1: onKeyUp id=35 mask=0x0001 button=0x0004
  18. DEBUG1: send key up to "Jeuno" id=35, mask=0x0001, button=0x0004
  19. DEBUG1: hook: 0x00000034 0x00050001
  20. DEBUG1: hook: 0x0601a434 0x00050001
  21. DEBUG1: hook: 0x0700a434 0x00050001
  22. DEBUG1: event: Key char=164, vk=0x34, nagr=0, lParam=0x00050001
  23. DEBUG1: new mask: 0x0001
  24. DEBUG1: new mask: 0x0001
  25. DEBUG1: onKeyDown id=164 mask=0x0001 button=0x0005
  26. DEBUG1: send key down to "Jeuno" id=164, mask=0x0001, button=0x0005
  27. DEBUG1: hook: 0x00000034 0x80050001
  28. DEBUG1: hook: 0x0601a434 0x80050001
  29. DEBUG1: hook: 0x0700a434 0x80050001
  30. DEBUG1: event: Key char=164, vk=0x34, nagr=0, lParam=0x80050001
  31. DEBUG1: new mask: 0x0001
  32. DEBUG1: new mask: 0x0001
  33. DEBUG1: onKeyUp id=164 mask=0x0001 button=0x0005
  34. DEBUG1: send key up to "Jeuno" id=164, mask=0x0001, button=0x0005
  35. DEBUG1: hook: 0x000000a0 0x802a0001
  36. DEBUG1: hook: 0x060000a0 0x802a0001
  37. DEBUG1: hook: 0x070000a0 0x802a0001
  38. DEBUG1: event: Key char=0, vk=0xa0, nagr=0, lParam=0x802a0001
  39. DEBUG1: new mask: 0x0001
  40. DEBUG1: new mask: 0x0000
  41. DEBUG1: onKeyUp id=61409 mask=0x0000 button=0x002a
  42. DEBUG1: send key up to "Jeuno" id=61409, mask=0x0000, button=0x002a
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