Wall Destroyer changelog

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  1. Wall Destroyer changelog
  2. Last updated: 04/01/2015
  4. 1.0 (05/02/2014)
  5. All things added, it's done
  6. 1.1 (05/05/2014)
  7. -added a new building unlocked after the second wall
  8. -made the second wall cost 100 trill instead of 1 quad
  9. -added a bonus wall that can be destroyed over and over (for 150% price increase)
  10. -made some later upgrades less expensive
  11. -edited some of the "damage by X" achievements a bit
  12. -added a final upgrade tier for the first 3 buildings
  13. -added an 8th hand upgrade that will take a while
  14. -made the upgrades box taller AGAIN
  15. -moved the special upgrades to the top
  16. -fixed puncher and clubber icon backgrounds being a lighter color than the rest
  17. 1.1.2 (05/05/2014)
  18. -made "destroy wall" buildings tell you how many bricks they give you
  19. 1.1.3 (05/06/2014)
  20. -fixed fists of destiny
  21. 1.2.1 (05/06/2014)
  22. -added hand upgrades for all the buildings
  23. -nerfed the other hand upgrades cause the new ones made hand punches ridiculously op
  24. 1.2.3 (05/06/2014)
  25. -made later walls give you a lot more bricks
  26. 1.2.4 (05/06/2014)
  27. -added a second wall upgrade that makes necromancers better
  28. -added a 7th (150) titan upgrade
  29. 1.3 (05/06/2014)
  30. -added some 350 upgrades (magic)
  31. -added some more 300 upgrades
  32. 1.4 (05/07/2014)
  33. -completed the 300 & 350 upgrade tiers
  34. -added 300 achievements for all buildings
  35. -added an achievement for 300 of every building
  36. -added a bulldozer & airstrike combo upgrade
  37. -fixed titans being referred to as giants in a bunch of places (but not in the code cause that would kill everyone)
  38. 1.4.2/1.4.3 (05/08/2014)
  39. -made titans(and associated upgrades) 5 times as expensive
  40. -buffed necromancer upgrades
  41. -added a 7th(150) necromancer upgrade in case anyone ever gets that far
  42. -nerfed gunner/grenade combo upgrades
  43. -added a second bulldozer/airstrike combo upgrade (100)
  44. -fixed the legendary double typo of doom (fists of destiny)
  45. 1.4.4 (05/08/2014)
  46. -made all puncher upgrades after brass knuckles titanium knuckles diamond knuckles make hand punches 50% better instead of twice
  47. 1.5 (05/10/2014)
  48. -added a building that produces bricks, unlocked by Deep Magic Mining (or the third wall)
  49. -added a building after titans unlocked after the third wall (that contains the greatest typo ever, yes I'm leaving it in)
  50. -lowered prices of most late game upgrades (last time I ever use incremental numbers for upgrades)
  51. -magic upgrades now cost a lot more bricks to account for brick-producing building
  52. -Magic Mining now only costs 1 brick and locks itself
  53. -titans now produce 3 8ths less but no longer cost as much
  54. -Deep Magic Mining no longer gives 50% to titans
  55. -nerfed gunner/grenademan and puncher/wrecking ball upgrades a little
  56. -added 200 necromancer upgrade/achievement
  57. -tacked on a zero to all the 'damage by X' achievements and doubled the bulldozer and airstrike ones
  58. -maybe some other stuff that I forgot i changed?
