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Police-Kun and Manticore

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  1. >be a police officer
  2. >protect and serve and what not
  3. >Get called into police chief's office
  4. >Oh geez what does he want now?
  5. >Walk into his office, can still make out doughnut crumbs in his thick caterpillar mustache
  6. >Have to squint at the brightness of his bald head
  7. >He tents his fingers as he attempts to lean on his desk, his desk being his own fat belly
  8. >"I just got a call from the Monster Girl Association for the Advancement of Equal Rights."
  9. >Boy thats a mouthful
  10. >wait
  11. >did he say monster girl?
  12. >"Apparently one of their kind got into a bit of trouble. Their currently on house arrest. But according to them, this individual has no friends or family for which to care for them during their isolation."
  13. >Okay, what are you getting at old man?
  14. >"Therefore the department has decided to elect you as her care taker for the time being."  
  15. >Do what now?
  16. >"It will only be temporary, until her sentence is completed in six months time. So you'll act as her caretaker and her liaison. Buy her groceries, deliver her mail, act as her guardian, the sort of stuff."
  17. >Hold on, you were supposed to be stopping drug lords and keeping the streets safe, not playing baby sitter.
  18. >The chief pulls out a piece of paper from his drawer, and gives you a quizzical look
  19.  >"You dont happen to have any wife or kids do you?"
  20. >Last time you checked you didnt
  21. >"Oh good, this will make it easier then. I've already gone over your will and everything looks to be in shape." he says relieved as he signs the paper
  22. >all the flags go off, what does your will have to do with anything?
  23. >The chief sweat drops at the question, "Well...the individual in question has a problem with authority figures."
  24. >He tents his fingers again, a sudden serious expression on his face
  25. >"How do you feel about manticores?"
  29. >on way to the house now
  30. >do a quick read up on your cell phone about manticores
  31. >hybrid beast, bat like wings, claws and teeth, not to mention that tail
  32. >Extremely cruel, sadistic, and aggressive
  33. >feel a shiver down your spine as your partner drives you up to the house
  34. >Received explicit orders not to reveal that you were a police officer for your own safety
  35. >go undercover as a social worker
  36. >Dressed in casual clothes, you take the opportunity to hide your badge in your sock
  37. >Your partner gives a reassuring pat on your shoulder as he stops in front of the house
  38. >"If you dont make it back can I have your car?"
  39. >Give him a rude finger gesture as you step out of the car and examine the house
  40. >Its surprisingly modern, it even had two floors, though it did look small
  41. >The grass hadn't been mowed in weeks and the mailbox was stuffed with letters
  42. >As your partner drives off, you cautiously make your way to the front door, ringing the doorbell
  43. >With no response, you try the doorknob only to find it unlocked
  44. >You let yourself in and quickly scan your surroundings
  45. >Its surprisingly furnished, albeit dirty, clothes strewn on the floor and trashcans overfilled
  46. >but no manticore
  47. >you say a loud hello announcing yourself
  48. >with no response, you quickly call the station to find out if the manticore escaped or not
  49. >the GPS locator puts the manticore there, unless you found a severed foot, she was somewhere in the house
  50. >you search the house, but find no manticore or severed foot
  51. >out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of a figure darting around a corner
  52. >You let out a relieved sigh
  53. >perhaps she was just too scared shy or to meet you
  54. >You'd best let her approach you first on her terms
  55. >Instead you start cleaning the house
  56. >by the time you finish its already late
  57. >You were dropped off here, it'd be too long a walk to get back to your apartment
  58. >instead you decide to crash on the couch, you hope she wouldnt mind
  59. >You'd never make a graver mistake in your life
  62. >wake up drowsily form your dreamless sleep
  63. >Actually something woke you up
  64. >it’s the most peculiar sound, like metal scraping against metal
  65. >almost sort of a snipping sound
  66. >you rub one eye open and investigate the source of the sound
  67. >you see a huge figure loom over you, and for some reason it was holding a giant pair of hedge cutters in its paws
  68. >It had a sadistic smile, its eyes wild with cruelty as it hovered the massive clippers just above your exposed dick
  69. >let out the most grisliest scream mankind has ever known and catapult yourself off from the couch, pulling your pants up and scrambling into a corner, whimpering like a madman
  70. >The manticore scoffs at you, standing up as it rested the hedge cutters on its shoulder
  71. >”Well at least you didnt wet yourself” she said laughing to herself as she tossed the cutters into the air, the bladed end landing some few inches away from your precious family jewels
  72. >”So they sent another one of you spineless cowards then. That makes it the third this week?” she said pacing around the room, her tail stroking beneath her chin as if she was deep in thought.
