Christmas with the Malachites

Dec 23rd, 2015
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  1. You sat up and yawned as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes. Sliding out of bed, you make your way to the kitchen for your usual cup of coffee and piece of toast, hardly aware that today was Christmas. Not being the religious or festive type, your bare apartment showed little signs of holiday cheer. Sitting on the small table, however, was a small fake Christmas tree.
  2. Underneath the tree, a pair of angels tied together with tinsel.
  3. You blinked in your tired stupor as they take notice of your arrival to the kitchen.
  4. "Oh great, he's finally awake, Mel."
  5. "Good. Maybe he can finally untie us."
  6. "God, all he's doing is staring."
  7. "Hey. Are you having a stroke or something?"
  8. "Uh. I don't think so?" You choke the words out as your mind tries to comprehend the situation.
  9. They tsk in unison, rolling their eyes.
  10. "What."
  11. "Ever. Just untie us already, jeez."
  12. You lower yourself to their level and look them over quietly. The red ribbons hugged their bodies and kept them pull together, while their garter belts and lingerie left little to the imagination.
  13. Slowly, you reach forward and untie the ribbons, letting it fall to the ground.
  14. "Tch, finally."
  15. "Took you long enough."
  16. The girls quickly get out from under the table, grabbing your wrists and dragging you out with them.
  17. "Where are you-"
  18. Their sudden spin disorients and cuts you off, but the next thing you know, you're sitting on your couch with a pair of women snuggled against your sides.
  19. The TV flips on, and you instantly recognize the holiday classic that comes on.
  20. "Oh! Rudy the Red-Nosed Grimmdeer!"
  21. "This is my favorite Christmas movie!"
  22. You never quite understood why cartoony Grimm attempting to destroy humanity in a single, well-coordinated attack was supposed to be a holiday show, but they girls seem to enjoy it.
  23. "- Or when the Abominable Snowgrimm eats those two hunters before they could warn the town!?"
  24. "Priceless."
  25. Their laughs were almost infectious, thought you didn't see what was so funny about the scenes they went on about. Not that it mattered, you were still trying to figure out where they came from, who they were, and why they were here, not to mention why they were cuddled against your sides with your arms pulled between their thighs, their soft skin enveloping it's length.
  26. You release a contented sigh and watch along with the girls as they laugh at humanities failures and set backs over the course of the holiday special. Finally, when the last Grimm is slain and the heroes give a terrible speech that endorses the hunter training school from where the program was animated, the girls lean away from you, still tugging at your wrists and leaving you feeling like they were trying to split you in two.
  27. "I'm starving."
  28. "Me too. What d'ya got to eat in this place?"
  29. You shrug before getting off the couch and re-entering the kitchen. You check the fridge and cupboards and make a mental note of the ingredients. Before long, you have the oven pre-heating, one of the girls preparing some potatoes, and the other chopping celery and onion while you prepared a nice honey and brown sugar glaze for the ham. Small talk and the occasional joke made the work go rather fast.
  30. You didn't cook too much, and probably would have just thrown a pizza in on a normal day, but today was anything but normal. You were just glad you liked to keep the kitchen stocked.
  31. Soon enough, the potatoes were baking with the ham and the chopped vegetables were on their way to becoming stuffing. The three of you went back to cuddling on the couch as the food cooked, not really needing your attention any longer.
  32. You were half asleep thanks to the warmth of your couch-mates. They put on the AchieveMen Christmas Special, so you weren't exactly paying attention in the first place when the timer caught your attention.
  33. Slipping out from between them, you go into the kitchen and take the food out of the oven while the girls watch the end of their show. You carve the meat and dish up a trio of plates. You glance at the table before doing your best to lift all the plates and carry them to the couch.
  34. The girls' eyes light up as they reach out to take their plates from you. You slide back onto the couch, careful not to spill your food. Your plate wasn't full, but you still had to be careful.
  35. "Who knew we'd find such a good cook, eh Mel?"
  36. "Tell me about it. Nice job."
  37. "Thanks." You smile at the slight praise before sticking your fork in your mouth. The three of you eat in relative silence as the AchieveMen save Santa and deliver presents to all the Kingdoms to the tune of their latest single at the time.
  38. You finish your food and the girls help you with dishes and putting the rest in the fridge. The moment you're done, they grab your wrists and drag you towards your room.
  39. The girls let your hands slip from theirs before crawling into the tiny bed and patting a small spot between them. You wondered how the three of you were going to fit in your full size bed, but you manage to get between them. They wrap their arms around you and pull themselves against you. You put an arm around each of them as you lay back, content to just take it all in.
  40. "I had a really nice time with you two."
  41. "You're not so bad to hang around."
  42. "Yea, we've had worse holidays."
  43. "Beats hanging out with Junior's family again."
  44. "Ugh, don't remind me."
  45. They shutter in unison. The room falls silent for a moment before they lean in closer and plant a pair of kisses on your cheek. They snuggle in close and pull up the covers before drifting off into a peaceful Christmas slumber.
  46. Fin.
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