F-Core/Iron Supercap Fight

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  1. WISK and GBT (We Want Your Isk and GaNg BaNg TeAm, henceforth referred to as Fountain Core or F-Core) were recently blue to Iron Armada in Fountain. Though do to some difficulties in communication and internal differences Iron was told that they would be reset by F-Core. Iron and F-Core then reset each other (this was about a week and a half ago). Since then both sides have been blops hunting, cloaky camping, and harassing each other (There has also been some minor structure harassment:
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  6. Now F-Core's prime is around 1700-1800 Eve (thereabouts though us Eve folks don't have normal sleep schedules so it's a rough estimate.), Iron's is generally EU/NATZ so that's before many of our EU members get on and is when our NATZ members are still at work. So, with only a few people on Iron had a couple people ratting or exploring but mostly chilling in our home fort. One of our members decides to run an abyssal site in 38IA-E. A few minutes later an F-Core pilot is scouted entering pocket in a Jackdaw. The jackdaw eventually ends up in 38IA-E scanning down the abyssal runner. Word goes out and Iron forms a few small gang ships to push him out. Our abyssal runner exits the site and we tackle the jackdaw and Malediction which light a cyno and bring a Nidhoggur through. We tackle the Niddy and clear tackle off our abyssal runner who gets out. While keeping the Niddy tackled we ping for more dudes to login and drop a carrier of our own to defang him while the subs kill him. Then an F-Core rookie ship enters system and lights a cyno near the Niddy bringing in a Hel, a Nyx, and 5 more Niddys. We rage ping some more and start getting dictors in system. Our carrier gets out in low armor. As our dictors get to the grid the Hel and Nyx warp out to safe spots but on Iron member is able to scan down the Hel before he cloaks. He slingshots a dictor at the scanned location decloaking the Hel and bubbling him. They then decide to recommit their other carriers and now we have the Hel and 5/6 carriers on grid. We suicide dictors into them for 20 minutes while we rage form caps. We get to critical mass and jump in killing 2 Niddys and the Hel that couldn't escape the bubbles. Here's the BR:
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