  73. >That tail almost seemed to have a mind of its own as it writhed
  74. >”I don’t expect you to last the day, but while you’re here, there are some rules.” Her tail quickly darts forth, picks you up by the shirt collar and hoisting you up to eye level before her
  75. >”Number one, I am the master of this house and you will learn your place here as such. Two, anything I command is law and you will obey it. Three, I’m hungry and lunch was to be made twenty minutes ago.”
  76. >You suddenly feel yourself be thrown several feet, sliding across the floor until your find yourself staring up at a stove.    
  77. >Its only now do you recognize the GPS ankle bracelet she’s forced to wear
  78. >"I like my steaks rare, cook it any further and I'll gut you." she said with no emotion as she trotted up the stairs
  79. >Scared out of your mind, you hurriedly comply
  82. >The fridge was surprisingly stocked, and in a few short moments, a perfectly cooked steak is prepared before her, painstakingly insured to be rare
  83. >the manticore chews it slowly, as if grading your cooking ability, the tail wagging judgingly all the while
  84. >Her slight smile seems to signify her satisfaction as she bites off another morsel to eat
  85. >”Acceptable.  Although I suddenly find myself parched of thirst.” She says out loud as she continues to eat
  86. >You quickly fill a glass with water and place it before her
  87. >She suddenly stops eating and looks out you, a dumbfounded expression plastered on her face
  88. >”Are you really that stupid?” she asks
  89. >You have no idea what she’s talking about
  90. >Suddenly her tail waggles into view
  91. >It sways side to side, roiling about menacingly
  92. >you notice her eyes have an evil gleam to them
  93. >Your eyes go wide in shock as the gears click together in your head
  94. >you begin to back away slowly
  95. >the tail inches forward with every step you take
  96. >you shake your head slowly, pleading with the manticore as you feel yourself bump against the counter with nowhere to go
  97. >she slyly nods her head yes as the tail come closer to you
  100. >Her evil sneer is the last thing you see as the tail launches itself into you crotch, diving into your pants and finding something to latch on to
  101. >You try to fight it or at least pull it away, but the sharp barbs prick your hands and your left helpless as the tail latches onto your dick and begins to suck relentlessly
  102. >The sudden warmth and wetness of her folds coupled with its erotic movements forces you to come quite long and violently, letting out a scream of both shock and pleasure as the tail begins to pump you
  103. >all the while the manticore simply continues eating her steak, immune to your cries as she calmly eats her food
  104. >”Keep struggling, it only makes it sweeter” she quips as she continues to drain you of your precious essence
  105. >You don't know how long it lasts but finally it ends,
  106. >Your dick drained dry, the tail appendage releases you, leaving your hips soaked in her lewd juices with your pants around your ankles
  107. >your mind is in a haze, both exhausted, confused, and mortified at what just happened
  108. >the Manticore simply stands atop you, regarding her defeated prey with a cruel smile
  109. >"Aw, look at the poor little human raped and ravaged"
  110. >She leans down to you and prods your chest with one of her claws, her face ever so close to your ears that you shiver at her warm breath
  111. >"But I know you enjoyed it, you pervert.” Your body instinctively jolts as her tongue drags across the sensitive flesh of your ear
  112. >”Now clean yourself up, you look like a mess.” She said suddenly standing up apathetically and heading towards the stairs
  113. >”I expect dinner to be made with the same amount of exuberance” says calling out from atop the stairs
  114. >You lie there for minutes, morally confused as you finally pick yourself up and pull up your pants and being to wash the dishes
  118. >Dinnertime is a reflection of lunch, the spiked tail sucking dry your essence and the manticore leaving you traumatized on the floor
  119. >You call the police department and let them know what was happening, but according them, this was typical manticore behavior and was too be expected
  120. >They thought you could handle it
  121. >one thought crosses your mind as you hang up the phone
  122. >survive
  123. >the days begin to pass as you begin to live with the manticore
  124. >its unwise to go home anymore as the manticore only punishes your more severely the following day
  125. >apparently she hates to be inconvenienced
  126. >start to live in house with manticore, the couch being your home base
  127. >you rarely interact with her save for when she’s hungry  or ordering you to take scare of something
  128. >learn the rules quickly and adapt to your surroundings
  129. >But its impossible to avoid dat tail
  130. >its everywhere
  131. >When your showering, when your cooking, cleaning, scrubbing, or even hiding from her
  132. >The tail always shows up whenever you least expect it to force you to orgasm several times a day
  133. >Your struggles against her only excite her even more, you find it best to not resist when she comes for you
  134. >You’d be lying if said first few times weren’t pleasurable, but after the seventh ambush in one day, your surprised you aren’t coming blood and your prostate is still intact  
  135. >One particularly stormy day, you notice that manticore never came out for lunch, nor did she ambush you when you were taking a shower, which was very odd to say the least
  136. >It was after dinner that you began to grow worried
  137. >Was she plotting something? Did she get the ankle bracelet off? Did she slip in bathtub and die?