  59. 1.5.1 (05/10/2014)
  60. -titans are back to their original price
  61. -rolled back necromancer upgrade buffs (but the later ones still give three times)
  62. -necromancer upgrades cost more bricks
  63. -magic upgrades cost more bricks
  64. -demons cost less money
  65. -Deep Magic Mining gives titans 50% again, and only gives necromancers twice
  66. -destroying later walls gives you more bricks
  67. 1.5.3 (05/12/2014)
  68. -Brick Factories now give 0.05 bricks instead of 0.1
  69. -Brick Factories now have full upgrades (but they aren't as good as other buildings' upgrades)
  70. -finished all the synergy upgrades
  71. -tweaks to existing synergy upgrades (buffs and nerfs)
  72. 1.5.4 (05/13/2014)
  73. -added necromancer/titan and brick factory/demon synergy upgrades
  74. -demons do more base damage
  75. 1.6 (05/15/2014)
  76. -added a new building and upgrade tier unlocked with the breaking of the fourth wall
  77. -edited some stuff
  78. -fixed that typo and the opaque demon icon
  79. -put bought upgrades back but made them take up less space
  80. 1.6.1 (05/16/2014)
  81. -made Dark Magic Mining give 50% to necromancers and titans
  82. -made bonus walls give 500k bricks and 100 quintillion money
  83. 1.6.2 (05/16/2014)
  84. -made later walls give you a lot more bricks
  85. -made brick factory upgrades cost less
  86. 1.6.3 (05/17/2014)
  87. -fixed demon upgrade prices, somehow they cost 10 times the money they should
  88. -buffed later brick factory upgrades
  89. -changed some other upgrade prices
  90. -buffed demon+brick factory upgrades a little and the first one unlocks at 25 instead of 50
  91. 1.7 (05/20/2014)
  92. -added a second clickable (bricks) (warning: might be under/overpowered)
  93. -added necromancer and brick factory clicking upgrades
  94. -demons and demon upgrades no longer cost money, just bricks
  95. -added total bricks stat
  96. -buffed some synergy upgrades
  97. -finally fixed the wall image outline color (most important addition)
  98. 1.8 (05/30/2014)
  99. -added reset button/prestige, unlocked with reality research
  100. -added prestige trophies
  101. -added production multiplier upgrades unlocked after each wall
  102. -added the legend of the fourth wall, written by MasterSparky
  103. -fourth wall brick-requiring upgrades cost a lot more fourth wall bricks
  104. -added total fourth wall bricks stat
  105. -added version number at the bottom of the resources
  106. -possibly some other stuff i forgot, been working on this a while
  107. 1.8.1 (06/01/2014)
  108. -fixed trophy prices and made them a bit cheaper
  109. -later trophies require more prestige
  110. -knocked legend of the fourth wall prices down a notch
  111. -buffed some synergy upgrades
  112. -made the third brick factory upgrade give twice as much
  113. -added hand made bricks stat for use in upgrades later
  114. -fixed a couple things
  115. 1.8.2 (06/02/2014)
  116. -added a trophy for each building, unlocked in order at each 25 prestige
  117. -later trophies take more prestige, again
  118. -later legend of the fourth wall pages are a lot cheaper
  119. -intense training gives 10% instead of 5%
  120. -fixed two things that i thought i already fixed
  121. 1.8.3 (06/03/2014)
  122. -added an upgrade that gives you dps for amount of walls destroyed
  123. -added 10th (400) upgrade/achievement tier for the first 3 buildings, involving some re-ordering of flavor
  124. -added three upgrades for hand brick making
  125. -tacked on another 0 to the damage by X achievements
  126. 1.9 (06/10/2014)
  127. -added 125 & 250 upgrade tiers for necromancers, titans, brick factories and compromisers, some of which seem to have an abnormal amount of flavor
  128. -added 400 tiers for gunners, grenademen, and wrecking balls
  129. -added 300 tiers for necromancers and demons
  130. -the reset button is now only available after the fourth wall
  131. -the reset button now locks all the upgrades that are unlocked by walls
  132. -the reset button now removes 2% of your DpS
  133. -added new upgrade chain to get your DpS lost by resetting back
  134. -added 4th production multiplier
  135. -added "victory points" gotten by breaking the 5th wall, which will be used for upgrades in the future
  136. -buffed hand bricks
  137. -balance changing with synergy upgrades
  138. -moved the trophy achievements up to the top so you can read the descriptions better
  139. -some other stuff i forgot?
