TenTwentyFour - The Car Thing

Jun 22nd, 2015
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  1. >The joyride continues across town until you come across what you can only assume is "the shop".
  2. >It's more of a complex, a bit further outside of town than you thought.
  3. >As he drives up to a massive garage door, Anon pulls a remote from his pocket, using it to open that door.
  4. >Like a bear returning to its den, Anon drives the white car slowly through the door.
  6. >Cars.
  7. >Cars everywhere.
  9. >And they're gorgeous.
  11. >They're lined up on either side as you roll up the middle, like lines of knights greeting their king as he enters.
  12. >He rolls up to the one empty spot and backs int it before turning off the car.
  13. >You're taken by the sheer number.
  14. >As the two of you get out, there's a big smile on his face.
  15. >"Always makes me happy to roll in here."
  16. "I couldn't imagine why," you say with a chuckle.
  17. >One strikes you in particular.
  18. >Mainly because it's purple.
  19. "What's that one?"
  20. >He chuckles.
  21. >"A 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Seville. Custom paint. Magnaflow catbacks, Edelbrock headers...My mom's favorite."
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