  138. >Against your better judgment you decide to investigate, it was your duty as an officer of the law
  139. >or it could be one of her traps again
  140. >you brave the elements as you ascened the stairs
  143. >atop the stairs you find a single hallway
  144. >on one end of the wall you could see obvious scratch marks of where her wings had scraped the walls
  145. >this was probably her room
  146. >You could hear the rain begin to pound into the house as your got closer to the door
  147. >You approach cautiously, knocking lightly on the door but receiving no response
  148. >You were about to knock a second time when you suddenly hear a scream from within
  149. >”Go away human or I’ll rip your eyes out!” came the distinct manticore voice from within the room
  150. >But it was different, there was no confidence in her voice, no force behind her command
  151. >in fact, her voice was an octave higher than usual
  152. >was she scared?
  153. >you try the doorknob to find it unlocked and let yourself in
  154. >Your greeted with an interesting sight
  155. >video games strewn across the floor, along with bags of half eaten chips and magazines
  156. >multiple video game consoles were haphazardly placed atop towers of magazines and comics infront of a large tv screen
  157. >a bed was the only piece of furniture in the room
  158. >you could make out a large bundle, wrapped in layers of blankets as a spiked tail poked out from within
  159. >the bundle was shaking
  160. >”I said go away human!” she yells again, but there was no malice in her voice, the tail didn’t whip around frighteningly behind her either
  161. >It was then that a loud thunderous boom echoed across the house
  162. >the bundled blanket flattened itself on the bed, the tail that was poking out quivered behind it
  163. >She was scared of lightening?
  164. >it was almost comical to watch the once monstrous figure now quiver at a little lightening
  165. >Having a little fun, you slam the door behind you and the bundled ball of cloth jumps three feet off the bed
  166. >you stifle a laugh but the humorous moment soon passes as you notice her twitch and writhe at every crack of lightening
  167. >This wasn’t funny anymore, it was just sad
  169. >You remember your sister had a terrible time with thunderstorms as well
  170. >you parents never did anything about it so it was up to you to help her get over her phobia
  171. >you wade yourself through the piles of littered video games until you picked out something that looked like a cooperative play game
  172. >It takes you three tries with the different consoles before you figure out what game it goes to and you boot it up
  173. >Wow, video games sure have progressed a long way since you played
  174. >”Hey you human that’s mi-!” her voice is cut out by a large crack of thunder, her had that was reaching out to grab you instantly withdraws back into the ball of blankets
  175. >Notice that she had a lot of save files  on this game, likes like she put a lot of effort into it
  176. >You ask her if its alright if you made a new save file
  177. >”What?! Get your hands off my games!” she commands, reaching out again, but she never leaves the confines of her bed
  178. >apparently she forgot that she had a tail as well as she still tried to reach out to you
  179. >You make a new save file but for some reason it dosnt show up
  180. >perhaps you deleted it
  181. >”You deleted what!? Which file!?” she yells out frantically to you
  182. >You don’t know, the top one?