  140. 1.9.1 (06/10/2014)
  141. -resetting doesn't lock anything any more, except things that don't add any multipliers
  142. 1.9.2 (06/11/2014)
  144. -also nerfed some of the titan and necromancer upgrades
  145. 1.9.3 (06/11/2014)
  146. -made resetting actually take away 2% of DpS by putting "-multiplies efficiency of [all buildings] by -2% per timesReset" on reality research
  147. -resetting no longer locks magic mining & reality research
  148. 1.9.4 (06/11/2014)
  149. -redacted the -2% penalty, and the Time Bear wards (kept the latter in the code but you can't unlock them, definitely have to use all that flavor eventually)
  150. 1.10 (06/16/2014)
  151. -added 500 upgrades for punchers, clubbers, and swordsmen; 400 upgrade for bulldozers
  152. -added 400 synergy for club/sword, gun/grenade, and puncher/wrecking ball
  153. -added 300 synergy for demons/brick factories
  154. -added 10th hand upgrade and hand/titan, hand/demon and hand/compromiser upgrades
  155. -added 300 achievements for brick factories & demons
  156. -made bonus walls give more bricks
  157. -added bonus points given by bonus walls for use in the future
  158. -buffed hand bricks (specifically the hand brick/brick factory upgrade), added 4th hand brick upgrade
  159. -later trophies require victory points to unlock
  160. -trophies now say when the next one is unlocked
  161. -fixed all those description inconsistencies (how do i even do these things)
  162. -moved synergy upgrades around so they're next to their associated buildings
  163. 1.10.1 (06/16/2014)
  164. -made hand/necromancer and hand/brick factory give 0.5% instead of 1%
  165. -fixed fourthwallmatter being referred to as fourthwallbricks (god)
  166. 1.10.2 (06/18/2014)
  167. -added 5th hand bricks upgrade, flavor supplied by MasterSparky again
  168. -brick factory upgrades give more to hand bricks (hopefully they will now be OP instead of UP)
  169. 1.10.3 (07/15/2014)
  170. -added upgrades/achievements: 500 gunners/grenademen/wrecking balls, 500 club/sword, gun/grenade and wreckingball/puncher synergies, 400 airstrikes, 400 airstrikes/bulldozer synergy, 350 necromancers, 350 titans, 300 compromisers, and 350 brick factories
  172. -added four new production multipliers, unlocked at 10, 15, 20 and 25 walls destroyed
  173. -brought back the Time Bear, now requiring bonus points
  174. -added a new hand punch upgrade/achievement, made final fist give 300%
  175. -changed hand brick upgrades and added new ones (flavor by MasterSparky), hopefully making them OP
  176. -prettified resources section and added some bonus stats
  177. -fixed resetting not removing hand bricks
  178. -changed gold brick/victory point names to boss brick and boss point (prep for the update)
  179. -buildings say what type they are in their descriptions (types used in 2.0)
  180. -removed the prestige remover
  181. 1.10.4 (07/16/2014)
  182. -threw in 350 demons upgrade
  183. -made the resources section look good (click the clickable to get the cool new dividers)
  184. (07/17/2014)
  185. -350 demon upgrade costs 10 times less cash
  186. 2.0 (07/23/2014)
  187. -revamped the bonus walls, they now are split into groups and unlock a lot, lot new upgrades
  188. -new final goal: to break ALL the walls
  189. -added the last building with upgrades & achievements up to 300 (unlocked after the fifth wall)
  190. -added synergy upgrades for compromiser/last building
  191. -added building upgrades up to 600 swordsmen, 500 airstrikes, 400 compromisers & brick factories
  192. -buffed pretty much everything so as to make the new goals more reachable (i think they're still impossible)
  193. -resetting now converts damage by each buildings into the five types of prestige coins
  194. -building trophies now cost prestige coins (there will be more uses for coins in the future)
  195. -trophy requirements/costs are different, added lastBuilding trophy
  196. -certain new bonus walls give boss points
  197. -balanced upgrade prices, mostly making them more expensive
  198. 2.0.1 (07/23/2014)
  199. -fixed some stuff
  200. -made obliterator/hand punch synergy cost half as much
  201. 2.0.2 (07/28/2014)
  202. -giant lightsabers says correct numbers
  203. -made 250 necromancer upgrade cost ten times as much cash
  204. 2.0.3 (07/29/2014)
  205. -made version number actually correct
