YouTube Script (Parse Vids and Search) Changelog

Dec 9th, 2011
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  1. CHANGELOG FOR YouTube Script (Parse Vids and Search) INSTRUCTIONS, BUGS, AND COMMENTS:
  3. --Below are updates from 2016
  4. v6.4 (current June 20 2016) -- Fixed bug where would say invalid video (and cleaned up some other code in the parse section)
  5. v6.3 -- Update check message only appears if needs an update, fixed & bug, doesn't parse channel links, better variable cleanup, multiple search results displayed
  6. v6.2 -- Clears out vars at each load (manually via /yupdate), clears vars from duplicate videos automatically, added notice only mode to options (doesn't message channel), fixed bug for videos without ratings in API results
  7. v6.1 -- bug fixes for "removed video" error for playlist links and sub domain linking
  8. v6.0 -- v3 API major fix because had wrong port for SSL, duration fixes, description fixes
  9. v5.9 -- Updated to version 3 of youtube API, removed rating option (no longer available), known bugs (multiple search results)
  10. v5.8 -- Removed other $chr(9) for tabs, added options for likes, dislikes, and description (all disabled by default)
  11. --Below are updates from 2014
  12. v5.7 -- Removed $chr(9) for tab in youtube title section
  13. v5.6 -- Added new event for on action (/me with a youtube link)
  14. v5.5 -- Bug fix for version checker (no more www)
  15. v5.4 -- minor feature add for trending vidoes (301+)
  16. v5.3 -- minor bug fix for short links ( with a time parameter
  17. --Below are updates from 2013
  18. v5.2 -- bug fixes (no search limit set, bolded search words), code cleanup since last version, removed checkboxes, added badword line
  19. v5.1 -- cleaned up code (combined to one socket, single lines), added option for date and rating (likes)
  20. v5.0 -- added command to enable/disable youtube via private msg (!enableyoutube/!disableyoutube)
  21. v4.9 -- added option for multiple search results, fixed bad size of textbox in dialog
  22. --Below are updates from 2012
  23. v4.8 -- changed auto update for each start of mIRC and option in dialog, fixed bug for returning hawkee title instead of youtube title
  24. v4.7 -- added an auto update checker, fixed time format for x:0x:x videos
  25. v4.6 -- fixed a small bug for the search function, made changes to GUI (Paradox on strictfp)
  26. v4.5 -- Changed dialog to add options for views length and user (all optional but default on), minor changes to look of the GUI
  27. v4.4 -- Improved the searching speed and reliability by 340%, added a nick settings tab to dialog, added option to send without formatting, removed channel settings management via bot (only dialog now)
  28. v4.3 -- Improved the parsing speed and reliability by 340%
  29. v4.2 -- improved the number of urls it will parse (much more simplified), found an error in on input event causing it not to parse sometimes, will now parse mobile links
  30. v4.1 -- Added back bold search terms (youtube removed this - now manual),Returns an error message for takedown videos of copyright infringement,will parse annotation links,won't leave extra variables now, minor changes to dialog
  31. v4.0 -- New capabilities in parsing [videos that *were* embedded, new format links from YouTube using *endscreen*, SSL links (https)], added error messages for incorrect links [copyright, user removed, invalid, etc.]
  32. v3.9 -- Changed incorrect syntax to be a notice instead of msg, fixed an error for VEVO videos, reformatted flood section (grammar also) and changed ignore to ignore the host
  33. --Below are updates from 2011
  34. v3.8 -- Dialog update to remove channels by clicking on channel then click remove
  35. v3.7 -- More updates for youtube redesign, removed some formatting from titles
  36. v3.6 -- Removed formatting for embedded videos, fixed parse and @youtube errors for queries, now parses embedded videos, updated to new youtube design
  37. v3.5 -- Changed spelling mistake of youtube, disabled blank youtube searches for on input, now returns incorrect syntax for input and message is different, removed some hungarian words, added a link to join quick chat
  38. v3.4 -- Removed !noyoutube <chan>, fixed bug where script would still search if you typed /youtube for the dialog, added !youtubefetch and !noyoutubefetch, added !youtubelinks and !noyoutubelinks, added popup on right click in mirc click brings to dialog
  39. v3.3 -- Removed use of !youtube <chan> and added support for !youtube <video>, minor fix for some VEVO videos.
  40. v3.2 -- Updated to remove ampersand links which would sometimes create weird links on searches, and also found a critical error for long title videos which would cause links to still have the /watch?v= and mess everything up
  41. v3.1 -- Updated to correctly parse on input links for, changed links to all be links instead of
  42. v3.0 -- Update to add a youtube dialog with settings and information, change in default message settings
  43. v2.5 -- Update to remove some additional tokens for youtube, improve parsing
  44. v2.4 -- Update to take off common socket errors, removed error of YOUTUBE command not valid
  45. v2.3 -- Update to not error for videos where you need to confirm age over 18
  46. v2.2 -- Update to remove some formatting [[$chr(31)]]
  47. v2.1 -- Updated for and included multiple links
  48. v1.0 (original April 25 2011) -- Initial Upload (Search and Parse)
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