  183. >the one grows silent as the realization sinks into manticore
  184. >suddenly she explodes from her cocoon of blankets, roaring loudly, as her wings spread out menacingly
  185. >now you made her mad
  188. >You dodge out of the way as manticore dives into the towers of magazines and comics as you run out of the room
  189. >you’ve seen the various attacks of the tail multiple times, enough for you to side step it as you made your escape
  190. >The tails strength was in ambush, not in a frontal attack
  191. >you slide down the railing of the stairs, surfing style as you land upon the floor
  192. >Manticore was right behind, this time flying as she swooped down the stairs
  193. >This was good
  194. >You dive sideways on the slick floors you waxed just a few hours before
  195. >manticore ends up face planting into the front door as she’s unable to turn tight corners
  196. >She recovers quickly rubbing her nose as she eyes you menacingly, her eyes red with rage
  197. >if only you had a red cape
  198. >you pick up one of the cushions from the couch as your shield, using it to parry her various jabs with her tail
  199. >She seems entirely frustrated and instead uses her claws to rip apart the soft cushion
  200. >Didn’t see that coming
  201. >you duck out of the way again as you scramble across the floor
  202. >but she shortcuts you by hoping across the couch and landing atop you
  203. >she straddles you, grabbing you by the shirt collars as she begins to vigorously shake you
  204. >”Do you have any idea how many hours I put into that game!? I spent hours refining and collecting every piece of equipment! I even new game plussed it! I did the final boss with only-“
  205. >You loudly clap your hands in front of her face, disrupting her train of thought
  206. >you point to the ceiling and ask if she was still afraid of lightening
  207. >She stares at you confused, “I’m not scar-“
  208. >She suddenly stops as she realizes that she was out of her room
  209. >The patter of rain and lightning in the distance becoming the only sound in the room
  210. >She seems mystified as she stands up, her ears perking at the peculiar sound
  211. >You rest your hands behind your head, telling her that she could thank you later for helping her get over her phobia
  214. >Needless to say you were still punished that night
  215. >except that when the tail was finished with you, the manticore picks you up gently places you on the couch, like a broken toy that was suddenly fragile
  216. >she pulled your pants up for you, and smoothed out your shirt
  217. >before she suddenly sucker punched you across the face
  218. >”That’s for deleting my saved game!” she says cocking her fist back
  219. >It was a surprisingly light punch, you’ve taken worse from common criminals
  220. >Of course, you couldn’t have said the same if she hadn’t retracted her claws
  221. >”I want a new game by tomorrow.” She ordered strutting off back upstairs
  222. >she still forgot to eat dinner though
  223. >The next day you went out and bought a new video game for her
  224. >When you returned, you could instantly see her eyes light up at the sight of it
  225. >apparently you had chosen well
  226. >When she reached out to grab of it, you immediately pulled it away
  227. >the look if ire on her face was enough to spark flames of hatred from her
  228. >you made a counter proposal
  229. >You chose this game because it had a versus mode
  230. >Manticore’s ears suddenly perk up
  231. >”You mean you actually want to play a game with me” she said condescendingly
  232. >”Well I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty good myself. You’d only be digging your own grave.” She laughed
  233. >then what was she afraid of?
  234. >she squints at you as the gauntlet was thrown
  235. >”Fine, let’s do this. I hope you’re prepared for the consequences” she warns you,
  236. >twenty minutes later you were wrecking her
  237. >”That’s no fair that’s totally OP you camper!” she yells at you while mashing buttons
  238. >If video games were this easy maybe you should have never quit
  239. >or maybe she was just really bad
  240. >you kill her again. spectacularly
  241. >Manticore finally rage quits and throws her controller at you, hitting you square in the nose
  242. >you can feel blood begin to drip from you nose
  243. >manticore begins to stare at you intently, her eyes glued to the red liquid
  246. >her eyes suddenly became vacant, devoid or any thought or emotion as she got on all fours and begin to crawl towards you
  247. >You try to back away but she suddenly grabs your ankle
  248. >thankfully, the ankle that didn’t have the badge stuffed sock
  249. >”Don’t move…” she said in a monotone voice as she leered at the red blood
  250. >You try to wiggle out of her grasp but she lunges forward and grabs your face, clutching it tightly
  251. >”I said don’t…” she commanded as her face hovered inches away from yours
  252. >you could feel the blood pooling above your upper lip as she moved in closer
  253. >for a moment you think that she would kiss you
  254. >instead, her tongue lolls out, dragging across your upper lips where the blood had dripped to
  255. >she lapped it up hungrily, savoring the taste while smacking her lips together
  256. >you utter her name, trying to grab her attention
  257. >it suddenly breaks her out of her trance and she stares at you confusingly, wondering why she clutching your head
  258. >”Oh, your bleeding.” She finally notices as she gets up and rushes off somewhere
  259. >what was that? The look on her face was totally different from what you’ve seen before
  260. >Manticore rushes back into the room, holding a small band-aid in her massive paws
  261. >for minutes she tries to open the small adhesive with her claws, fumbling with the it and dropping it several times
  262. >finally she manages to open it and peel off the adhesive as she hands it to you
  263. >you see a look of despair on her face as she realizes a band-aid would do nothing for your nose bleed