  206. -final wall correctly gives production multiplier 5 (this is a very old bug that I somehow never fixed)
  207. -time bear achieves actually unlock (wth)
  208. 2.0.4 (07/29/2014)
  209. -changed price of 200 compromiser upgrade & 200 demon/brick factory synergy
  210. -fixed joint necromancer-demon lessons typo
  211. -removed get more dividers button (really overstayed its welcome)
  212. 2.0.5 (08/01/2014)
  213. -fixed time bear 13 multiplier
  214. -made time bear 12 give 7%
  215. 2.0.6 (08/03/2014)
  216. -halved the price of 500 bulldozer upgrade
  217. 2.1 (08/08/2014)
  218. -added four new hand upgrades, going up to 1 decillion hand damage
  219. -added 700 upgrades/achievements for melee buildings
  220. -added 700 hand punch/puncher, sword/club synergies
  221. -added 500 necromancer and titan upgrades/achieves/synergy
  222. -added three new trophies
  223. -selling gives back 75% instead of 80%
  224. -added flavor text on some achievements
  225. -some price adjustments & stuff
  226. 2.1.1 (08/08/2014)
  227. -fixed typo in 700 club/sword synergy (how did i)
  228. -fixed random magic bonus & random brick bonus upgrades (what even)
  229. -fixed 600 wrecking ball upgrade price (literally ONE MILLIONTH the price it was supposed to be, wth)
  230. 2.2 (09/07/2014)
  231. -reworked stylesheet to look way better
  232. -redid all building art for pixel goodness (and to fit new dimensions)
  233. -fixed some minor typos
  234. 2.2.1 (09/24/2014)
  235. -added images for the walls
  236. 2.3 (10/10/2014)
  237. -added upgrades up to 800 gunshooters, 700 bulldozers, 600 titans, 500 compromisers & brick factories, 400 BOs
  238. -cosmic knowledge, instead of walls destroyed, is the new prestige (later walls give waaay more)
  239. -bonus bricks/points removed
  240. -prestige coins removed (didn't have much use for them; they will probably return in real version)
  241. -trophy & time bear ward requirements and costs reworked
  242. -[E] and [F] walls give far more [S] and [T] bricks, [DS] and [DT] upgrades cost far more
  243. -all trophies have been reset, since their requirements are totally different
  244. -added total walls destroyed stat
  245. -added random dream points w/upgrade
  246. -nerfed random point upgrades
  247. -added 4 more production multiplier upgrades, unlocked at 2-5 defeats of the last boss
  248. -rebalanced some stuff, all building upgrades now have the same multipliers except BOs
  249. -compromiser/BO synergies now require 50-100 more compromisers (like the puncher/wrecking ball ones)
  250. -changed all buildings achievements to total building count, added new last one at 10,000
  251. -added achievement for beating the game 5 times (new tryhard)
  252. -[F] scrolls buffed to 10%
  253. -corrected all pentagram images (they were upside down, whups)
  254. -fixed bug that let you break a wall twice
  255. -fixed 700 hand/puncher upgrade description
  256. 2.3.1 (10/16/2014)
  257. -added 4 more scrolls, unlocked at 2-5 defeats of the last boss
  258. -added an upgrade that lets you convert large damage amounts into cosmic knowledge, unlocked by beating the last boss
  259. -added two upgrades that give multipliers for the special types of bricks (thus making them not completely useless after the first round)
  260. -fixed misspellings (vowwwwwellllls~!)
  261. 2.3.2 (10/17/2014)
  262. -lowered fourth wall brick price of last scrolls; kinda went overboard there
  263. -buffed trophies 5-1
  264. 2.3.3 (10/20/2014)
  265. -buffed later production multipliers
  266. -buffed final scrolls
  267. -slightly buffed time wards
  268. -rolled back The End nerf
  269. 2.3.4 (12/27/2014)
  270. -added 900 puncher, 800 grenademan, 700 airstrike, and 600 demon/compromiser/brick factory upgrades
  271. -added 700 airstrike/bulldozer synergy
  272. -prestige hacker now gives half as much reward (to make it less easy to hit infinity with the new upgrades; temporary fix, will do something better in a (probably) final update)
  273. -made hand brick upgrades cost bricks too
  274. -fixed [E] wall descriptions (space brick amounts)
  275. -raised the price of a few building upgrades (slowly playing through the game myself)
  277. 2.3.4.BEST (04/01/2015)
  278. -added everything that everyone ever wanted.
  279. -created the perfect game.
  280. (April Fool's! This update is still playable at
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