  264. >she rushes off again and comes back with a box of tissues, pulling out several of them and handing them to you
  265. >”Plug these in your nose or you’ll drown in your own blood!” she warns
  266. >you hardly think that will be the case but you thank her anyway as you begin to clean up the bloody mess
  267. >curiously, she dosnt seem to remember to having licked your blood
  268. >You have stop her as she begins to break out a tourniquet for you  
  271. >days begin to turn into weeks as you grow accustomed to manticore
  272. >The random tail ambushes grow less and less and manticore soon only feeds on you during meal time
  273. >on good days she even retracts her spines and lets you grab onto her tail
  274. >she’s still a bitch in most cases as she refuses to do her own laundry or clean up her room but you tolerate it and put up with her
  275. >one day she suddenly lifts the couch with you on it, causing you to tumble to the floor
  276. >she stands above you with folded arms
  277. >”I want a bath.” She says commandingly
  278. >Knowing the drill, you get off the floor and proceed to draw her bath, throwing in bubbles and toys just the way she liked it
  279. >having insured the right temperature, you turn around to call her only to find her standing behind you, wearing only a bath towel
  280. >unsure of what to think, your eyes quickly glance over her, your mouth agape
  281. >she raises your chin with a claw, drawing your gaze back to her face
  282. >”Eyes up here human.” she says as her tail brings a bottle from behind her and shoves it into your face
  283. >shampoo
  284. >”If you get even a drop of water into my ears I’ll flay you and use your skin as a mat.”  She warns as she drops the towel and proceeds to step into the bath
  285. >She dosnt seem to have any hint of modesty as she dips into the water, the tail retracing its spikes and coiling around her
  286. >She quickly grabs a submarine and a rubber ducky and begins to simulate battle sounds
  287. >still dumbstuck at this predicament, your lack of initiative finally draws her attention as she suddenly stops and stares at you
  288. >”Shampoo.” She says again pointing a submarine at her head
  289. >You finally step to, grabbing a nearby pail and rinsing her head
  290. >you squeeze a dollop of the creamy liquid into your hand and slowly begin to massage it into her scalp
  291. >Manticore seems intent to bring about the destruction of the S.S. Rubber Ducky with the U-271 to pay any attention to you
  294. >This was an obvious setup, theres now way she would have done this out of the blue
  295. >But you keep massaging her ears, making sure to get to the very tips, rolling them lightly between your fingers
  296. >the reaction is instantaneous
  297. >her body slumps further down into the water as well, until only her head sticks up
  298. >you have to crouch down now in order to keep shampooing but the effect is interesting as you continue to observe her
  299. >her breathing becomes more ragged as you stroke the base of her ears, she shifts slightly at your circular motions against her scalp
  300. >you notice that through the gap between the bubbles that she was pleasuring herself underwater
  301. >you gulp as you try to contain your excitement as you continue, trying your best to please her
  302. >You have to shift yourself around to try hide your growing bulge, which she would immediately notice if she just turned around
  303. >She’s biting her lip now, her eyes closed as her arm movements grow faster and faster
  304. >You’re left dumbfounded at the situation, this was a first for you
  305. >suddenly she shivers abruptly, gasping loudly as she apparently brings herself to climax
  306. >you could already tell your face is red as she stares looking up at you
  307. >One of her paws reaches up and touches your face, grasping your check ever so slightly
  308. >”Your horny too right?” she says softly looking up at you
  309. >It’d be a lie if you said no
  310. >She begins to pull you closer, your face coming closer and closer to hers
  311. >your lips are close to touching, you could feel her breath on face
  312. >she suddenly ducks away and grabs a nearby towel
  313. >”Well you should probably take care of that then!” she says taunting you as she dries herself, happy that her ruse fooled you
  314. >You mutter under your breath something about being a tease
  315. >Manticore merely shakes her head, "If you wanted tease, I should invite my friend Cheshire. Now shes a real tease" she says hopping out of the bathroom and leaving you blue balled
  318. >A few days later you notice that manticore's birthday was coming up
  319. >great way to get on her good side
  320. >You leave early in the morning, ensuring that manticore was still sleeping in
  321. >you arrive early at the bakery and order a cake, being the first in line
  322. >you actually have no idea what she would like so instead you opt to go for a more expensive variety cake
  323. >you go out and buy balloons as well, along with some party hats and a few other necessities
  324. >when the eventual day does come you painstakingly set up the balloons around the house early in the morning
  325. >manticore tends to be lazy in morning but she finally manages to bring herself downstairs where you promptly bombard her with confetti
  326. >you wish her a happy birthday and bring out the cake you had gone out and retrieved early
  327. >it has a little picture of herself on it
  328. >you begin lighting the candles but you notice that manticore seems unamused by your antics
  329. >Instead, she goes around the room, popping all of the balloons one by one with her claws or tail
  330. >at first you thought she was annoyed, but it seems more serious as she looks at the cake
  331. >to your sudden surprise, she takes it with both hands and dumps it into the trashcan
  332. >the act stuns you
  333. >Manticore turns towards you, an apathetic expression on her face
  334. >”It seems you this misinformed concept that you and I are friends.” She says without emotion as she stares at you
  335. >”You’re here to be my servant. I don’t need you to be my friend or treat me like one. I tell you to do things. You do them. That’s the kind of relationship we have.” She affirms to you
  336. >The statement catches you by surprise, but somewhere in your mind it was also true
  337. >you apologize to her
  338. >She sighs and heads back upstairs
  339. >”I’m not hungry today” she says as you hear the door shut behind her
  340. >You dont see her for the rest of the day, much to your dismay
  341. >instead you do menial tasks and eventually head to bed, still confused at what just transpired
  344. >That night, your dreamless sleep is interrupted in the middle of the night by a rustling sound
  345. >You wearily get up from the couch, annoyed by what could be making that sound
  346. >you rub the sleep out of your eyes and proceed into the kitchen
  347. >The sight immediately wakes you up
  348. >You find manticore standing above the trashcan with a plate and fork in hand
  349. >on the plate and the fork is are pieces of the destroyed cake she had thrown away earlier
  350. >her expression is nothing but shock as she stares at you
  351. >sweatdrops everywhere
  352. >You don’t say anything as you move to the cupboard and get a plate for yourself
  353. >Taking a fork, you cut manticores cake in half and put it on your own plate
  354. >She still dosnt say anything, frozen in embarrassment as you begin to eat the cake
  355. >You mention that it was good cake
  356. >She dosnt say anything as she takes another nibble on the cake
  357. >She barely nods, and instead the two of you eat the destroyed cake in silence
  358. >Eventually the two of you finish your cake and place the dishes in the sink
  359. >you mention that she should probably have some water before she went back to bed as you went back to your own couch
  360. >but as you slide back into the couch you feel something heavy fall on top you
  361. >its manticore
  362. >”Don’t say anything” she says in a low tone as she too crawls beneath the blanket with you
  363. >To surprised to offer a rebuttal, you merely node as she gets comfy atop you
  364. >shes warm, her breasts press against your chest and your natural reaction is to wrap your arms around her, being careful to not entangle her wings
  365. >she dosnt say anything as she closes her eyes and begins to drift asleep
  366. >This it seems, was better than any dream as the two of you embrace each other and fall into a deep sleep
  369. >The next few weeks the two of you seem to grow closer
  370. >You begin to teach her the fine arts of cooking and how to do her own laundry
  371. >the two of you begin to play games together regularly
  372. >gone are the days when she would randomly ambush you
  373. >You even still give her baths when she asks for it, although she never does anything to you
  374. >At least you still get an awesome show from her with S.S. Rubber Ducky and U-271
  375. >This all changes one day when you arrive home from grocery shopping
  376. >Manticore is standing atop the stares her arms crossed as she stares at you intently
  377. >something was definitely off  
  378. >Suddenly she throws something at you, it clatters to your feet
  379. >a police badge
  380. >your police badge
  381. >But that’s impossible
  382. >You instantly reach to your ankle and feel your badge wedged in the sock
  383. >But that’s impossible
  384. >”So were you going to tell me any time soon or were you just going to lead me on like a dog leash the whole time?” she asks menacingly, her spiked tail writhing behind her like in the days you first met her  
  385. >You never had plans to inform her you were a cop because you never thought it was important
  386. >manticore dosnt say anything as she strides down the stairs, her arms still crossed as she stares at you angrily
  387. >”I’ll give you once chance to walk away before I really get mad.” She threatened, her claws slowly growing larger
  388. >You reaffirm that you had done nothing wrong and that being a police officer had nothing to do with anything
  389. >The right hook sends you flying across the living room
  390. >”It’s you bastards that did this to me! I did nothing wrong!” she roars as she jumps atop you, driving her knees into your gut, you could feel something crack as you struggled to fight back  
  391. >”You’re just trying to frame me like all the other humans in that damn police station!” you feel yourself be picked up and thrown across the room again, this time landing through the table
  392. >it shatters under your weight
  393. >"I live my life alone, by myself without bothering anyone! And yet you people always try to blame us for everything!"
  394. >Her tails whips around and slams you across the face
  395. >But you dont go down
  396. >You assume a fighting stance and prepare to fight her off
  399. >an hour later you arrive back at the police station covered in blood and bruises
  400. >many of your coworkers gives you a concerned look as you force yourself into the police chiefs office and slam the door shut behind you
  401. >the police chief was in the middle of scaring down a doughnut when you drops it at your arrival
  402. >”Ah hello officer. I see the manticore did quite a number on you.” He said happily for some reason
  403. >you could guess why
  404. >”Don’t worry son. With this, we’ll finally get her locked up for good and off the streets.” He said as he began to write something down
  405. >You slam your hands down on the desk, demanding to know what her crime was
  406. >The police chief merely looks up at you exasperated
  407. >”A human was seen at an ATM withdrawing what appeared to be his life savings. Right behind him was the manticore. A few days later the man was nowhere to be seen or found. That manticore was the last one to see him alive. But she refused to come with us for questioning so we tagged her with obstructing the law.”
  408. >he began to rummage through the desk as he began to look for something
  409. >”But after this little debacle, we’ll finally take her down for good. Especially after attacking a police officer.  She should know better.” He said confidently to himself
  410. >you throw your police badge on the table
  411. >”Whats this supposed to mean?” the police chief asked quizzically
  412. >You take out the police badge hidden in your sock and also throw it on the table
  413. >Two of your badges are on the desk
  414. >The chief seems unsettled as he picked up both
  415. >”Ah yes. Well…we were unhappy at how long this case was going on. So we …decided to speed it up a bit.” He said placing the badges aside
  416. >”You have to understand officer. Their kind dosnt belong on the streets. Nobody likes manitcores, not even other monster girls. You’re lucky to have survived this long against that monster. You know how their kind is.    
  419. >You arrive back at manticore’s home some time later
  420. >You don’t bother to open the door as there is no front door left, nor most of the front of the house
  421. >You make your way inside to find manticore sitting on the couch, holding an ice bag to her head
  422. >she was also bloodied and bruised up but in much better shape than you
  423. >you flop down beside her exhausted both physically and mentally
  424. >”So how did it go?” manticore asks weakly, her tail barely moving
  425. >You explain to her what had happened
  426. >She suddenly jolts up from her chair, alarmed
  427. >”You killed him!?” she yells out surprised
  428. >Well maybe, you couldn’t find a pulse after your repeatedly punched the police chief's face into the ground but you assumed his fat rolls and gotten in the way
  429. >at most he suffered heart attack
  430. >She merely laughs as she settles back down next to you
  431. >you find her paws was holding tightly to your hand
  432. >you grip it tightly as you tell her that there would be consequences
  433. >She smiles at you squeezing
  434. >You don’t know how long the two of you stay like this but eventually three black SUVS arrive at your house
  435. >They came faster than you expected
  436. >but surprisingly what comes out one of the SUVS is  two humans, male and female, an oni monster girl and a Centaur monster girl
  437. >the oni comes up to you, looking quite important
  438. >”You’re the police officer was assigned to watch over this manticore are you not?” she says pushing up her dark sunglasses
  439. >You identify yourself and manticore’s wings and tails suddenly flair up next to you, preparing for a fight
  442. >The oni reaches out and grabs your hand, shaking it quite suddenly
  443. >”Then on behalf of the Monster Girl Association for the Advancement of Equal Rights, we’d like to thank you for your wonderful service for monster girls everywhere” she said handing the two of you a lollipop from her coat pocket
  444. >Confused, the two of you take it
  445. >Oni continues “We’ve actually suspected the police department here to be discriminating against monster girls. And it’s thanks to you that we finally have the proof we need to shut them down. At least until properly reorganized.”
  446. >The oni monster girl suddenly leans down and using just her bare hands snaps off the GPS ankle bracelet that manticore had been forced to wear
  447. >You ask her if that was legal
  448. >The oni monster girl merely shrugs “We’re a federal agency of the government. We can supersede a lot of things.”
  449. >she begins to take out a slip of paper and scribbles something on it
  450. >”This should be enough for reparations and cover the damages” the oni continues as it hands you the check with a quite a few zeros on it
  451. >”Now if you will excuse me, I gotta go pick up a feral wolf girl.” she said doing a hand motion, that caused the other three agents to hop into their vehicles and drive off
  452. >as quickly as they had come the three black SUVS had driven off again leaving the two of you alone in your dilapidated house
  453. >Well that was odd
  454. >You look over to manticore, who was just as befuddled as you albeit slightly more sad
  455. >you ask her whats wrong
  456. >”Well…now theres nothing to stop you from leaving.” She says wistfully
  457. >”Your free now, just like how I’m free now.” She says wiggling her free foot
  458. >you scratch your head
  459. >you notice the ring that you were awarded when you graduated the police academy
  460. >it was simple design, you didnt want it to be too flashy
  461. >you considered it one of your greatest accomplishments in your life
  462. >You take her paw and place it there
  463. >Manticore seems confused
  464. >you  quickly explain how human marriage customs work
  465. >manticore instantly blushes but takes the ring and holds it close to her chest
  466. >she leans agasint you, her shoulder pressing against yours
  467. >”Hey…do you know how manticores  propose marriage?” she asks in a low tone
  468. >Her face is red as she smiles evilly at you
  469. >You could feel her tail slowly wrap around your leg, the spines retracted of course as she hugged you tighter
  470. >Oh yes…now you remember
  473. >Some time later
  474. >you manage to carry manticore over the threshold of your hotel rooms door, her tail wrapped around your waist as you heaved her over to the bed
  475. >”Hey, I’m not that heavy arnt I?” she said with her arms held behind your neck using you as support
  476. >You wouldn’t dare tell your newlywed wife that, but she should at least stop eating all the junk food
  477. >With your house still in need of repaired, the two of you opted for a lavish hotel in the upper part of town
  478. >a single nights stay was enough to break your wallet, but with the reparations from the Monster Girl Association for the Advencement of Equal Rights, staying a night or two wouldn’t hurt
  479. >You finally make your way to the bed and toss her on it, where she immediately sank into the soft mattress
  480. >Your wedding ceremony was rather small, seeing as she had no friends or family to attend and you yourself didn’t invite many of your own guests
  481. > But it was still a merry celebration as you wed your waifu
  482. >she couldn’t help but blush the entire time as you slipped the ring on one of her fingers
  483. >With the human marriage ceremony complete, now it was time to honor the manticore’s traditional marriage ceremony
  484. >before you even remove your jacket, a coiled tail suddenly picks you up and tosses you on the bed
  485. >the softness of the bed causes you to immediately bounce but soon you feel her weight on your hips as she straddles you, your paws pinning your shoulders down as she stares hungrily at you
  486. >”You know it was really embarrassing standing up there in this dress.” She said, a twisted smile on her redden face
  487. >You knew, she was shaking the entire time
  488. >”And I saw the way you kept staring at my cleavage too” she said as she slowly began to unbutton your shit and jacket and pull it off
  489. >You knew that too, you made sure she would notice
  490. >She had pulled your shoes off now, and was busy pulling off your pants
  491. >”So I hope your prepared for the consequences” she said as she suddenly ripped your underwear off you, exposing your diamonds
  492. >she seems transfixed on it, her eyes growing hungry as she gently grasped it with one of her paws
  493. >it was interesting texture, like soft supple leather as she began to stroke it softly in her hands
  494. >”Ah, theres already precum too.” She said as she suddenly leaned forward and licked the tip of your dick.
  495. >your writhing only seemed to get her more excited
  496. >She straddles you again, and you could feel the hot wetness of her lips caress your dick as she slowly rocks herself on it
  497. >You ask her what happened to her underwear
  498. >”I wasn’t wearing any. Theres no point if you were just going to rip them off afterwards. Look” she said as she lifts the front of her dress to you, exposing her white lace garter belt, stockings and naked wet pussy, her lips gliding up and down across your dick
  499. >You cant help but push yourself against her at the erotic sight, and she laughs again as she pushes back
  500. >she leans forward, enjoying your frustration as she began to circle her tongue around one of your exposed nipples, causing your to gasp loudly at the odd sensation
  504. >You fight back, bringing your arms beneath her dress and grabbing her haunches, pulling her forward onto you, giving you enough room to finally impale her with your rod
  505. >she instantly yelps, her mouth agape as she grows accustomed to you, her eyes fluttering in pleasure
  506. >she was hot, the sensation much different than her tail
  507. >she leans back, her face red as stares at you flustered
  508. >”Your gonna pay for that” she said coyly as she raised her hips, leaving only your head inside her before slamming back down atop you
  509. >the effect was exhilarating as she began to bounce atop you, taking the lead
  510. >You hold on to her hips for dear life as she ruthlessly began to ride you, gyrating her hips in every possible motion at varying speeds
  511. >You lean up, grabbing the front of her dress with your teeth and pulling them down, freeing her breasts
  512. >you could feel every fold caress your dick, and she would always yelp whenever she took the entirety of your shaft
  513. >the sight of a lustful manticore in a defiled wedding dress riding atop you is too much as you begin to feel yourself to reach your climax
  514. >she seems to feel it too as she picks up speed
  515. >”You better not come before me!” she says half commandingly, half in a lustful haze as she rides you faster
  516. >you quickly reciprocate, pounding your hips into her, hilting her, and meeting her every thrust
  517. >Eventually the added pleasure causes the two of you to climax at the same time, your fluids colliding together inside of her
  518. >”Its hot…its really really hot” she said as she clutched her stomach as your continued to thrust into her, ensuring that every bit of your seed was left inside her
  519. >The two of you collapse back on to the bed, breathing heavily while you clutched her within your arms
  520. >You could feel her warm drool drip onto her chest as she was lost in a pleasurable trance
  521. >after a few minutes of resting she wiped her mouth off, and pinned your shoulders again as she stared down at you
  522. >”You’re my mine now husband.” She says laying claim to you
  523. >You only smile as wrap your arms around her and claim her lips for yourself
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